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Funny UPS Commercial October 2001 #1

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Funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001.
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Emanuel Yohannes (18 days ago)
October 1999
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
Well the owner of the White Ford Taurus, please race the big brown truck.
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
UPS Official Delivery Company of NASCAR Visit us online at:
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
People love the truck.
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
We want to race the truck.
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
Well the owner of a White Ford Taurus, please the race the big brown truck.
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
Dale Jarrett
Emanuel Yohannes (6 months ago)
This was from that Dodge Logo 2001 before UPS Commercial.
Zane Marte (1 year ago)
Denny Hamlin FedEx commercial reimagined like this except the PA would say "Will the owner of a Purple Toyota Camry, Please race the big white truck." Twice lol
TrillionGrams (8 years ago)
Chris Molyneaux (8 years ago)
The questio now is......will David Ragan ever race the big brown truck?
Survivrs (8 years ago)
God I miss DJ on the track!!!
Ellen Carmack (9 years ago)
Honestly, I used to watch Nascar just to see these
Matthew Kotarski (9 years ago)
ups is bad luck nascar drivers
Matthew Kotarski (9 years ago)
i love the music at the end
JimmyDean404 (10 years ago)
yeah your right, they made a diecast of dave with the ups 44 for mike waltrip racing
Nigel Webster (10 years ago)
Nigel Webster (10 years ago)
I think both McDowell & Ruttimann ran the car part time after Dale retired
bentleyv8t (10 years ago)
didnt he drive the 44 ups car after dj retired
Nigel Webster (10 years ago)
i think your maybe thinking of the Aaron's #00
bentleyv8t (10 years ago)
and michael mcdowell
Nigel Webster (10 years ago)
ya I know, & also with David Ruttimann
Caracarisma (10 years ago)
Yes, Frank, but at the time these remarks were made, LAST YEAR, UPS was still with Jarrett.
Nigel Webster (10 years ago)
not to sound like an ass but now UPS is with David Regan
alexguest (11 years ago)
I have a tough time with these. I thought the commercials with him refusing to race the truck were the funniest - especially the one with Wayne Newton singing "Hello Dale. Race the truck, Dale" to Hello Dolly (which I can't find anywhere). But as a D.J. fan, the very last one really satisfies. This one is like a Hershey's kiss. It satisfies, but leaves me wanting more, too.
Greg Elder (11 years ago)
does anyone know where that advert is where the guy walks in and goes... hello? helooooo? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz try and find it coz i cant!
Caracarisma (11 years ago)
It's only dull if you are completely ignorant about NASCAR and Dale Jarrett. I thought it was hilarious. Gonna miss you, Dale. Thanks for the great ride.
Caracarisma (11 years ago)
Actually, he is still sponsored by UPS with Michael Waltrip racing. Tomorrow, March 16, is his last truck but UPS was with him to the end.
David Berkowitz (11 years ago)
The guy in the commercial is Dale Jarrett. He used to drive for the UPS sponsored NASCAR team.
Tactical Midget (11 years ago)
wow, dull...