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Crazy lady blocking traffic at red light.

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Please Subscribe to my channel. Donations are always welcome lol Paypal mike3161999@gmail.com The light was red, she was reading a piece of paper, the light turned green and she continued to read so I pressed the horn quickly. then she continued reading so I pressed it longer until light changed to red again. she got out of car and argued with me that she was reading the paper because she felt dizzy and wanted to know if she should turn around to go back to CVS. I tried backing up to go around her when she then walked into the other lane. then I started recording. (For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)
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Text Comments (22111)
Dino A (29 minutes ago)
She says apologize and ill leave. So he apologizes and she gets worst. Women are horrible nowadays.
Dino A (31 minutes ago)
I deal with cunts like this everyday.
Just You (3 hours ago)
If I we're there I bit her till she real feels daisy 😤😤😤
Tina Fox (6 hours ago)
OMG, what in the world. How can some people be this stupid
Nancy Cauley (12 hours ago)
Diabetes gonna hurt her more than any FedEx guy.
Lucas Lucas (13 hours ago)
Dats a crazy bitch
Cornell Custom Trains (15 hours ago)
Drop dead you crazy cow
nelsonta00 (15 hours ago)
I'm an American, and I hate seeing self-entitled lying Americans like that.
Olive Oil (59 minutes ago)
I agreed.
Kay Aneice (16 hours ago)
DID SHE START CRYING? 😂😂 dude what the heck
jeanemlicar (16 hours ago)
I cant stand women who fucking act like this.
Grey Beard ll (17 hours ago)
She really wanted his Snickers😂😂😂😂😂
Ic3p0p Dang3r (17 hours ago)
This is extremely ignorant lmao
Bellateramo (19 hours ago)
Shes a dumb bitch
Suzy R (1 day ago)
i wish something like this would happen to me
Andre'a Carew (1 day ago)
She's dizzy and making all this noise...for what??
lynda chabane (1 day ago)
Stupid woman 😠😠
Juris Krūmiņš (1 day ago)
Dear Americans, I am sorry to see that your country has this kind of people. Where I come from this lady woud have been draged of the road and .....
Dustin Pettit (1 day ago)
What a sorry fat cunt
Shit like this only happens in real life this couldn’t never been a fantasy. In all reality fatty just wanted some dick.
sun shine (1 day ago)
lmao when you really mean ill sit there if you honk at me as soon as the light turns red😂😂😂
max g (1 day ago)
America the great!!
Zizori Football Channel (1 day ago)
Fat cunt
Annie Dotson (1 day ago)
When people lose arguments they not pick about what ur arguing.
Bobby Cain (1 day ago)
She is a nut case
My Daddy (1 day ago)
I would've just apologized and gone about my business even if she was acting silly...all these time he wasted, he say , she say etc...
Stark (1 day ago)
Why are a lot of the dumb ones also fat?
mike fields (1 day ago)
Just run the fat cow over
big spheres (1 day ago)
They should make female go to jail when they on their period
Ahmed Abdull (1 day ago)
Bitch go to hell
mrcynthiag (1 day ago)
I would call her an ambulance.
Jason Statham (1 day ago)
ppl are so crazy
Karyn Mayo (1 day ago)
American white people need help tbh 😂😂 I love watching these kind of videos..
Olive Oil (59 minutes ago)
Not all white people act like this. It's not about the colour, it's about the environment you were raised in. I don't understand why you people think it's just about that. Ghetto black and white people exist, as do snobby black and white people. It's really stupid when you think about it-
Alex Dominici (1 day ago)
Fat white women.
Jay Wade (1 day ago)
I wish this kind of shit would happen to me
Joshua Ebanks (1 day ago)
"Can you call the police because hes being abusive" People and their false accusations these days.. It is not illegal to honk your horn.. If it was, then everyone in New York City who owns a car would be in jail.
徐博 (1 day ago)
This FedEx bro was kind enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
NJtuber88 (1 day ago)
"Or if I was really dizzy"  she just outed herself!
Raul Carlo D. Botalin (1 day ago)
And I am a girl
Olive Oil (58 minutes ago)
Raul Carlo D. Botalin (1 day ago)
THE NUMBER IS ON THE TRUNK LADY ohhhh sorry it is just uhhh
Samantha Stark (1 day ago)
What a fat disgusting miserable puke!!!!
Dismas E. McNail (1 day ago)
She said, “If I really was dizzy...” ok....well there ya go. Then she says she “wasn’t reading for pleasure”. So she lied on BOTH counts. What a wacko.
Celeste Moon (1 day ago)
Dude I feel so bad for you!!!
Larry Rosol (1 day ago)
1.4 k fat people didn't like this video
Peter Shaw (1 day ago)
Tub of lard
lost boye (1 day ago)
I feel bad for that guy lmao
G Hannigan (1 day ago)
She was dizzy because of the five chocolate bars she probably shoved down her gullet ten minutes earlier. People like this need to be hospitalized, not rewarded with a drivers license.
E.N.D Productions (1 day ago)
She is such a cowwwww XD
ted Clauss (1 day ago)
Run over her
Alisha King (1 day ago)
She even said that. If I was older or really dizzy.... meaning she is faking.
Alisha King (1 day ago)
That’s crazy lady needs to get in the car.
Taylor Covington (1 day ago)
She admitted she wasn’t actually dizzy
PAC MAN (1 day ago)
I wish I lived in America. It just looks like a fun place to live.
Olive Oil (1 hour ago)
Well, it depends on where you go. Of course there is some nutty people in our country, but there are plenty of kind sweet people as well. Go up north to Maine or New England and they are all pretty nice, just watch the road because the North can he ruthless with it's drivers. Also it's beautiful- 👀
Fer Yea (1 day ago)
I would have called the cops on her and show her the video of her saying she's driving while on prescription drugs
Joseph Reiss (1 day ago)
Shes high no one would be that relaxed
Angelo Toro (1 day ago)
This makes me disappointed in society, there is so much dumb cunts like this in the world
Fred Seymour (1 day ago)
I'd tap that!
charlottie (1 day ago)
*lady: i was dizzy and felt sick!* *me: then get off the road you twang.*
Amber H (1 day ago)
I WAS DIZZY.... I WAS DIZZY.... 2:19 "If I was an older person, OR I REALLY WAS DIZZY" Completely destroyed your already invalid argument.
Kid Mechanic (1 day ago)
What a looney fucking bitch.
Ryan Hewitt (1 day ago)
She said she was dizzy and couldn't operate the car, but at 2:18 she said "If I was an older person OR REALLY WAS DIZZY, you would be in a bad position". Caught yourself there. 😏
flash715 (1 day ago)
wow, got the apology and still stood there and argued, what a bitch.
Lowgang (1 day ago)
I would have honked the horn
Melanie Comito (1 day ago)
Freudian slip? "What I'd I was really dizzy"..
Padraig Salt (1 day ago)
She thought YOU were rude because you gave a typical, short beep of your horn to let her know she was sitting at a green light. We all do it, we've all had it done to us. You were rude, but she felt 100% justified for inconveniencing dozens of people and creating a safety issue. Fat, ugly, angry at the world, and off her meds. A bad combo.
joniluvschachi1 (1 day ago)
Ok so she said she was dizzy but than she admitted if she was dizzy.... So you weren’t dizzy.....Make up your mind lady
Howard Cox (1 day ago)
Fat cunt!
Cygnus Floyd (1 day ago)
I'm white and conservative but you watch too many of these videos about white women acting fucking nuts you start to hate white women.
Brian Smith (2 days ago)
blocking traffic is a crime, is someone does this start recording and call the cops
Bas Muis (2 days ago)
She was dizzy beeing fat
genevie lucious (2 days ago)
Oh my gosh lady your cuckoo
Tim Richardson (2 days ago)
She needs to get laid, ANY volunteers? Nope.
Mr Xereoth (2 days ago)
Maybe, if it'd get that stick out of its fat ass, the blood might start flowing again and just maybe, it's brain starts to work again.
Devin Hayes (2 days ago)
He said sorry she still standing there she got me crying with her angry voice 😭😭
E T G (2 days ago)
I would’ve held the horn
Shannon Feathers (2 days ago)
Wow she is way to ugly and fat to be making a fuss and drawing attention to herself! No one should be subjected to look at that pasty, fat, red, greasy, yellow toothed bitch! Wow what a out of control Walrus! Damn... she sux
Morgan Mehring (2 days ago)
"can you call the police he's being abusive" Wtf
Brandon Ryall (2 days ago)
She said “if I really was dizzy” she’s lying and wasting time take this pos off the earth
arvin dawarka (2 days ago)
Suspend her license, she should not be allowed behind the wheels of Ny vehicle..
security646 (2 days ago)
Damn when women don't get that dick on a daily they get fucking crazy and stupid
huerta25264 (2 days ago)
those meds dont make her dizzy. they make her crazy
Trey Gibson (3 days ago)
“ you can’t just be a forgiving person” says the most bitter shit stirrer ever
nosuchthing8 (3 days ago)
Can we pull this woman's drivers license. She's blocking the road at a green light. Move over if you have medical issues. Sheesh.
MrFluffy987 (3 days ago)
stupid whore
skama2010 (3 days ago)
Stab her in the eye
Josh Vaughan (3 days ago)
What a dumb cunt
Carlos Vazquez (3 days ago)
“If I was and old person or actually dizzy” so she lied?
havesword willtravel (3 days ago)
Fat ugly CUNT
Lando Griffin (3 days ago)
LoL, he should call about her driving under the influence.
Buj Ozborn (3 days ago)
man what's up with these fat white american women, why so bloody angry..
Molly (3 days ago)
“Can you call the police for me he’s being abusive” 😂
Katie Loy (3 days ago)
If she called he police she would just be getting herself in trouble because she’s standing in the middle of the road and blocking traffic and causing a real hazard and all he did was honk at her when the light was green.
Marvel & DC movies Marvel & DC movies (3 days ago)
She is taking all the space left on the screen
xaoie. jjm (3 days ago)
you’re both blocking traffic though. It wouldn’t had taken much for you to simply go around the lady & mind ya business? 🤔 .
Pop (3 days ago)
xaoie. jjm There was traffic on the other lane
Ms. Unique (3 days ago)
LOL his voice is funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Chad Mower (3 days ago)
What a nut job
Crotyx-thetakenkings (3 days ago)
B E G O N E T H O T.
Cesar Garduno (3 days ago)
White people are funny
Iyah n (3 days ago)
Crazy! you mean hypocritical privileged white woman😂
Darrian Abrams (3 days ago)
Never Quit (3 days ago)
im sorry you had to deal with that.