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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Cralus Raptor (7 hours ago)
Feel kinda weird cause I got a ups comercial
Jess Grieger (4 days ago)
Conan did a video on this and he called computer monitor a plasma tv.
Hassan Amer (6 days ago)
Now I wonder why my DJ speakers are cracked
Thomas Zulli (7 days ago)
worst thing that ever happened with a package. i live in apartment and have a small box at the entrance for mail. anything small enough goes in....packages big enough goes to door. one time i was expecting a kindle fire. box clearly was a tad too big so expected it by door. nothing, so checked tracking and it said delivered in my box. check and they had to jam it in my box because it was impossible to get out. box was wider the the entry/exit. i tugged and tugged...nothing. i ended up having to open the package while still in the mailbox which wasnt easy. luckily kindle was damaged but the way it was just forces in wasnt good
Barney Miller (8 days ago)
Need to hire a amazon flex driver
Ramses Martinez (11 days ago)
This job is soo easy and yet they still can't get it right
Alex Thompson (13 days ago)
For all the lazy idiots in the comments, I dare you to work at Brown for a day. I work for UPS. It’s true, We don’t care about your packages, they are garbage to us. All the way through the system, package handlers are throwing, kicking, and dropping your packages, because you’ve gotta make metrics or you won’t have a job. Try setting them nicely on the belt each time and see how long you last. For the drivers, imagine being in the extremes of weather with no AC/Heat. If it’s 90 degrees out, add at least 15 more and that’s how hot it is in the back of those package cars. You’re in that heat for seven. fucking. hours. See how long you care about the packages when you’re getting dizzy from heat exhaustion, or your fingers are getting so stiff you can’t move them. You will break, you will throw those packages, because at the end of the day your job and well-being is more important than the customers coffee machine, monitor, or whatever else they ordered where they couldn’t get their lazy ass off the couch and head down to the store for thirty minutes.
Chill Bro (13 days ago)
this is nothing compared to what goes in inside the hub
Krish (15 days ago)
This is the reason why you should have a small lawn
Anne C (15 days ago)
That is a sign of pure laziness combined with comic mischief.
Studio. Sumner (16 days ago)
I had boxes shipped across country (Miami, Florida to S. California) for week of business meetings. I shipped FedEx ground my Dell computer, monitor and a iMac computer. All damaged!! I have a corporate account. Anyone filed a claim and won? In fact, the computers needed to be sent to repair shop for service and cost $195. I lost days of productivity. I will file an insurance claim for damages. ( late August 2018).
Lowell Hunter (17 days ago)
And this is why I order stuff I go to the shop to carry my packages all the way home unless it’s something that dose not need special care
හාක්‍රොස් බසුඩීන් (19 days ago)
pay cheap wages. do cheap work.
Felix Nurwahid (23 days ago)
Joshua Abair (25 days ago)
We run into this issue all the time. FedEx drivers dont work for FedEx however, they are independently contracted through the separate company that they work for. So we don't know what kind of training these guys are receiving when they get hired :/
Hungry I'm (25 days ago)
I never get this "If my company is a shit, I have the right to treat my customers like a shit" mentality If taking out your anger at customer will likely to get you fired anyways, why not take out your anger at your employer or company? Unless they're being jerks, why bully customers who didn't do any harm to you?
Angely Angely (26 days ago)
Drivers don't care those people shouldn't ever work for anything like that...plus I see this everyday inside at work and is sad some people get the merchandise broken :( I wish can have more supervision and take care the boxes ...I'm pretty sure most all the time boxes got smashed or broken because the people I seen every day
MC_Wizard103 Gaming (27 days ago)
00:15 Old youtube i also loved the christmas music over throwing boxes, it made me think of the fight to play something after christmas
Alexis Andrade (28 days ago)
Fake news
David Taylor (28 days ago)
I don't want this guy delivering my packages. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
Indian Honcho Child Rapist - (28 days ago)
This happens in US and Australia. Not in Asia.
Vedant Bhardwaj (30 days ago)
I just added the Ex in FedEx.
Floofy’s animations or Floofy aj (1 month ago)
Drageo Gaming (1 month ago)
They pay and treat their employees like shit
Michael Boyce (1 month ago)
Brown as Shit which is what their Delivermen are!
Covencraft (1 month ago)
wow a cnn story with substance, oh wait it's from 2011.... LOL
PitterPan NeverLand (1 month ago)
That’s TV....and fedex and UPS and USPS all same .. but I think a UPS better FedEx vaey expensive but terrible service ~
Erik Brickman (1 month ago)
LONER MoNsTeR (1 month ago)
LMAO shocked??? This happens worse at the facility XD No choice at the facility, tho
Ava Generette (1 month ago)
A man kicked someones box onto their roof like a football
Z Muller (1 month ago)
That motherfucker should be fired
NightStorm (1 month ago)
Z Muller I think they where and I know legally they can’t do it buy the should have to pay for another one
Vitralify (1 month ago)
If you know what the phrase "hand to surface," means you know no one in any warehouse uses it :)
The Chief (1 month ago)
I pray Everytime my UPS driver delivers my package that he'll throw it so I can pick his ass up and throw him into a tree
Mudkip909 (1 month ago)
thats why ups is master race
a456987 (1 month ago)
"he knows if you've been bad or good"
stephen jones (1 month ago)
Fedex is fucked ...
Vegan Meat (1 month ago)
Afraid of dogs.. maybe?
BROB1141 (1 month ago)
Just people who hate their jobs.
Truism Gates (1 month ago)
If he did not like his job he should leave. One monitor did catch him.
Chi Phan. D (1 month ago)
Work as fed ex, you feel you want break, but you had a lot damn packages
Chi Phan. D (1 month ago)
Believe when you have a lot package everyday
TheWarfare07 (1 month ago)
I ordered a silicon sex toy few days ago and he threw my package too but I don't mind because the product is very light and soft 😂
Rolan (1 month ago)
SAMUEL PLAYZ (1 month ago)
They are just lazy -_-
Ur Mom (1 month ago)
That better not be my $650 camera I just ordered lmao I will sue
TheWolfie234 (1 month ago)
Super Smash Postage
Seth Gilliam (1 month ago)
Ive never ordered a snake online but im assuming some people use Fed Ex or UPS to have them shipped. If I got a dude on camera throwing the box with my snake in it, he better hope he doesnt work the day I come in to his building.
Tish Smiddy (1 month ago)
joey the phoenix (1 month ago)
Diss respect you sroudings
Marlon Fugon (1 month ago)
Hijos de puta no quieren travajar con cuidado. Ayi solo contratan gente. Estresada. Gente que no quiere travajar sino solo ganar su check
like singh (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahaha fuck u all these type worker
Sam M (1 month ago)
I don't know why they're making fedex look bad it's some employees that are assholes and that has nothing to do with the company
Dale Papillon (1 month ago)
Because they don't pay for it and doesn't take care about it !!!!!! I never make orders online for any items. If you go to the store you will make sure is good items
Will Gaming (1 month ago)
This just fucking pisses me off why can’t people just do the dam job properly, everything in the 21st-century is so fucking shit the quality of it and everything OML 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Asten Fire (1 month ago)
These guys have quotas to meet. Smh. Your packages usually have bubble wrap.
darkespeon64 (1 month ago)
They better have paid for that
dawdawdaw wadwadaw (1 month ago)
true the workers are fed up ! one of the most idiotic and stressfull jobs in the world, never again ill work as a postman delivering packages
ChiloTheSnowbeas (1 month ago)
"Handle with care!" Fed ex employe: "oh...That means i can throw it... it wont break."
Ahmad Aldhaheri (1 month ago)
our delivery service (souq) you have to recieve it personally otherwise they will postpone the delivery if youre not there or some relative is there to receive it
Senthamil Selvan -Infounite Inc (1 month ago)
Just like that happens for me from UPS we keep on enquiry to our client for check but delivery man put it in ground find after 3 days finally
TheJuggerBro's (1 month ago)
If you think a worker is ganna take his/her time to place every box with care, then you need to try out his/her job. They deal with over 1000 of boxes a day. Be greatfull that they got the order to the house. People need to get real problems tbh.
Gerardo Davila (1 month ago)
Worse case is when they lose your package, and order another one for you. Then lose it a second time. It happened to me. I was angry then cause it was a quite embarrassing package. But now I just laugh that somebody had to order a sex toy for me. Lesson learnt. Don't lose my packages.
Koltred Anubus (1 month ago)
i cant even watch this with this annoying bitches voice
Lexie Loverr (1 month ago)
The ace Ventura part has me dead😭💀
Yeet Yah (1 month ago)
This is true I ordered an Apple Watch for Christmas and I watched the ups guy ups guy throw the box on my porch and the Apple Watch was broken
Hyp3RXZ (1 month ago)
when a guy is jealous you bought a 144hz monitor and try 2 rek ur monitor
ZeoWorks (1 month ago)
In the UK parcels are never left at your doorstep, if no one is home they take it to your local post office for collection. I think USA companies should also consider this since they have sky high parcel thieving crimes.
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
ZeoWorks They do. And drop off areas. Many options. I have mine delivered, I'm in a secured gated area with cameras Nd sensors everywhere.
Axel Shark (1 month ago)
Find yourself another job, mf!
Uwe Sanz (1 month ago)
Ooo shit my new tv...... Noooo
Leroy Myrick (1 month ago)
We have no proud in this country no more. Our quality sucks. Most people that do service job. Thank baby doing you a favor by doing their job and getting paid for it. I see why God had to repent for created man.
N0SL7 (1 month ago)
Wheel of Ixion (1 month ago)
I work for APC and when i load my van every morning i throw the parcels to the back of the van, so what?
Wheel of Ixion (1 month ago)
BlackWorldTraveler one of the biggest courier company's in the UK
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
Wheel of Ixion probably why I never heard of this company.
Richie West (1 month ago)
“Gates are hostile” You’re that lazy and unhappy with your job? What a joke.
Professor Poopy Pants I’m emotionally unstable (1 month ago)
tv5killaz chicago (1 month ago)
0:23 no, nuh uh 😂😂 i don’t know why I find that so funny
crashpal (1 month ago)
Amazon and UPS > FedEx
JAYK (1 month ago)
What do you expect when you're getting shit pay from a shit company? Shit service.
Sankofa NYC (1 month ago)
Some of those packages probably don't have shit in them that would be affected by this... That monitor one was just ridiculous though... But just a heads up... This is just the last section of a LONG LEG of your package people being heaved and thrown around by underpaid hot frustrated workers in the shipping warehouse
bakxxc (1 month ago)
So lemme guess, that was never paid for ?
gardensofthegods (1 month ago)
UPS :" Brown because we treat your packages like SHIT
Jerald Carrillo (1 month ago)
I toss my cum around like that
bug a boo (1 month ago)
Fire these bitch niggas lmao I'd file a huge lawsuit
Lee Xiong (1 month ago)
Lmfao, if ya ever work for these companies you’ll know the struggles lol
Lord Bacon (1 month ago)
Dee C (1 month ago)
The sad thing is is these delivery guys are very micromanaged and have very little time to make each stop and if they don't make the running stop time they run a high chance of being sacked
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
Dee C Don't like the job someone else will take their place. Throw my stuff,damaged,etc. I will complain with high definition video.
Wilo Jarrín (1 month ago)
lovethai (1 month ago)
Why did the heck they do that? Didnt people pay for the service and they get paid for doing their job appropriately based on the SOP??? The company should have sacked them out and blacklisted them forever!!
Maureen Elam (1 month ago)
DR got to get those pkgs off, to much work to be done.
CoolSuperBlitz (1 month ago)
Consider if there was a 486 in there.
Itsonlytati (1 month ago)
Raphael Luiz (1 month ago)
"Time is money" taken to the limit. Lol
M K (1 month ago)
Education is really important
Let Me Just Stop Now (1 month ago)
You people should see how we treat your shit at the hub. HAHAHAHAHAHA
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
Let Me Just Stop Now You really failed with that post. I don't type or speak profanities. You're too hood/ghetto for my taste. I'm done here.
Let Me Just Stop Now (1 month ago)
BlackWorldTraveler nigga we out here blowing 160K a year. The shit your making. We’re playing with it. It’s not feeding us.
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
Let Me Just Stop Now Probably why that type of labor will always be your career with that attitude. But machines and robots will soon take over. I have a $160k career and someone like you will never be .
saduokoYT (1 month ago)
That's a *thicc* PC screen
SpencerFcp (1 month ago)
A lot of it is the companies fault. Place unrealistic expectations on the drivers and stopping even for a little bit to ring a bell and wait for someone to come to the door usually makes the difference between finishing your deliveries and not. Not saying this is okay, but a lot of it would be prevented if the companies simply hired more drivers.
Hendry Ramadhan (1 month ago)
Thats a fookin brand new monitor he throwed..
AlexTheConquer Roblox (1 month ago)
My gaming pc was arrived today and bought by fedex but they just placed it at the door
Anero (1 month ago)
νικμαστεροφσιτυ σιτυ (1 month ago)
ground service hahaha
EzTus (1 month ago)
MajinGerman Driver (1 month ago)
Pay them more
ignacio sant (1 month ago)
Ace Ventura rocks!