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Crazy lady blocking traffic at red light.

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Please Subscribe to my channel. Donations are always welcome lol Paypal mike3161999@gmail.com The light was red, she was reading a piece of paper, the light turned green and she continued to read so I pressed the horn quickly. then she continued reading so I pressed it longer until light changed to red again. she got out of car and argued with me that she was reading the paper because she felt dizzy and wanted to know if she should turn around to go back to CVS. I tried backing up to go around her when she then walked into the other lane. then I started recording. (For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)
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Text Comments (26460)
JONO G (26 minutes ago)
Having drove a van before I feel sorry for this dude.
jordan hill (49 minutes ago)
You fat tub of shit
DaggerOne Bravo (1 hour ago)
You ever just breathe and run a 100ft to flex on the fatties?
Dirtys CrapLab (1 hour ago)
She has more chins then a chinese phonebook
Dirtys CrapLab (1 hour ago)
A stealed this joke 😅
Kamil Dmoch (2 hours ago)
She is like "Pleas give me some Big ... You know what " :D
Diana B (2 hours ago)
If she’s on medication then she shouldn’t be driving in the first place
Gaffe (2 hours ago)
A Donald trump fan
MrBunnymaan (3 hours ago)
Is this real????
Danielle Vaitekunas (3 hours ago)
if i was an older person lol you sure look old to me lol
Danielle Vaitekunas (3 hours ago)
omg this crazy lady
garryscott651 (4 hours ago)
what a CUNT
jennifer torres (4 hours ago)
Maybe her fat ass shouldn’t be driving 🤦🏽‍♀️
Bob Clover (5 hours ago)
Ray Romano should’ve slapped the bitch.
t' challa (5 hours ago)
I like how she thought she was being civil. Just because someone argues in a calm demeanor doesnt mean they arent acting crazy.
Jay Waites (7 hours ago)
She cried at the end I definitely would’ve laughed right in her face
Agdon Brister (8 hours ago)
She must be an elite liberal that does whatever the hell she pleases!
Drew Cleland (8 hours ago)
“I was feeling dizzy” then stands in the sun to yell at this guy for like 5 minutes
Miguel tvid (8 hours ago)
Ive watched the entire video i have no life
Dzifa Adamaley (9 hours ago)
First the hoe said she was dizzy then she said “ if I really was dizzy “ crazy ass
Brisbane Kilarny (9 hours ago)
The lady is mental. She reminds me of a progressive.
UNKNOWN THINGY (9 hours ago)
U sound like teddy from bobs burgers lol
Kirbytron1 (9 hours ago)
This lady is just a idiot for crying out loud
Jim Harper (10 hours ago)
Beaver lookin ass
iiGhxstlyy YT (10 hours ago)
I was waiting for a bus to just ram her
Joey Ambrose (10 hours ago)
There are m n Ms in his hand lol
WAVY NO NAMER (11 hours ago)
That’s metapause for ya
The King turtle (11 hours ago)
What a stupid bitch
Laine B (12 hours ago)
Ŕòs Helen (12 hours ago)
Why does he have to apologize what'd he do she's acting like a baby she's just screaming at him grow up woman I'd say lady but she ain't one
Wongs Wang (13 hours ago)
Saw this vid months ago and she still a land whale 💀
Denise Stearn (13 hours ago)
Did That crazy bitch just say that man was being abusive this is what I’m talking about these horrible people who cause so many problems for people and they’re just trying to do their job so what he beeped she probably was at the light for a long time and people have things to do obviously she doesn’t work
survivor030406 (13 hours ago)
Tell her GFY
Sophie Vogel (13 hours ago)
2:18 she contradicts herself and says “IF I really WAS dizzy”... 😂
Haxhi Bajrami (13 hours ago)
Ja had ik ook gemerkt. Dom wijf
Sophie Vogel (13 hours ago)
Mack Zammit (14 hours ago)
Exactly what I would've done if I went around and she asked to call the police "911 what's your emergency." "Yeah there's a crazy lady blocking the road."
Julie Anderson (14 hours ago)
What a snatch
Vânia Alexandra Silva (15 hours ago)
Lady Was not ok crazy shit...kkk
Craig the Mad SS (17 hours ago)
Lol 2:29
Sergiu Bolota (17 hours ago)
What a cunt
Max Dreskin (17 hours ago)
I would just crash into her car. Hes in a huge ass truck it's not like hes gonna get hurt
Tom Scott (18 hours ago)
Not all us gingers are like that, she has no soul 😬
Mod 54321 (19 hours ago)
Stupid fat bitch
Patrick Badders (19 hours ago)
LOL. Look at her fucking hairline omfg
Gustavo Sifuentes (20 hours ago)
He just apologize just FUCKING LEAVE LADY!
Viking Born (20 hours ago)
Nasty fat slug... what a pile of shit.
Chris Roth (20 hours ago)
Ban fat bitches
Keanu Salaz (20 hours ago)
“If I was an older person or REALLY WAS DIZZY.” She said she was dizzy, then pretty much said she was fine 🤣🤣
Mary Trout (20 hours ago)
She's not worth a comment!!!!
nasko ivanov (21 hours ago)
How stupid can she be?
JC Jones (21 hours ago)
I probably would just got out and punched the crazy lady or run the car over
AgentLucky 21 (21 hours ago)
I would kill people like her
Dee Sin (21 hours ago)
He apologized. Woman get a life. You are not are the one who is being mean?
Thomas Fraser (22 hours ago)
He apologized. Bad move. He gave her what she wanted and she still stuck around.
Outdoor Coops (22 hours ago)
Horrible fat rude cunt
Mr Sosha Da baad Man (23 hours ago)
She's on some mighty powerful medicine, it has her thinking she's some sort of traffic vigilante, she got her apology and she wants some more. Damn!
Nicholas Andrew (23 hours ago)
Probably dizzy cus she's fat, and all that fat fucks up her equilibrium, which causes her FATASS to trip and fall face first into high glucose/fatty foods. She was probably reading a cheesecake factory menu, and the real reason she's upset is because the pictures weren't scratch and sniff.
Nicholas Andrew (23 hours ago)
& she's fuckin fat.. Lol
Camoflauge Raw (23 hours ago)
I was not reading for the sake of PLEASURE
Jefferey Blagus (23 hours ago)
Aren’t we happy?
Julie Morton (23 hours ago)
This is why I like to stay home and read
Jason Carter (1 day ago)
People like this lady should not be alive. Ruin life for everyone else on this planet.
Corey Mondello (1 day ago)
Fat while lady is actually just a racist, and using this as a way to get a way with being a scum bag! She probably a Trump Supporters! He should of just backed up and drive away!
Villain uday (1 day ago)
"I am a(perpetual) victim" mentality.
Villain uday (1 day ago)
It was just 3 seconds.. Red-orange-green in 3 seconds. Right. And blowing horn just added to her misery. This right here is a perfect example of "I am a(perpetual) victim" mentality. And she won in the end.
Kelly R (1 day ago)
She got her sorry....and then she gets super pissy....
Just Another Username (1 day ago)
"You're being aggressive" says the aggressive woman
John me (1 day ago)
If I REALLY WAS dizzy... dumb ass
Joop Bonnet (1 day ago)
Americans now get so unhealthy they cant even drive a car anymore
Linkmon99 (1 day ago)
snorlax irl
2STAR5 (12 hours ago)
Hey llinky
Tiff Mtz (14 hours ago)
Haha blocking the path 😂
Juicy Lemon (1 day ago)
“If I was an older person” LMAO she’s like 60 years old and fat as fuck
John Doe (1 day ago)
She's a liberal only liberals block roads
Arlinda Tome (1 day ago)
She needs a pill lol
Jarls Terra (1 day ago)
She needs a diet
Karla Whitson (1 day ago)
Hey lady ,if ur medicine makes you dizzy, you don't dive until your not having the bad case of the "spins". I think that this woman might have been trying 2 get attention. There are people that has 2 cause trouble and inconvenience others just 2 get everyone else 2 look at them.
Doyle Cole (1 day ago)
You hear her say “if I was actually dizzy” fucking gross ass entitled cunt.
Onajourney (1 day ago)
Annoying ass lady
Blobby Blob (1 day ago)
Call the police ffs
LeviSFN (1 day ago)
2:29 oh she bipolar bipolar
Fineberg Productions (1 day ago)
Yea read when I’m dizzy then walk out into traffic like a fucking lunatic
dea bailey (1 day ago)
you shouldnt have apologize at all...she is looney
Brandy Moore (1 day ago)
Did I miss something, or is she really blocking traffic because someone honked at her? Surely not.
southsidesnipers (1 day ago)
lol crazy ass bitch
Jordan Watts (1 day ago)
I was only sad at the end
GeneralFurryKiller666 (1 day ago)
3 seconds into the vid I already hate this fucking dumbass bitch
Kenneth Cunningham (1 day ago)
Shes on meds for this mental disability
Viral Games (1 day ago)
I wanna kick this biitch in the face
bill nted (1 day ago)
If she was dizzy it was because of her blood sugar because she's a fat ass who thanks water taste gross and single-handedly driving up cost of healthcare
William Yale (1 day ago)
Ginga bitch!
Gol Gol (1 day ago)
Sebastian Larrea (1 day ago)
The end though!!! WOW
Tyler Sweet (1 day ago)
I woulda fuckn knocked her ass out
Emilie Holmes (1 day ago)
If she was so unwell she shouldn't be driving full stop!!!
Jessica Ridge (1 day ago)
Bruh you can barely stand if you were that dizzy to not drive. What is this bs.
Mary Farrell (1 day ago)
“everybody’s like you” normal?
Mia Vercollone (1 day ago)
She was legit smiling saying “I don’t care” then out of nowhere she just starts sobbing haha
TCR-BulbaHype (1 day ago)
She is the worst liar of all time [stupid fatass]
Moe Dee (1 day ago)
Fat cow trumpster
Material Girl (1 day ago)
What is wrong with this lady !?? 🤦‍♀️😂 on a serious note , she seems mentally unstable. She’s stopping and blocking traffic to stand up for herself as she says but there’s other issues within her , far beyond this
Lloyd Hill (1 day ago)
Knock her out dumb fat bitch
Florence Quintana (1 day ago)
Crazy ass
Melody Guzman (1 day ago)
“call the police he’s being abusive”
Mello H (1 day ago)
She's talking about there needs to be less aggression in the world as she gets out of her car to berate you? What the hell.