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Gloria Allred's 'Year of Empowerment of Women...

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On International Women's Day, Gloria Allred says 2018 may be a year of empowerment, but she hopes for an 'age of empowerment.' Allred also gives her thoughts on Trump, Stormy Daniels and the legal standings of the case.
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Mthwakazian Mthwakazian (10 days ago)
Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom are dangerous. If Trump is impeached, people will take the law into their own hands. There would be blood on the floor.
Connect to Soul (10 days ago)
Thank you for all your dependable wisdom, encouragement and therefore schooling to aid my trip to progressively more consciously understanding and spiritually connected.
Anna Nymous (10 days ago)
CNN, you’re such a fake news! This is a banana!
Anna Nymous (10 days ago)
Call her law firm for help, if they don’t think they will make money on you or if you’re case is not the sensational one, they won’t have time for you. Gloria Allred is a hypocrite!! If I can do tumbdown a thousand times for this video, I will do it even if it will takes me forever.
F8oK8 (10 days ago)
In the womb, everyone starts off female at first. Embrace it.
F8oK8 (10 days ago)
Mthwakazian, oh, you are, just trust me. You revert when you sleep. Don't ever sleep and you should be okay. 😴👭💤
Mthwakazian Mthwakazian (10 days ago)
F8oK8 you gay. We ain't like you.
F8oK8 (10 days ago)
Hansli Peterli, it just means if I slap you hard enough, your dick will fall off. ☺
Hansli Peterli (10 days ago)
F8oK8 so females are just underdeveloped little stage 1 babies ? Hm, now everything makes sense.