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Sucked into a Jet engine?!

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For 2 months of FREE Skillshare premium 👉 https://skl.sh/mentourpilot17 What are the dangers of Jet engined REALLY? In todays episode I will cover everything from why people run the risk of getting sucked into jet engines to the dangers of jet-blasts and flying fan-blades. I hope you will all enjoy this episode and keep sending me your questions and suggestions. If you want to speak to me directly or to other aviation enthusiasts, make sure to download the Mentour Aviation app. You can find the FREE download links below and make sure to check out the NEWS function to keep up with whats happening in the aviation world. 👇 📲https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ To become a member of my Patreon crew, and support the channel, use th link below! 👇 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot Follow my life o Instagram, and see awesome pictures from the cockpit 👇 https://www.instagram.com/mentourpilot I want to send a HUGE "Thank you!" To the channels that were featured in todays episode. Check the links below for the full videos!!👇👇 Article on Jet engine hazards and examples: http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_06/textonly/s02txt.html Daglat/Boeing (Jet blast danger) https://youtu.be/DFP4xl0V0mk MrSoeberg (SU27 Jet blast incident) https://youtu.be/o55yZUmHsNs Kai A. Hortmann (B747 blowing people at st Marteen) https://youtu.be/GqVjD3nBSQg What you haven’t seen (Jet blast moves catering carts) https://youtu.be/uthFh56-anM Intmentsorg.com (Fighters tear up runway) https://youtu.be/wsJajrzIDEY Dashcam44 (Man sucked int jet engine) https://youtu.be/unXNdrtf2_g GuyRex1 (B737 jet engine sucking snow) https://youtu.be/L1DkUOOfDFk Learn engineering (How does a jet engine work?) https://youtu.be/KjiUUJdPGX0 Globetrekker Aviation (Boeing 787 pushback) https://youtu.be/7t8tjXWUzoo Mentour Pilot (Starting the jet-engine) https://youtu.be/q2RzCph8NAY
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Magnus Johansson (1 day ago)
prata fucking svenska
balaji sriram (1 day ago)
That was very useful information. Thanks a lot!!!
Happy RC (2 days ago)
you need to show a picture of the aftermath of when someone gets sucked into a Commercial Jet Engine.... nothing but hamburger meat behind the engine all over the ramp.
Chris W. (3 days ago)
Major Grant got sucked into an engine, was fatal, blood everywhere.
Stephen Smith (3 days ago)
Toss a coin in with Chinese tourists
noooddle (3 days ago)
I did a noise survey inside a test cell for a J-85 engine. My conclusion was that they are loud. Actually it's not possible to measure it. But sitting in the cell with the thing running, all you can think about is it coming apart. Fortunately, the mechanics did a good job!
RÉGIS T. (4 days ago)
Blablabla, lol...
J H (4 days ago)
J H (4 days ago)
I work on the ramp at LAX. We’re constantly dealing with empty carts and containers being blown around. Some have made it close to aircraft. LAX is so congested that it’s hard to position our equipment in spots that are not near aircraft. If an aircraft comes to a complete stop in the alley, and has to apply thrust from a stop to taxi in the gate. That’s when we hold on for dear life. I’ve almost been knocked off my feet several times.
EliteFireSaint (4 days ago)
Little bits out the back, maybe some spine left in the engine, and some mushy bony bits that have been pulped. Its three hundred and sixty degrees of nasty inside the engine after the incident.
Madhava Rao P (4 days ago)
Good information thank you
Jonathan Buzzard (6 days ago)
Sounds like on a modern glass cockpit is they could put in some cctv so you can see what is going on around the plane.
AB Ba (8 days ago)
None of us in Public will ever Come close to or in proximity of Running Jet Engines. But those Working around it must see this Youtube Video Channel for Safety. Thank you.
Shamus Yasharahla (4 days ago)
Is that a shrine to Silvester Stallone behind his head?
Chihan Lee (8 days ago)
8:36 the dog lol
Mentour Pilot (8 days ago)
He is a star!
Harry Vanhoo (9 days ago)
To Mentour Pilot, I love your videos. They enhance my sense of perspective enormously. This video builds a better understanding of the power, latent and potential. Those seemingly tiny little tubes with rotating fans, can empower a skyscraper size craft, full of people, into the sky and half way around the world, at near orbital heights, again and again, with phenomenal reliability. The dynamics are really way up there.
Mike Skinner (10 days ago)
When I worked on a certain V-bomber one of the guys outside thought he could deafen us in the cockpit by putting his throat mic up in the intake when we went to full throttle. We felt a bump and he had been sucked in. If a bird got sucked in - the smell was terrible. When the bleed valve opens it can blow with a lot of force out of the side of the engine and blow a guy quite a distance.
Arman Anand (10 days ago)
Waet what
Even turbo props are surprisingly powerful, I once stood behind a SAAB 340 at a spot in Glasgow airport where they do idle engine runs. Just on idle the blast zone behind the props was ripping blades of grass out the ground, each blade of grass felt like being whipped! Certainly wasn't expecting that!
Douglas Thompson (12 days ago)
Isn't it curious that in an era of $50 backup cameras there are none on multi million dollar aircraft? Doug
James Bernardino (12 days ago)
Just a note, for that carrier deck crewman who was sucked into that A-6 Intruder, the aircraft type is not a Fighter type, but is an an Attack type plane. 🤔 Yes, He (crewman) was fortunate, luckily the air inlet on the A-6 is quite long and sinuous, those helping to avoid contact with the compressor/fan blades. 😳
Nathan Weatherly (12 days ago)
gojitmal1978 (12 days ago)
Please, more people do it...too many idiots around.
John Doe (13 days ago)
8:50 Actual footage, sailor sucked into engine.
JDM4LIFE (13 days ago)
If u look at the video the dudes arm got sucked in first so I don't think he had an arm after the incedent. Plus there were flames out the back so something had to have gone through the engine and the arm could be the reason
MrBobinater (13 days ago)
There's probably a legit reason and thus this may be a stupid question, but why not just put some giant mesh grating or something in front of the fans?
Shaun Churchill (13 days ago)
Something the aviation industry safety specialists should have educated the masses about decades ago. This man needs to be awarded for his candid approach to aviation ground safety. Well done 👍
Johnfuse (13 days ago)
Being sucked into an engine would really suck...
Dododicksy (13 days ago)
My comment got it to 1000 comments
Theodore Freeman (13 days ago)
I worked the flight deck on the USS American. The plane was on the cat ready to launch and I saw a open latch on the engine compartment. I when under closed it and came out just as they started running up. Where I had to come out in had to be close to the intake. It started to lift me off my feet I grabbed the nose gear until they idled the engine down and came out. When you feel your feed come off the ground it gives you a very sick feeling and your life flashes before your eyes. It was on a A 6 E aircraft like the one they are showing.
Canzandridas Joe (13 days ago)
I think you might be the ONLY youtuber who has an intro that actually "makes sense", or at least, "serves a purpose". I'm impressed lmao
Waldemar Melendez (15 days ago)
Never get closet to a idler engine, OR PROPELAN,,,IT TO DANGER ,,,AIRPORT FIREFIGHTING,,,
sladasafari (15 days ago)
Why doesnt planes have cameras so you can overlook the engines or the surroundings Every modern car has a 360 owerview
Julia Shenandoah (11 days ago)
Boeing 777 and 787 has 360° cameras above and under the engine.
Johnfuse (13 days ago)
More drag, more fuel cost and what car has a 360 overview with cameras? Most only have cameras in the back, maybe in the front as well, but surely not 360 degree
cantfindmykeys (15 days ago)
Jet Blast Surfing. People are brilliant, aren't they? 😆
Eddy Vandenberghe (16 days ago)
Interesting, but.... instead of getting clearance for the start of the engines first from the tower, turning on the rotating becons, hope that no one is in front of the intake, etc., wouldn't it be easier just to put a horn (claxon) on the yoke and blow the horn? Why make things so complicated? lol By the way: I love your posts, you're indeed a very good instructor. Always clear and understandable explanations. Keep up the good work ! Best wishes for 2020 from Holland. Keep the blue side up.
Gato Sin Botas (17 days ago)
I got sucked but it wasn't by a jet engine.
Masaharu Morimoto (17 days ago)
dude, that harrier video still haunts me every now and again. I'll never un-see that.
dillan 2.0 (17 days ago)
People die from getting sucked and do it spiraling metal blades way about 30000 pounds of force on each blade spinning at 72000 RPMs no way if you don't believe him just take a and find somebody with a power stroke or a Dodge Cummins have them floor it when the turbo starts screaming take and put your finger up there it'll suck your whole hand in there before it shuts the turbo down cuz they're moving at a belt 32000 RPM to 75000 RPM it won't end well because one year I fired my Dodge Cummins up and took off down the road apparently there was a huge rat that it got inside of air filter housing to stay warm my cat pulling a hill and hit about 27 lb of boost and all the sudden I heard this ungodly noise it suck that whole rat is probably 3 lb through that little bitty opening 1000$ new Turbo $900 new intercooler the only reason I knew it was a rat was because the tale managed to pass through without getting damaged too much anyways it was some bullshit if you leave your truck sitting pump the air filter off to take a look
intuitiv.me (17 days ago)
Don't they install a backwards looking camera by now? They are installing so many cameras nowadays.
Jim Griffiths (17 days ago)
The SWA1380 event shocked me when I was listening to the radio comms this morning. The part where the pilot informs ATC that someone has "gone out" through the hole, it sent shivers down my spine.
Andrew Hall (18 days ago)
Looks like the name of a porn movie
Ohmz27 (18 days ago)
I'm less than layman with this. Didn't know the ATC managed engine starts around the runway too, that's a lot of responsibility! How many ATCs run a tower on average?
n0rpp4 (18 days ago)
Learn how to survive getting sucked into a jet engine with Skillshare
miku7 (2 days ago)
I survived by throwing my indestructible QC35 Bose headphones in the jet engine.
TheExileFox (19 days ago)
But what do you do if the engine lights are stuck on?
Currawong (20 days ago)
Some interesting videos related to this worth searching for: The documentaries on making jet engines, including the latest Rolls Royce one. A single fan blade costs something like $40k to make. Also, AgentJayZ has a lot of fascinating maintenance and testing videos for jet engines.
Row Deo (20 days ago)
I think you are running this you tube as a means to continuously review what you have learned by passing it on to us lay people and that is great!!!!
David P (20 days ago)
The CFM-56 is a beautiful creature. I was on an TRT main engine control trim; with a run fence in place. As I was looking at the leading edge from the nose of the plane, I saw a bird fly by the inlet. My coworker was under the engine using the trim tool and saw the bird too. That little bastard actually evaded death and it looked like the vacuum didn’t even phase it. It was well within the 15ft safety zone. I, on the other hand, needed to change my pants because engine changes suck ass and fan blades at those speeds are deadly and my coworker could have gained some titanium weight... Now the back side is a brute. I have seen cop cars tossed like a piece of paper at 75% N1. Funny as hell as long as the driver survives.
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (20 days ago)
At American Airlines they always told us don't get to close to the engines unless you want to be come hamburger meat.
Cliff Jones (20 days ago)
Here's a question I haven't found an answer to. And it's on point for this video. Does the exhaust from a jet engine come out as a cyclonic or spiral flow, or is it just a straight blast?
Jan Girke (21 days ago)
Why are there no rear view cameras on planes?
lexington (21 days ago)
Now I want to know more about how a jet engine produces thrust. I guess you have a video on that. I didn't know 80-90% was produced by the fan in the front.
TheRantingCabby (21 days ago)
Turbofan equals hamburger helper. Very bad. But the guy that got sucked into the intake of the A-6 Intruder only got banged up. Some of his clothes got snagged on pitot tubes inside. But because it's turbojet, you'll hit the front main bearing which has 14 support struts. Your body will not fit through. Even if your arm went between the struts, there are stator fins behind it. So no, the guy was not at risk of going into a meat grinder. The only risk is impact trauma.
Tyrone Logan (22 days ago)
Who the can afford implants. Sorry he must be talking to rich white people
Stevenson Chambers (23 days ago)
Just after I started a brief(year and a half) stint working at an FBO at my hometown airport, I heard about an incident that happened in El Paso a few years prior. A mechanic was ingested by a running 737 engine with the passengers boarded. The mechanic was killed instantly and many of the passengers traumatized. Many described feeling the aircraft violently shudder momentarily. They would later learn it was caused by the mechanic's body in the engine. Years later pictures were released and it looked as if something was dropped into a food processor.
Guy Croxford (23 days ago)
Birds say thank you for this video
azzir325 (24 days ago)
Back in the early 70's I was on a Boeing 707 type aircraft (four engines) at JFK. The engines had been started at the gate, but we had not pushed back yet. I was in a window seat over the right wing and had a good view of the front of number 3, which drew a funnel from the ground. I witnessed a piece of paper, loose leaf sized, sucked into the engine, and I immediately told a Stew. She thanked me, and apparently she immediately told the cockpit, because I saw a ground crew member walk over to the idling engine, reach in and withdraw the piece of paper. Apparently there was a screen grating ahead of the rotating parts in those days, pre turbo fan. The Stew later came back to me to say thank you again and reassure me that the paper would not have posed a problem for the motor, which I had assumed anyway, but it was cool to see.
Raymond Dunn (24 days ago)
I am a private pilot based in El Paso and I knew the mechanic killed in the Southwest airlines accident. He maintained my airplane and was one of the nicest guys you could meet. My understanding is he was checking the aircraft and it was a very windy day. I wasn't there buy remembered the day well. A gust of wind blew his hat off and when he instinctively reached for it his arm and then body got sucked into the engine. He was a seasoned mechanic and everyone in the aviation community here was shocked by what happened. This pilot says there have been many such accidents but it is my understanding this one was the first and only such accident here in the states involving a commercial operation. Aviation has always been and will continue to be a great humbler to those wonderful men and their flying machines. As a buddy of mine who flew scout helicopters in Vietnam told me, it was generally complacency that got many aviators killed.
Stevenson Chambers (23 days ago)
When did this incident happen in El Paso? Did it happen in 2006? If so then I heard all about it when I started working at my hometown airport during a break from school in 2009. A mechanic demonstrated the proper procedure to check a running engine on a 737. He approached the engine nacelle engine access door from the side and far from the intake. I read it wasn't just the fault of the mechanic. The pilot also shares blame for brining the engine speed to 70% full power. Airport policy forbids the engines being brought above idle. This greatly increased the inlet hazard area and resulted in him being sucked in. There are pictures online of the engine just after the accident. You cannot identify what passed through the bypass fan. It was morbid.
torrace12 (24 days ago)
Very good and instructive video for a knowledge omnivore like me i should have studied aviation more when i was younger there are many basic physical rules that i have not known about
D Hansel (25 days ago)
I remember going out to Kingsville Naval Air Station in the late 60's I would see signs "Prevent FOD". I had no idea what "FOD" was. Later I found out that a jet could suck debris off the hanger floor or the runway and tear up an engine. At times airmen would do a "FOD" walk. They would get about 3' apart and walk down the runway looking for things like nuts, bolts or rocks. "FOD stood for Foreign Obstacle Damage"
Its Me (25 days ago)
Are those cushions red and green to match the wingtip lights on a plane?
Slowshop & Custom (26 days ago)
God jul 🙂
Bibek Thapa (26 days ago)
Great explanation! Thank you for the video. Glad to see your lovely dog and pic of Lord Buddha.
Chad Portenga (26 days ago)
I noticed more editing in this that I remember usually. So, that begs the question: Do you have any "Blooper & Outtake" videos?
Nathan Lawrence (26 days ago)
birds: whuts this giant spiny thing come at me? HALP IM BEING EATING Pilots: i think we got a bird strike in eng 2 act: Ok land any runway pilots: eng 1 out also we are nit gowing to make it we are gowing down in the hudson act: We have lost radar contact.. Get PEOPLE TO WHARE THE PLANES GOWIBG DOWN NOW GET THE COST GARD THARE AND NEARBY BOATs Birds: help....me *drows*
Nathan Lawrence (26 days ago)
Hutson do u get it
triton115 (27 days ago)
13:30 I would think the jet blast upon takeoff would be at least around 700 miles per hour, which is actually faster than the pyroclastic blast when Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, and a bit more than twice the wind speeds measured in the vortex of the 1999 Oklahoma City tornado. You would literally be talking a force of upwards of 1,000 pounds per square foot in winds that strong.
Ahmad Sayyed (27 days ago)
Very engaging video I really like it and it’s educational to
Satyabrata Chakraborty (27 days ago)
Very well explained. As an aviation enthusiastic I can say that your explanations are quite interesting. Keep it up Mentour..
Christopher Taylor (27 days ago)
The Darwin awards, you’re killing me 🤣
Spaghetti (28 days ago)
i never turn off my anti-collision so it comes on the moment i turn on the battery switch... to me.. signifying the aircraft is under power and could be started at any time
Milk Manson (28 days ago)
Is it just me, or is it time for a new left front tire (6m29s)
Laura White (28 days ago)
Love your sidekick's commentary ! It's like having Ed MacMahon in the right seat.
Ironic Iconic (28 days ago)
Whats up with the gay stewardess and his gay puddle?
Bill Thomas (28 days ago)
The North American Sabre and the RAAF variant, the Avon Sabre sucked in a number of servicemen. The intakes were big and at body mass height and ground crews were only used to propellers and low power jets. A lethal mix.
michael mooney (29 days ago)
your referring to the runway threshold.
nas (29 days ago)
I wanna be sucked in by a jet engine..
Tom Servo (27 days ago)
nas: only by a stripper named 'jet engine'
Samuel Sujuno (29 days ago)
MrSupercar55 (29 days ago)
Just ask Molly Schultz.
bradley rogers (30 days ago)
Why aren't cameras installed that will give the pilots a view of the wings and motors? Almost all new motor vehicles these days have these cameras and yet a plane does not? It always make me wonder why.
Tyler H (29 days ago)
Because ground personnel are trained to stay away from engines when the beacon light is illuminated, the rest is up to darwinism.
Larrymmcclain (30 days ago)
I just noticed your port and starboard pillows. Now I have to check other videos I've seen for the pillows. HAR HAR HAR
foo bar (30 days ago)
And please stay buckled up the whole flight.
Aaron Morris (30 days ago)
Pretty weird to think that perhaps most cars now have rear view mirrors, but airliners don't.
Erik 567 (30 days ago)
I'm in my A&P school and 35 ft in the front, 100' in the rear at idle power and 200' in the rear at takeoff power.
Fs777 (30 days ago)
5:45 Is it not N2 ?
Ryad Arlan (1 month ago)
Where are you going thats 22 hours? Why not just go the other way?
Sean Riley (1 month ago)
In 2006 there was a 737 in El Paso, TX that sucked in a mechanic, which he did not survive. They were running the engine while boarding the aircraft, so plenty of passengers got to witness it. Years later, I met a mechanic that witnessed the tragedy first hand and his recount was very gruesome. It was so hard on him that he quit aviation altogether. He’s also had many sleepless nights and probably not enough professional therapy.
MotorcycleMan (1 month ago)
The dog says: There he goes again. Blah, blah, blah. Just pet me and give me a puperoni!
Arioch IV (1 month ago)
The UPS Truck is a new international standard unit of volume. :D
hawkturkey (15 days ago)
One UPS truck per second is a suction of 10,000 aardvarks. (As in the old Pink Panther cartoons. When the aardvark sticks his snout into an anthill and the Hoover sound begins.)
Csodas2 (1 month ago)
So you say that an aircraft is a huge wacumcleaner? :))
Yumpin Yiminy (1 month ago)
You can't fix stupid especially when your drunk on the beach!
Jim Himes (1 month ago)
Why don’t they have cameras on aircraft now showing the outside of the plane? Cars even have backup cameras these days. Maybe have 6 or so cameras on a plane showing all of the plane. Could also be good in emergency situations alerting pilots to engine issues/etc.
kapil jbp (1 month ago)
Runway 35l one reverse thrust works ng
Wallace (1 month ago)
Probably a silly question but when you talk about say '40% thrust' is that 40% of the maximum RPM or 40% of the maximum rated thrust ?
sho bordy (1 month ago)
its not a percentage, its something called N1 read bout it.
Peter Ballin (1 month ago)
I learn so much from your vids, and love your dogs!
Pierre Forget (1 month ago)
My brother-in-law was a fighter pilot in the 60s (Canadian) and he is wondering why the new airplanes don't have cameras everywhere they are needed. Cameras are so small now, and we have all the systems to be able to view them. How come t's still the flight attendant who has to look at an engine and report it to the pilot? If there was a camera on the tail, the pilot could have a full view of the plane in flight, and cameras under the belly would show if somebody is still there.
Da Engineer (1 month ago)
Great vid, not only did you answer the question perfectly but also gave us a lot of context that pilots have to consider. Thanks, excellent job
John Harris (1 month ago)
Have we in the world got enough air to run these things!!!!!?
roger1965100 (1 month ago)
We all know what you mean abpout the vacuum cleaner and not realising until it's too late. C'mon lads, who hasn't turmed up at their local A&E with a Dust Buster attached to their private parts and given the excuse " I was Hoovering the stairs while n*ked...."
sparky obrian (1 month ago)
as an airline mechanic all my life,( Im about to retire) Ive changed several engines that were human ingestion incidents. and two propellers and gearboxes, cleaned brakes and tires from two run overs and replaced parts from two mechs caught in gear doors. Its disgusting, the coroner never picks up everything leaving maintenance to clean up as much as 10 hours later, the smell can be unreal. yea I have a few pics, I drag them out to show new mechanics. When I went to school on the 737 in the 80's the Instructor noted that there had been more than 23 ingestion "accidents" at that point of the 737. note as you get closer to the intake the airflow grows exponentially as you approach the inlet lip, so one sec your solid no feeling of airflow then 3 inches closer and you're on your way to hamburger land. we work running engines all the time so situational awareness is key.
RÉGIS T. (1 month ago)
Be careful, especially if you have a plane in your living room...
Daathaan (1 month ago)
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeere was an old lady who got sucked into a jet enginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne. I don't know why she got sucked into a jet enginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne. Obviously, she's gonna die. =guitar solo= Shout out to Squawk Box.