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UPS Delivery By Bike in Salem Oregon!

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UPS Deliveries being done by bike rather than the big brown van! Read the full post at www.pacificpedalling.com
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Text Comments (28)
Causeway Effects (5 months ago)
where is she now?
Tarkesh 021 (2 years ago)
3 point contact dont forget
(((Soundafek))) (3 years ago)
Makes me want to go for a bike ride now
Gaming Moments & Clips (3 years ago)
Healthy Delivery!
` (5 years ago)
I just love the Charlie Brown music at the end. Sure -makes- this feel good piece. Also, coincidence? Charlie Brown, and what can Brown do for you? I'll let the good people decide. :)
Jim Windsor (5 years ago)
dad jim windsor the get ups today at your home
jay MO (6 years ago)
Vince Black (6 years ago)
bonky wonky (6 years ago)
But wont the packages get wet when it rains?
Jason Ruiz (6 years ago)
hell yeah!!!
orszaghaza (7 years ago)
You go girl! I could enjoy a job like that, but only in dry weather. Call me a chicken! :)
Xtian C. (8 years ago)
@ZTM420 Haha "your"? Don't you mean "you're"? Who's fucking stupid now?
DJBuckCallYo (8 years ago)
@ZTM420 no you have me laughing now xD
beetz15s (8 years ago)
never in the hood
DJBuckCallYo (8 years ago)
wow what country is this? My god they still use bikes!
h00ligan997 (8 years ago)
i'm filing grievance on that. all helpers must be supervised and with driver at all times. not unsupervised and left alone on remote locations. yet another loophole UPS likes to jump thru and exploit to their advantages rather than paying to put more routes in. this needs to come to an end.
Pamzion (8 years ago)
@zephaneyvega Package cars must be kept secured in accordance with TSA regulations. UPS vehicles are given access to airport runways with little to no security measures. As such, a UPS vehicle could become a means with which someone could gain access to a plane, therefore the vehicles must be kept secured at all times. I don't think they will use a bike to load/unload a cargo plane.
Pamzion (8 years ago)
100-150 packages in a truck? no. Try 655 packages and 173 stops. That was last Friday's workload for me. Like to see you try that on a bike.
soberups97 (8 years ago)
It takes a bike helper all day to deliver what a driver in a truck with a helper could do in about 45 minutes. Im a 23 yr driver, last year I had a bike helper on my route. I pulled a trailer out to the area with the helpers packages in it. At the end of the day I had to backtrack 15 miles in order to retrieve the trailer...it would have added less than 2 miles to deliver them myself. It looks cute and eco-friendly, but in reality it is a big waste of time and effort.
Noel Santos (8 years ago)
@carlpaulsen they bitch because UPS drivers must obide by DOT regulations. Bulk head doors being one of their concerns. Driver Helpers on bikes with utility trailers DOT has no control over that.
Thor Loki (8 years ago)
gimme a break, i would love to do 78 stops a day
karoslif (8 years ago)
seems kinda dumb.
Alex Au Yeung (9 years ago)
@zephaneyvega except it's not US mail. It's UPS. Private company. US Postal regulations don't apply.
GroB PE (9 years ago)
Wanna bet Tina has Nice Legs!
Nathan Eddy (9 years ago)
Somehow I think a street legal handtruck with a little electric would be nearly as fast and a lot more practical. This is coming from a proud Worksman Trike Owner,
knutt kase (9 years ago)
this would be great where i live
koontz67 (9 years ago)
UPS bitches about keeping truck secure, (bulk head door and rear door) her packages look like an easy target.
allthatremains2009 (9 years ago)
100-150 by truck? i wish!! i got out with like 200-300 everyday!! it sucks