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Deliveries gone wild

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Worst delivery ever? A FedEx man throws a computer monitor over a fence. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the flying parcel.
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Text Comments (2202)
Paul Steed (20 hours ago)
The guys that deliver to my house are great
Essence of Racing (1 day ago)
deadass every other package I get its damaged
Saidi Ali (1 day ago)
It happened to me but the pay money back,after showing a video
Tazbila Ahmed (1 day ago)
what was the movie name?
Calote Vash (1 day ago)
Wayne96819 (1 day ago)
While USPS, FEDX, UPS, and other delivery drivers get the SHAFT.....all the women (both single AND married) go GOOGOO and salivate when a bottled water delivery guy shows up....a comment from a receptionist I heard once "ohh god....look at the muscles".......my reply back, FUCK YOU BITCH!!!! btw....he maybe making LESS $$$$ than USPS (benefits) FEDX and UPS....so kiss my lalas!!!!
Mindya PsandQs (1 day ago)
They were shocked lolol . No .
ExcelProTuts (1 day ago)
I used to work for UPS. This is only half of what actually goes on. Loading dock is crazy. I remember employees throwing packages purposely marked fragile to see if it breaks or dumping heavy items on top of fragile ones. In reality, those items may already be broken before it even reaches your door step.
killerkron 420 (1 day ago)
Oh my God the reporters puns are amazing
Sunny Wu (1 day ago)
This would explain why my recent camera purchase was 75% bubble wrap in the box. XD
Dan Gal (2 days ago)
This is not an example of bad companies. More like bad employees. The world is filled with A holes.
relles Molina (2 days ago)
At 2:34..
web1187 (2 days ago)
So in other words yes he still has his job 😡
fanshy hu onchi (2 days ago)
I wouldn't beat the burritos outta his ass
craigerlist (2 days ago)
I have had Amazon delivery drivers that are nothing like these clowns.  They will place the package I ordered (all on their own) not just on my porch, but they would actually hide them from street view behind a bush or tree near my porch Or even under the front of my car, and leave a note in my mailbox telling where the package is, just in case I didn't see it when I walked outside.  Awesome drivers at Amazon.    They did this service to me all on their own.   Superb Job Guys !!!
Anime Is life (2 days ago)
Good thing I don't order anything from them
Ralph V. L (2 days ago)
don't blame employees, the ones causing this behavior are employer. Low pay and more.
Shal ucard (2 days ago)
Oh well, dont order nothing, wont be nothing lol.
Winter Beeds (2 days ago)
Kill this fucking lazy bums last month we baited a courier who doesnt love his job we fucking beat his ass after breaking 1000 bucks computer monitor and he got fired he could be a homeless fuck i dont give a shit as of today i really wanna murder that guy beating him up wasnt enough please guys if u see ur courier like this beat his ass. He doesnt deserve to live
SL twentyeight (3 days ago)
Dam FedEx is off the chain. Unleash then postal hounds! Awhooo!
Terry Tripp (3 days ago)
Forget "shocked". SHIT-CAN every one of these lazy fucks! Give the job to someone who respects other people's property and takes pride in a job well done.
jose lazaro (3 days ago)
That why I always wait outside
Faith Mariel (3 days ago)
they should change the company name into"fed up express"it really suitable by the employee attitude..
RED DOG (3 days ago)
Just be happy you get your shit piss the delivery guys off its = to talking shit at restaurant before your food comes 😯
justCRAMeverything (3 days ago)
Same thing happen to me.. fortunately, my package were well packed..
darth revan (3 days ago)
That's it I'm starting my delivery comp it will be called Ventura we deliver!
darth revan (3 days ago)
Omg u guys show ace!!!lol
darth revan (3 days ago)
This guy saw ace ventura!!lol😂
Rustic Wanker (3 days ago)
Giz a job. I could do that
isiah (3 days ago)
FedEx has always been the WORST delivery service. Smh
Joseph M (3 days ago)
This is all Fedex fault because the put so much pressure on the drivers and giving them more and mor stops every day so someone to blame is no the drivers is Fedex
Yvonne Reeves (3 days ago)
I used to work for FedEx in the warehouse and they push you HARD to be quick in moving those packages on the belts, I lasted 3 weeks! FedEx has such a HIGH turnover rate its not even funny and the drivers are pushed hard too, to be quick when delivering!
Special EDy (3 days ago)
I work in an electronics warehouse, light boxes get thrown like a Frisby, medium boxes get thrown underhand. UPS Air and FedEx Express(air) are carefully stacked. If you order ground, your stuff is haphazardly chucked into a pile at the front of the trailer.
Bibek Shrestha (3 days ago)
so he is certainly pissed off over his seniors .
No worries Mate (4 days ago)
These companies push there employees so much that they have to deliver, drive and eat lunch (if they get a lunch ) as fast as they can or get fired. Hell the post office counts how many steps s delivery person walks in s minute.
kitty 1905 (4 days ago)
UPS is the worest
Tribe Benjamin (4 days ago)
lazy useless bastards
ruslan muhd (4 days ago)
Poly foam inside the box could protect the item from defects.
Brandon Johnson (4 days ago)
Tell CNN to get real jobs
Juan Rodríguez (4 days ago)
This video is sponsored by.... the usps
Aaron Turner (4 days ago)
I worked for FedEx. I threw a few packages in my day.
donni febianto (4 days ago)
Bunch of morons ...
Mr. McCluckster (4 days ago)
Tommy Vercetti (4 days ago)
You think this is bad?? You have no idea what goes on in the warehouse! All i can say is you better triple pack your shit and tape the fck outve it lol
Vin2JGaming (4 days ago)
Like a boss
abdiwali adan (4 days ago)
Hes sounds like I'm sick of tired of this s***
MALAELA FAGALI'I (5 days ago)
I'll do the same if you live in a flash house and don't answer the door that's what you get.
Conservative Hamster (5 days ago)
this was probably the only CNN video i liked.
Ryan Barth (5 days ago)
CNN before it became fake news
Nejat Ahmed (5 days ago)
FedEx stole my luggage
dest151 (5 days ago)
im a victim of this and i never got my item replaced ....lol
EzandRach .Campos (5 days ago)
unique details (5 days ago)
Wonder how would they feel if someone did this to there package
Hello Hi (5 days ago)
BrokeEx and DropEx save your money with us !!! and never guess what you buy and what you get !!!
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan (5 days ago)
Hidden outside cameras are useful to sort out the sinful acts & iresponsibilities.
LU SLZR (5 days ago)
All these people complaining about my package is damaged how about being there when it arrives in person
Rafael Alvarado (6 days ago)
Why I don’t trust anyone but amazon
Lennie Hunter (6 days ago)
WTF who the heck hires these UPS ding-a-lings shit knockers? 😡😡😡
Preston Thugman (6 days ago)
These people are rushed to do this under paid bullshit of a job.
CJH200iiWii (6 days ago)
I swear if a bitch throws my $8000 PC at my door I am taking a bat to his face.
Hello Hi (5 days ago)
wow if i have $8k pc i go with taxi myself to take it from shop :)
How to Be An Idioit (6 days ago)
Well I don't buy online I go for a ride
Rusty Gold (6 days ago)
Cameras everywhere.
Saiko (6 days ago)
So did he get a new monitor ?
Johnah Hex (7 days ago)
FedEx is fed up
Raghuraman Komandur (7 days ago)
Let them join hands FedEx and UPS So that the new company can be named as FedUP!!
DO 87 (7 days ago)
*g o n e w i l d*
Julie B (7 days ago)
they hate their jobs... clearly
Alex Harrison (7 days ago)
Anything broke I guess not well you got what you want so don’t complain
Lex (7 days ago)
Nice throw.
Francisco Alfonsin (7 days ago)
Anti professional wow lazy why people won't wanna work properly ...
Unknown Joanne (7 days ago)
Those dilvermen in the video are very super poor in them service . Customers are not happy about it and dont even trust them service again but properly i guess so .
geelvpe (7 days ago)
order a tv *but* then leave the gate locked so u wont deliver it on the front door. very smart for the buyer
Alex Boricua (7 days ago)
Salvador Sanchez (8 days ago)
It make me mad when i see this cuz i didnt get hire d and i see this like really if u dont like your give it to me man
Tauelia Maluia (8 days ago)
I hope they gone get fire the FedEx waste money to paid this guy's..
Gabriel Garcia (8 days ago)
Some time ups and fed the little box is empty to
Stuff (8 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with tossing it a few feet if these nothing but random bullshit in there weighing a pound or two but a computer monitor? Rofl
nytehawk tawadi (8 days ago)
brought to you by the Girls Gone Wild people
þlatherskite bich (8 days ago)
im lazy as shit but no,I wouldnt extent to this level
Sherman T (8 days ago)
ANDRIS TV (8 days ago)
Herp Derp (8 days ago)
Well, i suppose if I only made 10 bucks an hour to constantly carry around all the nice shit everyone else is buying I would be salty as fuck too. But this is why I have 4k cameras covering all sides of my house. So I can at least have their shitty 10/hr job for fucking up my packages.
milldabeast519 (9 days ago)
someones needs to regulate these ass holes
Richard Adams (9 days ago)
Just lazy shitty people you will find them in every company unfortunately every company 💯
Georytden Bazz (9 days ago)
Shits happens
Abdullah Kassim (9 days ago)
Dude y'all should see how package handlers load those trucks lmao 😂...that was literally nothing.
sjors91 (9 days ago)
This never happens in my country me & my wife ordered thousands of items past years 99% the boxes where brand new neither whats inside ever be broken only if it was already broken before being send in the original factory
Louis Johnson (9 days ago)
I hope that doesn't happen to my $2,000 laptop
The Boss (10 days ago)
I been doing these to your packages for the past 15 years. I haven't been caught yet 😂🤣😎
The Boss (5 days ago)
70BY My 10BY because I'm a stupid FedEx driver with a failed education but I make 65k a year for "driving"
70BY My 10BY (5 days ago)
The Boss then why’d you admit it on youtube
Thujey Ngetup (10 days ago)
Dhl in my country sucks....couple of years ago they lost my watch....and didn't refund or did nothing.
최Boyoung (10 days ago)
Ups and fedex sucks! Checkout our quick service in Korea
piggy costello (10 days ago)
Feyzor (10 days ago)
When youre meeting your ex but is still working
Rafael Pacheco (11 days ago)
No wonder Amazon prime bought their own airplanes
Mien ROY (11 days ago)
C est quoi ces putes a merde ?!
pa bits berry (11 days ago)
must be a great place to work, no stress on this job
gkdawg (11 days ago)
Maybe this is how makeup products get ruined and people blame it on the retail companies
Melik Walker (11 days ago)
And you wonder why drones are taking the Delivery Man jobs
70BY My 10BY (5 days ago)
Melik Walker hey, just cause some guy is fucking up, doesn’t mean he speaks for all of them, besides, drones suck. They’re takin our jobs
Pablo Camareno (11 days ago)
Stop buying from China
Alex Wu (11 days ago)
fedex become fedup