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10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

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DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that can travel 320 km/hour? Or superior toilet seats that can heat up your butt, clean it spotless, and check your blood pressure? Or interactive robots that can serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer service agent in phone stores? I just finished my 6th visit to Japan, and every time I leave this country, I have a hard time comprehending what I just experienced. In this video, I take you around Tokyo and show you 10 ways that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world. Anyone else agree with me? Music: Kevin MacLeod ► Subscribe for more travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► Travel Blog: https://drewbinsky.com/ FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/ (I post more videos there!) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ Snapchat @drewbinsky Twitter: https://twitter.com/drewbinsky MORE ABOUT ME: https://drewbinsky.com/about/ CONTACT ME: drew@drewbinsky.com
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Text Comments (7922)
Imo Video (4 minutes ago)
I like that super toilet :D :*
Imo Video (8 minutes ago)
Wow I like this
Imo Video (7 minutes ago)
Crime city
MxD IxR (26 minutes ago)
Okay! Who else noticed Love Live Sunshine right away??? 😂
vince rong (2 hours ago)
how come Japan Shinkansen is 10 years ahead of China`s high speed train system??? speed? singal? length?
Azazel (7 hours ago)
10 years , who you comparing with , with America who is in stone age and can only buy and war?
25411959 (7 hours ago)
Japanese people have much more respect & courtesy for their fellow citizens. America could learn some valuable lessons from Nippon. BTW, I`m an American.
Lou Lou Han Han (9 hours ago)
It’s like if Toronto Pearson international airport was a city 😂
Victoria Oppen Waltraud (14 hours ago)
Japan is 10 years ahead but treat women like shit... So, there are just 3 contries that are trully 10 years ahead: Finland, Canada, Australia and Denmark.
Sajid Saeed (14 hours ago)
Japanies are the More and Highly Hard workers in the world.... From Pakistan *💙❤
Ibrahimabubakar Siddiqui (15 hours ago)
Japanese is stuped nation
Ibrahimabubakar Siddiqui (15 hours ago)
GERMANY 40 years ahead than japan
MY WORLD (21 hours ago)
All these technologies are leading to an increase in unemployment
jesusbonnie (1 day ago)
You forgot the advancement in water warfare....just like when they bomb Hawaii.
HALO GO (1 day ago)
JP Rahul (2 days ago)
They have everything except life🤣
Mr Clean (2 days ago)
France, Spain and Germany do also have bullet trains. We've had them for decades and the french TGV even holds the speed record of any train in the world.
Noname Ok (2 days ago)
Japan is just an experiment country (just like South Korea) for western world
ZynXc (3 days ago)
Exactly why I want to go there one day (and also partly cause of Anime but not as much...)
Mr H (3 days ago)
3 million views????
ziuzz (3 days ago)
Future : No nuclear plants and mostly No plastic Japan : Most of Grey Energy from nuclear plants , and is wrapped in plastic Nothing against your arguments but japan does have Major Problems too
NewMeta ForLife (3 days ago)
lmao this Youtuber must lived in the third world country before
Food Khore (3 days ago)
About china and japan the hollybook Quran predicts about them 1400 years ago 🤔
Al salehy Moh (3 days ago)
I'll just say it there is no perfect society in this planet not now not ever
Yllyrian Tribes (3 days ago)
Japan is rreally advanced country and technological but there is no love and no humanity there i think...
Vrushal Meshram (4 days ago)
Lol my country india is like 500 years behind..
RUBESTER PRANKS (4 days ago)
I bet this guy gets an insane amount of Asian pootang
DåRKx GāMĮnG (4 days ago)
It's sexy.
Chicaglo Most wanted (4 days ago)
Thing about the Japanese is they put a lot of their inventions out that aren't fully perfected that's where we 🇺🇸 🙋🏻‍♂️ come in. And perfect it. Unless they have inventions that surpass our own. That's where companies here get trump to ban them for a dumbass reason. For instance the mate 10 pro not sure if it's Japanese but you get the point.
Chicaglo Most wanted (4 days ago)
Now I'm sold. A 🚽 that test's your urine 🤔 imagine here in 🇺🇸 instead of a regular urine test they have you pee in the 🚽 instead sounds legit 🤷🏻‍♂️
Radian (4 days ago)
Yes, oh good Japan. With a shrine for the devils that killed countless in WW2 for their sick emperor, and one of the highest suicide rates in the world. They even have a forest for it, and men living in their mums basements till they're 30 and marrying digital waifus. While making alot of waste.
Game with the apocalypse (5 days ago)
I saw my cousin whos from JAPAN
spamfr pfa (5 days ago)
Japan has no future. It's inhabitants have no children.
yo gotti (5 days ago)
I'd luv to see u make a video about china
oh yeah yeah nigga (5 days ago)
1. Have an iPhone 2. Stay on your iPhone all day long 24/7 3. Wear a mask 4. Travel on trains and metros 24/7 5. Watch anime and hentai 6. Wear cool shit 7. Talk a language no one understands 8. Never have sex 9. Buy a robot as ur GF 10. Play weird japanese games.
-百合の花 (5 days ago)
Thanks to the revolution of industrial jobs in the 60s in Japan such as the introduction of the bullettrain, big factories, it mad a huge progress and became booming in the following decades and was in the 70s, 80s most modern and ahead of many countries. After that, and ever since other countries in Europe and US came by, I would say Japan is still stuck in that era and slowly making progress since than. But despite this, Japan is still... somewhat.. one of the leading countries.. But I wouldn't say that it's nr1. Not anymore at least.
ath ul (5 days ago)
They living in 3019 it seems...
Dinesh Sapkota (5 days ago)
I heard here are more than 30 millions vending machines in japan..you told wrong
Akira Takaoka (6 days ago)
i accept its convenient in a sense. But most people here in Japan, cant speak English fluently. There is no subtitles in the real life ;) so you will notice how inconvenient living or doing sightseeing in Japan is I would like other countries to share my country's technology and food such as washlet (automatic toilet)!! Thank you so much for praising Japan!
GlobalTopDog (6 days ago)
Yeah, but they don't use credit cards
Too Legit To Quit (6 days ago)
Are you the Backpack kid?
kian wallace (6 days ago)
Yes it is because Japanese are hard workers and well disciplined. But the thing is, Japan has the highest suicide rates in the world due to all the pressure in their suffocating everyday life. Their working hours are insanely long compared to other countries, plus it is very hard to get a day off in Japan because there, work is currently concerned as the most important thing in life. It is beyond stricked when it comes to work in Japan. I have a friend who is Japanese and he said workplaces where you can't take a day off even though you catch a cold or have a bad headache or even have a 100°F fever is not infrequent in Japan. And even if you do get permission to take the day off from such reasons you will be thought as a person with lack of common sense and some people will say that you are causing inconvenience to the workplace. They get mentally tired which is the majority cause of suicide in Japan.
Lily Jpon (6 days ago)
Ali'es pigions Hameed (6 days ago)
You have to come in pakistan
Faceofthesun (6 days ago)
Japan got almost all of its technology from the rest of the world.
Ist van (7 days ago)
If Japan is the future, humanity will be extinct in a couple of hundred of years.. or reproduction will be automated.. like in superman.. or the matrix..
SearchBucket2 (7 days ago)
You have to be kidding? This is a living dystopia. Humans like insects consuming their own space to an eventual point of destruction. Growth for the sake of growth. No land left, so they're pillaging the sea. Listen .... in the history of mankind the techno generation has only been around for a fraction of a tick on the big clock, yet the generation of this tick seem to think it's great to drown itself in plastic and electronic garbage for transient thrills. It will only end one way and those left when it all eventually breaks down will have a very dim view of those who think this vision is a sustainable future.
Dikxangsherpa@gmail.com (7 days ago)
UK in England we have Vending machines Arcades Touch screen to order just like the one in vid Robots Food Human Good fashion Savage n cool Etc
Danongamer345 //Intro maker and Kid Gamer (7 days ago)
reaction games
Claude Yuen (7 days ago)
was Fukushima done with an undersea bomb???
bkritsot (7 days ago)
Garrett Wilson (8 days ago)
Where is your income coming from to travel the world? You are pretty young so not a long work history. Mom and dad's money?
Garrett Wilson (8 days ago)
Same shit different japanese wannabe, these things have been in Japan for decades. You act like it just happened, just discovered. How many of you outsiders are going to review only japan. Japan is the most depressed country on earth, the suicide rate is through the roof, drugs and alcohol and so many other issues. They are one of the most conservative areas in the world, ironically liberals love japan yet you can't have a socialist nation and have a place like japan.
Vince (8 days ago)
Why Japan is the best county in the whole world: 1. Hentai 2. Anime 3. Furries
skgyri (8 days ago)
Indian tea shop, want to see how prepare tea https://youtu.be/oZ5PCg_mNmU
Less Talk, More Delicious (8 days ago)
Japan is my favorite place to travel 🌟
Bleach God (8 days ago)
They did a lot od math
Hate me tomorrow (8 days ago)
What about hookers?
david2020 (8 days ago)
They should conquer the world.
Nathan Gagan (8 days ago)
Wow. That sounds awesome. I want to visit Japan 😀😀😀.
supermofashi (8 days ago)
Go to China and you will find that China is 1 year ahead of Japan. You can use your phone to pay for everything, meal, street vendor, public transportation, and even to give change to the homeless on the street. You can even use your phone at the restaurant to order/pay and food will come to your table. By scanning a QR code, thr entire menu is on your phone with pictures of the food. It’s quite convenient. Everything else you have on the list is also in China, except the venting machines.
CanYouSmellWhatISee cocobutterjankens (3 days ago)
QR codes are stupid
_________________ (5 days ago)
Yah well china is a bootleg anyway
NK5011 (6 days ago)
yeah I admit recent China but do you know who invent QR code?Its Japanese. And Japanese still love using cash because we have a lot of Natural disasters like earthquake.
Tesuya kinko (7 days ago)
+kaafir that maybe true 20 years ago, now even the per capita GDP of China has surpassed Mexico and Brazil
Nate Choe (9 days ago)
God dang it in Korean.
Nate Choe (9 days ago)
In case you don’t know Japan and Korea have some friendly competition.
Verdeflor Tin (9 days ago)
Dank Potato (9 days ago)
Just imagine a zombie apocalypse in Japan
Charan Tej (9 days ago)
0:50 what is that world map represents ?
TheRedX (9 days ago)
I went to Tokyo a few months ago. People were super nice, friendly, charming and charismatic and they know how to have fun! I thought it would be much more expensive than it was but it was very affordable.
alex volt (9 days ago)
this man went to japan and filmed people eating
Armando A (9 days ago)
The way they treat woman, the sex life, the suicide rate, the school girl sex pornography, anime, hentai, etc no thanks they are way down.
sadik Channel (9 days ago)
Nice country
daylin daguman (10 days ago)
I wish to live this country since I was a kid.
RisteyRishley Ardjosemito (10 days ago)
shaaaan00001 (10 days ago)
unfortunately their Tsunami water was shitty black :) they did not clean it before :)
shaaaan00001 (8 days ago)
+kaafir i m a japanese..your real father :)
shaaaan00001 (8 days ago)
+kaafir Kaafir saley kuttey :)
kaafir (9 days ago)
Muslim dog :)
Gisley Alves (10 days ago)
Yes, a japanese person would be never that loud. As brazilian , and in Brazil we have the biggest niponic population outside Japan , I can say : I never met in my entire life people so polite, clean and hard workers like the japanese people. And if they are "racist" by the fact they want to protect their culture; they are doing a good thing for themselves.
Mark Raphael Go (10 days ago)
11th way japan is 10 years ahead they have a store for hentai
Daniel Lincoln (10 days ago)
#10 Ways JAPAN
KRUNAL SHAH (11 days ago)
Not 10 but 1000 year
Pablo (11 days ago)
the first one, over 300 km/hour trains, its not uncommon. China and Spain ara ahead of Japan, which is nº 3 after those in the list of countries with more km with over 300-km/hour trains
R. Margarita (11 days ago)
My son will be doing his intership in Tokyo, Japan this summer. Watching your video and reading the comments really calmed my nerves. No wonder he chose Japan..its amazing!😍
Radian (4 days ago)
+Koo Unfortunately You're a fucking creep see you on r/creepyms
Koo Unfortunately (8 days ago)
So re u alone at home😈😈 Can I come over...
Day Dreamer (11 days ago)
They could be but it’s hard to say
Day Dreamer (11 days ago)
They could be but it’s hard to say
Alfred Bustrillo (11 days ago)
Japan is the home of many pornstars.
Sam Too (12 days ago)
Japan has advanced technology but they've forgotten the elderly and the homeless😤😤😤
Tauheed Ahmad (12 days ago)
Suprb bro
Tauheed Ahmad (12 days ago)
Sofia (12 days ago)
Taiwan has all of these things....
Tom wait (12 days ago)
Rich kid with too much time....get back to the states you yank meff
Otavio Fender Strat (12 days ago)
The trains are insanely clean in Japan....all streets are clean too.
Marcelino Adrianto (13 days ago)
FYI, you can also find the "touch screen menus" in Indonesia, dude. By the way, touch screen menu feature in Indonesia has been around for a long time.
kaafir (9 days ago)
Only in big cities, and you can also find religoous discrimination in that shithole.
Sarmita Debbarma (13 days ago)
It is very difficult from all state
Sarmita Debbarma (13 days ago)
Come on our state tripura
Gregory Stafford (13 days ago)
If your 'Global Entrepreneurial Millennial Free Move-mentalist' surely you'd feel they were 10 years behind....unless of course you'd managed to find your niche and were a fully registered Japanese 'Alien'? Surely the way things are playing out Globally (?) Japan is far Too 'Artistically/business/Ghetto Free business-model West' Functional in the 21st Century for the 'Western Media' & it's Political 'Puppeteers' of social Matching society 'Feng shui'(sic?)to Remain in this 'State' of Artistic Shameful 'Beauty' for much longer & thus must be 'bought down' to matching Western Dysfunction Standards of Capital "Respect" south central L.A stylie as soon as possible ! NHK English you've been an Escape from 'Blingland' and it's swamp the soul British TV Mantra of the last Few years at least. Well done News Corp executors for burying the 'Rest of the World' with your Financial 'Honesty'.
primesetter (13 days ago)
they all looked like robots to me. what is this life?
primesetter (13 days ago)
by the way who gives a shit if they are 10 or 100 years ahead of the world.
モモヒン (14 days ago)
Foreigners do not know the fact that about half of Japanese are Koreans. A fake Japanese left in World War II.
kaafir (13 days ago)
Half of the French are Romanians
Edward D. (14 days ago)
Their average age
Rubens Guifarro (14 days ago)
Awesome videos dude!!!
ParmesanCheese (14 days ago)
My question is... What's their point of living if they waste their entire life on consumerism and working so much that their children grow up without good father figures that makes boys stay immature and virgins for the rest of their lives and girls to leave their home and work as school girl escorts? And these are things that are documented. So, what the hell is their reasoning? You can say it's cultural but where does that come from? What's the point of doing all that if you won't have an honest relationship with some colleague or even someone new you met, since they are so afraid of social interaction? What motivates them to get out of bed? MONEY? Is Japan really that shallow that all people and parents care about is materialistic success? I know the things I said sound mean but that's the impression I'm getting. I'm sorry but a human being needs a sense of community and love and affection.
Cassandra Roden (14 days ago)
Its true!!! What is love? But Hello Kitty they bring to the world is true love for some for us!!! Sorry for bad english!!! Have a nice day!!!
ShahAcro (14 days ago)
They are Asians all you need to know
lina Nicolia (15 days ago)
If so, why are they still murdering whales and dolphins for their sushi tables ???? not civilized would be my guess, just pretending to be. These animals are way more intelligent than we are, but they have no harpoons and if they did, they would not use them on humans. Shame on Japan for that.
kaafir (13 days ago)
Btw fuck you criminal american
kaafir (13 days ago)
So do many european countries and muslim countries skin cows and goats alive
Violent Justice (15 days ago)
Japanese have small penis just like the rest of the Asians.... Americans have a large penis! 🤣
N Z (13 days ago)
aho dane kimi😉