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UPS Delivery Goes Wrong (Package Gymnastics)

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I use to think UPS was a good company. My packages always arrived safely. However, once I had something go wrong my experience with them changed completely. After my grandmother passed away, my father shipped me an antique table from her estate. He paid quite allot of money to have it professionally packed and shipped via UPS. The antique table was probably packed better than any other package I've ever received. It had multiple layers of protection. But all that protect doesn't do a world of good if the UPS driver abuses your package. If you watch this video you'll see the UPS driver tumble my 88lb package with multiple labels of fragile, this side up, and glass. The marble top inside this package was shattered into 5 pieces. It was packed between 2 pieces of wood, wrapped in cardboard, and then had a layer of Styrofoam around it. Despite this video proof UPS had denied the claim for this package. I've made several attempts at dealing with UPS Customer service and I can tell you it's terrible. When I first reported the damage they scheduled an inspection with me, without ever telling me. Needless to say I missed it. They then left me a note indicating they'd be back the next business day. Did they show up no. I called UPS 3 times and they assured me someone was coming by. I even stopped the UPS driver making a deliver to my neighbor and he didn't know anything about it. After they missed the scheduled appointment I called them and was forwarded to the local branch. They told me that I had to repack the table that on site inspections were not done. I told them that would be impossible given the custom nature of this package. There would be no way I could duplicate the way the shipper sent the package to me. Still there response was no we don't do onsite inspections. I then spent 2 1/2 hrs with 3 calls at various point to the UPS customer service indicating this was not going to work. I even offered to take it to there office directly. They refused. Eventually after 5 more phone calls and about 4 hrs wasted I eventually spoke to a supervisor that arranged a photo inspection. I was instructed to take pictures of the damage and box, etc which I did. Once that was done UPS won't have a thing to do with you as the receiver. They won't tell you the status of your case or anything. They force you to deal with the shipper. Why as the receiver and owner of the item can't I be involved. There system is busted. This has been the worst customer experience I've ever had. The shipper protested the original denial. Once his UPS account person saw the video they paid the full insurance value of the claim.
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Text Comments (33)
oneBadGirl100 (4 years ago)
The shipper protested the denial and once he showed the video to the UPS supervisor they paid the claim. 
cobain/ vedder (2 months ago)
I bet she didn't even talk to her, was it broken? How about saying hey, don't do that again please. I'm sure you just posted a video of her without her permission and called the company first right?
Kevin Bengson (9 months ago)
Women shouldn't do this job... I say this as a 10 year driver.
Jazzy Guerra (1 year ago)
How about you'll try working there long hours and tell me if you'll can lift heavy crap after so many other deliveries.
qaw qaw (2 months ago)
ill lift your ass and make you sit on my face
Costa Apostolou (2 years ago)
use your fucken dolly.
DemonBlood986 (3 years ago)
Girls need to lift weights
Gym Leader Ed (3 years ago)
What do u expect her to do if she cant lift the box? Drag it? Ups shouldnt give heavy weights to drivers who dont have carts
cingleplayer (3 years ago)
are you fucking kidding ? so un professional.
Angel Dominican (4 years ago)
Your the dick. She is a woman and you expect her to lift that ammount of weight. You just a fucker standimg there recording.
Costa Apostolou (3 years ago)
Angel you are very funny lmfao.......... The camera is a security camera, hahahaha....... He's not standing on the porch recording her, and no she has a dolly supplied to her in her truck, she was to dim witted and lazy to take the dolly out of the truck, instead she decided to tumble it across the pavement...... Hope she gets retrained/loses her job. You should send this link of this video to the UPS facebook page lol.
ezescousin14213 (4 years ago)
the bitch is having a problem getting it up ...
ezescousin14213 (4 years ago)
honestly that probably weights 50 pounds usually those red labels indecat it isnt quite heavy  (under 70+ pounds) so this guy is a fuckn joke to ups 
Mohag (4 years ago)
welp not a womans job this bitch just set woman back another 100 years
Mr-Nice-Guy j (4 years ago)
If she tripped and fell on that hose she could have sued your ass. Just saying
tom toney (4 years ago)
not very controlled was it now? iT FUCKING FELL ON ITS SIDE A FEW TIMES LOL
tom toney (4 years ago)
what are you talking about,? its the job they took
tom toney (4 years ago)
the correct procedure is to use something with wheels to put the dam item on if its that heavy.. with your attitude, no wonder this crap happens
Christopher Longhorn (4 years ago)
guitar amp to the max
Alex Tysiac (4 years ago)
She used the proper procedure for rolling a package that 70lb or more. You should know your rules man. And i work for ups.
Alex Tysiac (4 years ago)
That package is over 70lbs, no one is going to brake their back for your stupid shit. Next time dont order very heavy shit of the internet. I hope you dont get your money back.
qaw qaw (2 months ago)
you weak pussy , understand going into that job , ull face all kinds and diffs weights of boxes , big noob
Lab222 (4 years ago)
The receiver knows he is getting parcel yet he leaves garden hose on side walk so she can not use the dolly. Driver use recommended method of handling over 70 that is controlled roll.
tite50 (5 years ago)
I'm a ups driver,I cannot even begin to express how much this angers me,wtf? Maybe she forgot her hand truck at the bldg,,still no excuse
dallaspolo (5 years ago)
Samething has happened to me.. Bad handling and destoryed the package.. Im the shipping and they have told me every excuse they can. I even bought insurance on the box. They refuse to pay and Im thinking about taking them to small claims court. I talked to a friend of mine who worked there and told me when the belts get jammed up with packages they will start kicking the boxes to free the jam. I beleive it.. I ship all over the world and so far this year I have 3 claims against UPS for damages.
Alex R (5 years ago)
Why didnt she or he use the hand teuck¿
oneBadGirl100 (5 years ago)
Yes it had multiple fragile, glass, and this side up stickers pasted over the box. For the most part it looks like they followed the requirements for the box as the bottom of the box was filthy. It was probably fine until this point in time.
oneBadGirl100 (5 years ago)
Yes they denied the claim. It's now under appeal
wtchywmn1961 (5 years ago)
So unbelievable and I've heard UPS has denied the claim. :(
Caroline Kert (5 years ago)
That's ridiculous. l like how I can see the Fragile stickers all over the box, too.
Trash Trashisfree (5 years ago)
Too stupid to use a dolly? Wow way to break the goods and make more work for yourself.