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Why You Should Not Work At UPS (The Story Of An Unloader)

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Jake G (2 months ago)
I'm shocked why so many people disregard the whole point I was making in this video. Which at the end of the day is all my opinion but it's all based on facts and my experience. Then again considering the one's who want to defend UPS and act like alpha males tend to have little brain cells, so the real statement there is it makes total sense. The whole point of this video is working at UPS is slave work. You make very little but in return are expected to wear your body down to the bone like some kind of machine through borderline illegal work conditions, until you are either forced to a wheelchair or you die on the spot handling packages. Just to be replaced by another willing meat head number that keeps the cycle infinitely going. Their business is ran on fake guidelines, smoke and mirror illusions, and getting away with countless infractions on a daily basis. They allow and advocate for immoral and downright disgusting work practices that put people and property in severe danger. Despite the billions of dollars of revenue they continue to bring in each year. Half their facilities still use old rollers and broken equipment and not one step has been taken to update their facilities with modern technology to take off some of the demand on their employees. Nor have they expanded on the amount of facilities they have or even improved the whole logistics of what shipping is. Because if they had, I assure you they wouldn't have such a huge turn around rates come holiday seasons. A season that happens every year and is no surprise. But when it comes oh god we have to panic hire thousands of people which they end up firing and then are forced to turn around and make their loyal employees work ungodly amounts of hours illegally just to get the trucks out the door. But do they get in trouble for it? No, because it's part of the trade. These companies have been around the block and know every trick in the book to keep themselves out of a lawsuit. That is what today's business model is. Squeeze out every last ounce of work out of someone for the littlest amount of pay possible. And since they do it so often now it's deemed normal and when someone like myself has the balls to stand up and go against it, I get called a millennial and a pussy. Which when you think about it. Being one of the top shipping companies in the world wouldn't you expect them to be at the fore front of improving every aspect of their business? Shouldn't we all be trying to improve human lives and striving for better and better working conditions? Come on UPS! If they aren't going to do it you sure the hell can't expect anyone else to be able to do it. I mean for crying out loud to this day you would be hard pressed to order something that doesn't come all banged up and busted from employees playing basketball with it. Or not being able to track a package for 7 days even though it went in and out of 15 different scan points. I mean there's rollers now that can literally sort packages on their own. But the disgusting part about it is there is no laws set forth to push these companies to do anything. They can sit on their ass literally killing tens of thousands of people while they rack in billions and get praised for doing so. Hell UPS is comparable to a cigarette company with how many people they have sent to the grave. It's about to be 2019. Open your damn eyes! Quit being sheep and blaming millennial's for refusing to be slaves. Times have changed but the laws and regulations which have been perfectly bent and molded to benefit these criminals over the last 100 years has and continues to thrive. The next person I see tell me I have no work ethic because I refuse to accept bullshit from someone who is no better than me can go kick rocks. But please tell me again how they pay for your college and give you this amazing health care. Because if you didn't need that health care before, I assure you that you will come a year or two after working there. That's like buying a house that costs 3 times the amount of an identical house because it comes with free home insurance. I ain't gonna argue if you literally want to use this job as a means to pay for some operation you need. Or to literally get you through a semester or two of college. But beyond that it's a joke and personally I wouldn't even do it for those reasons because you are helping this company succeed. And as for those who worked there for 15 years to become a driver. Well congratz on finally getting to a point of decent pay. I doubt you enjoy all those long ass hours driving in shitty ass weather and bumper to bumper traffic every damn day of the year including holidays though.
WrongIslandCheapskates (14 days ago)
Can't even boycott them, a nice chunk of retail stores and Amazon ship with... you guessed it ups!
Jake G (28 days ago)
Paul Baker I think its funny when people say I left something out because theres no way I could be fired for being late. Its called a roid raging douche nozzle of a supervisor didnt like me and felt the need to flex his imaginary powers to fire me. In reality I could have taken it up to the head department and saved my job especially considering I had a recommendation from a woman who had been workin there for at least the past 20 years. But I got really pissed off and wasn’t even wanting to continue after all that bs I witnessed and went through. Furthermore the people who think I mouth off to my employers and slack around because of how I came off on a video I recorded by myself with no one around after getting pissed off, you may want to think again. If you knew me in person Im one of the quietest respectful dudes you would ever meet. I have strong opinions and in my mind I may not give a shit but I hide it well. Which again is a huge reason why this douche nozzle knew he could take advantage of me.
Ed Lucertola (1 month ago)
you are very skinny and weak to be an unloader ... or am i wrong ?
Kiryl Rabushka (2 days ago)
wow UPS sounds terrible from your experience. I work at FedEx and let me tell you this the managers care about you and your safety. Been here a year and still have no troubles. Also one day i came in late because they changed the start time and my manager was super chill with it cause he knew there was no way of me knowing that it changed.
Michael Holmes (4 days ago)
😂🤣😆 cuss the cat out
Dark Shadow (4 days ago)
HAHAHA IM WEAK AF😂 This is true everyone I know that works at ups says it fuckin sucks
Caesar Hernandes (5 days ago)
Same thing happend to me last year, we were working weeks at 5am then out of no were they started at 4 without letting me know, go let go lol wtf
Homes (6 days ago)
You sound like a dick. Don't own a pet if you are too stupid to raise it like a decent pet owner. "Shut the F up"??? Thats your genius pet training technique? Your cat deserves a better owner. I bet you abuse it too. Loser. What, it meowed? We don't care. Its a video of a tool ranting. We can handle a meow. Thats what cats do. It was trying to get your attention. Meanwhile, you got fired for being late. So....they don't care, but your cat does, and you treat it like sht? Give it to someone else, prick.
eriq h (8 days ago)
Yup, working in the ups building is modern day paid slave labor. I had to quit when child support took half of my check and i was down to $4 an hour after taxes and child support. That doesn't include wear/tear and gas on your car getting there and back home. Then the pain killers you buy for the pain.
Derrick Winckler (9 days ago)
Speaking real facts bro
Bradley Espinosa (10 days ago)
Has anyone checked on this guy? /:
Bryan Pinto (13 days ago)
I believe u bruh My girl has a week working there n its the same shit
Johnny Cancer (15 days ago)
I understand your frustrations and it may depend on facility managers and the HR but here, the HR laid out EXACTLY what was gonna happen. 1. You will be lifting heavy packages all day long, twisting and turning. 2. There is no AC in the building and it can get nippy in the winters. 3. You will have one week to train and she also said to try out the job for 2 weeks before you fully decided if you want to move on or throw in the towel.
kos22us (11 days ago)
exactly, they hide nothing from potential employees because it costs money to hire people and turnover is a pain in the ass for everyone, it's a tough job but im not going to complain to a roofer or a dozen other occupations about how hard my job is
Gabriel Cardenas (16 days ago)
Don’t talk to ur car like that hoe
Fierce Expression (17 days ago)
Jake G, thank you for being, so open and honest with us all. I have also gain the courage to share my experiences with the world. https://youtu.be/IoaKFKmIvcY
Wolff (19 days ago)
I work at UPS and i can say unload and load does suck, like really sucks. Luckily I work in irregs and my supervisors are the best ones i worked with. If you work with bad supervisors than the work will suck.
WoldWolf Music (21 days ago)
If we're being honest, most jobs don't give a fuck about employees. Sorry, it's just in the real world, caring about employees more than numbers means loss of profit. But I understand your complain with the job.
Drewnificent (22 days ago)
I was a supervisor at UPS back then, most of the shit he’s saying is completely true lol. However unloading is hella easier than loading
ahawk1968 (25 days ago)
Oh good God! The absolute pinnacle of snowflakes. 32 years in and still counting.
Frankie Camacho (26 days ago)
Yea all what hes saying is true I work at FedEx and i unload the 18 wheelers and reload the van lines we do 3-4 vans on your own and yea we throw everything nobody gives a shit
Travis (26 days ago)
this video is youtube gold
Danny Tanner (29 days ago)
The whole thing with the scheduling is right. At orientation they told me the shift starts from 4-8 or 9 the same week I start work came in at 4 they told me they start at 3:15am and I’m just like what??? Glad karma catched up with ups and how they can’t find workers.
jdl 68 (1 month ago)
Fuck UPS if you are not planning to be a driver why stick around. I worked there six months and even that was too long. Found a way better job better pay five min drive same benefits more hours good looking girls working there with a much nicer staff ha UPS is filled with crackheads and the criminals of society. If you stay there you are a moron because you can find a way better job with better opportunities to move up if you have the drive for it.
Ferment Joy (1 month ago)
Man Fuck UPS Lmaooo. Take the shit until you in Union. Then Tell every sup to go fuck themselves. I left was there for 3 months. But what do you expect working in places like that. Fed Ex is the same.
Rex Marquez (1 month ago)
Great video man. Thank you for warning those of us who might not have understood what kind of work this job entails.
Steven Merrick (1 month ago)
Look here you punk if you don't like working at UPS go work at Mc Donald's you will work just as hard. Have fun washing the dishes crybaby. Im out
K C (1 month ago)
Ups is only good to lose some weight and get thc free and that's real
Rex Marquez (1 month ago)
This is honestly exactly what it was like for me working at CFA. Lol I know most people seem to have a good time there, the one I worked at was shit. My very first day working and my head manager was already pissed at me because I couldn't keep up with the rest of the staff who had all been their much longer than me. Most of them had been there over a year, and some of them had actually been there for over 10 years! I tried to stick it out, but every day I came to work my managers were shitting on me for being "too slow." Needless to say, I didn't stay with CFA for very long. I stuck it out for 3 months, and then got the hell out of there. So I totally feel what you're saying bro. It's tough when management expects you to be at everyone else level, when you clearly have less experience then all of the other employees. Unfortunately that's just how some places are. It's bullshit.
J Mo (1 month ago)
Dude you are hilarious, and man everything you said was spot on dude. I worked as a loader, sorter, iregs, unloading etc. I've been there since July and have been trying to get promoted to a pt sup. Passed the test in September etc. I keep getting the run around and at least 4 people who have worked there less than me have been promoted and man I am pissed. I keep getting told to keep working hard. Fuck them.
tht 1 nigga (1 month ago)
I remember trying hard on a math test.. well u knoe the story🌞
Ink_addict 93 (1 month ago)
Fired on 3rd day for coming in on time. Lol damn they don’t pay enough for that level of expectation and performance. You can tell he was working him self up just talking about it and poor bear caught the hit lmao
Tyrene Watkins (1 month ago)
I hope this goes viral
Tyrene Watkins (1 month ago)
Jobs today is a trip
Earl Hickey (1 month ago)
Been there 5 years. Trying so fkn hard to leave and find something new . Also , ups I'm at has new equipment. Out dated video .
MArco Macias (1 month ago)
I agree 100% 25 years later neck surgery, back surgery, shoulder pain, im on permanent disability never recovered,
YSL Jae (1 month ago)
Bro I’ve been working at UPS for like 2 months now and everything you said is 100 percent true shit fucking sucks they slave you and don’t let you leave on time and if you work hard they’ll just take advantage of you I’m thinking about quitting in February
YSL Jae (1 month ago)
That’s if they don’t fire me till then
James McHarg (1 month ago)
Wow you know a lot about that company for only being there three days that's why I use United States Postal Service even though sometimes they are problems
Ricky B (1 month ago)
My perspective of UPS is unless you've got 'connections' to get hired as a driver, then you'll have to start at the very bottom. And, when I say bottom I mean *BOTTOM* . Most likely start as a seasonal driver helper; this is one of the most physical jobs ever. And, the drivers will haze the shit out of you. They will actually try to make you quit. I've did countless seasons I know. I've seen guys drop from sheer exhaustion, or quit from "culture shock". It's a very military type environment. And, yes like you said; they will slave you until your body quits literally. I've seen guys with all types of health problems, and having knee,back, and various other surgeries in their 40's! If you're willing to sacrifice your personal life and or health, then UPS might be for you. As full-time drivers can easily make 100k+ a year, including bonuses. And another perk is the women, oh my the WOMEN! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've gotten laid just because of the uniform. Not bragging, just good times. So..overall UPS is 50/50 either you're gonna love it or hate it. It's not a job for everyone and requires a certain type of individual..
DTrain (1 month ago)
It’s a job. What did you expect? It’s a straight manual labor job. Its hard work. You should of known that from orientation. Those packages on the videos you watched are empty... props for the video. You try and find a job out there that works part time for full timer benefits for you and your family. That’s what kept me there. This job just isn’t for you. But there are thousands out there that would kill to have the opportunity like you did. Good luck out there
Jeff L (1 month ago)
I work at Rockford UPS Ramp and I love it. Good supervisors and bonus 300 bucks every week... Digging it. Different people have different experiences. Life bro.
Jose Zenteno (1 month ago)
lmao nice video
EDMTML Films (1 month ago)
This is pure comedy.
Jenny Scranton (1 month ago)
Elier Melendez (1 month ago)
Lol.. 🤣 Preach!
Pat Beaudry (1 month ago)
UPS is know for being the worst part time,seasonal job in the USA. I never tried.the rumors are enough. Every year I see this boss's put out these sign they say they pay there employees more than anyone(McDonald pays not than UPS) and here in the twin cities ,it is the main airport cross dock.
James Wood (1 month ago)
Chill dude. Just means more time to pet bear
Successful Mindz (1 month ago)
Smh man I did a great job while unloading I literally push out 20 packages per min without getting tired . Until my three truck to unload without complaining even though you get people who complaining too much even though you signed the application say you can handle that type of work . You have to have a strong back bone just to work there if you don't then your not going to last long it took me only two n a half of months to get promoted to part time supervisor.... And I only use UPS for the benefits which is got damn awesome I might add .... Yeah different experiences for different people with different work methods ijs maybe you should have really ask questions while you were in training... I had no problem asking questions into what I was getting myself into and that's with every job you go to.. and they help pay your school fees as well they doing so for my classes idk I guess it depends on which hub you work for .. I out last my group of 24 people who started with me and man the only ones was complaining was the ones who never worked in a warehouse or retail...... But I'm just a different type of person
nick knickle (1 month ago)
This video should be shown during orinentiation this is very accurate
kseries1981 (1 month ago)
Newbie didn't know his rights and got screwed. Next time, get your shop steward.
Vince Chongy (1 month ago)
Great video. Laughed my ass off. I drove for ups 28 years. Place sucks. But i retired at 52. Get 52k a year pension now for doing NOTHING! And i was a pain in UPS’s ass all 28 years. F them.
burtonphila (1 month ago)
I'll would like for him to give a negative account of Donald Trump. I need a good laugh.
burtonphila (1 month ago)
I can listen to him complain all day his funny as sht.
Chris Gray (1 month ago)
Believe me if u were fired they didn't see any potential in you my man lol lol. I've worked there for years and still do! I have my cell phone everyday and there are absolutely cameras everywhere oh,, and I don't have muscles so stop lying bro u just suck!
Gavin Hewlett (1 month ago)
I just got hired on at ups seasonal and they had me working everywhere throughout my stay... I started at surepost smalls... Went to unload and back to surepost to begin with and then on Cyber Monday they through me on 3 trucks loading... It was hell on Earth for me then.. job was cake til loading 3 trucks Cyber Monday lol... I myself had like 1300 packages the belt was flying by I was panicking like fuck. Good times. Hope I get hired on the job makes a man outta yah... Did driver help all this week Workin 12 and a half hour days LETS GO BOY!!!
Gavin Hewlett (1 month ago)
Threw* -.-
jose munoz (1 month ago)
They don't want hard working people. They want slaves..
jose munoz (1 month ago)
Your right.. Slavery is over
Tim Davenport (1 month ago)
Wait tell jan. It is even worse. They cut back on ppl. So the unloader and loader has to take up there slack. It tough shit. I been there 4 years and it sucks ass every day.
Rodney Johnston (1 month ago)
You are a pussay Grow up and be a man
Rodney Johnston (1 month ago)
Rodney Johnston (1 month ago)
Michael Frye (1 month ago)
Bro u lost me when you cursed out the cat
blind foldme (1 month ago)
Damn ur fine af
Ali Deen (1 month ago)
Fuck UPS!
Stand Strong (1 month ago)
Did it for like 2 weeks. I left and never looked back.
Randall Enoch (1 month ago)
I’ve done loading it sucks
Cranky Jay (1 month ago)
You're too smart to be working that job they should've had you in an office somewhere doing routing or something else. Hope it all worked out for you in the end
Jim joe Kelly (1 month ago)
Unload is better than load side, load side is an absolute shit hole packages all over the place and brain dead supervisors makes it depressing. When they forced me over to load side I would do the worse fucking job, where they would not put me there again.
BigBwoyTing (1 month ago)
I remember talking to a few ups workers who called the job the slave farm. Now i understand why.
Dale Bee (2 months ago)
You forgot two things.. FedEx is exactly the same.. go..go..go.. and shitty pay
Sweethoney B83 (2 months ago)
Everything he said is true because I used to be a security guard and I got sent to that company even the truck drivers complain about you can be feel like you dying and the trucks the supervisor will still tell you okay well I still need you to make it to the destination. I've also seen how supervisors talk to their employees and I'm not trying to be funny and look unorganized and sometimes a little ghetto. People will come inside the guard shack shirt soaking wet so there's no need to try to look cute coming to work post people wear a bandana on their heads tank top shirts extra shoes witch regular workers can have extra shoes but it brings out a lot of people body the only good thing about it if you are tough enough and you make it more than 6 months you can move to a different position as far as moving up until you don't have to work physically hard is just all those months of people suffering that's it but after a certain amount of months then it gets better so if you can last he'll be great in the end kind of financially but there was one guy he was a diabetic he actually fell asleep in his car and some truck drivers had to pull him out but a lot of the UPS tractors don't have AC in them the only thing I see pushing the truck drivers is the money and Amazon too. also sometimes they lose people packages they will be customers coming in complaining to the guards about where all their packages it sometimes they will send people on the weekend to come pick up packages and those people don't even be inside the warehouse some people would get mad at US security guards. After while if you make it up to a supervisor or manager it's not physical work unless unless it's a lot of work and they will have extra people coming to from other UPS warehouses to come help out
DJ BOPEEP (2 months ago)
True shit I was a seasonal driver healer and my experience was 10x worse. They truly dont give a fuck about you and it was the worst ever. They really don't give a fuck about the packages.
SP FromNY914 (2 months ago)
stfu bear pls😂😂😂🤣
Michael Cuff (2 months ago)
Ive heard from ALOTTA guys that worked there for years the same thing that your saying! Dont feel bad about it! Fuck em! Gut a better job somewhere else!
keystonecop (2 months ago)
Not every job is for everybody. UPS obviously requires punctuality hardwork and to be courteous. Every job used to be like that, not anymore but to get paid a decent wage requires more than just showing up and doing the minimum. So you make your choice, either stay, or walk and get another job. After all you were looking for one when you got that one. Just remember that it's your choice, nobody forced you.
Fossil Diver (2 months ago)
What do you expect from a company that started as a bootleg liquor delivery service during prohibition?
Frank Martinez (2 months ago)
Do you have rabies???? Fucken foam coming out of your mouth wtf fucken nasty man
Jeffery Jacob (2 months ago)
What your problem is the pills and video games little hard work don't kill nobody but it hurt pussies like you I'm missing a right reg and had 8 back operations And I do roofing get a life quit whining and work your ass off
Lorne Johnson (2 months ago)
I thought they was union. Yeah UPS fuckup my expensive two way radio in October of 2018.
Steven Osborne (2 months ago)
Suck it up Butter CUP!
Soulsurfer5000 (2 months ago)
Feel better? Lol
theurinal (2 months ago)
Moew :3
dongofast (2 months ago)
UPS isnt for everyone. It requires athleticism and endurance. Ive been there 28 years and lifting properly is paramount in having a shelf life. I plan on retiring at 30 years in.
Kevin Finch (2 months ago)
I would fire you based on how you talk to Bear
Philly King 215 (2 months ago)
I feel you brother I used to work there I had to get the fuck outta there that place fucking sucks everything you said was absolutely the truth ups stands for under paid salves
ken james (2 months ago)
Cholo Ricepatty (2 months ago)
Go flip burger then
Kreig Houston (2 months ago)
Stop whining!
Justin Yoshikane (2 months ago)
Bear shut the fuck up 😂😂😂
Pample Moose (2 months ago)
UPS always throws and damages packages. NEVER, EVER, ship anything that's fragile, valuable or Irreplaceable because it will be stolen, dropped, damaged and thrown about. Bet on it!
Michael Fresh (2 months ago)
Why i would volunteer to give me something to do in a day and to just see how it is working their loading up boxes or whatever it might be fun work
Ross B. (2 months ago)
I did graveyard shift (load) at the pleasantdale-Atlants hub. Work was hard, pay was low, but it was tolerable as a temporary stop-gap job. It's the kind of thing you do for about a year while you look for something better. Or if you've been in a rut, and you're worried about being g rejected for jobs, or if you lack experience or have a sketchy work history, UPS might be z decent option. If you are willing to do load/unload night shift they will almost certainly hire you.
OrangeBoyFamous (2 months ago)
Lmfaooooo why’s this funny 😂😆
Nina Moe (2 months ago)
I fucking hate UPS 😱 They suck 😣😣😣 You are completely right you are just a number and is not worth it
pony boy (2 months ago)
Fuck UPS
Delfina Tonelli (2 months ago)
Thanx Jay G. I needed to know what it do
Delfina Tonelli (2 months ago)
Wtf... I just got hired there for seasonal work. I've been waiting to work but haven't been called. What the Fuck... I got bills and cats to feed. Fuck it I'm going to coca cola
Maxwell Bryant (2 months ago)
Prancing on his soap box... I like working for UPS. The benefits rock and the workout is great! Just a negative Nancy here nothing more to see.
Lindeman (2 months ago)
I was thinking about trying to work there LOL thanks for your video.
Ryan Parr (2 months ago)
I PICK THIS COMPANY OVER FEDEX, AMAZON, AND USPS. Im a unloader for a LA HUB! Get over it and move up to driver. Ive been in the military and came back with building seniority intact..and let me tell you....i cherish this job over the navy ANY DAY.
Jeff Gatza (2 months ago)
"Shut the fuck up Bear, please!"
ThisGrl Here (2 months ago)
Your funny!
Nd Dn (2 months ago)
FedEx is the same shit...
Jessie Jonez (2 months ago)
Haha weak ass i work construction no brakes all you do is pick up boxs haha wtf
violin ladder man (2 months ago)
It's obvious everyone needs a job slot of people will just put up with it because they need the money your just a number like most big corporations don't like it will hire another person.