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Inside one of UPS' busiest days

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The UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky., is the center of the company's international shipping operations. It's the size of 90 football fields, sorts 350,000 packages an hour and contributes 20,000 jobs to the local economy. We took a peek inside their busiest shift: 11p.m. to 3a.m. a week before Christmas.
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K S (1 month ago)
sassy diva 82 (1 month ago)
My husband works in small sort in ups
britm3 (3 months ago)
It’s just like amizon
EX NIHILO (4 months ago)
Forgot.. You work for two minorities if you are white and load trucks, because they are slowwwww so UPS bosses use you'Whitey's as they just pretend they working but they slack off etc, I'm no racist it's vice versa.. Worked with all people everywhere and didn't had that pretty much problem. But UPS heyyy you are majority so you are 'privledged' as they say, work for 3 people be used as a tool.
Bryan Southard (5 months ago)
Its a lot more sweaty and insane in person
Ethan Stevenson (5 months ago)
UPS is better than Fedx. In my opinion
Imad Ali (6 months ago)
Jobs your company
LeWcIDDG (6 months ago)
Yet they cant get my package 2 hours from portland to tacoma?...
tim gong (6 months ago)
Rahjee Brunner (3 months ago)
tim gong Only Loaders and helpers get paid a low salary.
dsgb1981 (8 months ago)
Where is the footage of people running around throwing, kicking, sliding, dragging, and punching packages across the hub? This looks to pristine it must have been staged and edited!
Toki Wartooth (3 months ago)
It's like one of the safety audits . Management trickle out the flow while the safety auditors are there, but once they leave..
Ali Raza (9 months ago)
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Ali Raza (9 months ago)
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Ali Raza (9 months ago)
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Ali Raza (9 months ago)
My is electrician ka kaam karta hoon please call me job chahiye
Ali Raza (9 months ago)
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Ali Raza (9 months ago)
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Gabriel Gonzalez (1 year ago)
worked there for a year. we kicked,walked,threw and stole so much of client stuff. Iphones, jewelry, and pre paid cards. got caught and was forced to resign. 2 days later got hired by Costco! never will i ship through ups
Enno (1 month ago)
you stole stuff? dude
Steven Hackworth (5 months ago)
HAHAHAHA!!! You actually have the nerve to bitch about UPS firing you but see nothing wrong with stealing??? Something tells me you have already started stealing from Costco too.
Bryan Southard (5 months ago)
Gabriel Gonzalez maybe youd like to come talk to a ups rep about your theft record
XVIVX (10 months ago)
Gabriel Gonzalez who cares what you think, you're a thief. Worse then a liar.
04smallmj (1 year ago)
I love boxes
VJ webb (1 year ago)
Who pays more fedex or ups because I plan on applying at one of them as a package handler ?
lyodbraun (5 months ago)
UPS driver making almost $40/hr try that for a week see how hard you will work...
Jesse Verrier (6 months ago)
UPS is union if you decide to be just an employee.
Tiffanie Johnson (7 months ago)
FedEx $13.75 hr
Carlos Gonzalez (8 months ago)
VJ webb UPS Of Course Fedex Policy Is All Fucked Up
Ciara (9 months ago)
VJ webb FedEx pays more as a package handler . Min 12 and some change for ground . I work express I make 14.51 . Ups package handlers don't even make more than 10 and change per hour
bkohler89 (1 year ago)
This is the most political fuckin company you'd ever work for
Cory Henson (6 months ago)
damn right
Saskatoon SK Canada CPS Corruption (1 year ago)
Ups sucks my mattress was in the city from 9 am and never got my bed until 9 pm
emconite gamez (7 months ago)
lol it took them less than a day and your complaining.
TRT (1 year ago)
Worst company for shipping your stuff. It's a clown show full of incompetent people
ITz That Guy (1 year ago)
working at ups is very hard work but very rewarding, I work as a loader
Alexander Espinal (1 year ago)
That's amazing
linesiderfix (1 year ago)
non reality
Manoodle (1 year ago)
Oh hey! I see my package!
Music fan 11 (2 years ago)
220 countries? Thought their was 195 countries in the world
Mike Castillo (2 years ago)
Going Caca right now
Luke K (2 years ago)
I got fed up with UPS bullshit so I applied for a job there to see, what actually happens behind the close door. OMG! Well... folks... these people don't care about your packages. Most of my time, I have to move around fast but most of packages that I handle were Television, Monitors, Computers, Labtops, and anything that value. I have to move fast but also be careful I don't want to smash them but I got fired because I wasn't throwing the boxes like everyone else were doing. Motherfuka.... you want me to throw something like computers and monitors?!?! That's stupid..., no wonder when I bought a monitor from online and when UPS faggots brought it my house, it was all smashed. Now on, I only choose FedEx or Canada Post. At least, these guys do their job.
Demonamic777 (2 months ago)
Was this World Port? As you get heavily penalized for throwing packages. The only 'packages' I've ever tossed were very small boxes and usually it was upwards to get them onto a higher part of the stack that I couldn't reach without jumping. But whenever things like TV's/Monitors come through I usually try to be careful setting them down. I wouldn't want a monitor I paid anywhere close to $700 for to come in broken.
EX NIHILO (4 months ago)
Luke K ...Yeah I worked on conveyor belt (seperating soarting packages) and it's like you said, it's just all about UPS money all they care about not their worker or the customer and service. Sad but true. The worker is used as some muel donkey slave, CAN'T shut off the conveyor belt if you get jams on the belt much because they scream like hell right away at you , although you want to do good and un-jam it and get back to your position. There's tons of packages torn, missing items, etc... Once we had some organ in a cooler full of dry ice or something opened up, spilled opened... Nice huh?!
TheDay Cometh (5 months ago)
Luke K I call BS
jqulrich (6 months ago)
Cory Henson My thoughts exactly! It literally takes an act of God to get fired once you're in. Also they taught him to throw packages? I was taught a little something called "hand to surface" which means the package never leaves your hands until it's on a surface! Never throw packages accept small bags with a shirt or something in it.
Cory Henson (6 months ago)
As someone that works for ups, how in the world do you get fired while being in the teamsters union?
DDhide14 (2 years ago)
The workers don't do anything....machines do it all
RJ_HERE (5 months ago)
I work for ups and that bullshit cut it out when the belt stop working you have to carry the packages.
Ciara (6 months ago)
Shani Jackson definitely not 10 % . I️ work at fedex too. Without the machines their wouldn’t be a way to get to packages sorted to the right places
Shani Jackson (6 months ago)
Ciara 10% i work at Fedex
Ciara (9 months ago)
jason gates not right at all...this is why I throw your packages are like shit because you ppl think FedEx n ups are easy jobs it's not!! Machines do 20% of the work.
XVIVX (10 months ago)
DDhide14 take it from a 25 year veteran of ups. People do nearly all the work.
KJFilmProductions (3 years ago)
So staged and fake show the real HORROR!
greenbottle500 (11 months ago)
Well you've figured out CNN is fake before me
Shawn (1 year ago)
All of the employees look dead inside. Oh well, it's a job.
Nick C. (3 years ago)
Just the fact that UPS manages to do this is amazing. The speed at which they do it is what really gets me.