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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Cody Perdue (9 minutes ago)
man this ladys voice is annoying
perry2172 (16 hours ago)
Lmao this is nothing,y'all think the packages are handled with care and don't get tossed around as they travel through the belts at the warehouse?
chapo Garcia (1 day ago)
I would never do this ever,but yet im a felon,so they hire lazy fucks like this.
Other Vids (1 day ago)
Don't like it? Get rid of the gate Don't like it? Get rid of your lazy workers
Captain Cool 14 (2 days ago)
0:11 when your too lazy
AJB 600 (2 days ago)
fake news
Wiki Kiki (3 days ago)
Luckily we have good delivery people here ,
Mr Jamestown (3 days ago)
fuckers delivered my package to the wrong address, and today lied about my receptacle being blocked when it wasn't blocked and completely empty. Fucking losers.
corgidog (4 days ago)
What an ass hole
TheTorturekilla (4 days ago)
I worked at UPS and unloaded the semi trucks that came from the airport, and sort the packages onto conveyer belts. I would open the door to the back of the truck, and the packages were stacked behind a large net. I would undo the net, and packages stacked unevenly to the cieling would inevitably fall, onto me if I wasn't careful. Sometimes packages would already be crushed, or leaking fluid, etc. Not much I could have done. That's a little different from what I see in these videos. These drivers make a lot more money than I did, and I worked hard as hell. No excuses for these guys. But I do know it is super annoying when people don't have their address posted, or little access for trucks
Yamma Eden (4 days ago)
I only wish UPS can assist me trace my certificate which was posted from boulder Colorado they manhandled my very important documents badly, the recipient said it was squeezed inside the mailbox, not even signed for collection, when it was a registered mail. my birth certificate got missing, for some reason it was posted to Canada but the envelope arrived in a very deplorable condition. they completely roughandled my hard earned degree Certificate, and lost my birth certificate which was to be used in a school admission. their reply was that I need to show them a receipt before they can pay me for my missing document which I feel they think it has no value, but my birth certificate has been with me since my birth and the only thing I use in remembering my roots, now they want to return 20$ to my brother who did the posting, who does that? an original like a birth certificate from my country is irreplaceable, the cost of flying to my birth city alone in West Africa to start the long search is something else I don't need compensation, if they can only take responsibility for their carelessness and try to trace my Birth certificate, I would really be grateful.
Lane Ochoa (5 days ago)
So he gets a write up, three more of those and then things get serious with a 2 day suspension ,five of those.....
Snax (5 days ago)
Shittttt • I ordered myself a fucking £175 launchpad. And it's being delivered by UPS • And I fucking swear if they toss my package. • I'll fucking rip their throats out and tazer them with 100000mil volts
echonmxco (6 days ago)
Did CNN find this on Reddit? From the looks of it... 1:57 https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/nj7zr/someones_gonna_need_a_new_job_soon/
PEiDeiPei (6 days ago)
This is why I always wait outside at the day the package delivery
chakenbacon (8 days ago)
This is nothing compared to how they handle packaging in the warehouse. I work for a delivery service myself. We toss, slam, smash, basically mishandle packages all the time. Not to be dicks, we try not to do that, but time is everything!! If we don't hurry, customers start bitching. If we hurry, packages might get damaged in the process. It's a no win situation. Either way, customers are always crying about something. But we still try to be professional where ever we can. But the drivers who toss packages over fences cause they're too lazy to ring the bell or out of a truck have no excuse... they're just assholes
Purolator Customer support (9 days ago)
UPS= Oops "UPS, dropped your package. Lol
Purolator Customer support (9 days ago)
Lol eat shit FedEx
Austinthebiga (9 days ago)
I saw a FedEx truck pulling a black BMX bike and the driver didn't see it
Mr Arvind (11 days ago)
Fedex is not good company Don't choose it for your delivery services
Saqlain Mateen (13 days ago)
when you have crazy rates to hit just to keep ur job well you stop giving a shit tbh
Ladder (14 days ago)
delivery elves? lul
Tiger Cry (17 days ago)
I witnessed a cash register dropped off a UPS truck.
A Nay (17 days ago)
lol imagine how the big trucks get loaded and unloaded with this stuff ahahah
Sebastian Vreeburg (17 days ago)
Why she gotta call them delivery elves....
Squeaky Lemon (18 days ago)
They where shocked?this shit has been going on for ever disrespecting things we paint for.i get if you have your job and it's hard work,and so is mine and I felt that I had the extra money to buy this thing and you disrespect it like that it's bullshit
TheCaliCoder (19 days ago)
This is why we need drones. Props to Amazon for starting this goal of drone deliveries. No emotion, no accidents, no human error... just fly to destination and deliver.
Jame Gumb (19 days ago)
So in other words, the retard still works there...
Anthony Herbert (19 days ago)
Fake news
Jackafur Gabbiani (19 days ago)
00:20 these people are legit retarded if they think the packages are handled any better at the station.
Enz (19 days ago)
fucking lazy bastards
94982 (19 days ago)
Why the hell I'm I watching CNN?
Bronx & Harlem apartment rentals (19 days ago)
I bought a DropSak and now I get all my packages delivered at my door when Im not home.
Trigg Ethridge (20 days ago)
"delivered to YouTube"
OKAYYYY (20 days ago)
why does this lady have a job with her annoying ass voice
Andre Golledge (20 days ago)
In Australia they walk to your front door, knock on it, and hand it to you, and if there is no one home they just lave a note by your front door to pick up the parcel at the closest post office. they never leave a parcel on your door step.
Devon Chang (20 days ago)
I work at ups n alwayz treat your goods badly
ColoradoCars (21 days ago)
I know something CNN should have delivered with respect...
hbarudi (21 days ago)
Just place the package outside the gate isn't that hard?
Toasty Doggo (21 days ago)
It would be very funny if there was a bomb in one of them and they died
uZiiTV (23 days ago)
lasership deliveries
Landon J Powell (24 days ago)
"Delivered to YouTube."
Christopher Cisneros (24 days ago)
Love the Ace Ventura reference <3
Nathaniel (24 days ago)
android mandiri (25 days ago)
i even get my pc packet are wet when using Fedex but they change it with the new one
King Parodije (25 days ago)
hahahah. lol. seems that in every country delivery guys are frustrated.
Briant Alvarado (25 days ago)
This happened to me last Tuesday by FedEx when I had my 2 iPhones ordered
Sean Morrison (25 days ago)
The customer should sue fedex
Sizzling Production (26 days ago)
1:25 when you breakup with someone
no username (26 days ago)
Moral of the story: don’t close gates
Andrew Delarosa (26 days ago)
I use to work for Canada post I knew what's inside the box so if it was just clothes I throw that shit but if it's heavy i still throw that shit FUCK U CANADA POST 🖕🏻
Mikkelarchard (26 days ago)
Går det godt med dig fordi jeg har dumme dage og det er jeg er dansker hvis du danser må du også gerne Like den her hvis du ikke er så må du gerne ikke lege den så ja hvis du ikke forstår det her er en gjort når jeg ikke spiller en bøsse ingeløg idiot Ingelis den vej det er skummelt i fjong lort Don't Like-des
Anthony Marin (27 days ago)
thats nothing ...you should see what we do to the boxes in the warehouse
SmallWhispers (27 days ago)
FedEx also ships live animals.
Guybrush Threepwood (27 days ago)
fake news
I am Mitch (27 days ago)
They are times from delivery to delivery. Don't blame the employee, blame the employers.
rofyle (27 days ago)
"We watched the video and were shocked . . . at how gentle he was with the package." -- FedEx
2salzig2spucknapp (28 days ago)
delivering packages is such a shitty job belive me no breaks, long working hours, and your super stressed out the majority of costumers are very nice but you'll always have some realy big assholes who treat you like the proletarian you are and the worst thing is if they order every day you gona bring it to them every day package delivery re-invented slavery for sure
The Henster (28 days ago)
While most of these cases are clearly extremely poor judgement, I don't see the problem with the guy loading the truck. He's tossing soft cardboard lightly onto other soft cardboard, none of the boxes were marked fragile, and there's a reason that packages have things like packing peanuts. Plus, the boxes probably get more of a jolt when the driver brakes the truck.
Harshit Jain (28 days ago)
This happens only in united sates😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SepherStar (28 days ago)
I used to live 200 feet from the UPS distribution center, and they couldn't find my place. So what did they do? They sent me a post card via U.S. mail saying they were going to send my package back to the shipper. I called I told them not to send it back to the shipper, that I would just walk 200 feet to the distribution center and pick it up myself, but by then they had already sent it back to the distribution hub downtown, bound for the air port. After some pleading, they finally agreed to send it back to the distribution center near my house. I pay extra for FedEx now.
SepherStar (28 days ago)
Don't like gates? Get a different job.
Rainy Jann (28 days ago)
That's why I never see the guys when I walk out like 5 seconds later
Brukafig (28 days ago)
Marley is the best UPS worker
David Caruso (29 days ago)
What a bunch of lazy ass disrespectful jerks.
Garage Story (29 days ago)
Frankly tho, we all cut corners and bush out the job sometimes, they just happen to work with stuff you ordered. It sucks, but our little robotic society do as well so I guess let's just all stop giving a fuck.
george p (29 days ago)
This bs. I use to work part time at FedEx and your packages are thrown like a pile of shit inside the truck but over 15000 times this right here is the last one lol it shouldn't hurt your butt
Invisible Chicken (29 days ago)
Fake news...
Bom Sockm (29 days ago)
94KoolAid (29 days ago)
I am getting a PC and if that shits broken there's gonna be a fucking law suit.
Justin Lewis (29 days ago)
Fuck you CNN
Jezis Marja (29 days ago)
Only in USA :)))
Offensive Phenomena (30 days ago)
Got it hope this stupid fucking narrator gets put down like a sick dog just after being gangraped by a pack of niggers
Jerry Li (30 days ago)
Did I just get Youtube click baited by CNN
androcles x (30 days ago)
Apparently nobody has ever seen a sorting facility
Whatster87 (30 days ago)
crappy news network?
Blue Haze (30 days ago)
Fake news
Aerrorex (30 days ago)
Her voice annoys me
spiderman01980 (30 days ago)
They pay shit money to their employees, they never appreciate the work their drivers do, that's why no one gives a fuck about the packages. Most drivers do 12 hours a day and some are only on £70 cash a day for 12 hrs work, no holiday pay no sick pay no pension no nothing. one of the biggest names and one of the worst delivery companies to work for. You think the guy chucking the box over the gate is bad, why don't you go look on how the workers are treated in the depots. If the van is dirty they make the driver take the van out and go and wash it, where the fuck are you meant to wash it. The fuckers don't even give you washing facilities, you now have to drive around in traffic at 6am to go look for a car wash that opens at 9am to go wash the van or loose a days work and then be charged for a replacement driver that will come in and cover your route in a dirty van. Fucking jokers they are.
Bobby Boucher (30 days ago)
I have a TV arriving tomorrow and i'll be home, if I see this happen i'm probably going to end up in jail lol.
DanDan TheKage (30 days ago)
fake news
Bill Cipher (30 days ago)
I can't stand the reporters voice.
andrewmets (30 days ago)
Fake news
Scott Palmore (30 days ago)
This is Fake News
BEN WARD (30 days ago)
Viva the United States Postal Service!
William Kee (30 days ago)
You are fake news
Live Review (30 days ago)
Not making excuses 4 them but they don't get paid much and deal with alot of shit they only get paid 1$ per delivery that's why they try 2 hurry up maybe if they got paid a little better thing can be diffrent
a LungFish (1 month ago)
Actually they watched Ace Ventura more than 100 times and the rest is history ...
Andrew M562 (1 month ago)
Anyone that makes deliveries of anything handle with care please as if it was your own and if it gets broken because of the way you handled it. I think you deserve to have everything get broken in the same way. So just take care of all the packages please from any delivery company.
Jtboy25 (1 month ago)
fake news
Jeffrey C (1 month ago)
Anyone else annoyed how people say videoing instead of recording?
Ryan Pheples (1 month ago)
Something about this seemed FAKE
Demetrius R (1 month ago)
haha ground service
D. Va (1 month ago)
This explains why one of my books was damaged in the corner. It was all bend and crumbled when i received it :( it was also an hard cover book with over 300 pages so im sure UPS dropped the package hard or threw the packaged.
chris sosa (1 month ago)
lmao I unloaded at UPS for three months sadly it's way worst than this.
papa jhon (1 month ago)
That why I get my shit from amazon.
Donald Shores (1 month ago)
If I caught a motherfucker tossing one of my guitars during delivery, I would literally beat that ass. To be honest, I've never interacted with a delivery driver who wasn't straight up awesome.
JB999 Mobile Gamplays (1 month ago)
This is REAL news
ucheucheuche (1 month ago)
Is that you talking Tricia Takanawa?
Vitycam (1 month ago)
I thought it was a normal channel. It was CNN :(