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GOAT APP sent me really crappy shoes which they think are real but they clearly are not real. I will never use the GOAT app EVER again. Music: https://soundcloud.com/alcatraztudio
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Text Comments (1918)
Tiayon Smart (1 day ago)
They Just Beat Up They Not Fake
SourAppleSlice (1 day ago)
Looks like the left shoe went through the washer lmao
Lucas Lo (4 days ago)
Were they used
Lucas Lo (4 days ago)
Dude you bought it used
Mad Thicc (5 days ago)
This nigga softer than some pancakes
BiGDBO (6 days ago)
Those are real..... Real used! Lmao Should of have went for real ones! Don't let them play you! I don't do used I rather have good fakes than banged up used shit real talk Blood!
Hoodies&Weaponary (6 days ago)
Dam Bro you got fucked.
Nathaniel Rodriguez (8 days ago)
If you’re ever tryna buy the more popular kicks, don’t use the used section on goat
Nathaniel Rodriguez (8 days ago)
I stay away from the used section on goat, ion trust the people man
Carlos Flores (10 days ago)
Bro almost the same happened to me. I bought the Jordan Black Pinnacle ($500ish) and they were authenticated by some retard from goat and I waited like 3 weeks to receive the shoe. Once I received I was excited to open the box and try them on but what I received was Jordan brown Pinnacles which sell for like $300 ish. I tried to contact them and they barely replied. All they told me was to send pictures of the shoes for 3 days straight. After them kinda ignoring me I had to payed $19 dollars to return the shoes. I let them know what the seller and their employee did to me and the never messaged me back. Inside the shoe box I returned I included a letter of what happened to me so who ever checks the return package will see and refund me the money back and refund the $19 return fee but they never refund shit. They only gave me goat credit... bruhhhhhhhh fuckin bull shit
Trigga Rackso (18 days ago)
Rubén J (22 days ago)
Goat should get them back and do a refund mane.
Lanae tae (22 days ago)
Ain’t no way in hell im droppin coin on a used shoe go big or go home bro
Convicted Melon (22 days ago)
I got an idea buy fucking shoes at foot action when they come out shit.buy some gators fuck gym shoes get some chukkaz fuckaz
idiot Youtuber (24 days ago)
this is an old video but i had 2 things on mind. 1. it is fake and u got scam. 2. u buy a fake one and then switch it to the original one and made a vid of it that u got scam to make money out of goat app ;)
Barnacle Boy (24 days ago)
I stay away from used shoes on goat, only new.
Hoodie Boy (28 days ago)
That is why I buy them new in the goat app never used
jefferydbzcoo (28 days ago)
Bro look and sound hurt
EpicRandomness :Henry/Jack (28 days ago)
So, they don't check used sneaker, I have used there app for years, and make sure you but new
Timothy Green II (1 month ago)
You don’t suppose to buy used shoes
christian vang (1 month ago)
I just received my Retro 12s and THEY LOOK FAKE ASF! I’m never ordering from GOAT anymore.
Jeremy Jones (1 month ago)
christian vang damn
Mr. Lucky (1 month ago)
Guess I’m be shopping at Flight Club
Chris G (1 month ago)
Got it. Uninstalling GOAT app now.
Juan Sariles (1 month ago)
I just order from Adidas Son Goku shoes for 350 dollars I better don't get the same Bullshit experience.
Jaems IV (1 month ago)
Literally did you Dirty!!
David White (1 month ago)
Wooooooow you definitely got played got goat app as well definitely gonna uninstall
Q Sweets (1 month ago)
this look like pure shyt
kit yan (1 month ago)
If the shoe doesn’t get ship since it could be lost to goat factory for verification, will I get a refund
MD_ BLU3_345 (1 month ago)
Why i try n stay off them websites bro... Shit just to risky man.... Even though we wwould like them all to be 100.... Shit just aint worth it...... SMH..... Hopefully you got a refund homie
Clarence Mitchell (1 month ago)
I think when they say good they mean just a little better than bad. Quite at lot better would be very good. I get the impression it’s similar to Vestiaire, they don’t make money by rejecting goods.
Kidd Isley (2 months ago)
Damn im glad my 1 goat app purchase was ok
Saia Lavulo (2 months ago)
Should have just bought them DS. That’s the price you pay for buying pre-owned , or in other words good condition”, sneakers.
Vise Lords Gang (2 months ago)
The reason it look like he crying is cause he got a face tatt bro you can tell he put vaseline on it
Syed Qayyum (2 months ago)
What the update on this?
Cicero Scott (2 months ago)
I would've never bought anything USED!... NEVER...
Acculff (2 months ago)
Did they get ur money back?btw i want to get lebron soldier X what u think becuse i dont have them in my country.
Sylvia Harrison (2 months ago)
I buy shoes off this website and all of them are real stay out the used collection
Nick Lee (2 months ago)
I bet goat people have people that wear new balance to authentic the designer shoe 😂
TheDunkhead08 (2 months ago)
Is he holding back the tears? Lol dead
Zbdc (2 months ago)
I am wanting to buy used yeezys. They are super beat on the sole but look decent on the uppers. I don’t know if I should buy them or not. They are $200
vSome (2 months ago)
Ik it sucks and all but don’t trust used my guy what can I say you learn from ur mistakes
Psn Origin (2 months ago)
How long did it take for them to send u it
FriedOnion 21 (2 months ago)
never trust the used section bro
Graeme Stewart (2 months ago)
Why would you want a pair of shoes that have has soneone elses sweaty feet in them ANYWAY?! Clothes? maybe. They can be washed properly. Shoes? YUK. Thats disgusting.
joeysworldtour (2 months ago)
Stop it everybody on youtube with a goat video always says "goat app sent me fakes"! "Goat exposed!" In the thumbnail Just stop it ur just begging for views!!
21 Scooter Edits (2 months ago)
Carneica Duncan (2 months ago)
But I do see the difference
Carneica Duncan (2 months ago)
They have to take pictures of the shoes to post them he knew what they looked like me and boyfriend shop on goat
Sammy Haro (2 months ago)
Whoever authenticated these shoes was on 30 minutes of sleep the night before
Brian Harris (2 months ago)
damn, this is why i have such a hard time getting myself to buy resale. You cant trust anyone these days
The Goat (2 months ago)
Always buy new sneakers gotta pay a little more but it’s worth the risk
devin whittington (2 months ago)
Poor condition
Javier Caro (2 months ago)
this is why i ALWAYS and ONLY buy NEW DEADSTOCK shoes. plus who the hell buys used shoes.
Daniel Nichols (2 months ago)
Holy crap I was about to use this app too
Landon Schlagel (2 months ago)
I got a stock x😂😂😂
Mast3r Race (3 months ago)
StockX is the best for prices and recently they've stepped their game up. The fact that GOAT sells used shoes at all tells me all I need to know. It's impossible to legit check a used shoe 100% correctly, especially one has beat as those Kaws you got. StockX you can get the Kaws 4 for around a Grand in my size if you're patient. I just got the Just Don 2 (Blue) for $600 flat. They're selling for closer to $1000 everywhere else.
Mason Brookman (3 months ago)
They actually might be real because that material looks like that after being put in a washing machine, when i was younger i only ever wore nike sbs and wasn’t really a sneakerhead so i used to put my shoes in the washing machine and they came out looking very ruffled up and ugly. But i would call and report the person that verified them because that is not good condition at all.
Dimitri Perov (3 months ago)
I feel so bad but one question does goat app deliver to your house or P.O. box
young lito (3 months ago)
They did that to me last year, so I sent them to stockx so I could sell them back and they were new but 10000000% fake
D Oak TV (3 months ago)
Why would you buy them used lmaoo
Dason Brown (3 months ago)
But u said u bought it from the useed
Mini Shoe (3 months ago)
bro they are just a little tumbled and thats not and thats how I like any of my j's like 1,2,3,4
NC Aråb (3 months ago)
Damn you got the fuck me up 12s
Breezy (3 months ago)
so goat ain’t fake it’s jus he went to the used section he should’ve jus bought new ones‼️‼️
Young J (3 months ago)
U bought used shoes 😂😂😂😂
uzamakianduchiha (3 months ago)
You got one real and one fake
M B (3 months ago)
What about the website
Danny Kim (3 months ago)
did you get your money back?
NoVa Reflexz (3 months ago)
I got fake concords to 😭 they are concords 11 I spent 90 and they fake 😭😭😭😭
Glenn Akerland (3 months ago)
Damn bro thats a major bummer, i give you props though for doing a review without bashing them in an inappropriate way, definitely. The pair you copped was probably pretty expensive, I think GOAT should absolutely help you out. That shoe is no joke, i'm sorry that happened with those man. Its sad they said to repost them as a seller. Looking forward to an update.
Traevon Thompson (3 months ago)
So are all the shoes fake are is it just the used shoes that are?
DEAD NIGHT !!!!!! (3 months ago)
You’re retarded goat gives you pictures of the used shoes you’re dumb as hell this video is fake as fuck you had to have known they were fake
Yasmeen Asia-Lee (3 months ago)
And I was thinking about ordering yeezys that was “New but damaged” (discoloration) lol I’m goodddd ...
DontHitEm Up (3 months ago)
To this day did you get your money back?...do you really like every comment??
Reahna Saldaña (3 months ago)
They should give you a free pair
RL Castle (3 months ago)
Um did you not look at the pics before you bought them? And can you show us how the pictures looked like?
Seevoh (3 months ago)
i just bought yeezys and they’re real i really don’t believe you got those from goat
Philemon Mathai (3 months ago)
Do you think I would be fine if I bought a shoe that wasn't used? If someone could reply when they see this that would be great, cuz I'm trying to see wether or not I should buy some basketball shoes off this app
Accepted Anal (3 months ago)
Would u still recommend this app?
yonique. atl (3 months ago)
Does the "make an offer" count as used or is that new shoes
Philly B (3 months ago)
why would you ever by anything other than a new shoe
Philly B (3 months ago)
That is good condition , make sure u know what good vs great is
Alan Hernandez (3 months ago)
I bought some air Jordan 3s and and they came out fake what should I do return them? Do I get my money back?
Naptown Native (3 months ago)
Well don’t buy used shoes
sensei autotec (3 months ago)
Jeremy Jones (3 months ago)
serchmarc 👌🏾
sensei autotec (3 months ago)
i live in elm street apt 4 (404) NY. you wanna be rude ok ,now give your adreess snitch
Jeremy Jones (3 months ago)
serchmarc I think I am me. No I am not a "wannabe gangster" Never claimed I killed anyone but if you wanna talk that talk put a address on it.
vSorah (3 months ago)
Goat app doesn’t legit check used shoes I hope you know that
Manuel Arriaga (4 months ago)
I bought some zebras from goat n the signature said s on it too
Jeremy Jones (4 months ago)
Manuel Arriaga damn .. hopefully he checked them good.
Manuel Arriaga (4 months ago)
Goat is legit but ig just bc there used that’s why they like that but like chill I understand if u spend a lot of money on those but that’s why u never buy used shoes but Goat is legit
Lildrizz 04 (4 months ago)
You good
Eyo And Carlos (4 months ago)
Nigga just wants the clout
Ralph Richport (4 months ago)
Prolly what Stock x did Is take a pair of Authentics and a pair of fakes and mixed them so they can sell 2 pairs of Authentics. Scum bags if they did.
itsjustchris (4 months ago)
I feel like they not fake they just really beat
Chris Hernandez (4 months ago)
Cause I need help telling if shoes are real
Chris Hernandez (4 months ago)
Yo bro are you from Brooklyn
EnZo (4 months ago)
Just buy from stockx hahaha
Sha Johnson (4 months ago)
Jason Gibbs (4 months ago)
You're a chic with a glue on beard.. where's your purse collection?
flexon victhekid (4 months ago)
I don’t think they are fake I just think the person that had it before you didn’t know how to take care of them
oisteen loken (4 months ago)
Damn homie smh... love how u kept ya cool to be able to make such a detailed video... thanks for the heads up bro but I’m sorry they got u but I appreciate u for sharing ...
This is Niko (4 months ago)
This happens a lot in goat they say good condition and are beat the hell up and I didn’t cop