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Why You Should Not Work At UPS (The Story Of An Unloader)

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sixshot1975 (8 hours ago)
Its not for everyone been there for12 years ihad to hold on forvas long as i could i was dying but i made it and i could unload better than young rookies because i use grip gloves and belt and believe me it is easier but im in a better position but once in a while ill unload just for exercise
Darth Littlebuddy (13 hours ago)
The union is great. The company is terrible
Pattie No-Mayonnaise (16 hours ago)
Work for amazon instead.
Pattie No-Mayonnaise (16 hours ago)
Sounds accurate
Brandon Zetina (17 hours ago)
This happens at every UPS, I worked at one in Iowa as a college student on third shift, even on school nights, it was horrible.
tarsha baker (23 hours ago)
Omg.. I'm 6 years in.. but I'm concerned about bear.. poor cat
Brad Darnell (1 day ago)
I worked there for 7 years when I was a young man. Its worse than boot camp ever day of your life. This guy is telling the truth 100 percent. It is worse than you can possibly imagine. UPS company is a terrible organization.
Rocko (1 day ago)
You can have fun with that ups you can go lick my fucking ass and that's all i gotta say 😂😂😂 its funny asf how calm he was in the beginning of the video and how the mood changed so drastically the longer the video went on and its not even a 6 minute video 😂😂😂
Mark StPierre (1 day ago)
I was in stitches for the whole length of the video! Just be a stand up comic! LOL
Mark StPierre (1 day ago)
1:12 LOL! Feed your damn cat dude!
Corey Merritt (1 day ago)
I started in local sort at UPS and did that for 3 years and then became a on-call air driver and Saturday air driver for a year and finally got in as a full time package car driver and now retired from UPS. This guy is simply a baby. Muscles are not what it takes to make it at UPS. You need stamina. Ask any part time supervisor who manages the local sort who last the longest and its always the skinny guys that make it. The guys with the muscles don’t never make it
Joefest99 (1 day ago)
What's with all the anti UPS videos that are being recommended to me!?
IneedMONEY (1 day ago)
UPS is only for hard workers with thick skin.. I unloaded for 5 years (easiest job there) and now I'm a driver making over 70k a year, and that will only increase. Basically if you're a hard worker, ups can be a gold mine
Jared Jeanotte (1 day ago)
Oh my God, this millennial’s as lazy as a Gen X’r holy shit. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Quit your bitching and work harder next time.
Jared Jeanotte (1 day ago)
This helped me a lot BTW. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXjuyl3vwK6UzretOcl8LndZh82aGw57z
Jared Jeanotte (1 day ago)
Jake G I am on millennial I quit my shit job for huge company and started my own business I take care of my own family. I make change in this world to feed myself. When I worked for the big company I was taking advantage of them not the other way around. I learned everything I could and now apply to my own business taking their customers and making myself enriched. You can worry about society in the country all day long but if you don’t make change in your own life to make yourself strong to make yourself prosper you will always be working for another man to make him rich, and you will be given the smallest salary they can get away with. The generations before us gave us this bullshit. It’s up to you, by the way I rely on UPS daily for deliveries so that I can provide that service for my customer. Your whole video was complaining about your “intentions”. intentions don’t get packages to me by 8:30 AM. I want you to succeed I want you to prosper and make change for yourself if you have to get a shit job and learn as much as you can then so be it sorry if it sounds rough. But I see too many people out there blaming “society”. Take possession of your life, it’s hard it’s, fucking really hard. If you’re willing to work for your own happiness and prosperity then do the work. Learn to enjoy the pain, when you feel the pain treated as respect for yourself you are and that pain. You can do it look back at this video and years when you own your own house and are the slave of no man.
Jake G (1 day ago)
Jared Jeanotte Yes so lets work as slaves and continue to let big businesess control every aspect of our lives as the wage gap continues to widen and the voice of the majority continues to shrink. Lets continue down the same broken and self destructive principles and guidelines of the 1950s when everything about the economy and way the world works has vastly changed. Its like meatheads that shoot up steriods and have no brain to think for themselves are what hold society back. The idea that killing yourself for a job that gives you peanuts is what it means to be hardworking. Accepting all the shitty jobs and not demanding any change or improvement on the way of life. When wages are far worse than they have ever been, college degrees dont mean a damn thing, and the poverty gap is about to explode. If thats what you call a millennial. Someone who actually can think for themselves and question the real consequences of our actions then im proudly glad to be one. If anything you're the kind of person that makes humans look bad. You're the kind of person that will lead society imploding on itself.
Anthony Mannetti (2 days ago)
I worked at UPS for almost 3 years, and everything you just said is spot on!! This company is the most corrupted place to work at in the country. It’s run by a bunch of brainless ass wipers who wouldn’t know what to do with a package if they had to do the work themselves. Their orientation procedure is an embarrassment, and they set you up to fail because they don’t want to keep giving you a raise every year. I ended up walking out because of a meeting they had with me. They had the damn nerve to tell me I don’t do my job properly. After the meeting, I didn’t say a word to them. I just grabbed my things, walked out the door and didn’t look back. They didn’t even try to stop me. I would love to see UPS go out of business soon, because quite honestly, they don’t deserve to be in business. Months later, I applied to FedEx Ground, and it was such a better change for me!! I went through orientation the right way, and their #1 goal is safety. FedEx actually does care about its employees and that’s very refreshing to see and hear. They want you to succeed and excel in their company. They encourage it. Everyone helps everyone and we all work as a team! There’s plenty of room for opportunity and growth in this company. Switching to FedEx Ground was the best move I ever made! To anyone thinking about working at UPS, all I can say is this: GET READY TO BEND OVER DAILY OR NIGHTLY, BECAUSE YOU WILL GET FUCKED.
wkeyser0024 (2 days ago)
Dude is understandabley emotional. But just a heads up we're all just numbers on paper at any job. Hope you've landed a better fit job.
Jesse Camacho (2 days ago)
Boss Decor And Custom Woodworks (2 days ago)
You need to start your own company bro, they don't give a fk over there. Lol I did 15 years over there. Its good benefits though. And it gave me the opportunity to start businesses and to see how a large company is ran. Heartless smh. I'm glad I paid my dues though. Good luck Man. But I wouldn't put the name of the company even if it's the truth. Those high powered lawyers would have a field day saying your vids making the company image bad ect. Trust me I saw people get slaughtered for how they word things. Just my opinion. Good luck man I really mean that too. Start a channel about what big companies can do to build moral are something. You can always come up with content just by the comment section and feedback ect idk I'm just saying you can try at least you halfway already. You have the channel just use the problems you encountered but to YOUR advantage. Cause trust me things won't change cause you exposing what been going on for over 100 years lol but you can shed light on it in a way to create new training literature for all companies.
sports89man11 (2 days ago)
oh trust me I worked for UPS for 2 days as a package handler. to me it wasn't the job itself, it was the pay and the benefits. I was told from the get go I was to get benefits as soon as I got hired. well, after talking to a couple workers I figured out that I had to wait six months to get health benefits and on top of that I have to pay 150$ to the union. as soon as I figured that out I told the supervisor that I quit, handed them my ID and just walked out the door. putting my body though that for 10$/hr is just not worth it too me.
Nelson Martinez (2 days ago)
You seem like a very smart human being
ShredDedicated (3 days ago)
You should of pick morning lol
Jaren Kelley (3 days ago)
Facts. UPS is the kind of place that lays off waves of employees, cuts your hours down to 3.5 a day, then demands you do the work of the 4 people they just fired, with no pay raise, no additional benefits, then they insult you by constantly reminding you you're replaceable. And after all that they have the audacity to suggest that you're the problem, and you need to make UPS, a part time minimum wage job, you're #1 life priority. It's pathetic that UPS thinks you have nothing better to do than stack boxes for the rest of your life. I get it, a lot of people who work there really DON'T have anything better going for them. But I promise you, you have more potential than what UPS claims. Escape while you can.
Jaren Kelley (3 days ago)
I am the best dang loader the International trucks ever saw
Jaren Kelley (3 days ago)
Canada can lick taint.
manboob232 (3 days ago)
maybe if you would've loaded canada better....
javiks bleach (3 days ago)
Richard Hart (3 days ago)
I got fired from MDA!! I could not get business owners to go to jail and donate money for Jerry's Kids! Best thing she ever did was fire my ass!!
Mike Tapia (3 days ago)
Vintage X Collectibles (3 days ago)
And that silly little 10-minute break doesn't help at ALL does it?
max dorse (3 days ago)
Happy I don't work @ your hub, thank you God.
Josh's LifeVlog (4 days ago)
Jake to be honest Ups don’t even know you Existed .. you were just fresh meat to play with ....
Gilbert Montero (5 days ago)
I'm a Supervisor at Grande Vista hub noon day shift, working there is like a show for example Fernando Sandoval and Mike Franco are both messing around with this ugly crack whore named Alma Acosta and Mike and Fernando are both married. we got some snitch bitch named Cliff.
Gilbert Montero (5 days ago)
I'm a Supervisor at Grande Vista hub noon day shift, working there is like a show for example Fernando Sandoval and Mike Franco are both messing around with this ugly crack whore named Alma Acosta and Mike and Fernando are both married. we got some snitch bitch named Cliff.
Gilbert Montero (5 days ago)
UPS Grande Vista hub in the City of Vernon, Los Angeles county
75egcg (6 days ago)
It was that particular ups terminal. Each location has its own little culture. I’m sure if you were at a different location things would’ve been different, if not, straight up easier. All those guys telling you you’re a bitch or lazy or weak probably didn’t do as much work in their 6 months as you did In those 3 days.
El Bz (7 days ago)
True story! Amen brother! 11 years I've been dealing with their bullshit. All I can say is the longer you've been there, the better you get at playing the game.
Rinse 420 (8 days ago)
I smash full z’s out in a hour 20 minutes
Jimmy Ramirez Jr (11 days ago)
Stfu bear plz 😂😂😂😂
courtney muse (13 days ago)
I’m going on 2 1/2 years. Y’all are at the beginning, I’m at $30 a hour. Bank. $1300 a week after taxes, easy. Stop crying.
Damien Runner (14 days ago)
lmfao. i was laughing too when jake told bear to stfu!! lol. Jake thanks for the video and for the honest truth about UPS.
juan negrete (15 days ago)
U a bitch nigga lol.Lazy mf
kseries1981 (16 days ago)
It's supposed to suck.
Shannie B (17 days ago)
Lol shut the fuck up bear lmaooo
Rb Br (21 days ago)
Yep. All true.
Josh Evey (25 days ago)
C Cornwall (26 days ago)
Thanks for the inside info. I have received plenty of very expensive packages from them that were damaged. I always suspected how it was happening but now I know. No cameras on site? Seriously shady, it's proof of guilt in my book.
Intently Wet (27 days ago)
Spot on. I’ve worked for fed ex for 5 years at fort mill, S.C.charlotte, n.c & kernesville, N.C& just started UPS. Same shit, different toilet 🚽. I advise anyone looking to do this, do it! But I highly advise u to not stop looking for another job because after training is when it gets real & it’s just a matter of how much can you take over a period of time. If you are looking to stay for extended amount of time & your a new hire, DO NOT BURN YOURSELF OUT trying to keep up with guys who been there for 5 years. If you get backed up in a load trailer they have to send help!! If ur moving to slow in unload they have to help you even if the op manager himself had to help you load those trucks leaving out on time is there only focus & it falls back on them. Besides when they see what you can do at your “max limit” working hard & as fast as you can well that works against you as they WILL eventually require that of you every single day putting you in much tougher trucks by yourself. Superman himself never got compensated for saving the world a million times & neither will you (keep in mind everyone gets the same scheduled raise despite you loading 700 boxes a hr compared to the “slow” guy doing 200...at the end of the day you both will get paid exactly the same) or you can work hard for long enough & maybe one day make it to manager at which point you may find yourself stuck in the same toilet just a bigger bowl. Mommy and daddy lied. You don’t have to work hard to make it in life you just have to work smart why climb the tree when you can use a ladder? Make your own choices
Jeannie Vail (28 days ago)
Getting fired is extremely frustrating, especially when you're brand new, working so hard, and trying to improve your performance. I can understand why you would be so agitated. On the other hand, it's your manager's job to get you up to speed and make sure you're coming in on time. Employers aren't even required to provide healthcare benefits to part time employees so, the fact that UPS does, thanks to the Union, is amazing, and even more incredible is the fact that they pay 100% of the premiums. That's like almost doubling your salary. You said they were making you wait 6 months but here in Oklahoma it's a full year. I'm not sure whether you're normally so hyper but I can clearly see your bed isn't even made so, in this video, at least, you come off as being somewhat immature with a bad attitude. I recommend you watch an Officer and a Gentleman to maybe recognize what self-discipline and respect look like before you get yourself fired from your next job too. I do wish you good luck but I can see room for growing up a bit. Realize that good-paying jobs are rare and see them as an opportunity instead of a hassle. If you don't show proper respect and cause stress for your boss and colleagues, somebody else will replace you. Maybe check out Winco. They pay their cashiers a living wage for much less stress, but you can't show up late or have a hostile attitude. Take pride in being responsible and dependable. Start by making your bed and toning down your sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything. You have to earn the right to be part of a team.
Jake G (28 days ago)
Have fun paying union fees. By the time that's done you would have been better off paying for your own health insurance.
Dusty312 (1 month ago)
I was a sorter it sucks ass
Mike Dillon (1 month ago)
Ya Bear you tell him whose boss!!
1998 Toyota Supra 6MT TT (1 month ago)
5:42 FACTS
jake tryban (1 month ago)
All i see is people crying about this job. Idc how much muscle you got. It aint that hard. Then again im a farm boy so i was raised working my ass off. I get up at 3:30 unload truck from 4:30 toll 9 then work as a carpenter from 9:30 to 6 and guys are crying about a hard part time job. Seen a video of a kid crying because he couldn't have his cell on him at work. No shit dumb ass youre there to work not text your boy toy. Millenials is all i have to say. And im sadly one of them
Saber Redd (1 month ago)
4:30 to 9? LMAO. I unload from 4:15 to 8:30 at most if we're having a slow day. Your center sounds like its full of weak slackers.
Ashley Nicole (1 month ago)
Lmaoooo damn Bear! Not TUHDAY!
adrian smith (1 month ago)
Give the cat the job he might be better at it.
Rami Ghazzawi (1 month ago)
It is almost impossible to get fired.. you had to have done something else
Saber Redd (1 month ago)
When you're on probation, it is fire at will. He could've looked at a supervisor wrong and got his ass canned. Until you're in the union at the end of your probation period, you got no protection and no ability to file a grievance. All you can do is choke down supe dick and hope the supe likes how you give head enough to let you stay through probation.
Jake G (1 month ago)
Rami Ghazzawi Nope
Charlie Daniels (1 month ago)
No wonder they’re ALWAYS hiring.
Ghetto Lisa (1 month ago)
Charlie Daniels EXACTLY.
Charlie Daniels (1 month ago)
I worked as a package handler a few years ago and quit after 3 days. Shift started at 4 am so that sucked and on top of that the work itself is slavery. I saw that they’re hiring for dock workers so I said fuck it I’ll apply, then I saw this video and you reminded me how shitty the job is. STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS. Working there will motivate you to do something with your life
Joshua Isley (1 month ago)
He is telling the truth though I work there now I know exactly what he talking about
MrHuckabst (1 month ago)
That’s what this country is now. A endless grind of distribution warehouses. Good job America. We use to make stuff. My job has some of that dumb shit. Lines per hour. Unload a container full of small boxes stack to the top. Hurry up we got pull all the orders now. Every single day. Friend told me I should take a box to the skull get disability. Always been a hard worker but this sounds good to me now. Dang America. What the hell are you doing to people?
Lokey Masters (1 month ago)
I'm an unloader and I'm not half as big as the guy in the video, yet I'm on my sixth month there. Every day I pray that they will fire me and free me from that trailer hell, but all I get is a 'see you tomorrow.' I would quit myself if I didn't know that my family would wring my neck. Everyday I go in, I unload, I move irregs, I get a leash thrown around my neck and sent to other departments to help out until the overlords say I can leave. Which almost always is when they themselves are free to go home. The silver lining is it is more hours but fuck sometimes I just want to go home. That aside tho some differences in my experience is they only want you to put 1000 packages an hour on the belt and I don't have to pay attention to labels facing up except when unloading the huge irregs. other than irregs, I can just throw that shit on the belt any way I please. That business about bastards slamming packages on the floor when tearing down walls is true. I was straight up told "ups has insurance, don't worry about it. just get all that shit on the belt." I also felt the soreness explained in the video my first few weeks at ups. Tho I never used painkillers because I don't trust them. I let my body heal naturally. It used to feel like I had broke my arms & hands and I would never lift again when I got home because they would be so sore, swollen and numb. But for some reason I was able to lift regularly when I got back to work. After a few weeks of unloading I stopped feeling any sort of soreness, swelling or fatigue. I just feed packages to the beast as fast as I can, clear my trailer, do whatever else they need me to do and leave feeling no worse than when I came in.
michael Evape (1 month ago)
You also had a really shitty supervisor man
michael Evape (1 month ago)
Unloading is the easiest job out of all of them. This shows halos bad the rest is
Lloyd Raynor (1 month ago)
All facts. Lol!!!!
JP Royal (1 month ago)
Spot on. I worked as a driver helper, not bad. Then hired as package handler...awful. They work you like a slave for 10$ an hour, and the conditions are horrible. And it's true, they pull down walls of packages and let them crash to the ground, slam them on the belts. UPS sucks, if you're not a driver it blows. And the supervisors are all dicks where I was too. Funny vid too lol
Nathan Frost (1 month ago)
lol we got a bigger man/ size who does great and swets a ton
Nathan Frost (1 month ago)
they push you at the start to know what u can handle before u become union and they cant fire you.
Nathan Frost (1 month ago)
yes times are different everyday based on volume
iDevice Pro (1 month ago)
My dad works at UPS as a cyber security and he make 60 bucks an hour
Ghetto Lisa (1 month ago)
iDevice Pro YESSSSSS
Sparkshot (1 month ago)
Similar experience. I worked for UPS in the UK and they then expected us to turn up 15 or so minutes earlier all the time. I was unloading mostly. It was a 4-5 hour shift with no break and they expected you to turbo lift solid. Any weight, engine parts, carpets, boxes of nuts that weigh a bomb etc. It's the speed that kills you too. I was FUCKED believe me, I was trying. Supervisor was a prick, wanted to hurt him. They expected you to sling boxes and mail bags across the depot....literally you were made to throw them which pisses me off because I rely heavily on postal services and that was against my views on it. They tried me on a few areas but after a month I got the shove for being too slow. Ok, screw yourself then. I basically killed myself trying to keep up. On the whole I enjoyed it. Lost a few LBS and the lads were sound but I just wasn't fit / quick enough. If I post anythimg now it gets excessive layers of multi sized bubble wrap and tape. You need to make sure any breakables are packaged 3 times better than you think if you want confidance it won't arrive buggered.
Raymar Gonzalez (1 month ago)
UPS is not for everyone.
John Campbell (1 month ago)
I just started this week, he is right tho, they don’t give a shit about if your package is handled properly 😂
Scott Agle (1 month ago)
Sure it's hard work, sure you get sore, but I admit this job isn't for everyone. I enjoy it because I have/had a good trainer/belt manager and I enjoy getting a little filthy with physical labor. And sure the numbering system doesn't make sense to me and I have crap days, but it's a job in this era that requires both mental and physical fortitude. And with stores closing and online services increasing, it is probably one of the more secure jobs you can have if you can take a beating.
LayYoAszDown (1 month ago)
I’m fucking crying. You are funny as fuck man
Jake G (1 month ago)
Watch my part 2 its even funnier lol
Rick smith (1 month ago)
better get on ur knees suck some dick
Rick smith (1 month ago)
stop being a bitch
William Nowacki III (1 month ago)
I think working for UPS is awful I can imagine people get picked on it’s nuts.
Cesar Soriano (1 month ago)
hey +Jake G, I have orientation tomorrow friday may 25 at 10 am and watching this video made me realize how desperate I am for a job, i am a low income high school student and saw this package handler position on the internet, i’m a pretty big dude and the physicality isn’t a problem but what most people said about working with UPS i am really starting to reconsider, thanks for figuratively slapping me in the face, i needed it. I’m not going to the orientation, and the freaking security were rude as all hell P.S. Nice AVGN poster!
KING TARANTULA (1 month ago)
I'm on my second week my supervisor is a total ass just the other day and btw I'm a pre loader and I was getting sick on the job and they said in the training class if your not feeling well let the supervisor know and punch out so I told my supervisor that I was getting nauseous and just said get back to work and work faster and I was bitched at the rest of my shift they don't give a shit about your health at all at least in my area they dont
tim gong (2 months ago)
UPS stand for under paid slave no fulltime & benefit
DolphinYT (2 months ago)
I regret this job so much. It fuckin blows. At the end of the week you only receive 180$ pay . For fuck sakes
Peter Francis (2 months ago)
You have anger issues. Don't yell at your cat like this. He just wants some pets. Stop being such a pussy.
Eddy Schmidt (2 months ago)
Bro you're comedic by nature lol make more vids
PTD Vlogs (2 months ago)
"Shut the fuck up Bear, PLEASE!" Dude, legendary!
PTD Vlogs (2 months ago)
Haha, it's all good. I saw you had 894 subscribers and I thought you made GrubHub Tip videos like I do so I decided to check out your channel.
Jake G (2 months ago)
Wasn't expecting you to comment on any of my vids! Haha thanks man. Been watchin a lot of your videos lately!
Dylan Richardson (2 months ago)
Stfu bear
profailure517 (2 months ago)
I came in late when we had those random start times in the holiday season and they didn't care
Reinaldo Kamanda (2 months ago)
Is bear a baby or animal ?? Dude said stfu 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂 I was like wtf poor baby 🤥
Jake G (2 months ago)
From what I heard supervisors have it pretty rough as well and in some ways its worse. But thanks my man. Hope things work out for you!
Reinaldo Kamanda (2 months ago)
Jake G oh appreciate it, u clear that put 😂 and bruh I feel you those mfs don’t give a shit about they employees, I’m one of the fastest loader in my area, and yet goddamn manager still be telling me to go faster 😤 like bitch I’m not a damn machine, a couple of days ago I got offer a supervisor position but after watching your video I’m having second thoughts to be honest
Jake G (2 months ago)
It was a cat lol
Jorge Pizarro (2 months ago)
You’re mad because you got fired. Been with UPS for 5+ years. UPS is not for everyone. Maybe you should find an office job.
Bitcoin Hustler (2 months ago)
FEDEX is the same shit lmao i feel u dawg specially the benefits part u aint getting shit till after 6months cuz they know u gona tear shit up. TEAM AMAZON here fuck fedex fuck ups
Lou Dozer241 (2 months ago)
"Shut the FUCK up bear, please" 🤣🤣🤣🤣... I've been driving for UPS for thirty years and i gotta say, it's NOT for everyone. Especially for pussies like you. You sound like a typical millenial, self-intitled little cry baby.😢😢😢
Gunnar Johnson (2 months ago)
Everything you said is completely true. But using the word "retarded" not cool brah.
Jake G (2 months ago)
I don't call mentally challenged people retards. I call people who should be smart retarded if they are retarded. I don't see anything wrong with doing so.
Carlitoz Doritos (2 months ago)
All unloaders retarded working like they get paid per Box. As a sorter we got it way harder having to lift hundreds of boxes putting them on belts that aren’t even working half the time.
Sooshady (3 months ago)
Dis nigga funny af 😂😂😂
hazadous Life (3 months ago)
How many of you losers still working at UPS?
nj cowboysfan (3 months ago)
I've been at ups almost 3 years. Someone kill me please.
UStheFA (3 months ago)
Poor Bear :(
Houston Texans (3 months ago)
Your mean to your animal
Joshua Gauci (3 months ago)
Within my first weeks at UPS I wanted to quit too. Hated it. My forearms were aching. I worked the sunrise shift. I never had before. I was sucking for a while. Misloading packages every day. I wanted a different job. But I was 24 and finally moved out of my Dad's house. I was living with a long time friend in a small studio apartment. It was hard adjusting to the sunrise shift. I didn't want to get out of bed but I forced myself up and put one foot in front of the other. Then at work I told myself, "Don't quit. You're not a quitter." I couldn't live with myself if I just quit like that. I decided to stick it out and be patient with myself so I could improve and I did. The drivers I loaded for were patient with me and treated me with respect. I started to take pride in what I did at UPS even though it is arduous. You have to control your thoughts. My drivers loved me because I'd have 0 to 4 misloads in a week and I placed parcels on the correct shelf in sequence or in a sensible place on the floor where the driver can reach it. I was appreciated and respected for my hard work. You don't get that by quitting. You have to be resilient!!!
preston martin (3 months ago)
UPS certainly isn’t for the lighthearted. I bust my ass everyday and they still expect more. Not complaining though it’s still cash
Eddie Dornbos (3 months ago)
The job definitely ain't for everyone! Personally I love it! I work with a bunch of cool ass people and get a great workout in! Night sort unloader at UPS CACH in Chicago!
Forever Yours (3 months ago)
Demonamic777 (3 months ago)
Getting penalized over the time makes no sense. I work in Load for UPS at World Port, if the time changes different from the schedule printed on the paper for the week and I'm not informed, I don't get penalized if I come in late as I clearly aren't psychic. My supervisor luckily understands and I haven't had any penalties for being late as 9/10 I'm late cause the time changed suddenly. Though I'm surprised they fired you over speed, usually Loaders are coerced into working fast since we have to fill Trucks/Cans up fast, kick them off, respot them and keep going. The flow of packages doesn't stop. Unloaders usually not so much depending, even slower if you're in a truck as you might end up waiting on another truck to even come in for 15-20 minutes. Getting a good supervisor definitely helps and I would almost recommend going to the Wing Manager (assuming other locations have wings) and say, 'Hey my Supervisor is pushing me really hard, or they're expecting me to work at unsafe speeds etc.' and they'll crack down on the Supervisor instead of you. As during peak I did my best to work fast and was told to keep the red light off (which means I'm overflowing). Sometimes that's literally not possible to do, the flow will get so high it's not humanly possible to load packages faster than your chute fills up. I just tell em, 'Not much I can do about it, or get me some extra help'.
jdisco1 (3 months ago)
And you probably got fired because you had an opinion. You have to kiss their ass when you're getting talked to, then do whatever you want when they're gone.
jdisco1 (3 months ago)
They say they expect you to keep up, but they know you won't be able to. Its so you don't get away with being lazy.
martin garcia (3 months ago)
I agree. I’ve been at ups for 6 months now and the only good thing about this job is the benefits. DO NOT TAKE THIS JOB FOR THE MONEY. The management sucks and is so unorganized. They say you need help to pick up a heavy package but they’ll have you do it all day until you get hurt and they’ll try to write you up. I recently got hit by a 150 package in the face because of the box ripped and it ended up cutting my face. They tried writing me up but my shop steward had to protect me and I ended up not getting a write up. But that’s another thing until your passed your probation your fucked
Jake G (3 months ago)
martin garcia Sounds about right. From my own experiences and from what a lot of people say they will flaunt their power and try to write you up for everything. Most of the time just taking advantage of employees who wont stand up for themselves or know the manual and what they can and cant actually do. Its literally ridiculous and down right borderline illegal the stuff they try to pull. Sorry youre dealing with that shit. Get out asap.