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Crazy lady blocking traffic at red light.

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Please Subscribe to my channel. Please Visit for health and mental concerns https://www.med-assist.org/ The light was red, she was reading a piece of paper, the light turned green and she continued to read so I pressed the horn quickly. then she continued reading so I pressed it longer until light changed to red again. she got out of car and argued with me that she was reading the paper because she felt dizzy and wanted to know if she should turn around to go back to CVS. I tried backing up to go around her when she then walked into the other lane. then I started recording. (For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)
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Carolyn Johnson (31 minutes ago)
Flippin' land whale wasn't too dizzy to drag her fat ass out of her car and block traffic indefinitely. Twunt. STFU!
Morgan Penguin (1 hour ago)
I agree with him but I can’t take his voice seriously 😂
danieloufergs 231 (2 hours ago)
She needs therapy and a med change
LeetBoss06 (3 hours ago)
Gabi Naab (6 hours ago)
I’ve been binge watching these and I’ve come to realize that there always white fat old people
Makyra Ward (6 hours ago)
if youre *DIZZY* you pull over. Imma just say im 12 (almost 13)and I would've pulled over, even my mom would've pulled over. And she gets migranes.(like, really really bad ones to the point only coffee will help. and normally she doesn't drink coffee.)
Star Productions Gacha (6 hours ago)
Oh gooooooood how did he keep his cool!
Shaylaszone (7 hours ago)
"If i was an older person or if i really was dizzy" wow ..
Shaylaszone (7 hours ago)
Just picked up her script. Too stoned to pay attention to the green light.
Aidan Thongdy (8 hours ago)
No wonder my package is late 😂😂
SuperSaiyan3985 (9 hours ago)
Entitled fat bitch.
nathan compton (10 hours ago)
Mega mind
christina faraad (10 hours ago)
he sounds like seinfeld 😂
Sara Fester (11 hours ago)
That’s why they should have different horn sound so you could have like get out of my way horn or a polite way of the lights green horn or an angry You are an idiot learn how to drive horn
Edwin TNT (11 hours ago)
Taking drug and having side effect cause dizziness ......Is similar to drinking alcohol liquid and having drunk disorder...Is she seriously has common sense problem
Fred Sausage (12 hours ago)
She reminds old fred of some a them real big gals at the laundro mat old fred has to walk by side ways.......
Teo Q (12 hours ago)
She the kind of white lady who says shit expecting people to believe her and do as she says
Kristen Dutt (13 hours ago)
Your just making worse lady"He's being abussive does she know what that means,excuse, I have cancer
Chelsea Wallace (13 hours ago)
😭😭😭 so glad this got caught on tape.
Kristen Dutt (13 hours ago)
He said sorry
Thor Matt (13 hours ago)
He said sorry. Now get your fat ass out of traffic!
Thor Matt (13 hours ago)
Don't apologize. Just give her a hamburger and she'll do anything you say.
Google Rodriguez (14 hours ago)
Dizzy? Bit she out her yelling in the sun??? Dumb bitch
Rxl Ent. (14 hours ago)
Caucasian at its finest
Patrick Sandifer (15 hours ago)
She's a dumb bitch
Dustin Antoine (15 hours ago)
This woman is a disgrace to this country
josephgdmc1 (17 hours ago)
run her over
Itz Lit Jahiem (17 hours ago)
Ms. Piggy move the fuck out the way
WeeSleeket (17 hours ago)
He should have just laid on the horn while she was talking
BigMeechTdot Gaming (17 hours ago)
Lmfao I woulda spit on her car
J Steazy (18 hours ago)
Dumb ass fat bitch
sky (18 hours ago)
What happened next >->
peach kimono (18 hours ago)
lmao I’m sorry but I hate this guy’s voice Also this lady is an actual selfish retard
Taniya Johnson (18 hours ago)
She said this is gonna hurt you more than me nigga if you get ran over that shit gonna hurt
SgtAirRaid (18 hours ago)
She needs some serious help. Omg. This beings are on the road with a 2+ ton weapon. And guns are the problem..😒. Smdh.
Linda Uribe (19 hours ago)
What is wrong with her..
rivercomm productions (19 hours ago)
he isnt rude the lady is
Tom (20 hours ago)
What a foul creature
Mrfamous2011 (20 hours ago)
I wish this was me!!!!!!!
_ Gaming_ (21 hours ago)
He apologized and then she started saying and screaming. If you were just a forgiving person
_ Gaming_ (21 hours ago)
She just told on her self, she said she was dizzy but afterwards she said if I was an older person *or if I really was Dizzy*
SOS : (21 hours ago)
Oh. Nah she's just too fat to move.
Caitlin Wilder (21 hours ago)
Yeah no one wants to help because they don't give a shit about your problems. Jeez. That chicks crazy. You don't stop traffic and possibly endanger people because someone honked at you and you didn't like it. People honk. Keep driving. Stop being so sensitive. Idiot.
Kevin Mikulaj (22 hours ago)
She is being abusive.
Jeannette S (22 hours ago)
He’s being abusive 🤣🤣🤣😩
Suhey Diaz (22 hours ago)
If she was dizzy then you pull tf over lmao if you go on the grass then shit it’s better than making a whole situation making you feel worse😂she was just making it worse and at the end kinda she said she “what if I was dizzy” lmao
J.R. White (22 hours ago)
What a fat pig !!!! The fed ex driver also should have stopped at least one car length behind her, so he could have easily went around her.
Buzz Bee (23 hours ago)
👀.. She wanted his snickers🍫.... Cuz She not herself when she's hungry 🤣
Alana Hylton (1 day ago)
Her extra ass needs to stay off the god damn road. Mid-life crisis headass.
xx_Renegade_xx (1 day ago)
Aww man. Just looked at a few of the license plates. This is New Jersey!!! I think I know that bank.
Ashley Corbett (1 day ago)
He sounds like manny from ice age
The life of Ari (1 day ago)
She need to move her fat self out the way dang what’s so hard about that and why she want his number
Spectrum The Video Game (1 day ago)
Someone taze this fat animal
Jessi L (1 day ago)
The driver should have been the one to call the police. She was obliviously distracted driving, she was out of her vehicle harassing/threatening another driver, and she was holding up a whole lane.
Carlos Insall (1 day ago)
Call the police for hooking?? Tf
Guillaume Klimczak (1 day ago)
How can something that fat and ugly be allowed out in public
sherry connally (1 day ago)
Lady"call the police he's being abusive" Me "WTF DO U MEAN HE IS BEING ABUSIVE"
NuKe SLaYz (1 day ago)
Just tip that cow over
Valerie Petty (1 day ago)
Bitch bye b4 I knock yo fat pasty ass tf out
kooebee (1 day ago)
ohh another ol white fat lady.
Shut up Idiot (1 day ago)
Legend says she built a small hut in front of that mans car to live in
Jordy Perez (1 day ago)
She does know it’s against the law when taking medication and driving
Draw Kitten (1 day ago)
Did she cry at the end? Was it bc she didn't get her way? Oh that's just too bad lol
BLAVK HIPPY (1 day ago)
She shouldn’t be driving than
Gracie Walters (1 day ago)
this hoe such a pain in the ass🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Carlos Elizondo (1 day ago)
Maybe she was having a bad day and just wanted some compassion :/
preston jameson (1 day ago)
She reminds me of verlisify
Jonito (1 day ago)
Kermit vs Miss Piggy
Jennifer Escobar (1 day ago)
Wow what a crazy lady smh 🤦‍♀️
Pebble7 (1 day ago)
chubby nubby
Jay Elevate (1 day ago)
zZHoUnDZz (1 day ago)
That's what horns are for. This woman is unstable having to prove that she is right (in her own mind) over something so trivial & is causing unnecessary drama which could cause an accident because "she doesn't care."
Isaiah Brown (1 day ago)
She’s an idiot
Cecelia Ann (1 day ago)
So this is why my packages come an hour late
AutoPilot Level7 (1 day ago)
"Just call the police, you don't have to get involved " lol..she's a walking contradiction
CeeWorld (1 day ago)
Crazy fat entitled people smdh
Probably Dead (1 day ago)
she legit just lost her licence… you cant admit you took medicine while driving... I don't know one medications out there... that tells you you can drive after taking it... legit 99% of them say do not operate a motor vehicle
CurlyTess (1 day ago)
Am I the only one seeing him having M&M’s in his hand 😂 chocolate!!!
Raheem Able (1 day ago)
Ivan K (1 day ago)
I kinda feel bad for her because she is clearly insane. The way she transitions between talking nice and squealing like a pig is not normal. And the screaming near the end gave me creeps. I don’t think she should be allowed to drive, she seems like a kind of person to drive into some to prove a point.
savmaziツ (1 day ago)
i wanted that snickers.
Ivan K (1 day ago)
“This is gonna hurt you more than me “ Not if I punch you in our ugly fucking face lol
Nissan Skyline (1 day ago)
Damn she’s so ugly I really feel sorry for her family to have to be related to that filth
XxTaniaIzReactingxX (1 day ago)
Red light Ruby.
chrisfrombp (1 day ago)
What a crazy lady. I would be beyond frustrated if I was in this situation.
Colorful Sushi (1 day ago)
It's like a whale that got beached
King K. Rool (1 day ago)
She’s definitely got bipolar disorder or something
Alais Penzleton (1 day ago)
I think she wants the snicker.
Chris Harway (1 day ago)
Greenpeace called to put the stranded whale back to the ocean.
Kwon Kicker (1 day ago)
Fuck yo feelings
gaby onskittzz (1 day ago)
fuck that fat bitch she look like big chungs
Brayden Anderson (1 day ago)
i hate everything about this sack of shit woman
Liv Guru (1 day ago)
Crazy stupid bitch
Dankzz Hoe (1 day ago)
blinkblankblinkblank (1 day ago)
She does not love Raymond.
I m (2 days ago)
she probably wouldnt suck if she wasnt fat af lol
Brainy (2 days ago)
Damn lady let it go, whatever you were doing you're making it worse now.
Jamal Shariq (2 days ago)
she was a sad lonely lady that lives with 3 cats - mr. Snuggles, Tom and Henry. She just wanted someone to talk to and she did 😂 legend says shes still waiting for an apology
Itz Modz (2 days ago)
Is this lady slow or what she Clearly wasn’t dizzy if she is out of her car able to argue with someone
I'llbiteya (2 days ago)
i wish someone would of ran her over