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Top 10 Man's Best Friend Moments

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Join us on a thrilling adventure with man's best friend as we count down our favorite dog moments. Bring Alpha with you on your next journey and watch it on Digital now! SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (33)
JukinVideo (17 days ago)
Experience the remarkable story of friendship between man and dog as they take an epic, perilous, and stunning journey to get back home. Watch the certified fresh #AlphaMovie on Digital today http://sonypictures.us/H2vBiH
Jigster728 (9 days ago)
And then there’s my dog...
evildeadmitch (6 days ago)
cookie chan (9 days ago)
Awww cuteee
CoralineBlue (11 days ago)
#10 Helmet please.
Username ' (11 days ago)
change the thumbnail to alpha poster for more views
Alex Francis (13 days ago)
Some dogs can incredible things!
Lucas Conner (14 days ago)
god yah bunch of sell outs, being sponsored is one thing, but putting a completely fake and really just stupid movie at the top of your list is like well, an explanation as to why your channel is dead.
Lucas Conner (10 days ago)
+Spudly1234567 no, but I wouldnt put it on the top of a compilation of real life stuff .-.
Spudly1234567 (10 days ago)
Lucas Conner Yh and you would turn down money to put an advert for a movie on one of your videos 😂
nadine87k (14 days ago)
Some men are irresponsible and it shows in this video.
ERIKA DOWDY (14 days ago)
Too dangerous
Adam Mcneil (15 days ago)
Why did this a people do Don't like it ??
alejandro NL (15 days ago)
Alpha <3
Plixel (16 days ago)
Stop crying over some fucking ad. It's a normal thing to do as a youtuber.
Crazy Viral Video (16 days ago)
Nice 👌 #crazyviralvideo
Karpata (16 days ago)
Swear to god if the next video is another fuckin' add instead of an actual video I'm unsubbing.
RoxMeNot (16 days ago)
The rock climber, skier, wind surfer and the motorbike guy are fucking cunts. Endangering the dogs like that. Utter cunts.
Jonny2myren (16 days ago)
Basically a bunch of attention whores who don't mind putting their pets' lives in danger in order to get attention.
Treymungus (16 days ago)
I saw alpha in iMax 3D and lemme tell you it’s a very good wholesome movie about man and his best friend. Would recommend
Jessy1119 (16 days ago)
Alpha is a pretty good movie.
Aeternuss (16 days ago)
Cats Sucks !
Lucas Conner (10 days ago)
no u,,,, both of you
NERO (13 days ago)
I agree
Seek Kyle (16 days ago)
Go fuck yourself
killafocker (16 days ago)
climbing with dogs, fuck you, just kill yourself first
Patrick Facchin (16 days ago)
show more!!!
xxxCanYouCYxxx (16 days ago)
Your ad makes me wanna vomit fuck you.
Ellie • Gordonn (16 days ago)
Awww this vid just makes me love my puppy even more❤️
aannoonniimmss (17 days ago)
Probably the best commercial ever
Mayank Makkar (17 days ago)
Changed the dislike to like👍
Guilherme Honesko (17 days ago)
Hi i from Brasil congratulations top!!!!
memyselfand ifarmer (17 days ago)
They are the best.