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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Nyklus (20 minutes ago)
id like to see a lot of the little girls complaining in the comment section do 100+ stops 150+ packages a day, guaranteed you will throw a couple of packages.
Afzal Nezami (32 minutes ago)
Reality courier company service
Charisma (2 hours ago)
Australia Post by far the best.
BIG M (5 hours ago)
If you ever would do this to me you better leave this planet!!
Kimberly K (7 hours ago)
They are all idiots
Hydra Queen (10 hours ago)
I work at a Petco warehouse, and I ship out glass treat containers, liquids, cans of wet dog and cat food, 120 lbs dog food in a box, or 340 lbs worth of cat litter because of crazy cat ladies, etc. We pack our items very snuggly in boxes, and it should be able to withstand all the damage seen in the video. The only thing I disagree on is the monitor, unless there is styrofoam on the inside then I assure you it is fine. What do you expect for free shipping? Especially when you only spend a dollar more most cases just to get it. On top of our packages being able to withstand all of this, your glass cookie jar has 340 pounds of cat litter stacked on it, and when you receive it, it will be in prime condition without you even knowing. Every single package gets tossed and thrown and dropped. You don't even realize it unless you see it. That is because boxes are expected to deal with the trauma. Get over it, if we handled packages like glass dolls then we wouldn't be putting styrofoam and bubble packaging in them.
ToxoTron (1 day ago)
That’s why there is store pickup
Gaige Johnson (1 day ago)
You think this is bad? Visit a UPS or FedEx warehouse on a busy day. If your package is extremely light and it doesn't say fragile, it will 100% be tossed
PilotsEye76 (1 day ago)
Fuck that dude.
John Galuska (1 day ago)
If boxed correctly the contents the box Should be able to withstand some ruff handling unless of course it fragile! Electronic , liquids glass ,yup that's fragile. Idk I ve worked shipping and receiving , not all these short clips are bad just saying
Jorge Alberto Medina (1 day ago)
Lolol lazy ass nikkas!
Richard Magana (1 day ago)
You should see the warehouse lol
Mr. Crocker (1 day ago)
Lol I worked at ups for a day and this is how they load the trucks 😆
Storm Animations (1 day ago)
Good thing deliveries here in the Philippines are knocking or saying hello And are in motorcycles
Tye Roush (1 day ago)
Theses are the scum that handle your packages!!!!
Saidi Ali (2 days ago)
Me too my 65 inch was broken because of that...but they refunded me
beverly ledbetter (3 days ago)
I constantly have trouble with my carriers! I tell them to leave my packages at the door, but they don't. Hauling them back to the post office is a big inconvenience for me, as I have to get two buses to get there! I've had my mail stolen, sent to other people, etc and they do nothing to stop this! I'm waiting for my mail now!
Mary Lundy (3 days ago)
It's their job to get the package to the person with out it being broken. I'm sure most of these people get paid well. Just do your damn job. Why take out your anger on people who did nothing to you. These people are horrible, disrespectful and should work somewhere else. If your job is so stressful or to much work get another one or try to make changes in the work place.
Max no lastname (4 days ago)
Jason Voorhees (4 days ago)
they have 10 hours to deliver 1000 boxes. They're not going to be gentile
Baller Kid98 (4 days ago)
Fuck cnn
Lisa Dasher (4 days ago)
well I hate to burst every one bubble on here but the one that I work at they tell the drivers that if it's a gate just put it in the yard you can't put it outside of the gate
Lisa Dasher (4 days ago)
I work at FedEx and I get paid $11.00 dollars a hour we get paid every week and I'm a sorter I just seperate the packages
Symphony Eliza (4 days ago)
Is it that hard to carefully set a package or packages by someone's door by power walking then run back?😩
LowKey MusicGroup (4 days ago)
I work FedEx freight nd trust me, shit already fcked up from previous hubs before it even gets to us.
Miracle White (4 days ago)
Fed Ex??? I had bought stuff and received with gate and never happened that....
Jeremy McMahon (4 days ago)
As a pc gamer i cringed when he threw that monitor.
Mach 1 (4 days ago)
Tossing fragile parcels is disrespectful. A pillow isn't a big deal, but not from the end of a driveway.
santos moreno (5 days ago)
I hope all this employees get fired.
Jose A (5 days ago)
Management doesn’t give a fuck, they push this behavior on the employees.
Thomas Stuart (5 days ago)
I absolutely hate this woman's voice and mannerisms
Stxtic Georgy (5 days ago)
I throw your boxes,gently.
Zombie Rofl (5 days ago)
'He is being handled according to our internal disciplinary policies' (means exit)
It’sjustlex (5 days ago)
I had my 4 cable boxes delivered from Fedex and they dropped my boxes at the door. He dropped them basically to a point that I heard it when I was in another room and I couldn’t get out my door fast enough to see what the heck it was. He ran down the stairs and was gone. They are terrible I don’t understand.
MaxSixthSense (5 days ago)
Fuck CNN
Max & Moritz (5 days ago)
If you would know how this people are threated in job then think about next time when you want free delivery
howtobebasic1 (6 days ago)
i once worked for both UPS and FedEx and i can tell you ive seen boxes get tosed and betten the crap out of i mean they dont care if the idem inside is broken or not
killahchriz152 (6 days ago)
Fake news lol
Elmexicanosabroso (6 days ago)
Shit bro...I should've seen this video first i just ordered three puppies last week!
Jayden Stiles (6 days ago)
Dude my jaw was dropped the whole time 😂😂
Joe Daddy (7 days ago)
They should start dropping the hourly pay! This goes for USPS too. 👎 What happened to get a signature for the packaged received?! These guys don't even knock anymore, and they just leave the "Sorry we missed you" note lol.
d j (7 days ago)
Fire them losers fuck fed x and ups
Denki Kai Gaming (7 days ago)
Maybe that’s why my fucking gaming pc break in half I paid 1000 bucks for it thank god I got a refund
Samantha (7 days ago)
1:37 When you tell your boyfriend your parents aren't home 😂🤣
Johnson john (7 days ago)
I've done it! Sometimes you are behind the wheels.
BestNickNameEver (7 days ago)
0:24 *na uh*
fucked up (7 days ago)
When you cant afford a ps4 but you have delivers a ps4 to another person That thing hurts😟😥😥
Matt Sheahan (7 days ago)
So I call BS on their response. I used to work at bike shops and watched UPS delivery guys throw shit all the time. Employees have decent wages because it is a high pressure environment. However, packers are rushed to load trucks and from what I know talking to delivery drivers and packers; there isnt enough organization to make packing the trucks: organized for easy access in order en route AND safely handled for all packages (consistently).
ankur jayant (8 days ago)
2:00 wooahoho....wait...it was a woman narratting the whole video...
Ryujin Kage (9 days ago)
yay real news
MikaPlayz (9 days ago)
Gta 5 mail delivery update
Miss Keisha Has A Note9 (9 days ago)
Yup, got cameras too, cannot trust anyone these days.
Carl Napp (9 days ago)
1:00 Good shot!
Wild Bill (10 days ago)
Matt Heide_98 (10 days ago)
As someone who works for UPS...This isn’t that bad. Boxes get stepped on and thrown around to save time.. and TBH I don’t give a fuck about your package.
laura kantner (10 days ago)
I work for FedEx Express now and we will get fired for throwing boxes like that.
Templarkiller (10 days ago)
The sarcastic guy in the second video was great
Simba (11 days ago)
Oh, that's just awful! 🤣😅
Jan Negrete (12 days ago)
Estupidos idiotas.
oli godendrocyte (12 days ago)
this is promoted and essentially manditory if you want to get your route done and not be fired
jagg jaggerman (12 days ago)
pay more salary and the deliveries can be work without stress
Centauri A Gaming (13 days ago)
Just be glad those were not Chuck Norris's products being delivered...
Queen B (13 days ago)
carlos soto (13 days ago)
I hate the lady talking
Simba (11 days ago)
What?....She's funny.
Jockey_Dozen (13 days ago)
asdf (13 days ago)
All these "workers" need to be fired ASAP!
NPC #90210 (14 days ago)
What is this? There isn't any Trump involved. How can I blame Trump for this?
Simba (11 days ago)
Ah, that's funny, too.
sL FoxScout (14 days ago)
Bro I used to work for Amazon you best believe I chucked shit all the time 😂 anything small enough I would literally frisbee from the van across the yard. We get paid by the day when the route is done not the hour and not enough so.
Alfredo Guzman (14 days ago)
If u think that's bad you should see what they do at the terminals lol
Happy pizza (14 days ago)
Rickie Rodriguez (14 days ago)
carol vazquez (14 days ago)
I think my package was thrown because there was a dent in my package
Ticia o (14 days ago)
I have had holes in my box’s not surprise.
dabmotha (14 days ago)
I shouldn't laugh but it's so funny.
Michael Beers (15 days ago)
Most customers are ungrateful pricks that think you are their personal slave. You don’t want your shit fucked up go buy it at Walmart and be done with it
Ahly J (15 days ago)
*Fat lazy jerks!😩*
Ray Kah (15 days ago)
Whatever u send, write on top " glass items handle with care " problem solved
Виктор Виктор (15 days ago)
почта раSSии, это ещё цветочки)))
Coconut Grubs (15 days ago)
Lol you idiots! What do you think happens to your packages before it gets to the driver!
So Savage (15 days ago)
It Dosent matter if it's Fed Ex or UPS. i worked for both and I promise you ALL PACKAGES ARE THROWN, TOSSED AND CRUSHED even before it gets on the trucks
So Savage (9 days ago)
Moral of the story Try to get it at the store if possible
Sarcalogos Tortolero (15 days ago)
We do this at the warehouse too fedex lying don’t order fragile shit online
UnorthdoxCleric (15 days ago)
I've had a package from Ace Ventura too.
Coward Roblox (15 days ago)
Only in America ..too many fat lazy people there ..
Jojo Crazy Cat (15 days ago)
Don't order stuff to be delivered if you have a locked gate.
Tiarra Isaiah (16 days ago)
Imagine paying with your hard earned money something you were looking forward to. You paid shipping and handling... it already took a while to get to your home. Just for you to open it up and see that it’s broken. Thank god there was evidence that this man did this. I don’t want to pay for something that I don’t receive correctly. Also, some companies don’t take the product back afterwards. All around carelessness. Paying customers deserve better.
Aaron Predum (16 days ago)
3 points
Samuel Goodliffe (16 days ago)
Welp there's a reason they put a *ton* of Styrofoam peanuts in those boxes...
Alex Stone (16 days ago)
Eddy Charles (16 days ago)
How are they supposed to deliver the package if there’s a huge gate in the way?
Mercedes Mob (16 days ago)
They are lazy as fuck
Dan Kan (16 days ago)
Why are people like that? It's so sad
Nate Dogg (16 days ago)
people are just lazy to work
Nate Dogg (16 days ago)
i dont know why people expect employees at a company to be professional if when you go to work you can barley wait to clock out.
Deemah GZ (16 days ago)
These boxes are much worse handling in the warehouses lmao
RSean (16 days ago)
The went from tossing boxes the flipping burgers 🍔
unboxing theboxx (16 days ago)
Wow not normal😥
Kevin Portillo (17 days ago)
This is why I only use USPS....
pirrurris de vecindad (17 days ago)
gracias trump por ponerlos a trabajar. .lo hacen de mala gana y con coraje y mucha hueva se lo merecen
pirrurris de vecindad (17 days ago)
así tratan los gringo las cosas y los africanos son flojos pero los latino no son así pregunten en living space. y verán como son con las cosas que entregan
Joyson Wildhart (17 days ago)
"being handled by our internal disciplinary policies" damn that means aint shit gonna happen