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UPS & FedEx Delivery Rant

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Whitty and Porter shed some light on what's wrong with the shipping industry. Full Episode at: http://fthebs.com/streaming-music-services-nespresso-vs-keurig-fedex-ups-problems/ Product Links: Sleep Master Pocketed Spring Mattress: http://goo.gl/LVs9sT Vizio 40-inch 1080p LED LCD: http://goo.gl/n1gBGo
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Text Comments (21)
austin gonzales (7 months ago)
If it doesnt require a signature that what we do but you could alway make a safe place to put the make a note on the door or ever talk to the driver or call the company and tell them where you would like it left
Frederik Saraber (1 year ago)
The management team doesn't even care about you ass lickers, when we advertise the world on time, that's just a front, you got screwed.
Anthony Condegni (1 year ago)
U guys are fools....waiting on some mattress....these stores will deliver it themselves and even bring into the house for u....no u just get it on Amazon to save urselves 4 dollars then bitch about it....white people problems...SMH
Hei Hei (1 year ago)
If you have a residential delivery, assume its coming later in the day. Unlike FedEx, UPS trucks carry packages of different tiered services. Airs and businesses are going to get delivered before your 500 lb. mattress.
Gene Havermann (2 years ago)
those FUKTARDS couldn't deliver a package next door in the same city if their lives depended on it!
Middle Man (2 years ago)
Two pussies
Jordan Johnson (2 years ago)
Lol 2-4 stops before my house... 30 minutes. I'm sorry that made me laugh. You would get your ass chewed so bad if it took you 30 minutes for 4 stops. I know it sucks and I wish I could garuantee a 15 minute window for deliveries for everyone but with all the crap big management pulls it's impossible. Because fluctuating volume is a big factor. For example if one route doesn't have enough stops they will completely cut that route and put that section of town on a different route. So if the normal route delivers that area everything is delivered by noon. But if that route gets cut and a different route has to do that area it will be that last area of their day not getting delivered until 6-7 at night. Stuff like that happens about 3 times a week. It sucks but UPS is all about cutting routes to make their numbers look good. Trust me drivers hate what they do to some people too but in order to keep your job you have to learn to shut your mouth and "work as directed" it will never change.
You Don't know me (2 years ago)
Sorry man amazon does not require signatures. In fact, they don't want them. They in fact waive the signature fee so they do not have to pay that additional fee. It's stuff behind the scenes you don't realize. It's Amazons doing. They want delivery driver to release all the packages at the front door with no signature. We've had meetings about this. Apple on the other hand pays for that additional fee.
gninja92 (2 years ago)
Admins only know what zip codes the drivers are supposed to be working at.
Ryan Scherbluk (2 years ago)
I have the same problem with UPS it says from 6am to 8pm okay fine but it could come at anytime between there. I usually get my package at 12pm or 1pm but it's not reliable because other times it came at 6am like wtf way to early like I was still in bed and I missed it other times it came at 8 pm like wtf way to late like my god. The thing is no one has time to Waite 14 hours to see if the UPS guys coming they need to be more accurate with the times
soulkeeper (3 years ago)
I call my nice customers and the nice ones leave notes. with cell numbers ect...
Jetsam Runt (3 years ago)
Dump the clown Chris FFS!
Mark Soucie (3 years ago)
LOL. You guys have not one clue.
Vincent Pekarek (3 years ago)
I'm a fedex driver and no, fedex has no clue where I am or how or where I go. I plan my route everyday. Things change, shit happens too. I enjoy my job and think just like retail jobs everyone should look at my days. Oh and I get paid per package...so if u want me to drive to ur house 4 to 5 times while ur not there and I cant leave it because of security reasons (tv in sketchy place or liquor to a 18 year old), and I only get paid once...but wasted time and gas...just a thought. Sorry juat my mini rant.
gninja92 (2 years ago)
yes definately but that's on fedex/ups to set up a system . driver is not gonna use his own phone to text every customer
Ryan Scherbluk (2 years ago)
Okay but you gotta think of the person getting the package there's gotta be a different way to let the person receiving the package to know when your coming
Average Guy Reviews (3 years ago)
FedEx "Lost" my package
clonewars22 (3 years ago)
1st world problems complaining about package deliveries. Lol. Step up to the plate and get a job at UPS. Then you'll see what a living hell it can be. Wtf are you ordering a mattress online? Lmao
gninja92 (2 years ago)
he can't fucking go to a lazy boys. or a mealey's and pay for delivery? there is plenty of local matress / furniture stores that do free delivery. its not hard. this guy was just lazy and as mentioned above its just " #firstworldproblems
The Captain (3 years ago)
He was complaining about the company, not it's workers.
Tyler Maxham (4 years ago)
maybee you guys should go out and deliver ur selves its never the same day to day depend on how much u got where ur going to be at what time