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What is an emerging market? | CNBC Explains

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The term 'emerging markets' was coined to describe the 'third world' but now includes a huge range of countries. CNBC's Xin En Lee explains what's behind the term. ----- Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wuoARM Subscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMv Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternational Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinternational/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNBCi
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Text Comments (168)
Baheer Ahmadzai (1 month ago)
And don’t you get that Russia is not a emerging market even though it sacrificed 10% of its GDP on Crimea.
Baheer Ahmadzai (1 month ago)
What a lie there is no such thing as dept as high as 63 trillion dollars that is to much money for the government to borrow!!!!!!!
rakesh kumar (1 month ago)
I cnt compare Brazil and Indonasia with India
Joseph Aserios (2 months ago)
nice, when was this filmed in bali?
Boogey MANN (4 months ago)
wtf the per capita growth of the Philippines is 5.5% in 2017
Pinoy Mindanaoan (3 months ago)
Boogey MANN it wasn't above 5% over the past 20 years. It's fairly recent.
Moses (4 months ago)
Emerging market= best bang for your buck!
C Will (4 months ago)
This video is Some white propaganda. Cancelled.
C Will (4 months ago)
CNBC, Third World is a Colonial term. Stop with the BS. And change your text.
Lily Petit (4 months ago)
as far as I know South Korea is a developed country.
A B A D D O N Noddaba (5 months ago)
at 0:01 keep pushing the left arrow with high volume.
Warren Buffett (5 months ago)
Invest in it, you’ll be stacked
THE JATT GAME (5 months ago)
hello can anybody help me to find out what mkes an emerging market attractive as a source of supplier and customer in supply chain
Anshul Sharma (5 months ago)
It feels really strange hearing that word "third world" . well I live in one of them
Amir Ismail (6 months ago)
Malaysia is not an emerging market country
Love your English (6 months ago)
Where's the Philippines!!!???
M Simas (6 months ago)
Brazil will be a great choice for 2019
Matias Guzman (6 months ago)
Argentina turned his economy to the right to be once again an emerging market and now is in recesion. So following the advises for being an emerging market can sometimes be catastrophic
Joseph Smith (6 months ago)
CNBC is a sham channel.... Please, don't believe anything they say!
Jonathan Chan (7 months ago)
Several people complaining about her pronunciation and yet they forget how multilingual this person could be! If she is indeed a Singaporean, she may be very well can speak Malay, Indian or at the very least Chinese. Let's stop being too critical about other people's tongue, especially if you only speak and understand English throughout your entire life.
Swaraj Kalbande (8 days ago)
India has more than 500 languages There is no language called Indian......Major language is Hindi.
Rajesh pillai (7 months ago)
Very good explanation Can you please make a video on what are the types of indexes ? And their categories
Samuel Liu (7 months ago)
INCORRECT: S korea has not been an emerging economy for over 20years
Danny (7 months ago)
Emerging market is a very lose term ! It's based on stock exchanges mostly which is a very poor indicator of economic power. It's should be based of industrial output and infrastructure !
Atipat12 (7 months ago)
Atipat12 (7 months ago)
Vindu Devi (7 months ago)
Your animations are very good except your english language ,please choose easy words to explain economical topics
Hackie Mercadal (6 months ago)
You can say, use simple words for explaining topics in Economics. I hope that simplifies your comment :)
kushagra bainsla (7 months ago)
Why the hell western media always take video shots of poor people if they want to show india😕
Mikey (7 months ago)
As though if you don't have cheap plastic cr*p being sold out of every other door you are not "developed."
Puraskar Chakrabarti (8 months ago)
Explain George Soros' 1992 Black Wednesday Heist.
C. Lincoln (8 months ago)
Now do frontier markets.
King Joffrey (8 months ago)
there's something about the host that turns me off.. 😳
cool time (8 months ago)
Stephanie Hale (8 months ago)
*I would not classify (South) Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan, and Qatar as emerging markets. They are pretty developed with the kind of population they have.*
C Will (4 months ago)
Qatar and Taiwan no, but Czech Republic for sure is a emerging mArket.
Golden Squatch (7 months ago)
Taiwan Economy slowed when China rose rapidly!
Adinna Ikhwani (7 months ago)
@Stephanie Hale i don't said japan is cheap, currency is still a vital one 1998, malaysia is one of 10 asia countries that is stable from asia crisis, even though is less developed than korea, cheaper than korea, despite korea's currency is lower than malaysia, I'm not said that the lower currency, the cheaper of the cost living they have, but look at history and reality too, read "asia economy crisis" and see which one of asia's countries is more stable. FYI, japan, indonesia, china, south korea, and thailand is more fragile than malaysia, 1997/1998, ok?
Stephanie Hale (7 months ago)
@Adinna Ikhwani It may be true, but that doesn't mean it's relatable to the topic. When you write "1 ringgit: 268 won", you really don't know how currencies work. Because what you wrote had nothing to do with currency fluctuation at large. 1 USD equals about 113 Japanese Yen, but that doesn't mean Japan is cheap. It's one of the most expensive countries in the world, however, with the low inflation rate. Take some classes in economics, international relations, finance, and capital markets.
Adinna Ikhwani (7 months ago)
@Stephanie Hale lol, you are the one who have no idea that what i said is true
Rajdeep Dey (8 months ago)
In the ever growing World how can there be Discrimination. So Called Developed Countries Has People with so less knowledge. For instance look at POTUS.
ryan B (8 months ago)
They are all shitholes. That's we these days are desperate to go to western countries.
G Joeye (8 months ago)
dont worry, no one will come to UK. And only small number of upper middle class and rich come to your country.
G Joeye (8 months ago)
first of all, there is difference between emerging markets and "third world". "third world" are classified under "UNDERDEVELOPED country" or "low income" COUNTRY like somalia, syria, african continents, pakistan ETC. While emerging markets come under "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION" or "UPPER MIDDLE"/"LOWER MIDDLE" INCOME countries. to classify "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS" like china, brazil, indonesia, russia, turkey, malaysia etc. with "THIRD WORLD" like somalia, syria, afghanistan etc. is NOTHING BUT EXTREME BIAS AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT to top 20 economies of china, brazil, indonesia, malaysia, russia, india etc. SO MUCH FOR "JOURNALISM". please learn the difference between "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION"/ EMERGING NATIONS and "third world"
smani kandan (8 months ago)
AYON BISWAS (8 months ago)
What is an emerging market? Oh, it is just a fancy word for 'Ready to loot, again'.
thang swargiary (8 months ago)
I like this girl
Hasan Imam (8 months ago)
What about Bangladesh? It meets all the criteria of emerging market.
admin dadi pancar (5 months ago)
@Mehedi Bari Indonesia Export CPO & Iron Ore
ram raghuwanshi (6 months ago)
@Mehedi Bari Indonesia exports multiple things... Unlike bangladesh whose 90% export is textile
Mehedi Bari (6 months ago)
ram raghuwanshi so will Indonesia
ram raghuwanshi (8 months ago)
Obviously its an emerging market only issue with it is its over reliance on textile export... Imagine if something happens to textile sector bangladesh will suffer badly
Man mar (8 months ago)
India is losser we Pakistan's are champion , we will be superpower by 2050 not India .
Praful chandravanshi (2 months ago)
@Hackie Mercadal Islamabad is well organised and better than cities of India 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hackie Mercadal (6 months ago)
Islamabad is more organized than Delhi or other cities in India. I hope that happens. The only advantage of India from the rest is its population. Aside from that, with all the scams that they do to innocent people such as tourists, I'm not sure if that country will get a good Karma.
dhruvgarg (7 months ago)
divyansh gupta (8 months ago)
Kishore Singh (8 months ago)
Love your sarcasm
jopi doloksaribu (8 months ago)
She is in indonesia
admin dadi pancar (5 months ago)
siddhartha yadav (8 months ago)
Actually the reporter is from China so we know what is the quality of information
Siddharth mankar (8 months ago)
Please change the host....totli hai wo
Clyde Ceniza (8 months ago)
Please replace the host! Her pronounciation is annoying
catholic rapist chirch (8 months ago)
Russia is a declining power not an emerging one
Tyrese Stewart (8 months ago)
Their called NEE’s (Newly emerging economy’s)
G Joeye (8 months ago)
SOURAV SWAIN (8 months ago)
Show videos in which other countries do better, stop talking about china...
ribsandbbqbeef (8 months ago)
Please have someone else do the piece. Her pronunciation is annoying.
Prabuddha Mitra (8 months ago)
south korea is a developed country!!
Danny (7 months ago)
No they are not
Adinna Ikhwani (7 months ago)
In term of "developed", yeah, but still they are being called EM because of the weak currency, although not as weak as rupee, lira and rupiah, but still lose to ringgit and yuan and yen, see?
C. Lincoln (8 months ago)
India will be super power by 2020, tell a friend.
Time motion pictures (8 months ago)
Alwaleed bin talal video
Siddharth Kumar (8 months ago)
Emerging market = cheap food
Bizyuan (7 months ago)
Siddharth Kumar South Korea is a highly developed country
G Joeye (8 months ago)
CHEAP EVERYTHING. Even expensive commodity can be paid through installment(no interest rate)
Rishabh (8 months ago)
So true..
swapnil kurve (8 months ago)
Her English sucks😂
Boogey MANN (4 months ago)
@虞海 Most of us know how to speak in English.
虞海 (4 months ago)
Boogey MANN Filipinos don't speak English lah, they speak Austronesian.
Boogey MANN (4 months ago)
@虞海 Filipinos speak English.
Hackie Mercadal (6 months ago)
@虞海 well, maybe Singapore English is different from the standard but very understandable compared to Indians speaking in English. Then there they are with the guts saying they hate this lady's English.
Hackie Mercadal (6 months ago)
@XAIKIA Axom Indians may know a bit of English, but incomprehensible. That's 'indianized' English. I hate talking to them. Hahaha
Mini Priyalata (8 months ago)
Nipun Delhite (8 months ago)
Emerging Markets :- Historically Rich countries LOOTED by BRITISH COLONISATION.
Red John (3 days ago)
@Jewish Tryhard India was not wealthy??where do u learn Ur history??at the peak of Roman Empire India was 50 percent of world economy..Rome was 1..China 30....there is difference between city state empire like Rome and civilizations...Hollywood movies are not history
Boogey MANN (4 months ago)
nah mate The Philippines became pretty rich during the Spanish colonization. And even more so during the American one. It was only after we started getting bad presidents like Marcos did the economy decline.
wrabyapta (7 months ago)
Nipun 89 or dutch
Jewish Tryhard (8 months ago)
Mass Suraj India now has an ok economy because it has over a billion people and their market is larger because of that. It's much richer than back then, and I never said their economy was trash
Purna Bodra (8 months ago)
@Jewish Tryhard debating with majority of Indians with logic is a foolish idea. Tip from an Indian.
noelj317 (8 months ago)
We did a case study at my university on Sony. On how they were once a power house globally when it came to electronics. Now they seem to be slacking behind. Can you guys please do a video on Sony back then to now. They really seem to be foll behind Apple and Samsung.
Huy Tran (8 months ago)
According to what I know, Sony nowadays focuses on another division instead of consumer electronics because they cannot compete with many Chinese, Korean manufacturers in terms of the price and innovation speed. The placement is device's component, especially camera sensor. Sony is a key player in this market where mostly every phone, camera manufacturer buys the Japanese company's product.
忍者Ninja (8 months ago)
If you want that kind of video then go watch ColdFusion. He has a lot of good topic about businesses.
J Nigel (8 months ago)
@noelj317 how they run their failing smartphone business is the same way they run all their failing subsidiaries. They are usually late to react to new trends and when they do they are already far too behind that the trend has already run its course and a new trend is already beginning. For example in the smartphone business it took them 2 years to release a new phone with a 2:1 aspect ratio screen. As for the TV business they are among the first to release an OLED but fell behind in almost any category. As a consumer there is absolutely no need for you to buy a Sony product. The Chinese and Korean competitors are simply more agressive both in marketing and innovation releasing new products with new features left right and center.
Debangsu Sarkar (8 months ago)
@noelj317 Exactly. PR management is a disaster too I guess. PS is selling because of the exclusives and the fanboys. I don't remember the last time I aspired for a Sony product, maybe a Bravia TV but that's it. Sony isn't cheap, like the Chinese brands, nor is aspirational like Apple, nor has a niche, like Red. I want them to succeed cause I love Japan.
noelj317 (8 months ago)
@Debangsu Sarkar it's was a marketing class. We had to find the issue Sony faces and how they can resolve them. I love Sony but, they really suck at marketing. At least internationally. Their biggest seller is the Playstation. Other than that, they have done nothing competitive to keep up with the times. Panasonic which is local competition has formed partnerships, had acquisition, and worked on their weaknesses. Pretty much Sony really neads to strongly evaluate their SWOT analysis. Also look into partnerships and acquisitions
Bezawada Harikrishna (8 months ago)
Thanks it helped me lot. But, i want How the Indian stock markets BSE, NSE are calculated their value every second like 30,000 & 9,000 respectively. Could u help me by making a video like this plz.
Lit Extra (8 months ago)
How is the richest country on earth per capita ppp an emerging market?
Adinna Ikhwani (8 months ago)
@5aral no it's not, south korea has less population than indonesia
5aral (8 months ago)
Because of high population
Adinna Ikhwani (8 months ago)
First, THEIR CURRENCY, despite the higher capita like UAE and south korea, their currency is weaker, like example won korea, their currency is weaker than malaysia ringgit despite south korea gdp per capita is higher than malaysia Second, THEIR STOCK MARKET, despite high gdp, their stock market is depend on other country measure, like korea stock market, their indicator same like indonesia, malaysia, and singapore, they are using china, japan and hongkong indicator stock market for that Third, LIKE IN VIDEO, VOLATILITY, UAE maybe never had a taste of financial crisis (i don't know), but korea (south) has taste it, in 1997 asia crisis, thailand, indonesia, south korea are the worst country that their currency value is decreasing, and in global crisis 2008 also korea got the effect too, and those volatility, is also can make that country in danger
Suyetno Suyetno (8 months ago)
LOL where is china?? or china is still under developed country??
G Joeye (8 months ago)
@John King a country is called developed if its NOMINAL GDP per capita is above or about $12,056. Since china's NOMINAL gdp per capita is $10,000. They have almost achieved it. Within a decade, they will be a developed country.
John King (8 months ago)
In a few years, China will be a developed nation. They're currently averaging still at 13% growth which is 4 times more than a normal developed nation, it's still good growth and better than 37% growth they previously had which was a bit too much to keep it consistent.
G Joeye (8 months ago)
dumbc4nt china comes under "UPPER MIDDLE" income country or "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION" category
Mohit Bilochi (8 months ago)
it was there in the list, performing well for past 50 years
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
Make a video on '' How a country becomes a good country''.
Zakwan Sada (7 months ago)
@blue orange yes! that's why Indonesia & Emirates have performed well compare to India in last 50years.
Debangsu Sarkar (8 months ago)
Define good
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
Make the video on which countries are doing good in both economic and environmental growth.
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
It's quite interesting to see not only what the people of emerging economies would be able to give to themselves but rather how do they perform at the yardstick of sustainable growth that don't harm the environment at an extreme level, Or otherwise what would be the point of growing if taking it's people to the environmental catastrophe.
Sungsoo (William) Na (8 months ago)
S. Korea is an emerging market.huh
Adinna Ikhwani (5 months ago)
@jasin biggs it's true
jasin biggs (5 months ago)
China is emerging market.
Adinna Ikhwani (8 months ago)
It is until today, silly
Abhilash E (8 months ago)
Make a episode list
Data Entry (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, it was good to learn what " emerging market " means. I saw my home country on the list and I am pretty sure growth in GDP doesn't mean people of Azerbaijan have a good life.
Mohit Bilochi (8 months ago)
It shows that the country is growing, and people will have a better living standard( good life ) in future as compared to the present
Adinna Ikhwani (8 months ago)
So what? Not all people of azerbaijan is living in miserible
Aditya Nigam (8 months ago)