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[Traffic Camera] Seattle vs 3 inches of snow

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*No crashes*, but plenty of sliding and some fun audio from the scanner. 2/4/2019. Seattle has a lot of steep hills, and a lot of people with questionable driving skills. Throw a little snow into the mix and it's always a fun show. Some of the steepest hills in the area don't have traffic cameras, so I was limited to just the few featured in this video. I put a lot of time and effort into these videos; if you enjoy what I do, consider throwing me a buck or two: paypal.me/SeattleTrafficCams Thanks for watching! Music: If I Had a Chicken, by Kevin MacLeod via the YouTube audio library
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BlehhhBlooo (22 days ago)
I remember my boss was so angry I called out this whole week, but I explained there was no way I'm touching those hills sorry!
Odin Gnarles (1 month ago)
Lower the psi and have fun
Gloxxify (2 months ago)
It's your tires. Seattle people don't want to spend 300 bucks on a set of snow tires that will only really be needed 3-5 days, every year or two. We have hills yes, but I went to school in Pullman and CWU and there's hills there too, with much more snow. I was here during these storms too but had my tires and was passing everyone and watching them spin out and get stuck. Didn't even really have to adjust my driving. AWD and all seasons are not an adequate substitute for snow tires.
Tae Lim (6 months ago)
“But I have awd and all season tires!!! And I’m a highly skilled driver”
HERPY DERPEDY (1 month ago)
Not even snow tires work on ice they're basically summer tires. They do remain pliable better than other but nothing grips ice besides studs or chains.
2127EShelby (10 months ago)
For all the commenters who have never lived in Seattle, you just don't get it! I grew up and drove in Minnesota until I was 30+ and drove professionally in Seattle for years with Shuttle Express (driving people to and from the airport, from their homes). Seattle snow is usually rare and a different beast! The hills don't look as bad on a video as they are and marine climate snowfall is nothing like cold weather snow. Throw in that there are NO streets that go directly through the city east/west... "Seattle has a great snow plan: STAY HOME!"
larrymbs (11 months ago)
Guy on the bike killed me 😆😆😆😉
Truckers Wall of Shame Unchained (11 months ago)
A city full of suv's and people ask what A-4 stans for on that one nob they have no clew what it does
Zachary Markley (11 months ago)
As a Seattle native, I will say that I am embarrassed at how much this area of Washington SUCKS with snow.
dudearchjohnson (11 months ago)
"Lower 48 " drivers smh
xTwinCityZx (11 months ago)
@dudearchjohnson k
dudearchjohnson (11 months ago)
@xTwinCityZx naw i have friends from there and ive been thru there...kinda close but still nuttin compared to the seasoned ak driver. #L48
xTwinCityZx (11 months ago)
Minnesota here. Don't lump us in with them.
Patrick Smith (11 months ago)
are these people having driving issues with winter tires?
Truckers Wall of Shame Unchained (11 months ago)
Seatle'ns...dobt know what winter tires are, what tire chains do or how to operate 4 wheel drive...i live in boise...it has to snow 2ft before we consider a snow day...they freak out with a little ice and a dusting of snow
Mark Fox (11 months ago)
Ice then snow on top, it appears.
Ray Brensike (11 months ago)
It was a few days of tough sleddin'. I saw very few cable chains on tires. People were trying to get home from work and when they got to a hill they couldn't make it up and it backed up a lot of traffic. If you know you are going to be out in this stuff, please have some cable chains for your tires. I put mine on and then had to get around so many cars that did not know what to do when they came to a hill. Really, there was little they could do. Park it somewhere if you don't have chains.
Mon Mi (11 months ago)
I hate people. U see someone else struggling with their car and you just drive around, you dont stop to give that person time/space, they just keep doing. Selfish people.
Gloxxify (2 months ago)
If you stop on a hill you get stuck. It's called inertia. The person struggling is probably stuck because they stopped or were trying to crawl too slow up the hill and gravity pulled them to a stop.
hpygolkyone (11 months ago)
The Pacific Northwest never starts off with just snow. We always have it snow to the point of slush and then we get blasted with a freeze that creates 2 inches of solid ice. Then we get snow again hiding the danger beneath. When it has “just snowed and snowed” sometimes 2 feet, driving in snow is easy
Appable (9 months ago)
Corollary, half the time our snow isn't even fun to play in (though you can bet I'll be out there if it's nice snow!)
Belia Luedke (1 year ago)
sweet. 💖
_______ (11 months ago)
People in Seattle cant drive for shit normally now with barley any snow they lose their minds
cwh24 (11 months ago)
@_______ Tbh it's not just Seattle. You could live anywhere and say the same thing. Americans can't drive.
w/ever floats your boat (11 months ago)
_Lopez _ care enough to answer back
Mark Fox (11 months ago)
_Lopez_ and you spell barely as barley so you can't spell for shit. Loser.
Curtis Griggs (1 year ago)
The guy on the bicycle has it down pat
GILBERT Hernandez (1 year ago)
Too cold. San Antonio Texas better
AvaZweetie (1 year ago)
Ryan Meier (1 year ago)
I've been to a lot of places, west side Washington has some of the worst drivers I've ever driven around
Casanova Frankenstein (1 year ago)
Use your turn signals. Jackasses.
joe kobeissi (1 year ago)
Us Philadelphians can drive in 3 inches of snow
steve9509 (11 months ago)
yes but why would you want to ever live in Philadelphia?
Minien (1 year ago)
joe kobeissi On your flat plains? Yup.
thegermanduck (1 year ago)
Thank you for setting this to ragtime! It truly captures the zany insanity that is this city's adverse weather action plan - or lack there of.
Doug Lei (1 year ago)
Title should read Seattle vs 3 inch of snow and half inch layer of ice and steep hills.
GrowBetter (1 year ago)
Ya, like you do any better in any other kinda snow. Quit whining 🤣
snowrocket (1 year ago)
I love Seattle snow driving videos! Pittsburgh, PA-like hills, with almost no one equipped to drive on them in snow.
capang9555 (1 year ago)
Should've put the spongebob music to it
Fact Checker (1 year ago)
Typical summer tire idiots!!!! ........ Until cops start ARRESTING these fools for not having WINTER tires, these fools will never go away!!!
Jeff Jansen (10 months ago)
@2127EShelby For many good reasons, and not just snow.
2127EShelby (10 months ago)
You've nev.r been to Seattle. Got it.
Jeff Jansen (11 months ago)
@GrowBetter LOL I used to drive 3 ton wrecks, and when it snowed over a foot and a half I would put on the chains. It never boring, always a blast. Cheers
GrowBetter (11 months ago)
@Jeff I laugh when they hit me as well, My winter rig is an old dented up all wheel drive GMC Safari. Not worth enough to worry about, lots of protection in a bender. I either come out ahead or at least even from insurance in these vehicles and get the fun of a bumper car ride to boot. It's only happened twice, My job is driving, so also to make them miss me. I take that seriously. Old saying in the business, doesn't matter what the law says every wreck is your fault. Rigorous, maybe unfair, but slapping yourself when someone hits you keeps you always perfecting that simple task of driving.
Jeff Jansen (11 months ago)
You get a big fine here if you don't have snow tires, on my third set of Michelin Xi3 tires with AWD, it"s great to laugh at these fools until they hit you.
Bobby Patton (1 year ago)
Studded tires and awd keeps me out of these videos lmao.
GrowBetter (1 year ago)
To each their own I guess. If they give you some confidence, that's something. Studs need harder rubber which isnt as good as soft or you'll throw them. Numerous variables change the equation and I've driven through many combinations, though of course not all in 20+ years driving for a living. Mine and company rigs in real winter weather every year That and a close friend and a family member in the tire business inputs form my conclusions. Studs are definitely better than hard rubber, smoother, quiet, non aggressive and long lasting summer tires though.
Bobby Patton (1 year ago)
@GrowBetter When it comes to stopping and steering it all comes down to the tires. If you are on black ice studs are the only hope you have.
Bobby Patton (1 year ago)
@GrowBetter When it comes to stopping and steering it all comes down to the tires. If you are on black ice studs are the only hope you have.
GrowBetter (1 year ago)
All wheel with limited slip may be even bigger than tire quality. You pay in mileage though at about 4-6mpg loss. Studs are little to no help in my experience.
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
Lol, nice. Staying home when it snows keeps me out of these videos :-)
J Bear (1 year ago)
We got 7 in of snow here, and the roads are still shit
Zues Toots (1 year ago)
Winter tires people! they fucking make a difference. To bad you idiots in Wa cant use them effectively enough that they want to tax an additional $100 on each Studded winter tire purchased. Here i am with studded snows in 6 inch of snow and ice doing just fine
XKOPKAR (1 year ago)
I was listening to my scanner most of yesterday up in Everett and it was none-stop chaos and mayhem all over the county.
Matthew Williams (6 months ago)
SeattleTrafficCams ! Oh man I’m saying this way months over but I still remember when we just had this and I love how al gore said in 2005 “hey kids you won’t see snow because of of global warming” generally the planet is gonna have more extreme weather and Seattle could possibly get more snow than the average (which is 5.5 inches a year) Probably what I’m suspecting is in a few years or more we could even see more snow.
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
Lol, I bet. I'm not looking forward to this weekend...
samuel mercedes (1 year ago)
Though it's fun to make fun of Seattlelites when they only got a few inches of snow versus others who get feet and seem to be driving fine; you do have to realize that Seattle got some almost SF style hills. It also doesn't help that most of the roads had a good 1inch layer of ice which makes it almost impossible to stop or climb hills. I'll rather drive my truck on a flat road with feet of snow than Seattle 1 inch icy slushy mix hill all day.
Ubah Nur (10 months ago)
@Robert Crawford true
Robert Crawford (10 months ago)
Dead Freight West Seattle usually gets snow every year not once or twice a decade
Dilly Dilly (11 months ago)
That is fair enough, I grew up in Seattle and it is hilly as fuck, but I've seen Seattle drivers suck all my life too and I can say there were plenty of times where no hills were involved lol.
Karen Louise (11 months ago)
@iceberg LOL I've never been anywhere that people were good drivers!
iceberg (1 year ago)
Seattle drivers still can't drive in perfect weather
Zeke Taney (1 year ago)
It's quite disingenuous to say this is just due to "snow." The snow started on Sunday when it was above freezing and created quite a bit of slush, then the Sunday night temperatures dropped into the teens, and (as you can see in the video) turned it all to a sheet of solid ice. This is how it was the next morning. Combine that with Seattle's hilly topography and it's pretty treacherous. There are some stupid drivers who go out and think they are invincible with their AWD SUVs... but most people, even the people who think they know snow driving well, would have a hard time navigating Seattle in this sort of weather.
My Road Tours (1 year ago)
Agreed but I think the nature of the video is humor. What you mentioned here is exactly what happens here in Boulder (Colorado) all the time and does create a challenging situation. You can always spot the vehicles with and without winter tires...those without can be seen sliding around similar hills. Funny thing is seeing RWD vehicles successfully navigating those same icy/snowy hills with the help of winter tires. Anyhow, hope everyone is safe and enjoys the snow.
GrowBetter (1 year ago)
Take your lumps. 'Snow falls, Seattle folds' is a meme we arent letting go of here in what you eloquently refer to as Spocompton. Stay warm, be safe and thanks for the entertainment neighbor😅
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
@theposiesgirl98 You're right, but this video is just for fun (plus, "Seattle vs 3 inches of snow that's frozen into ice and coating the extremely hilly terrain, which itself is a relic of past glaciation, and also we don't have enough snow plows" is a less catchy title). :-)
theposiesgirl98 (1 year ago)
Zeke Taney THANK YOU! This isn’t your typical snow. I’m from Eastern WA where a few inches causes accidents but not chaos, and is generally drivable with a few years of experience. This shit show though. Holy fuck it’s like signing a death wish if you decide to enter your car and believe that ice won’t fuck you up.
Ras7685 (1 year ago)
This has to be where all stupid drivers go to drive in snow .   LOL !
GrowBetter (1 year ago)
Seattle gets lots of California and Indian transplants. Little to no experience and no measurable snow most years.
Harrison (1 year ago)
Alex M. (1 year ago)
8" here in Marysville 😎
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
Yikes, good luck! :-D
Kitty K. (1 year ago)
Oh no! Not the 'funny music'!
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
Hah, yeah, it's right up there with the 'red circle of doom'
thomas breton (1 year ago)
Who the hell has a giant inflate unciorn inflated, in february...... PS : 3 inches of snow is nothing were I live (canada) but for a west coast city it must be hard.
thomas breton (1 year ago)
@SeattleTrafficCams ! makes a lot sense !
SeattleTrafficCams ! (1 year ago)
Lol, good question... And yeah, 3 inches of snow isn't much compared to a lot of areas, but we do have a lot of really steep hills, and a comparatively small plow / deicing fleet.