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NASCAR 2010 Coca Cola Commercial - Harmony

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Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Bobby Labonte, Joey Logano, Ryan Newman, David Ragan, Elliott Sadler and Tony Stewart star in Coke`s new ad called `Harmony` for the 2010 NASCAR Season. Lyrics: I'd like to build the world a home and furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company
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Text Comments (54)
Gamer Blox (3 months ago)
Nascar race in a nutshell
Trap boi (4 months ago)
The last great years of nascar
Wunderschöner Schmied (4 months ago)
Thank God for Coke. Pepsi is shit.
Reloaded (5 months ago)
The reason why i love nascar.
nascaratan198 _ (6 months ago)
FishON (7 months ago)
It never gets old
Hubbard (1 year ago)
7 years laters, this is still one of my favorite commercial from Coca Cola.
NitroGaming (3 months ago)
This and the RC Race commercial from ‘04 are my favorites.
asdfLuigiGamer (2 years ago)
I thought it was "were burning s#@t with love.
Angel Ballin (2 days ago)
I was like how was this green lit for airing
Angel Ballin (2 days ago)
UnknownSpeeds (2 months ago)
same lol
TRXLL? (2 years ago)
I just realized that Tony,Denny and Greg are the only drivers still with their teams 6 years later😨
Tony Vortex (1 year ago)
J_GOD17 Make that Denny
Marco Flores (2 years ago)
I really hope they remake this commercial
nascar dude 12&16 (3 years ago)
this ad cool I like NASCAR
Nascardude34 (5 years ago)
I liked that the drives sang even when they wrecked.
Alexander Wolle (5 years ago)
That'll be something to see.
KCao Gaming (5 years ago)
You missed Charlotte at 0:24
Brenden Gorney (6 years ago)
They need to bring this commercial back. This time with Danica
xbolts211743x (6 years ago)
At first I thought Tony said, "I'd like to buy the world a ho" and i started laughing my butt off. :D
FIFA2010R (6 years ago)
lol 47 greg is enjoying the spin out tapping his finger on the wheel
ps2knutz (7 years ago)
drinking and driving...smh
Rowdy The Redneck (7 years ago)
Awesome Commerical!
mrrhda (7 years ago)
Harvick hits the wall LOL :)
Moriah Claar (7 years ago)
my sister is obsest with this commercial. whenever it comes on, she tells everyone to shut up and then she sings with it. at least she sings it good and on key/pitch
DaPimpinPenguin (7 years ago)
wish jeffy was in thisss
Lia Smith (7 years ago)
@8kloostb It is sad when no one can take a joke. Usually when someone puts "XD" in thier post it means they're not being serious about what they're saying or critizing someone. I rather like the lyrics you posted cause I wouldn't put it past Kevin to sing it that way. XD
Lia Smith (7 years ago)
@8kloostb Someone obviously doesn't know the words to the song XD *cough* 8kloostb *cough*
kristen405 (7 years ago)
Can someone tell me where to get the download for this? Please and thank you :)
kristen405 (7 years ago)
@agirl217 its furnish, check the origanal
Isaac Highman (7 years ago)
@8kloostb ya it does
holonizer (7 years ago)
It'd be cool if you were really at NASCAR and you heard that.............all they do these dyas is get into arguements and yell at each other.....
ウィアブー (7 years ago)
@8kloostb you know i'm not gonna make an argument with you about something you couldn't hear good, so if you heard he said that, that's what you heard.
ウィアブー (7 years ago)
@8kloostb for sure, and they transmitted a bad word through International TV
ウィアブー (7 years ago)
@8kloostb Furnish it with love
Christopher Anderson (7 years ago)
For 61 seconds...NASCAR was entertaining. Great job Coca Cola!
NASCARsmNut (7 years ago)
@DallasCowboys94Ware Exactly. Those, um, words make no sense.
thebrandonp88 (8 years ago)
i know its not burn this **** with love
Ninpowfan (8 years ago)
I love when they sing "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" the one guy sings totally off-tune XD <3
Teresa Hinther Ryan (8 years ago)
So freakin funny!
scottjohnson (8 years ago)
@8kloostb Right, they'd air that on national television.
CaptHyatt (8 years ago)
@nobodyinparticular91 Sure... And my uncle is Bill Elliott
Lia Smith (8 years ago)
DAVID!!!! JOEY!!!! LOL!!! XD
Vigo 894 (8 years ago)
@Kahnefan38= I had the liberty of seeing it on the big screen when I wentt to see Clash of The Titans. Normally, I'm annoyed to see all those ads before the movie, and deliberately show up late to the theatre. However, I'm glad I went in early. Tony's got a nice voice.
IAmAStegosaurus (8 years ago)
I garuntee you that most of the whinging and moaning at the start was Stewart lol
Thomas Cheyne (8 years ago)
Best ad EVER!!
Yeshua Man (8 years ago)
Some of those nascar drivers can sing. Tony, Kevin and Denny sounded pretty good.
Yeshua Man (8 years ago)
@awalker28 hahahha i was like "What did he say?!"
madalynisabelx3 (8 years ago)
so greattt!!!! <3
Susy Kahne (8 years ago)
best nascar commercial!!!!!! go joey!
Psychicqueen (8 years ago)
@agirl217 It did sound like that, which made me smile, but no. :)
scottjohnson (8 years ago)
"And furnish it with love"
Sara Hausman (8 years ago)
lol this is soo funny!!!