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win or lose everyone has there fight. Control the outcome. Get creative and beat them at there own game. Get out there and secure some income. See whos losing more money day after day. You or them. link to Road Dog-http://roaddogteam.com/ Email- Tbinder38219182@gmail.com Pay Pal Donations Here - https://paypal.me/TylerBinder344
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110% America Loving PATRIOT (10 months ago)
It's also affecting regular ups. I've had several people ask me about us going on strike and have seen stuff on Facebook cause most people dont know the difference in the 2 companies! I tell them the difference is their union leaders have giant balls and we recently found out Hoffa is a transgender non bianary bisexual hermaphrodite queer with a very small penis and traded his tiny balls years ago for an old nasty wore out stretched out tuna smelling vagina!!!
Ian O'Reilly (10 months ago)
as a queer teamster from 705, i can attest that testicles aren’t the issue hoffa knows what he’s doing, which should worry you even more so and queer folks have been at the frontlines of working class struggle for decades regardless, stand with your comrades in freight and in chicago because we’re correct, not because we’re macho (ps some of my favourite teamsters have vaginas, and feminine products should be among the things we bring to workers on strike)
Me78 (10 months ago)
Mark Overfelt 😂😂😂😂😂👍
ben dover (4 months ago)
BlackJohnnyCage (4 months ago)
We lost.... Thanos won.
ben dover (4 months ago)
BlackJohnnyCage (4 months ago)
@ben dover How you figured? They might've silenced him....
ben dover (4 months ago)
Benji Truman (4 months ago)
Did UPS assassinate you? I haven't seen a new videos.
Jordan Miller (6 months ago)
Why have you gone silent?
BlackJohnnyCage (4 months ago)
@JEFFREY We Got played
JEFFREY (6 months ago)
Contract got rammed up the the employees asses by ups and the union. What more can anyone do? He, along with everyone else, are just doing their work to get paid now.
Daisy (6 months ago)
Where did you go Tyler ? Any updates on the new contract
Expert Critic (6 months ago)
LyriXris (7 months ago)
What happend to tyler? Hoffas mafia goons get him?
Rástradamus (7 months ago)
This guy vanished
Brian Kisner (7 months ago)
Where ya been Tyler? What's the good word
S1LVERCOBRA (7 months ago)
Is there any more updates on the contract and back pay? I'm From Local 413 an haven't heard nothing.
Samual Clayton (7 months ago)
wheres tyler gone?
Brian Williams (8 months ago)
Havent seen any recent videos from you. Hope all is well. I know peak season was an ass kicker.
Thaggard941 (8 months ago)
Where ya been? Hope peak went good for you. Local teamster 79 member here. I also hope the company hasn’t tried to give you any negative feedback / actions over these videos. Keep on keepin on brother.
Joshua Duarte (8 months ago)
So any words on the contract
Ross Headley (8 months ago)
#tylerbinder. where have u been
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
🎆🎆🎆🎇My teamster brother happy New year's to you and your family🎆🎆🎆🎆 ps don't see you on more
Brian E (8 months ago)
What happened tyler? You just dissapeared from youtube without any kind of update video or final thoughts or anything
Oolie Bouy (9 months ago)
Pretty funny this dude went up to a TDU function, in which Carey was responsible for the constitutional changes in part, and he's all but disappeared since. Guess he wasn't as much of a cheerleader as he pretended to be. Looks like TDU got themselves another shill. Great work Tyler. You're a fucking clown.
Jason Pierce (9 months ago)
How come you haven't been dropping videos
ben dover (9 months ago)
Dude ur a real fraud U went quiet. After shit fell threw. Asking for money. To support ur CHANNEL lol. U wanted. To take CREDIT for a vote no MOVEMENT 😂 get in fight ur either in out or out. U got no skin. U ficking utube fraud. U had all these PEPOLE FOOLED u a joke.
Deven Nicholson (9 months ago)
I don’t work for ups but I have been wanting too. This is making me uneasy, I have a class b but I’m getting my class a right now too. Fucking ups man, they are really are trying to get the employees scared.
Chief Peep (9 months ago)
Did they kill him?
Erik Manuel Cardona (9 months ago)
What's going on with our contract? Its peak and I'm still getting $10 an hour. Its upsetting to realize no one gives shit!!!
soulkeeper (9 months ago)
So .... what happened to this clown. We got ups drivers that voted no on layoff cause of this stupidity. Is Tyler gonna donate to laid off workers during Christmas?
Justin Reed (9 months ago)
So what's going on now?
ben dover (9 months ago)
U qwit like union!
Graham Jones (9 months ago)
When’s the next video post, Tyler? Been a few weeks so I’m wondering if anything has changed or what the latest is?
Shmopboy (9 months ago)
Where’d you go 😂😂
Nathan Warriner (9 months ago)
Im going through withdrawals with no videos....lol!!!!!
Adan Gallegos (10 months ago)
You seem to have disappeared? Pissed are you?
Nathan Warriner (10 months ago)
We miss you!! Hope everything us ok!
scott kirby (10 months ago)
Maybe you guys should remember working for Overnite
jacobkun (10 months ago)
Looks like you weak ass bitches are backing down. Now shut your fucking pie hole and get back to work. UPS just spread your ass cheeks and showed you how much of a bunch of little bitches you really are. Your the biggest bitch of them all Tyler you loud mouth cunt with zero push. You have zero balls you have zero voice and nobody gives a fuck about you. Your 10 minute break is over get back to your menial pathetic job.
Avalon D (10 months ago)
UPDATE No strike the freight agreed to the new ups contract it's done
Parker Kidwell (10 months ago)
Check your UPS history. Historically, UPS has always thrived when the company and the union work together. UPS was able to expand it’s business to air freight because of cooperation from the Teamsters. In return you received more money and benefits. We started doing business with the railroads through cooperation with the Teamsters. Now we are at a point where UPS and the Teamsters can cooperate with each other or the freight division is FINISHED.
Parker Kidwell (10 months ago)
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what job you have within this company you and management have the same goal...to feed your family. If they close the doors it’s not only the dock workers and drivers that sit at home unemployed, but management too. Now UPS has shown us that they don’t NEED a freight division by emptying all of the freight out of the system and laying you ladies and gentlemen down for two weeks. It’s up to us to make UPS WANT a freight division. Let’s stop bickering over things that don’t matter and do our best to service our customers. That’s how we all keep eating.
Greg K (10 months ago)
How about getting a new job instead of whining and crying.
TheFrozo619 (10 months ago)
Greg K I guess you are the type of person to bend over and take whatever is given instead of fighting for what you think is right, you’re probably a company man that says “yes sir!” To everything and anything. Like any company gives a shit about you. Get out of here you SCAB
Greg K (10 months ago)
You must be another quality useless union cry baby who is a "Nobody". You parents must be so proud of a zero level achievement in your life. That achievement is being a union worker, a dummy with no goals and future. @TheFrozo619
TheFrozo619 (10 months ago)
Greg K don’t worry about other people bitch. Stay in your lane.
jojodamanmayne (10 months ago)
You're a straight WEENIE if you voted yes ! SMH no balls
Teresa w.h. (10 months ago)
Well freight passed their contract a few minutes ago
Jared Tavano (10 months ago)
It’s over we voted YES next time we will deal with it.
backrack01 (10 months ago)
I just read that freight voted yes.
mark denison (10 months ago)
Obviously the scare tactic worked. I’m so fucking disappointed 😞
Sox 63 (10 months ago)
Contract has been ratified .. feel sorry for the new guys that come in
Jacob Bartaczewicz (10 months ago)
So here it is ...a yes vote has won the battle...are you f...in kidding me i guess the company tactics worked that's as bad as not having enough voter turnout...so freight caved in...i wanna just vomit up my dinner....Enjoy the shit sandwiches people....for those ''YES '' voters don't cry when you are getting screwed by the management at your facility because it's now their ball game....83 % voted....6935 yes ...2000 plus no...WTF is wrong with you guys....enjoy your new found HELL
soulkeeper (10 months ago)
Good job ups freight.. dont let these milinial d bags influence your vote.
Jeffrey Lewis (10 months ago)
7000 yes 2100 no. The contract is unfortunately going through. Thanks for all you did Tyler! We appreciate you!!
REZ Transport LLC (10 months ago)
Look I'm not against your movement but when going to mechanicsburg to get my trailer and I was refused entry. It's your fight and I respect that but at the same time stop holding people's trailers cause you guys have a disagreement.
soulkeeper (10 months ago)
The sales reps turned in there company vehicles.. stop thinking it's a game
Jacob Bartaczewicz (10 months ago)
So today is Sunday the 11th ..just went to cast my vote was told i was #66 out of roughly 85 people eligible to vote so for the most part a decent turnout which closed at 11am ...should have been everyone that was eligible to vote...Milwaukee was a overall no vote last time...I'm hoping the outcome will be the same...our future is now and for the rest of our working career here at Freight.This video is an eye opener to anyone who works for this company, if you don't work here you haven't a clue, it is time to put the hammer down and make a statement, we by no means are taking this lightly it's time and that time is RIGHT NOW......God Bless to my Freight brothers and sisters....
John G (10 months ago)
Amazon Freight is offering 50% Cheaper than UPS , look out , Amazing licking there chops
Jose Suarez (10 months ago)
804 part timer, got my support, I know some guys have issues at home that can't afford a strike and still vote no. Show UPS who runs the company.
Rick1979 (10 months ago)
It's too bad small package didn't show up to turn it down. You guys would be in the drivers seat now. UPS used to send out letters to all the customers every contract. If people can't survive for 6 months without working they should quit working anyway in my opinion. Where does all your money go?
Hector Badillo (10 months ago)
Solidarity explained in a cartoonishly way https://youtu.be/bebkaSDAaA4 Also, Fear based management practices look like this https://youtu.be/OvcVB6lcYkQ Tyler, thank you for all you do
Ramon madrigal (10 months ago)
They will elimate freight they are not benefitting from it you guys know unemployment is not going to give you the same but I guess something is better then nothing According to some people look do what ever you guys in freight is right don't take some one else's opion you guys have a lot at stake
Steven Hufschmidt (10 months ago)
Wonder if the BLET Teamsters are going to stand with these guys???
Lar Mar (10 months ago)
UPS will deny your unemployment because of job action. Lock outs don't qualify for unemployment. If you strike, and take your turn on the picket line, you will draw strike pay and your health insurance will be covered.
Lar Mar (10 months ago)
Lar Mar (10 months ago)
"TeamCare, which covers about half of UPS FT Teamsters and nearly all PT Teamsters, will cover your H&W at no cost to you."
25mfd (10 months ago)
I applaud your fight against the company. But you all lost your advantage when it leaked out that you might strike. Your ability to keep a poker face about striking was your ultimate wedge against the company. But now that's gone. Now look for estes, saia, usf holland and other regional and local LTL motor carriers to lap up the scraps. In your line of work it's tough to strike because of all the other LTL carriers out there waiting to pick up the loose freight UPS freight will leave on the table. Hopefully you guys get what you are asking for. (BTW, what are you guys asking for?????? USF Holland is about tops in driver pay...65k)
Scott Moore (10 months ago)
Thank you!!! Uneducated drivers!!!
Jim Zito Jr (10 months ago)
If you guys think for one second that they are going to talk to us right away if we walk you're crazy. Peak season is coming. They are not going to waste their time on us. We'll get lucky to have anything maybe by February
Lance Smith (10 months ago)
Hey Tyler Binder, are you going to pay for my health insurance if we go on strike? Do you think we've got a fighting chance now that your contract is being ratified with package? Had you guys at package had enough voters and were rejecting your contract this would be a different outcome right now. It's not that we are scared to vote no and go on strike it's a we don't have any chance in hell to win now with a sorry-ass union that we have. But you wouldn't know anything about that because you still got a job! So think before you speak!
Chelsea Bailey (10 months ago)
Parker Kidwell (10 months ago)
If you are military, have you been down range?
Parker Kidwell (10 months ago)
Tyler Binder, do you have a military background?
Jim Zito Jr (10 months ago)
Before you make a video make sure you get your facts straight
sr166 (10 months ago)
Shut it down shut it shut it down!
sr166 (10 months ago)
People need there fair share
soulkeeper (10 months ago)
Vote your vote Dont let these kids without responsibility that dont know what it's like to be broke during Christmas to tell you how to live. It's your lively hood. ...not mine
john boyer (10 months ago)
Appreciate your support but there are some things I don't think you are aware of. First the unity has to start behind what it is that we are fighting against. It should be the two tier, first and foremost but it is not. There are alot of ups and upsf employee making videos and administrating fb pages telling people to vote no but when you ask them why half can't answer and the other half are all over the map. Second thing you need to know is we are not a freight company! We are a division of ups and parcel is all that matters. Ups bought the Teamsters nemesis overnight transportation not only to get into the freight game but to also use us as leverage to get out of central states pension fund. They paid 2 billion dollars for us just to get the ok to spend 6 billion dollars to get out of that fund. With the ltl or without they still have ups air freight and ups freight truckload and the day that they bought coyote logistics, a 3pl (freight broker) their need to stay in ltl to offer heavy freight option to their customers diminished substantially. And finally take a look at our negotiating committee. 30 some people and less than 10% of them are from ups freight. They are all from yrc, abf, holland, or new penn. All union companies that would become more stable if we no longer existed. So whose interest do they have in mind? Anyone from ups freight vote! But you are smart enough to make this decision without outside influence.
mark denison (10 months ago)
Agree 100% brother! But the fact is, at least in Texas, ups has scared the workers. They will vote yes and at the very least it will be a forced yes. I will be voting NO. The problem I see is the negotiating failed. There is no way we should have waited to strike. We should have struck when there was freight on the dock! I’m extremely pissed off at the way teamster representatives have handled this and all previous contracts. They actually want us to vote yes. They are making millions off us and billions on all the union dues and they can’t even do their fucking job 😡
Randall Gordon (10 months ago)
The company can hold out a lot longer than the average member. And they know it.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Randall Gordon But can they.
Josh Johnston (10 months ago)
So this new contract bad how? I'm not a UPS employee or a union member. Just trying to understand what is causing the problem. You guys are the highest paid LTL in the industry, so this is surprising to me. I believe the LTL average is around 0.67 cents a mile.
Josh Johnston (10 months ago)
@Tyler Binder yeah I've seen a lot of UPS trailers being hauled by Penske trucks tonight. I did see 1 UPS truck I'm indy
Josh Johnston (10 months ago)
@EU that's sucks! Yeah 0.70 a mile is nothing without the miles to back it. How many miles do you guys average?
EU (10 months ago)
I'm  in line haul at LAX451 Pico Rivera, CA and I'm tired of hearing "we're the highest paid". Yes over 70 cents a mile is great, but they cut all our mileage runs to 4. They got rid of all our sleepers and most of the line haul drivers run shuttle to the rail yards. The contractors get all of the good mileage runs that we used to have. We were told that in November we were going to become a Mini hub, but that means more rails being shuttled every night and more contractors coming into the yard every night. IT'S A UNION BARN! Contractors get loaded 1st, they don't have to know the 5 seeing habits or the 10 point commentary and get to wear tank tops, cutoffs and flip flops, no keys out of the ignition when hooking up air lines and no seatbelt on when backing up 5 feet to hook up your rear trailer. I'd gladly give up 10 to 20 cents a mile just to see a mileage run again.Every time I see a contractor doing our one of our mileage runs, it's like a big slap in the face by UPS.Tyler, thanks for the message of solidarity from the parcel side, but you guys said no to your contract and the union guys shoved it down your throat anyways.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Joshua Johnston The company subcontractors something like 40% of the work. The subcontractors get paid more then the regular drivers. There's a 2 tier wage system trying to be implemented. And many other things. I'm not a freight driver but I've heard the issues and they are legitimate
Michael Knapp (10 months ago)
I’m with local 992 in Maryland. I’m on day 2 of no work. I can’t collect anything from unemployment because I made over 480 for the week already. Our business agent has already told the local yrc terminal we’re not worth saving.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Michael Knapp Apply for Monday!
Thatboyfrom305 (10 months ago)
The Teamsters leadership should be making theses speeches not You....
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Thatboyfrom305 Thanks I guess.
Tracmuzik Productions (10 months ago)
By the way I told all my co workers that ups freight isn't the only job as a truck driver. I'm starting work this following Monday driving!!! They have temp services for truck drivers. Pro drivers is one of them. The last time I checked our CDL do not say "UPS FREIGHT ".. MEANING WE CAN GO ANY DAMN WHERE WE PLEASE. This strike isn't hurting me at all.
Tracmuzik Productions (10 months ago)
@Aj Icewater yeah I most definitely understand. At a certain age you get tired of moving around job to job starting all over again. I'm tired of that myself and its very irritating.
Aj Icewater (10 months ago)
Very true its just the " have to start all over again" guys dont want to give up the 15 plus 20 plus years theyve invested...at the same time you have no choice but to move on if they close it down
Tracmuzik Productions (10 months ago)
Yep all he freight gone! Drivers been at home like me for 2 days. I've filed unemployment that day I didn't work. They gave the freight to FEDEX. My thing, why give the freight to your competitors? What FedEx offer them a better offer, what makes you think ups can get that customer back??
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Tracmuzik Productions Ups does one thing very well. Make money.
Great Lakes Doug (10 months ago)
I'm a member of a maritime union and you guys have my support. Fight the fight for what you deserve. Tyler's right! Don't back down! FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU DESERVE!
Michael (10 months ago)
Great video Tyler! Thanks for your support, but your words are falling on deaf ears. I’m a no vote, but Cincinnati are a bunch of fucking pussies. The majority are scared shitless.
Karyn Shenkenberg (10 months ago)
Good video , its to bad that this incompetent negotiating committee we have would sell us out and stab us in the back . Its time to give them the shaft .
Ross Headley (10 months ago)
+ Tyler Binder. can my supervisor have a seasonal driver work ahead of me and say they are doing it to train them, while i sit at home not working? Im a reg temp
Ross Headley (10 months ago)
@Gator Huckelberry yes sir that is correct. They call i drive 24 7 365
Gator Huckelberry (10 months ago)
Ross Headley your Classified as a full time coverage driver right, your not seasonal right, you cover drive all year?
Ross Headley (10 months ago)
@Gator Huckelberry yes unfortunately
Gator Huckelberry (10 months ago)
Ross Headley why can't you bump someone else with less seniority, are you the bottom coverage driver?
Dennis Pluto (10 months ago)
Ross Headley ups cheats everyway they can and have been getting away with it since the 70s not sure how it was before that.I worked pt for 12 yrs and did not have enough seniority for a full time bid when I read this b.s.I'm so glad I left ups.maybe someone retired in their 80s remember when ups was a good co.that treated their employees fair
IamJ007 (10 months ago)
The first two tier pay system was when UPS Parcel employees (Teamsters) sold out everyone, including the new Freight Division employees. So, it was ok to have the two tier pay then, same as 2013 contract where everyone knew what was leading up to this 2018 contract. Parcel don't stand with Freight never has. All freight is to UPS is a prostituted discount for securing parcel contracts. TO COMPETE with USPS and FedEx. Other wise PARCEL could not compete. Until Parcel gives EQUAL PAY, for EQUAL WORK. Nothing will change. And btw... the Freight Drivers have more qualifications, as well as Freights Dock workers. Training and certifications in HazMat leading/unloading. As well as the Road/City drivers in addition have CDL's with Tanker/Haz mat Qualification. Of which 10-15% of parcel drivers couldn't qualify for such endorsements. In closing, there will be no solidarity, as long as one side treats the other as a second class citizen. And the UAW or Steelworkers would have already walked out in 2008 or 2013 with the EQUAL WORK, UNEQUAL PAY as it exists within the ONE company UPS. As for the vote... easy to be on the outside of the ring Tyler and pretend you have a vested interest.. If you did, the UPS Teamsters never would have let this discrimination begin in 08', or continue to this day. Teamster since 2006. Be well Brothers and Sisters.
Dennis Pluto (10 months ago)
Iamjoo7 I worked pt 12 yrs 1978 to 1990 and did not have enough senority for a fulltime bid.my rate was over $16 hr in 1990 and new hires made $8an hour. And they would never catch up.now 29 yrs later new pt hires are making less than I made 29 yrs ago.the unions that started in the1930s stressed equal pay for equal work.I always knew when they started this two tier pay system in 1981 it was going to cause nothing but problems.that's why you have pters still on the dock hired in late 70s that never went ft for whatever reason making $40 an hour working with pters making $11to$14 hr.
IamJ007 (10 months ago)
@Dennis Pluto New hires have to put in the work. No union member should start at scale. Bottom up. And pay your dues. I spent three years in a team operation and 5 day Wildcat running. Not to mention I was only worked 40% of the first three years. Gotta pay the dues to make the money.
Dennis Pluto (10 months ago)
IamJ007 the 2 tier pay system started in contract in 81 when ups cut wages in half for new hires
Parker Kidwell (10 months ago)
There are a lot of people that do the same job but don’t get half the money or benefits. When you are blessed, accept the blessing.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Parker Kidwell Don't BRING us down. Fight for yourself and come up.
Maurice Thomas (10 months ago)
Don't forget about the dock workers we matter too
Maurice Thomas (10 months ago)
We're with them as well
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Maurice Thomas The drivers will need y'all to stand with them. It's the only way to beat this
Nighthawk Predator (10 months ago)
Tyler is right in saying "don't squander this opportunity..." I have been thru 2 strikes at UPS. The 1st one was in 1994. I was a steward and a part timer. My fellow part time steward/brother and i shut our building down. The issue was about over 70's and it was controversial but when the call came around 4:00 am that morning, we did what we had prepared for. We shut the building down and we all walked out. Yea i was nervous. We had managers screaming at us. I had a manager literally slap a piece of paper on my chest and tell me that what we were doing was illegal and that they were holding court ordered injunctions etc. Yet we continued going from belt to belt and shutting them off while my brother steward was in another part of the building shutting down the system. Now the strike only lasted around 15 hrs or so but the point is, sometimes we have to do what is uncomfortable because we are a union. Not just when things are going smoothly but more importantly, when they are not! You are TEAMSTERS! Hold your heads high, stick together, and you all in freight will be just fine. Do it for your families, your self and those of us in the small package division who are counting on you to carry on the Teamster tradition of kicking ass and taking names! Brother's and sister's you can do this! Trust!
Alan (10 months ago)
So glad I left UPS package for another Teamster company. Company treats you guy like garbage.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Alan True
Justin Cobb (10 months ago)
And how we going to win a fight with 11,000 people vs small pack with over 200,000 people be serious if Ups really wanted to they could expand there hubs and just move the freight in house ...YALL WAKE UP😒 Ups freight was only a tax write off....Ups parcel is the bread and butter ,freight is just a red head stepchild at this point it’s about being smart
Justin Cobb (10 months ago)
Tyler Binder dude this isn’t a bluff do u really think ups really care about loosing a few million????? That’s why they bought coyote logistics !!!!if we strike ups still making plenty of cash and some of parcel hubs are expanding to start handling more packages y’all need to think at it on the business side and get out y’all feelings .....why would I go back and forward with 11,000 people when they can’t even keep freight intact , costing me money all the damn time cause of claims but I got my winning team of 200,000 who keeps my pockets super fat all year round?????? But I tell you what I really want to know WHY ARE YOUR REASONS FOR WANTING TO VOTE THIS CONTRACT DOWN??????? Let’s talk about right here right now since no one else wanted to answer that question
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Justin Cobb It's just a chess game. Call there bluff.
Aj Icewater (10 months ago)
Facts my man nothing but facts in your comment
Justin Cobb (10 months ago)
So what are y’all reasons for voting no here again?
Tom Cuozzo (10 months ago)
Really appreciate this video. Thanks for the support.
haha classic (10 months ago)
I want that intro music to be my ringtone.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
haha classic true
Miles Higher (10 months ago)
A reporter from the Stamford advocate is asking for stories from UPS employees. Here is the contact info from his recent article rpremack@businessinsider.com
Tony C (10 months ago)
That’s Right! 💪
Knothead (10 months ago)
Good information. Thanks.
King Roberson (10 months ago)
Thanks from Houston. I went yesterday 11/7/18 and voted. I'm with y'all, even tho I've been here just 8 months. I will help any fellow brother with what I can to get them by during this situation. - MikeMike, Local 988
Sox 63 (10 months ago)
I’m with freight local 705 . All week the company has been shutting down. As of today Thursday everyone is pretty much not working . They are trying to scare the shit out of people which is not working in the Chicago area . I’m not sure about other places but here from what I see n hear it’s a no vote . But we will see in next couple days . Stay strong 705 & 710
Sox 63 (10 months ago)
Keep up the GREAT videos too
jimbobillybob01 (10 months ago)
So wouldn't I be accepting less by working for someone else[non-union] while we are on strike.A die hard Teamster would let his electricity get shut off before taking a non-union gig while he's on strike,I know a guy that did just that in the freight strike of 94.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
jimbobillybob01 Nope. Feed your family so you can strike as long as you need. Let's go
jimbobillybob01 (10 months ago)
The general public doesn't give a shit.
Justin Vasquez (10 months ago)
Start eating sunflower seeds u can get a pound for under $ 2 dollars.... Start looking for ways to start saving money. Remeber UPS have a bunch of educated fools that work for them they dont even know how to start a fire in the wilderness!!! They have no direction. We The People Have To Show Them The Direction........
Chris Kostka (10 months ago)
Yes and let me and mine drive the big trucks and back them in tight places. Chain up in bad weather on ice, snow etc. You could learn but wont. its because that would be hard. Let the real men do the dirty work as usual. We can't all sit behind a desk because that would make us all pussy's. Just pay us to do the dirty work so you lazy weak people don't have to get dirty hands and finer nails. It's very simple. Pay or nothing happens. Not complicated.
Brad Bowers (10 months ago)
We can't honor a Pickett line if they set up at small pack ?
Brad Bowers (10 months ago)
@Tyler Binder well that fucking sucks .
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Brad Bowers There was some legislation passed about secondary picket lines that would make it illegal for them to picket us. Also we don't believe Hoffa would allow it. Only time will tell.
Justin Vasquez (10 months ago)
UPS is bluffing!!!!! Its written on the wall!!!! Stop being a bunch of pussies guys!!!!
Diego Garcia (10 months ago)
Last but not least just remember that if we take this contract the way it stands now we will NEVER get anything back and our next contract will only offer less and less. Mark my words our pension is the next item to go out the window. STAND STRONG TEAMSTERS BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
Ger Vi7 (10 months ago)
Diego Garcia link : https://chat.whatsapp.com/FRrGOLj8g6vDt3WBSj1INO
Diego Garcia (10 months ago)
Thanks Tyler for more extra helpful info. If nobody has figure it out yet UPS has just serve us this whole thing in a silver plate.... most of us WILL have to stay home tomorrow for the lack of work. Then go and VOTE don't be lazy, yes or no just go and do it. 3 days we should storm our union halls and vote massively. LET THEM HEAR YOU.