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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Text Comments (2494)
mist mist (1 day ago)
Fed ex you need to beat people
shuntian wang (1 day ago)
As the penalty these guys should be thrown as the same way to the ground
Spongebob Squarepants (2 days ago)
Lucky for me coz I bought TV just only to have the box.
A_R3al_Flash_Fan (2 days ago)
"YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVED BITCH" *throws the fuckin package* You: FUCK -_-
Eat my Ass (3 days ago)
All of you complaining calling the workers lazy and shit go and work in a warehouse and i bet my right nut that all of you would be the exact same way tossing unimportant packages as hard as you want
R D (3 days ago)
Ups is the worst
ZeroPoint Black (3 days ago)
Not saying what's in this video is right, but I deliver pizzas in so cal, and dealing with these idiots and their gates, I kind of understand. Most of the time I wish I could toss the pizza in their fucking face.
Franko Agustin (4 days ago)
Exclusively from Amazon ups fedex, they tried to attempt to deliver a package and they don’t even knock my door says “Attempted delivery due to missing apartment number” but my address is complete and the worst thing is they steal packages and they deliver to the neighbor’s house and somewhere else
Joseph Cingrani (4 days ago)
I worked at a ups hub doing pre load for 4 years. You would be surprised how they handle boxes. I've seen some really messed up stuff
fadly A. Rahman (4 days ago)
No wonder nobody like to hire Americans
Pedrodicipulo Dicipulo (4 days ago)
palhaçada . todos piscopatas .
unclebugspayton (4 days ago)
Fed ex “shocked”....yeah right!
XA W (5 days ago)
this is why I work out delivery time to come in on my days off then I'll be up waiting for them.
Floyd Botts (5 days ago)
micky_marvel (5 days ago)
I hate ontrac they are by far the worse
The mad king Aerys (5 days ago)
Should be sacked instantly. You have one fucking job to do lazy twats.
snap insta (6 days ago)
0:09 when ur too lazy to go to the door
SayedHaSan Jam (6 days ago)
I have worked in these companies it’s not only the delivery driver fault, they employers are the one should be blamed most, because the pressure is given 1 minute each delivery 📦 makes driver rush lose his/her license in order to make decent living the poor delivery man pushed to do this all,
X Dr Fantasy XXX (6 days ago)
Now i know why i force to send my orders back.
OG Mikey (6 days ago)
That is why it is called fedex ground service and fedex express means when the delivery truck drives by the driver throws the package at your door 😂😂😂😂
Stuart Callis (6 days ago)
This is more common than you think I used to work for a delivery company and this was done in for t of management and they never batted an eyelid
Seena A (6 days ago)
mef12727 (6 days ago)
Everyone stop ordering online for a month.. Once there pockets start hurting..Problem will be resolved.
Jeremy Smith (7 days ago)
When I worked for the post office at Christmas some years ago, I saw them treat packages like you wouldn't believe. One guy had a cage full of packages on a forklift and he raised it too high. When it eventually hit a roof beam he just gunned the engine and tore everything on top in half. Another time a small envelope full of jewels was being sent to someone for appraisal. Well it tore open spilling out said jewels, and since it's illegal for anyone to really do anything with the open contents, it was all swept right into the trash. I was amazed anything ever got to where it was supposed to be quite frankly.
Tittu Rulez (7 days ago)
They would have know the value of money
Nitro- 909 (7 days ago)
Ohh so that's why my package was damaged..
ch282 (7 days ago)
deliveries... more like derp-liveries
Marcus Schmück (7 days ago)
Just had a $2200 guitar, (Martin) show up crushed! Thanks Fedex!!! No way it was accidental either!!!
Freddy Pedraza (7 days ago)
Basically how Walmart freight workers
Aslo (8 days ago)
That's why you put a "fragile" sign on fragile parcels. Regular parcels can handle this.
Erick fdqwdq (8 days ago)
FedEx is Thee worst shipping company in the US
Cosmo Cide (8 days ago)
I had to say, I left the video the moment I heard her voice. That brazen, of higher intellect attitude says a lot about a person.
Dan Mega (8 days ago)
That FedEx punk was an anchor Mexican. Stop these illegal Mexicans coming to our country and having children!, These sons of bitches, biggest Trojan Horse, ever!, same for Muslims!, get them the hell out!!!!!!!
Zero Kill (5 days ago)
Dan Mega The Chinese are the trojan horse.
Bee Bee (8 days ago)
Treat my packages with respect damn it!
DailyPhoneVlogsDPV (8 days ago)
Delivery workers are lazier than my fatass!
Jared pg (8 days ago)
Ground service
PATRIOT7ME (8 days ago)
Fake News
Saurabh Singh (9 days ago)
I hate your voice
Hazz Duke (9 days ago)
I dont want to see his computer get abuse by his owner so I kill his computer said the worker
Drumaboiiii (9 days ago)
It's what the company's do too these peo0le
Jacob Mcmahan (9 days ago)
I would have delivered that FedEx douche a size 14 medium shoe up his ass.
Pro96Gaming (9 days ago)
Have to toss packages to be able to finish in time. Get fired if not finished in time. I delivered news papers for a while and I had to put in over 3 hours overtime at least one day a week, it was impossible to deliver in time.
jacob thisdoesnotmatter (9 days ago)
give me tendies (9 days ago)
I’m never ordering reptiles now.
Yoshi Todo (10 days ago)
Dumb Americans. 😂
Bros Power (10 days ago)
*FUCK THE FED EX FFS* I would pay more for the delivery
Wezilla (10 days ago)
Sad 👎👎
b william (10 days ago)
What are they talking about? This is funny as shit😂😂😂😂😂
MrPumpkin Pumpkins! (10 days ago)
well thats the reason why i dont order stuff on the internet... i rather buying stuff at a local store
Ok (10 days ago)
Idiot delivery man
CoffeeBoiShitpost (10 days ago)
Raymond Terwilliger (10 days ago)
So yes he still has a job
camtasia1000 (10 days ago)
This is why they will get replaced by machines.
jkbrkly (10 days ago)
they have a strong union, he won't be fired.
Ioan Eduard (11 days ago)
utter lack of common sense..someone worked to afford that product and the driver being a jealous fucking asshole decided that he would destroy his monitor...that guy should not be fired ..that would be too easy for him...he should be working with the money needed to replace the monitor deducted from his salary
Gut Eater (11 days ago)
FedEx = more like Fed up ex employer
stupid Dead (11 days ago)
Jim Carrey is too good.
kaustubh S (11 days ago)
white labor sucks ..
The Darkitect (11 days ago)
I swear, if anybody throws my custom PC setup like so within it's delivery time, and I get to know about that, I will kill them.
Sanjay Shetty (11 days ago)
FedEx is very expensive . people need sue this company.
Depressed Andy (11 days ago)
I remeber delivering an Xbox One and I made sure to kick it around a couple times b4 throwing it off 🤙🤙✔✔😂😂
I use this channel for shitpost (1 day ago)
*I see what you did there*
ZeroPoint Black (3 days ago)
Depressed Andy , idiot
malinda ever (6 days ago)
hello how you doing today
Michael LastName (9 days ago)
You deserve to be depressed
EVOLICIOUS (11 days ago)
LOL. You people are delusional if you think these are rare and stupid mistakes that delivery people make. They literally do it all day, all night, every second. Lesson is, put tons of protective shit around your stuff. EXPECT that your package will be thrown and kicked.
StephenSKCheng (11 days ago)
LOL i laughed my ass of
Chris Reid (11 days ago)
I'll beat they add if they do that
Raditya Oe (11 days ago)
They can start work in stone quarry. Seems natural.
hudzz (11 days ago)
Now i know how my phone's screen was smashed.
Bloxxy (11 days ago)
flex tape
Den Doom (11 days ago)
people that dont like their job
unjustkatana (11 days ago)
I think they are haters nothing else; they see people buying stuff and they hate.
Edelplastic (11 days ago)
Fake... no Company deliver in Product-Carton.... they pack it in another Carton without printings on it...
Samsung/Android Is the best (11 days ago)
FUGLOW (11 days ago)
That’s why they have foam in the boxes
Psyondrax1 (12 days ago)
That's what bubble wrap is for
Eduardo Mucino (10 days ago)
Psyondrax1 Monitor is wrecked, with or without bubble wrap
Caucasian Invasion (12 days ago)
I worked at UPS for the winter driver helpers and they threw so much stuff
Jb Sprinkles (12 days ago)
I used to work in a target wearhouse and I assure you all boxes are tossed and kicked to save time
ZeroPoint Black (3 days ago)
Jb Sprinkles , fucked up
sudhir vaijal (12 days ago)
So we pay for garbage
Jae RAMJR03 (12 days ago)
Ohhh sheeet
Captain Karen Obvious (12 days ago)
You can’t just “get rid of the gate” what if you have pets? A pool? Pools HAVE to be enclosed. Get rid of the gate my ass.
Ryder (12 days ago)
Next: Deliveries gone sexual
lone wolf (12 days ago)
This is usa he has no idea who will come out of his house shooting around before asking questions. Thats the best option for him to stay alive throw it and run.
StraightToThePoint (12 days ago)
Because its very shocking in this world to see someone throwing stuff
Goji Yup (12 days ago)
Maybe they wanted someone to catch it
Heru1924 (12 days ago)
That guy looking at monitor package's and said "wow nice monitor is he gamer?" looking behind of the box "Wtf this is my ex gf address!?" 10 minute later *throw the package's* "eat that shit"
Extra Bass (12 days ago)
it's not there fault that you have to order something that you can get from the market across your house
Sebastian Labrada (12 days ago)
No one seems to realize that these people are on time constraint sometimes delivering more than 250 packages in one day and all of it has to be done before 9 sometimes even 7. They don't have your time, they are on theirs.
Deandre2200 (12 days ago)
Ring the bell but u got a fucking gate in the way oh yeah like they really have time to ring your door bell plus jump ur gate just to get to the front door
BleXeo (12 days ago)
Guess why they are so pissed...because of the company that treats them like crap, ever worked as a deliveryman?
Richard Ramirez (12 days ago)
Well when then put you on time limit and a rush get stuff done of course it ain't going to be handled with care I know what goes on behind doors and it's not pretty
Toon Link (12 days ago)
hmmm what about the dudes that mark my package as "delivered" while I'm at home, never knock the door, and my package is nowhere to be found? Had that happen to me twice. Vanishing packages and no door knocks! hmmm
Vela Baybee (12 days ago)
DjAlonDevil (13 days ago)
That's only in the US (atleast for the most part). Where I live in, nobody dares to do that. They will get fired the second they do such thing. Last time I heard anything alike happend was in 2008.
Dj jom2x (13 days ago)
lol haha
AFGUN_ DIEGO (13 days ago)
Malaysia Gaming (13 days ago)
I would anything at Lazada
Cmeg Mendoza (13 days ago)
Worst delivery ever
kevin basher (13 days ago)
fortunately in the Netherlands they have to hand it in person with a signature
Tito Brozzi (13 days ago)
Maybe the dispatcher is an A/O
mdshahrear (13 days ago)
Robot deliverymen can't get here soon enough. I'm glad our future generations may not have to deal with these jackasses.
jose jose (13 days ago)
gate cosed? well how you expect to get it delivered
SyedAhmedPS (13 days ago)
DHL is better!