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Live in a cave home

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Blasted into the side of a steep Arizona mountain, Cathy and Randy Clark's cave home is surprisingly cozy.
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Voltron512 (3 days ago)
Ultimate bunker....the fact of getting 20 Gallons of water per day in your own stream alone makes this a special find
Ii Ina (1 month ago)
It's an art project, cave house.
Carl Taylor (1 month ago)
I live in a small cave in Spain. One metre thick walls and a 2 metre thick roof keep me warm in winter and cool in summer. This whole area is full of caves and cave houses - even cave pubs, hotels and restaurants! Some are hundreds of years old.
Our Systems Are Failing (2 months ago)
Hippies or Rednecks
EclecticFortune2 (2 months ago)
I would be concerned that a large chunk of ceiling might break free. Otherwise I love it!
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
EclecticFortune2, I'm sure the architects tested for loose rock potential.
Heru- deshet (3 months ago)
I'd buy it and turn it into a man cave.
Almighty Yak (3 months ago)
Why the hell would you want to sell it?
ItIsme Again (4 months ago)
Thomas Madison (6 months ago)
Nope, all I can think of is spiders in the cave. I wouldn't be able to sleep.
Gorilla Pimpin' (6 months ago)
"what are you, live in a cave or something?" "yeah
Songkok Tinggi (7 months ago)
Now i want to buy a cave...hmmm
Joe Ran (7 months ago)
How many bugs are in this.
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
Joe Ran, It is likely a sealed environment.
allan dou (8 months ago)
tripjet999 (8 months ago)
White, rich conservatards. Comrade Trump LOVES these "people."
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
tripjet999, Racist, fascist, bigot, you show yourself loud and clear.
Toby Blake (6 months ago)
oh bullshit
Pagan (6 months ago)
You are the ones blowing up and shooting up neighborhoods, you could easiely concantrate all that energy on something like this. Hard work has never been your stile, am i right, you bum?
Bella Gray (8 months ago)
Why did she move?
WildWoomy (8 months ago)
The hat of discipline...
Heather Meyers (9 months ago)
Wow. I think it's beautiful. I would adore to live there.
Sergio Сандовал Sandoval (10 months ago)
Axel Official (11 months ago)
i always build cave base in rust
TrashKillz (11 months ago)
That place is nice
shawn brock (1 year ago)
So cool
Steven Scott (1 year ago)
She's right her ancestors lived in caves hence the name"Caucasians" from Caucasus mountains.
Dayne Bennett (3 months ago)
I like your answer. Israelites, the chosen ones! if they only knew who they are, this world would change for the better in a very short amount of time.
ĐÂŅÝŁ ĢÁŁÀ (1 year ago)
ThtS HeaVeN😍😂
Stephen Harris (1 year ago)
Me, me, me, I want it.
Teresa Wong (1 year ago)
It supports everything. Nope. You're missing 2 things. Earthquake and Cave-in
Pagan (7 months ago)
It is a granit stone, dumbass. It does not cave in as other rocks. This here has survived more than 2000 years and it looks like it has been built last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK1bwnqXvX4
wayne alim (1 year ago)
Its sad to know that you live in a city house but a cave in the forest looks better than it
Great Dragon (1 year ago)
i'll make you an offer. I will buy this property, and the surrounding land for 1,400,000 usd. let me know
Sázhe M. Epifanne (1 year ago)
Fidel Cashflow (1 year ago)
I would love to have a house like that same concept almost the same setup except totally secluded and hidden with a bunch of guns and Escape tunnels with railroad tracks in them it will be the greatest zombie apocalypse house in the world.... .
Nara Brio (1 year ago)
i would buy it if i have money
George Gibson (1 year ago)
I wonder if she is worried by the radon gas. I think it is high from granite.
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
George Gibson Even if it were there naturally there are systems that rotate air through air exchangers. They do it in homes all the time.
KwameTalks ! (1 year ago)
It's gorgeous!! I'm glad she's getting in tune with her inner Neanderthal!!
Benny Blanco (1 year ago)
So amazing
Seth Winters (1 year ago)
Such an amazing home. I wouldn't sell it if i was the owner. I love private houses.
seasauce. (1 year ago)
Imagine waking up and stubbing your toe. Oh boy.
Ketan Bariya (1 year ago)
how strange......! Humans r going back to stone age ...back to the place where they used to b before thousands years ago.
COLLIN GAMBILL (1 year ago)
that looks beatiful
Doe Eyes (1 year ago)
I love it!!! Always wanted to live in a cave!!!
Trevor Mynatt (1 year ago)
Durins folk
Linda Beacham (1 year ago)
Queen Fire (1 year ago)
White people need to move there
TedAnt A (1 year ago)
Racists much? Oh thats right you can say any racist comment that you like.
Shea Oneill (1 year ago)
Who would want to buy that !?
Invisible Spectator (1 year ago)
thanks for adding one most important thing in my bucket list. dont worry i will buy it. u can stay with me
ria sharma (1 year ago)
I loved it 😍
Guyy (1 year ago)
The modern Stone Age family. :D
ataylor (1 year ago)
I loved her in happy days RIP Erin Moran.
ataylor (1 year ago)
Her cave looks wet warm and inviting.
Shama Jabeen (1 year ago)
And we found a spring as well😶
momof2 (1 year ago)
Not for me, but that's wonderful if they like it
T AN (1 year ago)
Incognito (2 years ago)
Batman's house on MTV cribs!
Glen Smith (2 years ago)
Why would you leave a home like that? It will probably last a thousand yrs looks amazing and free water and you want to do what ?  go live in the suburbs oh yeh sounds like a great idea.
amtqq 53 (2 years ago)
You are fake news
Roman Saddi (2 years ago)
Makes me think about how they ventilate the house, and earthquakes.
Mondo Music (2 years ago)
It is not because of your DNA ya donkey, it is because it is much cooler to live in a cave than a regular house
CupcakeExplosion (2 years ago)
It's haunted. I can just tell. That's why they're moving.
Alter Kater (2 years ago)
Check for RADON in your bunker. RADON can kill you.
ophir ophir (2 years ago)
probably wear helmets in the house...
Svahn (2 years ago)
One fart and it's over...
Joe Aerenga (5 months ago)
Svahn did u fart
Josh Herman (2 years ago)
lmao white people still living in caves
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
Must you Democrats always be racists? Good grief YOU are the only ones who constantly see people by what color they are, and then you try to pass your proclivities to others.
straightouttaLA69 (2 years ago)
fuck I wouldn't leave it either houses like that comes one in a life time
My Cinematics (2 years ago)
I used to build houses like this as a kid. Full electricity and gas too. I was only 5 years old and a fully qualified electrician, plumber and gasman.
loopified000 (2 years ago)
why do you have to leave it? I wouldn't!
Harry Kuheim (2 years ago)
Let's put the Obama's, all CNN and NPR CEO's , and Clinton's in there and then blow the entrance....And Fuck you CNN
Sandi Blohm (2 years ago)
Pretty awesome and unique!!
cat사랑 (2 years ago)
wonderful ! !
Kangaroo Jack (2 years ago)
Well, I'd be terrified if an earthquake hit, all that rock will crush you to pieces.
Fruit Snacks (2 years ago)
WTF "Hey come over and see if you can make us a cave house too!" Lol literal minecraft
TheFinalRevelation (2 years ago)
Would be nice living with demons
TheBitFox (2 years ago)
What? Why demons?
Rusty Black Dog (2 years ago)
Alison Dawson (2 years ago)
Your not selling this beautiful home surely ??? Congratulations on your beautiful home - it is truly beautiful ! Good luck to you and your husband X Alison
Hardcore truth (2 years ago)
That looks cool I would live in it.
Mint Gums (2 years ago)
I'd love to live in a cave house 🤗
Luke Findley (2 years ago)
We have simmilar properties in England, you can get one room appartment free of charges and no rent, no depsit ready to move in,with all meals included with one hour of exercise per day all laundry done free ..contact H.M.P.
coc0s (2 years ago)
My house is like a cave. Actually it's just a pit.
David Magyar (2 years ago)
I would missed sunshine or at least natural light.
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
Why? Just walk outside. Plus the entire front of the house leads in from a glassed in porch.
Omeir Khan (2 years ago)
Knows guys people in old times use to live in cave but now you have to get use to it if you once wish to live such a cave house like this one we just saw on youtube it's quite peacefull guys but have to get use to it
Phil Tron (2 years ago)
like everything else in life
CrashN2Me1000 (2 years ago)
"Where have you been living? ln a cave somewhere?" "Yes. That's right, bitch. As a matter of fact l have!"
nicole skies (2 years ago)
Random American (2 years ago)
thumbs down - no login, no volume
Kevin Braden (2 years ago)
You people do realize anybody can die or be injured in a stick built home just as easily as this home. They are in a home made of Granite that had to be blasted to open it up. It was done by an engineer and had to be inspected and approved for "occupancy" just like a stick-built home. Also think about all the millions of people who live in thinly made Manufactured homes that are approved for home occupancy. People die everyday in what we call "regular homes".
Bryan J (1 year ago)
The point is anyone living in this home is safer than the homes of most of the people "worrying" about how it could 'cave in'.
Phil Tron (2 years ago)
Okay..... and..?
Angela Pinheiro (2 years ago)
Lily McMillan (2 years ago)
OMGosh.....This is by far the most beautiful, interesting, happy home that I have ever seen !! It's my dream, to live in a cave of sorts. I've seen others, but yours is perfect. There's nothing I would change. I so LOVE the water!! What a prize to come across. And I bet it tastes SO good too. Well, I can tell that you deserve it. Blessings.... and Live Long!!
Toby Blake (6 months ago)
I would replicate the cave for a lion's lair. It looks just like a house from the inside, not a cave.
Izel Cebrero (2 years ago)
Hobbit house!
MindFreeze (2 years ago)
Beautiful! i love how the walls and ceiling are not equal and are uneven.
Save money and the government can't track you, very good, it took the US superpower 10 years to track Osama in a cave even though they knew he was dead many years ago, I say fuck the government fucking ass wipe, lick my Italian meatballs drenched in their own natural juice
Guy Baldridge (2 years ago)
R U not afraid of earth quakes?
Firstspiros pavlou (2 years ago)
two in one!well done!its a great cave,and great grave as well!!they never expend any money for funeral!wow!!!
Love Of Jesus (2 years ago)
I want one 😫.
Budoshoha (2 years ago)
Sheila meri (3 years ago)
This is wonderful!!!  This is how we were meant to live!!!!!
MICHGO1 (3 years ago)
Alejandro Lopez Giungi (3 years ago)
To great!!!! But fucking dangerous!!!!!!
Gus F (3 years ago)
where do you shit
DukeLaCrosse20 (3 years ago)
+Gus F That may be why its up for sale.
John Stromboly (3 years ago)
caves are good only for snakes , not for people , its not healthy , we need sun , windows , log houses , trees to see when you open the window not some stupid rock
Bella Gray (1 month ago)
John Stromboly, For pity sake walk outside! The entire front of the house leads in from a glassed in porch.
Mirjana Eres (3 years ago)
jako lepo romanticno
Andy H (3 years ago)
What a great experience that would.  I always thought I'd like to have a home in one of those old military ICBM silos.  It would do away with the door to door sales people.
Shirl Linda (3 years ago)
Who can build a cave house, let me know
Alma Wells (2 years ago)
+Nancy Campbell Gibson -   yes, because America has gone through World War I... then went through World War II... World War Number 4 will be fought with sticks and stones...
Nancy Campbell Gibson (2 years ago)
Alma Wells I could not agree more. These are, indeed, troubling times.
Alma Wells (2 years ago)
+Nancy Campbell Gibson  -   oh, the reason you don't believe in it is because those who do believe...   become a victim to their beliefs. You are a strong minded character... therefore, such nonsense doesn't happen to u. Humans shouldn't hurt other humans. People should treat other people with respect. Unfortunately, when Donald Duck goes on tv and talks negatively about Killary... then Donald says to the public on tv about... "sucker punching" some silly boy... and he claims will pay money to someone to commit violence against a silly boy... Well...   then the public is easily taught by Donald...   that violence is acceptable in USA
Nancy Campbell Gibson (2 years ago)
Alma Wells I know people use the word now days with a different meaning, but it's an interesting concept. John Lennon's "Instant Karma" (1969) brought the word into everyday use; however, people left out the most important word-"Instant." I, personally, don't believe in it, but it's intriguing to read about.
Herbert (3 years ago)
I like it.
girl bye (3 years ago)
That is so pretty
TKGetDead (3 years ago)