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U2 Interview - 60 Minutes Australia November 2017

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60 Minutes Australia This interview aired on Sunday 26th November 2017
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Damian (7 hours ago)
I grew up across the road from Bono back in North Dublin. I knocked on his front door to get his autograph and a photo for the scrap book. It was just after their Under a Blood Red Sky album was released. Ali was with him but they were not married at that time. He was always a fairly grounded guy with a lot of time for people. The only member of the band I didn't warm to was Larry....he seemed very arrogant. Maybe he's changed over the years. Dublin produced a lot of good bands back in the 80's. Probably because there was fuck all else do. It was a depressing place. Still is IMO.
Carrie O'Connor (6 hours ago)
Damian do you still have his autograph?
Josh Howcroft (1 day ago)
Bono likes hip hop? I guess I won't be buying any more Pogues records.
Josh Howcroft (1 day ago)
Sting was my favourite member anyway
beachpups umina (2 days ago)
It's been a long countdown since 2017 but they are finally coming,YAY🙌✌❣
1970brenz (3 days ago)
I think she giggles like she is crushing on Bono! A lot.
G F (5 days ago)
No wonder Edge loves that guitar! It’s a Rickenbacker! It’s what the smithereens play with. They swear by Rickenbackers. And you cannot beat the sound it makes.
G F (5 days ago)
Bono is so right about trump.
G F (5 days ago)
Edge looks exactly the same as he did 10 to 15 years ago. The man does not age.
Terra Sancta (5 days ago)
Got tickets for November in Auckland!! Love the music but hate their stupid leftist politics though
Deborah Maddock (7 days ago)
5 months to go...let's go!!!!!😀
Erin Deacon (6 days ago)
Absolutely can't wait!!
Michimoto Satoh (9 days ago)
Finally, Australia welcome U2 in 2019!
O (10 days ago)
They just want more Wonga all the time. Should have stopped after the 1980’s ended.
Astrid (14 days ago)
I love you Bono <3
David Lepesqueur (16 days ago)
Superbe interview 👍👍👍
Are S. (17 days ago)
The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 has finally been officially announced for Australia and Asia after months of rumours!
Konservativ Fornuft (18 days ago)
What an ugly prick
Zack Jenkin (18 days ago)
Did she say "cuntless hits" at 0:13 hahahahaha
Thorsteinn Halldorsson (25 days ago)
Bono knows how to run charity. he keeps 98% for him self.
Jamie O'Brien (1 month ago)
Listen I know its been 2 years since they said they were coming to australia and they will try to but its just need of time and patient that's all.
keava (1 month ago)
Hey guys check out my band from Edinburgh Scotland www.soundcloud.com/keava We hope you like what you hear Peace
peter adams (1 month ago)
what a two faced wanker he is, avoids paying taxes.
Robert Smith (2 months ago)
i fucking hate this guy...bono you sir, are a bone head
T J (2 months ago)
If you like your health care you can keep your health care. I did not have sex with that woman....ehh.. what was that Bozo. Hypocrisy holds no bounds.
Miguel Lemos (2 months ago)
I love this Fantastic Four!
Bob Novac (2 months ago)
I loved Bono until he hated on my main man President Donald J Trump the best American president in history!
Bob Novac (8 days ago)
Shea Goff hey did you see the Dow 26K the best America has ever done. More people are investing that any time and Americans are have serious fun because they have money to travel, buy homes donate to their church. Any great republican president will always be hated because they stand for moral values. We must maintain biblical values or American greatness will cease. Abraham Lincoln (a republican) was hated by democrats ( supported slavery and now murder/abortion). Trump stands for morality but democrats stand for convenience. Slavery and abortion are were extremely immoral.
Shea Goff (8 days ago)
Anna Conway You’re welcome pisses me off that people actually still think he’s a good guy. He’s keeping secrets and his staff are being put in jail for other things they’ve done!!! If that doesn’t scream messed up then I don’t what does.
Bob Novac (8 days ago)
Donald Trump is changing the world
Anna Conway (8 days ago)
Thank you Shea, that needed to be said!👏
Anna Conway (8 days ago)
Anthony Dowling (2 months ago)
Bono is a creep but the lady interviewer is lovely .
Anthony Dowling (2 months ago)
What a creep.
Citadel (2 months ago)
Bono is such an #ss#ole. Bono hates white people. Don't let him fool you.
Adam Binnie (3 months ago)
fuck their politics!!!!
Jim Poobear (3 months ago)
Why does Bono support the NAZI’s ? He does the NAZI salute in his concerts. This worries me that someone respected like Bono agrees with NAZI ideology
Arminius der Cherusker (3 months ago)
Separate the art from the artist with Bono. He's an incredible lyricist
Jeremy Becker (3 months ago)
Not the loudest voice the loudest heart ..........
0u812 0u812 (3 months ago)
A U2 was shot down by Cuba
John Webb (3 months ago)
Yeah Bono doesn’t care about white South Africans getting massacred in South Africa because he only cares about non whites. Flying around the world in private jets and top hotels,huge houses all over the world and then telling people about Blacks in poverty. They are so corrupt with their money and investments.
Andre Lavandero (3 months ago)
41 YEARS?! I thought it was 35.
Johnny T (4 months ago)
Ok-I`ve been very privileged in that I`ve seen some great rock bands-Led Zep,The Who, The Stones-and I have to say that Larry Mullen`s art school band are right up with the greats. ( Mind you, I never saw John Lennon`s artie band. Pity, that. ) Fundamentally, U2 are a good rock band- nay, forsay that-a GREAT rock band . Eric Clapton was once asked during the "Summer of Love" "How can I best live my life". He saId "Just do what you feel", all the time thinking " How the eff do I know? I just play guitar!" Bono is a) a great voclalist/frontman/lyricist. b) A socially aware millionaire. Can this be reconciled? To quote Eric "How the eff do I know?"
Anthony Dowling (4 months ago)
Bono believed OBummer ,Clinton ,Blair and Bush and licked their asses but suddenly is wary of Trump .What a pretentious creep .
Lally Bhagwani (4 months ago)
Sir sir sir bono. !!! lol. you should have asked him why the fook did he take that knighthood. he's a fookin traitor to the motherland.
Steve Hunt (4 months ago)
As Paul David Hewson ages he looks more and more like notorious pedophile Jimmy Saville. Coincidence?
Tom O'Donnell (3 months ago)
Jesus shut the fuck up!!
Aquatic Mullet (4 months ago)
Great interviews very down to earth band
Justin OConnor (4 months ago)
Saying that Bruce Dickinson voice can match him
Steve Hunt (4 months ago)
You WOT mate?
Justin OConnor (4 months ago)
Seen them three times better than metallica or guns n roses elton etc maiden acdc are the closest too putting on the best show
Justin OConnor (4 months ago)
He cares of the people of the world. Im irish its in our nature.
Justin OConnor (4 months ago)
Hes no idiot
Justin OConnor (4 months ago)
Worth 1billion dollars
Robin Banks (4 months ago)
2.20 secs. Is she a giant?
ManBearPig (4 months ago)
Hey Bono you loser POS, why don't you quit telling people how to live their lives. You scumbag POS. You like to touch little boys? I wouldn't be surprised if I found out. Go let Soros butt pump you again you piece of rat shit.
Konsta H (4 months ago)
Their voices are so relaxing to listen to
helpmenow7 (4 months ago)
Good band that has peaked.
policy of truth (4 months ago)
just shut up and play the music morons
Christhian Fernandes (5 months ago)
]💞👩‍👧[ Lindo! Deus, ti guarde sempre. Sou sua fan.
Ana Pavić (5 months ago)
Thank God this doesn't actually last 60 minutes because everyone would die of boredom. Except for the interviewer who seems to not possess knowledge of what entertainment is anyway. Worst I've seen in a while. #pass
G F (5 days ago)
Really? I found this interview very good. And an inside look on their tour.
Joe Vega (5 months ago)
Amazing band
mark evans (5 months ago)
is bono wearing a wiggie?
3aw77 (5 months ago)
His a Clinton and Bush fan ... What a Tax dodging save the world prick
1970brenz (5 months ago)
She looks like she is fan-girling out here, can't stop smiling. No wonder.
1970brenz (5 months ago)
I may not agree with Bono's politics at all, but I think he and the band have amazing talent. I find overall that it's music I really like and has quite an emotional element I don't find in many other bands. Some of their song lyrics are more 'real' and honest about life, than many other bands. They talk about spiritual things but not in a worn out, preachy way. It always seems fresh. I don't think they seek to just sell, or why would they have tried to give that album away. But they seem to genuinely want to make music they find meaningful and care about, and they love to share it with others.
mark scarboro (5 months ago)
Trump 2020 - all good people think so.
R (5 months ago)
Adam looks like Anthony Bourdain 😀
javier perez (5 months ago)
She is so beautiful.
Ross Templeton (5 months ago)
I like U2 early music, but who is buying any of their new music? The Eagles did the same thing, tried to create new music that sucked, & then finally started playing what people wanted to hear, the original good tunes. If it works don't fix it. Let the up & comings create the new music that is catchy. Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, etc. They say music creativity is highest in your 20's.
Suzanne Sands (5 months ago)
She's trying to be so girlish. Very annoying.
PATRICK Mckay (5 months ago)
Jappy x mas u2 and friends.☮🛐one week in bed mr hewson .the edge is a very good musician ,and the rhythm section (both of them are still the best in rock) you must feel as if your dreams have come true with due respect.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔆
Kiki Capri (5 months ago)
Ask and you shall receive, so I ask of you your riches with my soul still with me.
Kiki Capri (5 months ago)
You shall give me all your money for free please
Su San (5 months ago)
bono has the voice of an angel. great band! some unforgettable songs. just please treat trump the same as every one of the other presidents you engaged.
Michimoto Satoh (6 months ago)
Good interviews, thank to posting!
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Rewriting the Word of God makes it the word of man. The LORD is not in the word of man. What is the son of man in Scripture?
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Who am I? I'm a Child of the HIGHEST which is the LORD. Cool your jets, the LORD'S Will shall be done in Earth as it is in Heaven, like it or not.
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Rabbis control Christianity. But, they serve the Torah. I say get the hell out of the Holy Bible you jews.
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Rewritten bibles are blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. The Message Bible, is the jewish way of hijacking the Holy Bible Truth. No one has the authority to rewrite the Holy Bible.
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Christians cannot have a word of truth spoken on the internet or any media because of the jews.
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
I cannot listen to this b- friggin'-s about blasphemic rewritten bibles by jews.
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Is jewno one of the Kings of the earth? Round glasses are definitely not his look. Revelation 19:19 1611KJB “And I saw the beast, & the Kings of the earth, and their armies gathered together to make warre against him that sate on the horse, and against his armie.”
Diana Vance (6 months ago)
Too many jews interviewing jews for the purpose of fooling the world for the Jew World Order.
Mr Magoo (6 months ago)
Why dont bono use sum of his hunderds of millions of dollars to sort sum of the problems he keeps harpin on about in stead of expectin the average struglin joe to hand over their cash?? The guys a pompous tosser...
Dan Deen (6 months ago)
Yes Trump says some pretty unpolished stuff and we all here it. But let me ask you this Mr. Bono, did you here what the country was saying when we elected him?? Your a Christian this country was built on Judeo Christian values. The Demoncrats are trying to destroy any and all traces of Christianity. The choice is between an unpolished President and a Godless country. Which do you think God would choose? By the way, I have always enjoyed this band.....
ray clarke (6 months ago)
bono is a creepy mofo
Four Owls (2 months ago)
He didn't do anything wierd, and is famous for being faithful. Jealous whinging one aren't you!
IlovemyCountry (6 months ago)
Bono has tainted the whole band with his antics!
IlovemyCountry (6 months ago)
Yeah he supported Bush and Clinton the biggest pair of corrupt ,deceitful abusive idiots the World has known! Says it all !
IlovemyCountry (6 months ago)
Tax dodging,hateful prick. Ripping off charity! Cant stand Bono!
Spread Love...Life is short. (6 months ago)
They are satanists... pretending. Do your homework. They are disgusting. Shame!
bimmjim (6 months ago)
*Sawed Off Bono*
Turhan çalışkan (6 months ago)
You are God ? What a stupid women!
malcolmlilley (6 months ago)
Carpet seems to fit.
Luca Bob Gotti (6 months ago)
What happened to Larry's face? Plastic surgery?
Milk Carton (6 months ago)
i'm guessing the only reason U2 somehow seems to have a bunch of right wing fans is because they're christian? Cause i can't parse that one otherwise reading some of the comments
Michael Christian Bryan (6 months ago)
God guides U2 people that live in darkness and lies hate the light and truth! Nobody likes to hear those words I am wrong!
Scott Mollan (6 months ago)
To me, they will always be the band that wrote and recorded The Joshua Tree.
Moonquake1 (6 months ago)
There's just something about bono that I don't trust(maybe it's his connections to the Clinton's and suchlike)
Jimmy (6 months ago)
I heard the difference between God and Bono is God doesn’t walk down the streets of Dublin and says he’s Bono.
Gangerolf (6 months ago)
This infamous disgraced poser and self proclaimed hater of all swedes calling them nazis for having the most generous immigration policy in the world.. well that doesnt even make sense. ARE you an imbecill Bono?
Kresimir Huis (6 months ago)
Larry just went too far with botox
David Lawrence (6 months ago)
what's the difference between Bono and God? God doesn't think he's Bono.
mztwixed (7 months ago)
Puppets for the globalist elites. Used. They will be judged by God for all their actions.
Four Owls (2 months ago)
As will you...
Hookyold Yip (7 months ago)
Everyone is entitled to an opinion .....Bono defo has one ....hey Rick feck em all if they don't agree ....life's all about choices .....
matty Taylor (7 months ago)
Ahh Bono you twat
Garrett Lee (7 months ago)
Metallica has played in front of 2.5 million people in one show....
Angel Messtanoffski (7 months ago)
This band is as stupid as the names The Edge and Bono!
Jonn Blackwell (7 months ago)
No energy left on the live. Zero compared to the earlier days.
Daniel Johnson (7 months ago)
The edge is .... not aging
marianne khos (7 months ago)
this interviews are so stupid.. arrogants.. and always smiles.. and la la la land.. so much ACTING .. u2 is so false.. like mm.. Adele.. more so..
Coldacre (7 months ago)
Bono, "investing" is not a hobby, ya rich prick.