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Inside one of UPS' busiest days

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The UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky., is the center of the company's international shipping operations. It's the size of 90 football fields, sorts 350,000 packages an hour and contributes 20,000 jobs to the local economy. We took a peek inside their busiest shift: 11p.m. to 3a.m. a week before Christmas.
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Text Comments (145)
ruslan ib (9 days ago)
UPS TOO MUCH SERVICE ....)))) I bought in USA an item for $150 can. and have to pay $80 service and custom fees. Very expensive given the price of the item. From now on, I won't use UPS.
Patrick Stanton (18 days ago)
And this shit happens all over the world... insane
planetcheck (20 days ago)
Amazon put UPS and Fed out of business.
little diva 82 (2 months ago)
My husband work for ups 19 years
E Lo! (1 month ago)
18 yrs!..💪🙏
EditsByKae (4 months ago)
My package is supposed to come today hits it’s raining it better come
Carlos Martinez (6 months ago)
My brother works feeder at UPS Grande Vista in Los Angeles. 10 years ago when my dad had dementia, my brother and his wife had my dad sign over all of his properties to themselves. My kids and I are about to become homeless because my brother and his wife took out a $350,000 loan on this house and never paid it back. My father bought this home in 1957 and this home was intended to be sold after his death and the funds distributed to my sister and brothers, and myself. New owner says that we have until June 6, 2019, to get out.
WrongIslandCheapskates (7 months ago)
Staged, apply for a job there and quit afterwards just to take a tour and you'll see all kinds of throwing, kicking and yelling. Vote with your wallet, they DONT GIVE A CRAP about your package, you're just another number like the employees
Snap Snap (4 days ago)
WrongIslandCheapskates facts
Chad Bellbowa (8 months ago)
Those poor souls
Spectrum The Video Game (8 months ago)
My computer and gear came through destroyed. And somehow UPS thinks they can keep the insurance. This video is staged fa shoo
Sanity (9 months ago)
Compared to this center mine is like a 3rd world country
Ford f150 Nation (11 months ago)
Ups over FedEx ups treats packages with alot more care then fedex and that's a fact
Aeons of Blight (19 days ago)
Funny though, I get alot of mail from UPS that's either soaked or torn open.
Chill Bro (11 months ago)
fuck ups
Jamie Hatchell (1 year ago)
I have the easiest job in my hub. I drive irregs around.
Ron Arel (11 months ago)
My job is easier I'm a scanner AK as a trigger bitch
P. Doherty (1 year ago)
a thing of the past with modern automation.
EazieWeezie (1 year ago)
where's the package being thrown over to the rollers? The extendo doesn't go that far...
CuteFox (1 year ago)
I still can not believe how they are able to deliver my package to the other side of the world just in two days! Congrats guys!
204. Stunna (1 year ago)
Purolator all day 💯 lol
Rinse 420 (1 year ago)
Lmao go to San Diego South Bay building shit storm central. And no we do not give a shit about your packages they don’t pay us enough. Fuck your mommas flower vase, wide screen, computer, etc. it’s just business.
Drew Smith (1 year ago)
"We're REALLY centrally located." Map shows location in north eastern United States.
little diva 82 (1 year ago)
My husband works in small sort in ups
E Lo! (1 month ago)
Easy job!..I'll be there after peak
britm3 (1 year ago)
It’s just like amizon
TestTheSpirits IfTheyAreOfYAH (1 year ago)
Forgot.. You work for two minorities if you are white and load trucks, because they are slowwwww so UPS bosses use you'Whitey's as they just pretend they working but they slack off etc, I'm no racist it's vice versa.. Worked with all people everywhere and didn't had that pretty much problem. But UPS heyyy you are majority so you are 'privledged' as they say, work for 3 people be used as a tool.
Bryan Southard (1 year ago)
Its a lot more sweaty and insane in person
Snap Snap (4 days ago)
Big country hillbilly lol worddddddd!
Big country hillbilly (1 year ago)
I agree I worked there for 3 months and I quit I got tired of lifting packages.
Ethan Stevenson (1 year ago)
UPS is better than Fedx. In my opinion
Jamie Hatchell (1 year ago)
On top of that, they can't even find my house.
Jamie Hatchell (1 year ago)
After FedEx kept losing the same package I ordered 5 times, I have up on them. It was a leap frog learning tablet and some games I bought of Amazon. Costed almost $600.00. Fortunately I only had to pay for it one time. Fedex kept refunding it everytime it got 'lost'.
Imad Ali (1 year ago)
Jobs your company
LeWcID (1 year ago)
Yet they cant get my package 2 hours from portland to tacoma?...
tim gong (1 year ago)
Snap Snap (4 days ago)
Ron Arel LOL
Ron Arel (11 months ago)
United pot smokers
P. Doherty (1 year ago)
tim gong just because you got disqualified because you're a fucking idiot doesn't mean you should talk shit, shithead.
Evan Stone (1 year ago)
I drive and make 100,000 a year
Rahjee the Rager (1 year ago)
tim gong Only Loaders and helpers get paid a low salary.
dsgb1981 (2 years ago)
Where is the footage of people running around throwing, kicking, sliding, dragging, and punching packages across the hub? This looks to pristine it must have been staged and edited!
Snap Snap (4 days ago)
Toki Wartooth (1 month ago)
@Haze Da9 That's a sign of low wages. When employees are stealing. No matter where we work. It's not right, but it sure shows how the average worker got fucked by the ruling class.
E Lo! (1 month ago)
@Toki Wartooth all hell breaks lose...true story!..
Spectrum The Video Game (8 months ago)
I’ve seen dudes tossing packages into a truck. No wonder my pc tower came through fucking destroyed
Haze Da9 (9 months ago)
its all true i've work for ups for 7 years i seen it all and don't forget employees steal customers items
Ali Raza (2 years ago)
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Ali Raza (2 years ago)
Main Pakistan sa hn...
Ali Raza (2 years ago)
Agar aapko Zaroorat Hai electrician ki toh please call me 03407651192
Ali Raza (2 years ago)
My is electrician ka kaam karta hoon please call me job chahiye
Ali Raza (2 years ago)
Call me 03407651192
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Ali Raza (2 years ago)
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Gabriel Gonzalez (2 years ago)
worked there for a year. we kicked,walked,threw and stole so much of client stuff. Iphones, jewelry, and pre paid cards. got caught and was forced to resign. 2 days later got hired by Costco! never will i ship through ups
Evan Stone (1 year ago)
Ur a loser
Wings of KFC (1 year ago)
Gabriel Gonzalez lol thanks for the lie your giving us
Enno (1 year ago)
you stole stuff? dude
Steven Hackworth (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHA!!! You actually have the nerve to bitch about UPS firing you but see nothing wrong with stealing??? Something tells me you have already started stealing from Costco too.
Bryan Southard (1 year ago)
Gabriel Gonzalez maybe youd like to come talk to a ups rep about your theft record
04smallmj (2 years ago)
I love boxes
VJ webb (2 years ago)
Who pays more fedex or ups because I plan on applying at one of them as a package handler ?
Aeons of Blight (19 days ago)
@Ciara its 14 starting pay where I live for UPS
E Lo! (1 month ago)
@Ashleigh Miller-Hayes still at UPS?
Ashleigh Miller-Hayes (10 months ago)
@Ciara lol i make $15/hr at UPS.
Savage (1 year ago)
lyodbraun it’s hard to get the job as ups driver. You have to have a lot of years in ups to even get the dam job.
lyodbraun (1 year ago)
UPS driver making almost $40/hr try that for a week see how hard you will work...
bkohler89 (2 years ago)
This is the most political fuckin company you'd ever work for
Cory Henson (1 year ago)
damn right
Saskatoon SK Canada CPS Corruption (2 years ago)
Ups sucks my mattress was in the city from 9 am and never got my bed until 9 pm
P. Doherty (1 year ago)
Canadian, That's because life hates you more than you hate it. You should just go hang yourself, shithead.
Roy Lewis (1 year ago)
Go to the store and pick it up you lazy ass
emconite gamez (2 years ago)
lol it took them less than a day and your complaining.
TRT (2 years ago)
Worst company for shipping your stuff. It's a clown show full of incompetent people
Nicholas Palmer (8 months ago)
Why dont you try and move thousands of packages all over the world! -Sincerely, one of the "Incompetent People" who just so happens to be a pilot.
Ron Arel (1 year ago)
Its controlled chaos it's not going to be honor ceremony
ITz That Guy (2 years ago)
working at ups is very hard work but very rewarding, I work as a loader
Aeons of Blight (19 days ago)
@Joe Whitlow UPS pays more than any security job in my area. I wish security paid more.
lobo53695 (6 months ago)
@S Rod good shit
S Rod (6 months ago)
lobo53695 I still get text from the preload supervisor as I’m still on there chain text. I leave it as a reminder not only to work harder but smarter so I don’t ever have to do that again.
lobo53695 (6 months ago)
@S Rod i quit after a few days 😂
S Rod (7 months ago)
I just quit after a few months and Jesus I’m so happy I did.
Alexander Espinal (2 years ago)
That's amazing
linesiderfix (3 years ago)
non reality
Manoodle (3 years ago)
Oh hey! I see my package!
Music fan 11 (3 years ago)
220 countries? Thought their was 195 countries in the world
Mike Castillo (4 years ago)
Going Caca right now
Luke K (4 years ago)
I got fed up with UPS bullshit so I applied for a job there to see, what actually happens behind the close door. OMG! Well... folks... these people don't care about your packages. Most of my time, I have to move around fast but most of packages that I handle were Television, Monitors, Computers, Labtops, and anything that value. I have to move fast but also be careful I don't want to smash them but I got fired because I wasn't throwing the boxes like everyone else were doing. Motherfuka.... you want me to throw something like computers and monitors?!?! That's stupid..., no wonder when I bought a monitor from online and when UPS faggots brought it my house, it was all smashed. Now on, I only choose FedEx or Canada Post. At least, these guys do their job.
John Mendoza (11 months ago)
I would never use their service usps for me.
P. Doherty (1 year ago)
Canadian Kim you did not get fire for NOT throwing packages. STFU lying bitch.
Andre Benoit (1 year ago)
You were obviously a slow ass
Ron Arel (1 year ago)
@Blue Jay C.O.B. well said I started in 1999
AsSeenOnTV (4 years ago)
The workers don't do anything....machines do it all
Ron Arel (1 year ago)
@Rinse 420 agreed but they are 53 footers
Ron Arel (1 year ago)
Yeah tell my back that
Wings of KFC (1 year ago)
DDhide14 work as a package handler for FedEx. Then tell me machines do all the work. That’s after you quit in 4-15 days
Rinse 420 (1 year ago)
Lmao let’s see a machine unload a 52 ft trailer in less than an hour and half like I do every morning ;)
Ciara (1 year ago)
Shani Jackson definitely not 10 % . I️ work at fedex too. Without the machines their wouldn’t be a way to get to packages sorted to the right places
KJFilmProductions (4 years ago)
So staged and fake show the real HORROR!
davejunior (2 years ago)
Well you've figured out CNN is fake before me
Shawn (2 years ago)
All of the employees look dead inside. Oh well, it's a job.
Nick C. (4 years ago)
Just the fact that UPS manages to do this is amazing. The speed at which they do it is what really gets me.