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What happens now?! Thomas Cook

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What will happen now to all of the thousands of employees, costumers and Aircraft that are scattered all over the globe after the Thomas Cook bankruptcy and WHAT is happening to the European aviation industry at the moment?! I will try to answer these questions in todays Mentour Pilot SPECIAL. If you are a traveller with Thomas Cook and you need advice, check out the links below. Helpful links for Thomas Cook costumers: If you are abroad👉: https://thomascook.caa.co.uk/customers/if-you-are-currently-abroad/ For Thomas Cook customers (info):👇🏻 https://thomascook.caa.co.uk Having trouble with accommodation:👇🏻 https://thomascook.caa.co.uk/customers/if-you-are-currently-abroad/managing-difficulties-with-your-accommodation/ I have a future booking, what to do? 👇🏻 https://thomascook.caa.co.uk/customers/if-you-have-a-future-booking-and-have-not-traveled-yet/ Get the Mentour Aviation app! 👇 📲 https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ Videos Featured in the episode (Thank you!!): charlest103 Aviation Videos (Thomas Cook A330 takeoff) https://youtu.be/0W_rghJgOXk Thomas Cook Group Airlines https://youtu.be/69k54dlAHJU https://youtu.be/F69tG6KfSUc RT UK (Stranded passengers) https://youtu.be/equ4ZDdK42U ARIRANG News (Brexit chaos) https://youtu.be/hALBui3dQow https://youtu.be/2P3ylTkLrUg
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Text Comments (1140)
anudeep yelkoti (1 day ago)
Thought that dog was doll
Belvedere Bailey (27 days ago)
"I woke up this morning just like most of you guys...... "...... lol
Bob Bowie (1 month ago)
This proves *once again* that the best way to *rob* a company is to own it.
Cristian Gigica (2 months ago)
I used to work for Thomas Cook... it is very sad what happened. We went in the morning to the job, waiting to assist customers and we just found out that the Thomas Cook does not exist anymore... Even now, we are remembering with all the colleagues about what Thomas Cook meant for us and we miss it 😔
xChaleur (2 months ago)
What if I took business class? Will the UK pay for that?
marcus kelly (3 months ago)
I just saw one of their planes landing this weekend (November 9 2019) in Seattle, Wa, USA
Zhi Han Lee (3 months ago)
As some one from Asia, this reminded me when I previously found it a little mind-boggling that travel agencies in Europe were so big that they even had their own airlines
Areta Myers (4 months ago)
I thank you for taking fear from me by listen to your channel I am not afraid of flying again
Ritwik Sarker (4 months ago)
"You can't strand people randomly all over the world"........... Yes you can.... its called the British Empire!!!! Leave a few in the Americas, a few in India, a bunch in Australia, and then just put on Clapton's "Let it Grow".
Willy Schmitt (4 months ago)
Just make sure you pay the extra 50 quid so you're covered for shit like this. The staff?? Time to find another job I guess. The Directors? Oh - they'll be the wankers spending big in some loose hideaway with a room load of naked women I guess. Well, that's what I did lol.
CalgarGTX (4 months ago)
"You can't strand people all over the world with no way back" huhhh yes you can ? Why should the average tax payer pay the bill for morons who used their last cents to go on vacation and have no backup plan ever... seems any stupid decision people can take these days is always rewarded one way or the other
S F (4 months ago)
Because Thomas Cook stole their return ticket. They DID pay for it
Paulie's Channel (4 months ago)
It's a real shame when a British Institution goes under just like when Woolworths went under.
jell's marble runs (4 months ago)
MandoMonge (4 months ago)
I can confirm industry solidarity. I recently joined an airline as cabin crew and in our 19 people batch, we have around 12 ex jet airways members. Apparently they made a huge campaign in India when they closed
Wyatt Cieluch (4 months ago)
I just need to point out how terrible fly BMI is as a name
wrightmf (4 months ago)
Latest issue of Aviation Week has cover story "Europe's Airline Crisis" and photo shows all these people at a airport looking miserable being stranded. One of them with his head on the counter and body language "gawd, I'll never get out of this place."
debeeriz (4 months ago)
how long before it went belly up was it known in the industry that t cook was in trouble
Green Grub (4 months ago)
UK government are fully complicit in the on going asset stripping of this once great nation. This time they have orchestrated and allowed a China megacorp to buy 52% TC shares, then ruin said company, then buy back the shares at zero worth. Most Uk airports are owned by Spanish companies. Manchester Metro system, paid for by tax payer, operated by Paris Underground, not cheap to use. Nothing to see here. Get TF out of EU, and kick out all these foreign parasites like EON etc........
Dave Uggla (4 months ago)
Did your dog fall off the couch at the end or did he jump?
Jure Novak (4 months ago)
Sadly, another European airliner filed bankruptcy today...Slovenian carier - Adria Airways.
TechMantra (4 months ago)
I'm happy as a taxpayer to pay for this. I'm glad I went with British Airways. I came home this morning... I can't imagine being stranded in another country.
Mind the gap 1000 (4 months ago)
Well buy a airbus a747
Heybat (4 months ago)
Can you show me "the Gulf" on the map? If not then you don't fit the job you have occupied
Verone Frater (4 months ago)
Rip Thomas cook
hendrsb33 (4 months ago)
As an American who has never been to the UK, I'd never heard of Thomas Cook until this debacle went down. After almost 200 years in business! Only for it to belly over and sink like this. Wow.
You Know (4 months ago)
hendrsb33 - Just like Blockbuster, Toys R Us etc. Thomas Cook did not change their business model in time as the world changed.
Bill Seidel (4 months ago)
Crazy, go on vacation, get repatriated... 😉 And the employees get the stick...
Kostas Fanourakis (4 months ago)
Moral of the story...never use middle man do stuff for u....corporations r heartless n corportist r madman
Madwolf 096 (4 months ago)
Do you think it's likely that Airlines around the world are gonna cash in on the fleet of Thomas Cook if they are to be sold?
guy (4 months ago)
i woke up the morning this happend .i put my best suite on, and got my big sports bag ,i went to 8 thomas cook shops in manchester the staff were there collecting there personal belongings.I said ive been sent for the euros and any loos change ,from head office .they filled my bag in all 8 shops and im home now .
TechBurst (4 months ago)
Its the biggest peacetime repatriation since the collapse of Monarch Airlines 2 years ago
Patrick (4 months ago)
Selling of the aircraft is not that easy. A handler on Schiphol ceased (put on the chain, or how it is said in English) an aircraft from Jet Airways on the evening of the bankruptcy. It is still standing on Schiphol-east.
humphrey peek (4 months ago)
i think you should talk about aircraft not politics
humphrey peek (4 months ago)
nothing to do with brexit oil is cheap cooke is owned by a german company bad management
Nutella Poptella (4 months ago)
I am currently doing my PPL and in doubt if I will be able to get a job when I have completed my CPL😕
Thomas Beaman (4 months ago)
I would like to know what is happening with ETIHAD ?
Mark Sketch (4 months ago)
Took my first holidays on Thomas cook. When I joined the army. Believe it or not it was Thomas Cook who flew us into Split airport and actually performed tactical approach’s which is an experience in itself. Now seeing this once great company fail breaks my heart 💔. People seem to DEMAND air travel for pennies. This should NEVER be so. Air travel should always have at least a minimum price to ensure safety, everyone can make a profit and crew can be paid correctly
Chris Evans (4 months ago)
I've returned on a repatriation flight today and I have to say the CAA did a tremendous job, well organised and flight was the same time as originally planned. Not sure which chartered company took over the flight but our flight was on a Thomas Cook plane, with the staff working for free.
StandingRBLX (4 months ago)
i'd say easyjet will take most of the planes
Angela Frontin (4 months ago)
I like many others had booked to go away on an all inclusive holiday next month, hopefully I will get ALL my money back & soon🤔
pedroSilesia (4 months ago)
This is a terrible video, you read few articles summarised then and said nothing new. yeah yeah Iran and Brexit yeah Brexit took so much debt and could not figure our internet.
MariottonYT ROBLOX (4 months ago)
Thomas Overcook airlines
Jazmine Waller (4 months ago)
How come people didn't know about this? I knew about this for few months now. I knew they're going bust. Never been fan of Thomas Cook, found them expensive with little customer care years ago!
voxer99 (4 months ago)
Why should the taxpayer, many of whom can't afford vacations, pay to re-patriate holidaymakers?
MRB0JANGLE5 (4 months ago)
really? why should taxpayers support those who dont work? why should taxpayers support those who are sick? its what we pay taxes for.
Shopna Begum (4 months ago)
Thank u for this video
Natalia M. (4 months ago)
Your dog is either devastated or couldn't care less.
Tommy Aung - GMail (4 months ago)
Chinese companies should be able to absorb 9000 jobs lost in the UK. GET OUT of EU soon and negotiate trade deal with China.
L.L S. (4 months ago)
Always take out separate vacation interruptions insurance.
andy boy (4 months ago)
hi it was over 22000 lost there jobs 9000 in the uk
Mason Slater (4 months ago)
great insight many thanks
MarkieMAN64 (4 months ago)
I must say, as an industry, it's always impressed me how much the industry as a whole steps up in situations like this, as you talked about. That is by no means universal in all industries!! I like that one doesn't have to be an expert to understand what you're talking about. You're very clear in your explanations. Thanks mate!
Eddy Reilly (4 months ago)
Nice dog
Tony Blake (4 months ago)
I am currently stuck in turkey. I rang Thomas cook the day before I flew out and was assured that 1 the hotel was payed for 2 there would be no problem. Also went into two Thomas cook shops and yet again I was assured I was going to be fine I which I had stuck to my gut and not flown out .i was lied to .not only on the phone but to my face you can’t tell me and I don’t care what anyone says they new they were going under .the hotel I’m at right now will not let me leave without paying again.this was our 30th wedding anniversary that’s why I still went .the whole holiday is ruined all we are thinking about is if we are out on the street each day due to fly home next Tuesday.had notes posted in our room to make payment .feel like I was ripped of let down and ruined our 30th anniversary which we can never get back so thank you Thomas cook for the putting it mildly shit time .if I could sue any one I would but no can’t the c.e.os have taken there money as long as you are all right hey never mind . We are only the people and others that have been going with Thomas Cook for years and this is how we and others where treated c.e.os and share holders should be held accountable for this they have taken millions of pounds out of this company without a care I. The world for the people that lined the pockets.if I pay you money you should have 1 payed the hotel the money they are owed straight away not put it in there own pockets we are a bit angry as you can appreciate like others . they have ruined a dream that for 30 years me and my wife of had .is being happy so thanks again to the money grabbing people I say people I not sure what they are .
Capt.S.V. KALELE (4 months ago)
Thanks. You have been Excellent.
Rasmus Nielsen (4 months ago)
Spies won´t go down without a fight
Azalea smart (4 months ago)
I feel so sorry for Thomas Cook, it’s like a huge part of what we have all known has gone. Feel very sorry for the passengers that are left in limbo too.
Bad Informeiyon (4 months ago)
Don't blame Brexit... It was just bad management.
Uk beers reviews And British beers (4 months ago)
Is uk not Europe
Mark Atherton (4 months ago)
Poorest video from this guy, so many wrong facts. Love this guy but so Many wrongs today
The.joint.gamer Helgesen (4 months ago)
dont remember Dont Just Book it Thomas Cook It
vachief (4 months ago)
Tax payers lose, Thomas Cook execs win.
Aviation Channel (4 months ago)
Thanks Mentour Pilot, you were always very helpful and taught me a lot about Aviation.
William Pereira (4 months ago)
sad worked at the airport many first as a busboy then for over 30 years as an aircraft refueller at YUL seen it all them golden years are much behind us sad never will be the same men in a three-piece suit and the ladies dressed to kill gone
Pedro Bento (4 months ago)
'could you talk a bit about ryanair threatening layoffs for pilots in the lisbon base and using this a a justification? they're asking pilots to change bases or take a year without pay
Alan Jackson (4 months ago)
Whilst I love your channel I disagree you regarding brexit. Brexit has nothing to do with Thomas Cook failing. People are still going on holiday despite of brexit. Admittedly the devaluation of the pound hasn't helped when the companies buy their fuel in US Dollars. Ultimately costing more. The UK has experienced two warmer summer's soon less people have been going on holidays. Thomas Cook failed to move with the times. They had too many retail spaces(shops) and far too many older fuel inefficient aircraft which all increase costs/overheads against their main competitors. £200 million bail out isn't a good lot of money when TC had assets in the tens of Billions. TC management should be investigated along with RBS who ultimately pulled the plug. Ironic that RBS was owned by the UK tax payer after being bailed out after the 2008 financial crisis.
Ilir Bajrami (4 months ago)
Hey Mentour! What do you think about airlines paying FAA so the inspectors don’t do their job as they should? Is FAA to be trusted? ...Chinese authorities were right to ground Boeing plane first since FAA was too deep counting Boeing checks to ground it...
Mark Abeli (4 months ago)
I am struggling to understand the purpose of the video. You need to work on your context Mr. Mentour Pilot, what did you mean by waking up in the morning like MOST OF US GUYS? Please elaborate.
Yoel Klein (4 months ago)
Thanks, great video, as always, very informative. I'm not stuck on a trip, but I feel for all those affected by the event. (Thanks for getting to the video quick no more loooong brilliant stuff... lol...)
Richard Mather (4 months ago)
thomas cook died nothing to do with brexit its been in trouble for years all down to poor management and not moving with the times
skyhawk1720 (4 months ago)
There are usually multiple causes of any business failure. In this case Brexit is one of them and we'll likely see more failures in many industries as this self-inflicted nightmare proceeds. Most of them will not only be because of Brexit but it will be associated with a large spike in business failures many of which would not have happened in normal times.
Sian Dyas (4 months ago)
Actually it has 22,000 employees, 9,000 of which are in the UK.
ocean army (4 months ago)
Did you work for Thomas Cook before that went bankrupt
ocean army (4 months ago)
I have to freak out Thomas Cook is my favourite company
Christine Still (4 months ago)
OMG 600,000 ppl stranded in hundreds of countries, etc etc and no warnings? Your explanations are very helpful.
Eugenio Villaverde (4 months ago)
Firsts brexit problems....?
peter rayet (4 months ago)
what do you mean the tax payer pays for it this is BS china stocks share holders closed there part of the deal this brought the airline down Thomas cook share holders are to blame and the miss management the planes are on loan .
peter rayet (4 months ago)
look up Fosun they had the majority of the share holders but it was the bank wanting its monies back as banks are in a disposition at the moment financial collapse to much fake news out there I'm in to the markets not walking round blind listening to the media that's being controlled by the state .
Mentour Pilot (4 months ago)
East Anglian (4 months ago)
Ha ha, shillin' for the EUSSR hey. Brexits fault for everything ranging from no food on the shelves ever ever again to Mrs Ponsonby-Smythes cat getting run over the exact minute that TCL stopped trading. I worked for Cooks in the '80's; theyve always been mismanaged from the British Rail, through to Midland Bank days on to the present greedy owners. Bye bye and good riddance TCL; your founder must be turning in his grave.
Jake (4 months ago)
Very good video - would appreciate more videos like this about the airline business
B B (4 months ago)
I landed the last plane for XL. Com the morning it went belly up. 1700 people out of work. It was heart breaking. I had to go abroad and work in dodgy airlines.
rosser man (4 months ago)
The day Thomas Cook merged with My Travel it was the beginning of the end.
PHIRI (4 months ago)
I have heard this everywhere but I feel sorry for them and I hope they come back. They have been going for 178 years and it was the best travel company. I have flyed with them so many times. The guy who made Thomas Cook will be well remembered. I hope every one who had a job gets there job back. Like if you have flyed with Thomas Cook 👍
Skielah Jayne (4 months ago)
Honesty gutted they’ve gone. I’m hoping some kind of miracle happens and they can be saved 😩
OilBaron100 (4 months ago)
Great video. Thanks for posting.
Clouder (4 months ago)
And thus 150 000 people realized that they should've paid the extra 100$ for travel insurance.
Skiddins (4 months ago)
Thomas Cook had shops for package holidays on almost every high street in the UK, As the world has moved to online bookings Thomas Cook were too slow to adapt, and lacked the money to make the big investments to adapt.
TT (4 months ago)
Nearly 200 years, in business & lacked money to invest. Anyway's my cousin , got his first job in this company , 10 years ago and I don't know why but I felt a need to look at this company only to find it's going bankrupt. 🙁
The InspiringEngineer (4 months ago)
Respect to all the TC staff who have stood by their posts - thank you! :)
jane doe (4 months ago)
Don't forget little Greta and her quest against the aviation industy. And it's not just Greta, I've heard this from German and Spanish greens, how we need to introduce a new tax on flying etc As a person who flies a lot for business, and very little for fun, I'm really furious on that idea, becase I think it's gonna *AGAIN* charge the poorest for a crime commited by the richest. I mean, if you're salary is say 2000euro, a tax of 100 euro per flight is inconvinient but doable, if your salary is 400 euro (as is mine), a tax of 100 euros is a huge load. So yeah, I'm really mad about that. I wonder how the economy will absorb all the flight crews from the induced defaults of those companies. I agree planes are dirty, but the real reason for climate change is the consumerism on which our economy thrives. If you stop the programmed death of electrical appliances and try to teach kids to consume responsibly and subsidize electric cars (which now are ridiculously expensive), things will change in a much more positive way. Also, I've heard ships are huge pollutants, so why not regulate all the sectors, not just the one perceived as easy to tax.
The InspiringEngineer (4 months ago)
Dog lol
dts (4 months ago)
It seems like Thomas cook didn't plan their bankruptcy well. It might be that they were too confident over their bailout from the UK government. This is so bad for all the people who trusted them. Why private companies like these think that taxpayers can bail them out and pick up the collateral damage???
hellonpluto (4 months ago)
they sell everything to pay the debts. the employees get new jobs else where. they better be quick as there is 22,000 other people in the same boat. I saw ex-employees all in the pub. If that was me it would be straight home, update cv and get it out to other agencies before anyone else does. Survival of the fitness
AdamAldo Smith Mitch (4 months ago)
Damn im so damn sad wow such a pity thomas cook airlines failed it's one of my favourite airline's company brand , and feel for the passenger's too & the employee's too , what happens if the company become's bankrupt vs airstrike over pay ? Thank you for the help and tips lol
Shin Ping Tio (4 months ago)
Which airline is Mentour flying for?
ryanshern73 (4 months ago)
Next? Criminal enquiry as to why so much money was removed from the company on the run up to the “Collapse” Follow the trail who shorted the market? Who was informed by the directors?
Andreas Bruendler (4 months ago)
In Switzerland, under federal law every travel agency has to be insured for such case and if this occurs, no taxpayers money will be spent. The insurance will pay.
Bob Bowie (1 month ago)
Except if they are *Jewish.*
Bill Seidel (4 months ago)
I wondered about this
Pop_ Eye (4 months ago)
Seems everything is perfect in switzerland.
japzone (4 months ago)
The UK has ATOL as well.
Francisco Garcia (4 months ago)
For my. Hire the employees for 15 days more use the same planes an routes and bring everyone back. Penalize the top managers this is their fault.
Alex Wilhelm (4 months ago)
Most important thing to me is that Condor is still operating. I really hope it stays that way.
TheHotcrumbs (4 months ago)
Harry Garner (4 months ago)
21000 employees
Graham Croome (4 months ago)
How about the greedy directors payback some of their bonuses to help with the costs of repatriation.....Don't hold your breath......
bobbi mke (4 months ago)
"end the economy of private profits and public losses?" ==> No. Not while rich fawks own the planet and play puppeteer and paymaster to goverment lackeys.
bobbi mke (4 months ago)
"condolences " ==> Who fahwking died? A COMPANY FAILED. Boo-hoo. Kids stareved today, wars continue and you're crying for people who lost a job. That's really fawked up priorities.
bobbi mke (4 months ago)
"But I hope they will make it !!!" ==> Nope-er-ino. They'll all die. The grim reaper ALWAYS wins. No exceptions. Not ever. Not anyone. Rule 34 brooks NO violations.