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Chinese Breakfast Crepes Land in NYC

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Proper Jian Bing - a savory crepe with a devoted following in China - are notoriously hard to find stateside. We stopped by the Mr. Bing pop-up in downtown NYC to see what goes into making these street-food treats, and we walked away hooked. Looking for more cool trend and innovation news? Visit consumereyes.com and subscribe to our channel! Music: Silent Partner - Pacific Hike
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Text Comments (17)
kasperskyla (2 years ago)
Not crispy at all..not interested to buy this one
平和島静雄 (2 years ago)
Marcus Orangeboom IV None (2 years ago)
Are those spling onions?
Connor O'Brien (2 years ago)
Mr. Bing is amazing. Great video.
Mu Nawaroh (2 years ago)
Taiwan lihai
S Somms (2 years ago)
hoisin sauce? they don't add that to authentic jiang bing. another chinese food ruined when migrating to america. and fried wonton wrappers, arghhh....
Bushangels (2 years ago)
She doesn't know how to spread the batter ....after watching hundreds of Jian bing videos, I think this is the worst...
Tina NG (2 years ago)
so freaking gross
Di Dxpeo (2 years ago)
you have no idea how delicious and fine it is if you get it right :)
Hit the bull’s eye (3 years ago)
That does not look like the pancake that I grow up eating
adal darien (3 years ago)
de que llevas la camida mw gustaria comer
Jayden Jee (3 years ago)
It looks incredible! Incredibly unsatisfying and unappetizing.
J (2 years ago)
Jayden Jee 👍
Di Dxpeo (2 years ago)
they just started, I'm sure their skills will refine in the future.
Pippa of Europe (2 years ago)
Jayden Jee 😂
Marbella Selene Roque Flores (3 years ago)
ricossssss 👍👍
talha93taj (3 years ago)
this looks so good