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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Rich Evans (2 hours ago)
LOL.... hitr niggers and dimwits and this is what you get
Nebojša Čelebić (7 hours ago)
goddamn this voice aargh
xEPICxYOSHIx (12 hours ago)
All of you are lucky, my USPS doesn't bother to deliver, it leaves a "no one was home" paper when I send my packages to a 24/7 Day Care apartment.
Moaeid Elhuoni (2 days ago)
thats why robots will take over. automation is key. robots will always handle with care, won't get bored and will do the job just right. humans are a liability.
Baidu Mel (2 days ago)
Looks like another great future basket ball player.
Baidu Mel (2 days ago)
USA workmanship quality better than China quality, I don't think so.
Varinder Singh (2 days ago)
FedEx delivery should be outsourced too.Amric
Good Guy (2 days ago)
Ace Ventura does a better job than fedex.
sdq sdq (3 days ago)
probably unpaid and high workload
bob tony (3 days ago)
thats y i only order with credit cards, and if product doesn't work, I issue a chargeback that day.......i paid for working product, if I don't receive said working product, my credit card cannot legally be charged.
Piss It (4 days ago)
Who else remembers that exact same narrator's voice from when you were little? lol
Gilpinales1 (4 days ago)
I understand the stress from the guys that work for FedEx. they don't get pay well. but ups some of those guys get pay up to 30 dollars per hour. people in this days don't give a creo about their jobs anymore
Wes Brackman the RC enthusiast (5 days ago)
I bought a flyzone dhc-2 rc aircraft from Amazon and no matter how much packaging was on that model aircraft the floats and land wheels still got damaged from shipping
Nash Doyle (5 days ago)
dennis n (5 days ago)
mexicans at work.
Cedrick Moore (7 days ago)
Muslims scum. Extyerminate Muslims slime.
Robert Lawson (9 days ago)
All truck drivers have the hardest job on earth.. Go try it.
Garrett (9 days ago)
Don't have a big douchey gate, you'd probably have a monitor in 1 piece.
AR Vlogs (11 days ago)
FedEx should have a msg when the delivery is done mistake of FedEx and the that f**k deliver should pay for it
Grant Thomas (15 days ago)
Driver is an ignorant prick, and I hope he was fired!
Dassd Schsdu (16 days ago)
Doc Mesa (16 days ago)
I use to work in a warehouse and we use to treat packages like shit, played baseball with them, kicked them threw them haha, good times.
Andre Luiz (16 days ago)
fuck FedEx name
David Lennard Smailus (17 days ago)
I don't like FedEx
WWB Entertainment (19 days ago)
ahaha ace
{ESA}Warfare (20 days ago)
Doing what they do is a bs job,, work like a dog all day.. getting paid shit to do it
Digital Blade (22 days ago)
This video give me some closure. I worked as Furniture Delivery man for 6 years never done shit like this. Now I get to see Delivery man plain ling they came to my home and I was not there. Yes it's an easy job driving by and not making the delivery not even throwing the damn Note. Yup I am sure you were here, just you forgot to put the proof of that in my Briefcase. Delivery is only getting shittier because everyone wants to not play about it. So the cheapest Delivery Guys deliver your shit. Smart move Sellers hire Cheep so some Mojo destroy your Merchandise and business. Hope it's worth it.
Literatura BDSM (23 days ago)
If you paid your employees well, this wouldn't happen: you would be able to be more selective on who you hire. Cheap fucks, bad service.
Robert Zheng (26 days ago)
get the fack off of this job idiots
farmerboy 777 (27 days ago)
Fedex don't do that around hear I live 60 miles from the super hub and go there to watch planes. need footage ask me!!
AngieD Duperly (1 month ago)
i getting a hoverbord i hope they don't dot hat to me
Thirtiesguy (1 month ago)
Most of the guys caught on tape were minorities, let that soak in for a moment...
Colin Haney (1 month ago)
This is why packages need to be shipped with a million pounds of bubble wrap and packing pillows. Still, pretty hilarious that this driver couldn't be bothered to spend 0.75 seconds LOOKING at the box to see that it was obviously fragile.
TheRedstoneVillager (1 month ago)
Another thing that happened to a YouTuber (The 8-Bit Guy or 8-Bit Keys or David Murray) when a good condition Yamaha PSR-36 was run over. Search "Repairing a FedEx damaged PSR-36" on YT.
kelly vargas (1 month ago)
that why anything fragile i go buy it at the store... open it at the store and make sure is not broken this is just fucking sad
The Constantine (1 month ago)
do you came here after watching there ware house hub delivering pie!!!
The Constantine (1 month ago)
do you came here after watching there ware house hub delivering pie!!!
MisterSir (1 month ago)
why are there cunts like this that exist? do they not understand that unless they maintain a standard, the same could happen to them?
MrGnastygnate (1 month ago)
This was proven to be fake
Houston Mann (1 month ago)
I would have made fedex buy me a new computer monitor
Aaron Gooch (1 month ago)
Fake news it didn't happen
Alvin H (1 month ago)
FedEx and UPS corporate management needs to be held responsible for controlling these rogue deliver drivers because the local offices refuse to do it. As a matter of fact, the drivers know they can keep getting away with these delivery fails because their local supervisors tell them to take these shortcuts to make their quotas. The rogue supervisors will go as far as to defend the rogue delivery drivers when you call them to complain so it is essential that you file OFFICIAL complaints with the corporate offices of FedEx and UPS. The phone numbers and contact information are difficult to find, by design, so you must exert the effort to find it and pursue your official complaints.
FLEX ANAHEIM (1 month ago)
Gunship (1 month ago)
There are so many unemployed ppl that would love to have a steady job like this. Fire the disrespectful cunts and hire ppl that would appreciate the job and do it in an appropriate manner.
Gustavo C. (1 month ago)
UPS/FedEx are the worst. UPS at the very least has the practice of leaving a note indicating that they will return to the deliver the package on the next business day. FedEx has been the opposite. They will leave my package at my front door, for anyone to freely take.
Gaming Tw3tch (2 months ago)
It's not Fedex that's bad or ups it's the damn people that work there who do shit like that smh they need to respect their job and those products
Safety First (2 months ago)
by the way any delivery driver that delivers my package like that will the supervisor called and the police called and charges will be filed. Fedex will break any rules and law just to make sure they beat other drivers back to the shop from delivery packages. I also inspect all packages that are delivered to me even pizzas or any food if its not correct then i will deny it
Francois Pierre (2 months ago)
DHL is the best
falconx150 (2 months ago)
id smash him if I caught him doing that to my package
The Zombie Block (2 months ago)
I hate FedEx and UPS. I bought a 2 in 1 laptop and i saw the Guy Threw my Microsoft Surface Book (thats the product) on my CCTV. I Contacted FedEx and the Payed me the Price of the Laptop. And UPS because They keep Hitting my Gate. I Repaired in for like 4 time and i Paid $4,000 for the Gate.
tyg (2 months ago)
2:05 Let me translate: They said: 'Bad boy, don't do it again.' Then they continued counting their money.
tommy19851 (2 months ago)
until they showed the women talking i thought was a man!!!
TheCrazyEgg (2 months ago)
these news people sound stupid and like there 80 years old
victor case (2 months ago)
I work at UPS all I can say is never order paper online. I tried to handle things with care but they want you to move quickly so they can move a higher volume that's what they care about. They want you to move quickly even if that means breaking some other safety rules which quite frankly I find ridiculous
victor case (2 months ago)
I work at UPS all I can say is never order paper online. I tried to handle things with care but they want you to move quickly so they can move a higher volume that's what they care about. They want you to move quickly even if that means breaking some other safety rules which quite frankly I find ridiculous
Fatlum Toverlani (2 months ago)
Danny Pearson (2 months ago)
your mamma is a monkey, how about that for proper grammar?
Danny Pearson (2 months ago)
your mamma is a monkey, how about that for proper grammar?
Nevin Rhymer (2 months ago)
anyone wondering what computer monitor was that?
Miner (2 months ago)
Nevin Rhymer no... That video is from 5 years ago...
LiquidBlackWolf (2 months ago)
I do deliveries for a small office supply company and we can all accidentally drop a package. But throwing whit peoples stuff... unactable. but then again. maybe its to cheap to ship things and there is too much work for too few people
Nurudhuha Dhuha (2 months ago)
all kuriers same like this
Samer Abdallah (2 months ago)
I find jobless or no work ethic customers/people are annoying when they don't understand how hard that job is.
Shadi Nachat (2 months ago)
Them throws are ninja throws
The Only Way Productions (2 months ago)
UPS, pronounced as Oops.
Joleary Ralph Salido (2 months ago)
And customers blames the shipper for damaged, incorrect, late, and sent to wrong address delivery. And guess what? your package is late? damaged? incorrect package? call the shipper! like hell I care!
Jordan Carbaugh (2 months ago)
If you stand at my neighbor's front door you can not see their garage and driveway. A UPS guy got out of his truck and took three steps and threw the package in front of the garage door. Good thing my mom saw it happen and went over to tell our neighbor's so they didn't run it over with their car. Dude was too lazy to walk up the sidewalk to the front door.
Marlon Stern (2 months ago)
People complaining have no idea what the demand for productivity is for these people competing for jobs working for corporations fighting for tighter profit margins. Don't like it? Get rid of the gate
ALKUKES (2 months ago)
No this are fast workers, if its a fragile should have a sticker..... lol
Gabe G (2 months ago)
Was gonna watch but then I saw CNN.
Chad Thompson (3 months ago)
Get rid of affirmative action so the most qualified person gets the job, not some lazy nigger
Danny Pearson (3 months ago)
thrown all over the plant lol.
IvanDeeTerrible (3 months ago)
Don't buy expensive shit online people.. I worked for Usps for 2 months and the way they throw and toss the parcels from Amazon is just crazy.. in the mornings we use to scan all parcels then some other group will toss and throw all scanned packages into each carriers hamper and of course not everybody had a good aim some will hit the ground and probably shattered everything in it..
Nik O (3 months ago)
lol hey dumbasses, open your fucking gate and they won't have to toss your shit. Inb4 another dumbass says "why not just put it in front of the gate"... there's a good chance it will get stolen and then they will complain again. Request for a signature when you buy your shit or open your gate next time. And if you don't have a visible address number on your house, you will never get your shit.
Not a Troll (3 months ago)
Well, I can understand the issue with the gates, my family ended up putting a basket just on the other side of our gate, easily reachable by delivery people, and a sign clearly stating that there is a basket there. However, more recently, we are just having issues with the packages actually making it to us(for OnTrac, I think that issue was maybe solved, somewhat, by the fact that for whatever reason they had our house listed as the one just down the street from us).
Marik Fox (3 months ago)
баскетбол , гандбол и другие
Wealthy man (3 months ago)
It's always black peoples fault according to white people. Anytime black people commit crime, generalization is made. But when white people steal, which is all the time, they're often called "cunt" and that's it.
Benjamin Norwood (3 months ago)
daddylongst1ck (3 months ago)
I work at Fedex Express and dont understand how they can say "there frankly shocked" rediculous time frames corporate sets even the managers tell us to do what it takes to deliver. You should see how they get loaded on the containers that go inside the plane.
December1213 (3 months ago)
I'm sure the union will stand up for these pieces of garbage?
TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz (3 months ago)
UPS and Fedex are the WORST... they won't even knock the door or ring the bell and just drive away!
ProLife (3 months ago)
no fault of delivery driver. people took ages to come at gate. if they lives on 3rd floor they delivery driver should come to 3rd floor. what you expect from minimum wage employees. leave .this job and same day get other one . you are right I'm also delivery driver. I delivered food for lazy fat ass customers. they don't want to came at main gate. THANK YOU You welcome
Rumer1 (3 months ago)
what a bunch of retards. nowadays everybody has surveillance cameras in front of their home or business.
Kompa Tevez (3 months ago)
FedEx delivery trucks AND vans here where I live are horrible at driving. Speeding, running red lights, switching lanes without signaling, cutting in front of you without notice almost on purpose... Don't believe me? Be on Patterson Street between 52nd and 28th by the airport around 8am on any given day. They're animals I tell you... ANIMALS!!
Kompa Tevez (3 months ago)
Oh, by the way. 100% true story: My sister ordered an iPad a couple years ago. Fucker showed up, delivered by shitty FedEx, with a goddamn hi-lo tire mark across the box. Box ripped across the front, along the tire mark, and needless to say the iPad screen was shattered beyond recognition. It wasn't bad enough FedEx ran over a customer's package and annihilated it, but they had the balls to deliver it like that. Sister called and got another one from the place of purchase, not from FedEx, who in the end were responsible. So in short FedEx got paid to deliver package, which they did but broken to shit, and then their customer had to send another 8 or 9 hundred dollar device AND then pay shipping a second time. You've been warned.
Professor Murciélago (3 months ago)
1:44 talk about ground shipping lmao
Rationalist Faith (3 months ago)
Upvote if watching this while waiting for Fedex to deliver.. like right fucking NOW!
Beasticon (3 months ago)
Some people actually follow the mail truck and when they leave they go up and steal it
Super Sonic Austin (3 months ago)
I HAVE THAT "Ace Ventura" MOVIE!!!!!
benyamin bakhtiyari (3 months ago)
ass holes
Edward Joung (4 months ago)
Cnn relying on youtube to get first hand news.... good job cnn good job... don't you have better things to do!??!?!
lobservateur83 (4 months ago)
Most of the time, I wish I could drive to warehouses and pick my items up myself.
Sha ZamKazam71 (3 months ago)
A_Ok 83 I know.......but what if he says please
A_Ok 83 (3 months ago)
Sha ZamKazam71 Delivery companies don't exactly allow that.
Sha ZamKazam71 (3 months ago)
lobservateur83 then what's stopping you
Niubility (4 months ago)
Wow, that's worse than in China. They deliver every parcel to your doorstep, even on and after Single's Day.
faloc (4 months ago)
so basically delivery men in the US are retards? :P
lobservateur83 (4 months ago)
Not all, but most...I'm sure.
Shah Gamer (4 months ago)
Bro if you can't do your fucking job properly don't do it at all don't makes other people miserable just because you are are
Kruut Von .Trendkilla (4 months ago)
I do this for a living and it pains me to see this. I treat every package as if it was gold bars and thousand dollar bills as it could be. It might be a crap job, but I do take pride in doing whatever I do to the best of my abilities. I would say don't skimp out on proper handling and declaration but here it seems like it don't matter.
Gonar 93 (4 months ago)
Depending of whats in the box, if those are shoes. c´mon :D i will do that too haha
Moe Saber (4 months ago)
I lost it when the Ace Ventura bit started lol
WingHo Wong (4 months ago)
They don't need signature?
k ly (4 months ago)
what i dont understand is, dont you need to get it signed for or is this only in America because everyone is too lazy to even do that
Jordan Carbaugh (2 months ago)
Ayalneh Amera yea. Some dude was too fat and lazy to get out of his car or rearrange it so it wouldn't be almost touching my car. Instead he opened the door so it hit my door. Then he did it repeatedly and dented my car. Cops said they can't do shit
Ayalneh Amera (3 months ago)
Oh, the FBI dont do anything about cases like these, they only work for the government btw ^_^. Either way our police in the US dont do a damn thing about it anyways.
TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz (3 months ago)
+Nik O the criminals have it so easy here cuz the police often don't care about anything... they are nowhere as strong as FBI
Nik O (3 months ago)
TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz I'm not surprised. America isn't as rural as other countries so they don't have to worry about their packages getting stolen like other countries.
TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz (3 months ago)
+Nik O nope here they are NOT allowed to leave it on the door step unless if the person who want the package have told em they are allowed to do so.
iJamie8467x (4 months ago)
this bitches voice
Al Masih (4 months ago)
Is it really that hard to just walk a few more yards and slowly put the box down outside the door. Really? People are so stupid and lazy nowadays it is ridiculous!
Gemjab (2 months ago)
john how the hell is trump gonna improve their work ethic, his ass is stuck on twitter half the damn time.
John4titude (4 months ago)
They are hillary clinton supporters! now with Trump president, we'll get better delivery mens