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Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush

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ABC's John Donvan heads into the shipping company's largest hub during the busy season.
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Dave Gahan (3 days ago)
Is this a joke ? A pie is perishable, besides drivers won't know what inside the boxes , that's bullcrapt man
Jackson Tallent (9 days ago)
Haha worked at a fedex ground in east St. Louis Illinois and that pie would have been crushed to mush
Ann Margareet (17 days ago)
Fed ex is the worst delivery company in the world.I have stopped ordering online with any company using Fed ex.
Loren Nicholls (19 days ago)
Don't send food by mail!! Do not reply
Goodness okoye. Okoye (22 days ago)
por favor, você pode me oferecer esse trabalho? eu sei falar um pequeno português? posso dirigir muito bem uma empilhadeira? por favor me ofereça qualquer emprego disponível? ficarei feliz se meu pedido for atendido..11978052605
Kyle Helfrich (22 days ago)
I work for Fedex and i have no clue how it made it there in one piece at my hub that would be crushed and mangled and thrown and kicked around and machines throw it around for sorting . You have to move way to fast to care for every box and softly set them all down with the tight dead lines youd be waiting a week longer if they all were cared for carefully
Mike Wallace (23 days ago)
Why I will not go to DHL https://workpermit.com/news/migrant-larry-hillblom-h-dhl-founder-serial-paedophile-20160505
jttt3 (25 days ago)
nice video. I just bought fedex stock 2019. Hard business to replicate
We flying pies now, wow I think she owes you a piece of her pie now
Truth Teller. (29 days ago)
I’m just saying I work at Fedex right now. This video shows nothing on how it really is. The workers there don’t give two shits about your packages. Thy have no problem throwing them kicking them or standing on them and smashing them. Then they’ll start laughing about it. The management sucks they don’t care about your packages they let the employees do what they want. Your packages don’t mean anything to the employees. The faster they throw your stuff the faster they get out
Urk Durf (1 month ago)
I mean yeah. They provide my healthcare. I kiss every individual box and give it a motivational speech.
Sky Rise (1 month ago)
All of those boxes crashing against each other at 4:22 is exactly why my package gets damaged in the shipping process.
Alan Ball Jr. (1 month ago)
I worked there for one week....they had me fucked up after that
Vato Loco (1 month ago)
Aidaann (1 month ago)
2:18 normally fedex worker would throw it
TWICE - 'Feel Special' 2019.09.23 6PM KST (1 month ago)
What is up with the comments 😂 you would think every single package arrives broken and in pieces, I’ve always had my packages in tact ☺️
Fun Online (1 month ago)
Even I have bad experience.
Kisangani Boyoma (1 month ago)
duck dong (2 months ago)
i just started working for fed ex now i'm about to quit fed ex.
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
You will probably get fired first. Not many last more than five years. You have to be able to look past what you are doing and place yourself in a better future. It's called planning and persevering and it appears you have neither.
H M (2 months ago)
I work at FedEx and we toss your packages around
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
Don't brag about it and you're not supposed to throw packages. Back in the day, handlers like that got counseled once or twice, then fired.
Ameera Jamaleddin (2 months ago)
Strazman (2 months ago)
4:20 "You will see major tech shipments, you will see medical shipments....." (you will also see boxes literally being crammed on top of each other in no particular fashion, lol !
Its Me (3 months ago)
And this isn't even the largest delivery company in the world.
Josh Wise (3 months ago)
Man, I wish I could send my search history through FedEx
Courtney Bee (3 months ago)
Yeah what you don't know is FedEx drivers aren't employed by FedEx...so if you have a problem with your delivery check the lower side of the truck for the subcontractors name and #....
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
Mostly incorrect as I was one of those drivers.
Kiri Loves You ! (3 months ago)
Wow !
Jonathan H. (3 months ago)
what will we send to each others in 2020? Organs?
Fox Hound (3 months ago)
You forgot to show the famed we missed you door tag!
Malacki 655 (3 months ago)
You forgot the part when they beat the packages with sledgehammers
Andrew Villanueva (3 months ago)
Wow 32 year and 28 years they must love their jobs!!!!!
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
I knew a few guys with over 35yrs with the company. One of the guys that worked out of our station in San Diego was the first FedEx employee in California.
Jimmy Mummert (3 months ago)
Is ABC is American companies and s i k h religious security now restored all the drivers and we're blowing on the network but all City management and the other source to source teens music your drivers Donald Trump it is not the president of the United States if I pass all windows and victory I can at the elementary schools on Vermont and Pico Rivera we are pleased to announce that we do know is Maddie ice California to use doctor you for portals plus what puzzles login was not peritols is called outlets
Chad (4 months ago)
So everyone will have their package treated like that? I call bull shit sir.
Sam Rodriguez (4 months ago)
They should have sent 2 different pies at the same time to the same place, so the pie that was babysat by cameras will show that it was ok, and the other one would come all smashed and broken
SKATE FOR LIFE (4 months ago)
“You’ll see the worlds economy before youre eyes”....”And a pie”
dread knot (4 months ago)
in china will throw your pie
Slong Johnson (4 months ago)
Lol where all my FedEx homies at lol y’all know how it be😂😂😂how many missorts y’all think they had at that super hub??? That’s probably where most of the packages get fucked up at lol. I’m sure that pie was fucked up when it got to Hawaii lol
Thomas Clouin (5 months ago)
Draz Gul (5 months ago)
Who the fuck ships pie?
Ryan Jonas (5 months ago)
If it was real, this pie would have showed up In 3.14 pieces.
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
It's all about the packing. You pack your item like it was a breakable piece of glass. Many refuse to adhere to that concept. I've seen boxes just fall apart and it's not because of us. It's because the box was in poor shape before shipping and was not taped with shipping tape among other reasons depending. Newsflash. Your package is NOT the only one running through the system and the sorts move way too fast to give each box the kid glove treatment. They should not be thrown, but they can be handled roughly, so pack accordingly.
Invincible Gaming (5 months ago)
Michael Biddleman (6 months ago)
Joseph Santana (6 months ago)
That pie has traveled more then I have ):
Gaming Nation (6 months ago)
Nothing Just keep scrolling now
Desidedo Mohabal Jr. (6 months ago)
2:49 I will bet one of those boxes have illigal contraband on it 😂
Dontrell Stallworth (6 months ago)
So wheres my diet dr kelp?
Nevermore (6 months ago)
Now their website says In Store Only. Guess shipping pies via FedEx resulted in too many unhappy customers with messed up pies than happy ones.
Troy Martyr (6 months ago)
So during 2012 FedEx was great? What happened to it since then lol You can send a pie 6000miles within 24hours and i cant even get my package that was in New Jersey to where i live within 24 hours, its like maybe 800miles away from there to here, paid for 1 day shipping too lol loving 2019 so far .-.
Aria C (6 months ago)
That military base quip is so hilarious lol
Yemeni and proud (6 months ago)
i love fedex
Tony Wu (7 months ago)
At least well you see the sign makes some really good looking pies.
Phillip II (7 months ago)
Hey, How much does it cost to send a pie from east to west coast like shown in the video, in 24 hrs ?
JAYSON (7 months ago)
Wouldn't mind a piece of her pie, huh, know what I mean fellas, huh-huh
Big mikes boxing (7 months ago)
We used to slam the shit out those packages especially the ones that say fragile 😂😂😂😂😂 and especially when the managers pissed us off
Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek (7 months ago)
Just think about how many more packages there are all these years later. Probably a substantial increase.
jd fields (7 months ago)
fedex cost 100.00 dollars for fedex feeder
jd fields (7 months ago)
you could take it to usps an ship it ground
Rotiz (7 months ago)
Imagine all of the germs that pie has accumulated.
kewrock (7 months ago)
This is nothing. Check out "China Sorting Center Shenzen". CHAOS!
Ayush Patel (7 months ago)
Once I ordered PS4 , got switch .. (Lolz jk )
Southern Rebel (8 months ago)
Ups does it wayyyy better.
Scary Terry (8 months ago)
i’ve gotten a cracked 32inch tv, a broken glass panel on a 1grand gaming pc, and a monitor that had a huge dent in the box, it was crushed (luckily it was on the back of the monitor n didn’t break it) but it looked like someone used it as a seat ..all shipped through fedex.. after that i hate using fedex . .. and they never leave the box where i ask them they just throw that shit in the most open spot in front of my house :/
Okan Hizarci (8 months ago)
They literaly say "Tarmac"
The Golden Apple Tree animates (8 months ago)
We'll I am waiting 4 days now for my package and current update is: we can't process a current update lol. FedEx is ass and USPS lost my package
Mike S. (8 months ago)
fedex is d most racists company in d world. I refuse to do business with fedex.
Kay Jay (8 months ago)
Fed ex sucks! Laziest delivery drivers ever. If a package is heavy, they will reschedule delivery for a day when another person is driving.
sena sees (8 months ago)
That was quite beautiful to watch . Nice one
absolutetuber (8 months ago)
The whole operation is impressive when you look at all the moving parts 4:30 Lawrence knows what’s up: Leave me alone so I can work and don’t get yelled at
April Sisco (8 months ago)
Of course the pie is in tact, They got people hand walking it from place to place! Cameras rolling, they ain't going to let ya see the shit that really happens!
Skmanga (8 months ago)
Fedex broke my 1 of a kind custom made Polish guitar and they only had it for 50 miles....
Skmanga (8 months ago)
fucked my 30th birthday all up :D :D
Steven Merrick (8 months ago)
Corporate greed hard at work. I see a bailout in the future , they're getting to big for their britches. The Fedex empire will fall one day.
pitrescue (8 months ago)
Omg, a pie, how mushed up did that arrive!
pitrescue (8 months ago)
Cost me 90 bucks to mail two small boxes, last time I pay that!
Roman Hevko (8 months ago)
you know its fake because the pie arrived in one piece...worked at FedEx..and if this pie was in my hands....u be having 20little pies right now....
Kristin Collins (8 months ago)
I've almost died in a FedEx facility/trailer. They want you to rush, rush, rush. They put me in a trailer just minutes after I clocked in my first day. I'm 5'3" and was expected to move huge tires, full sized copier/fax machines into the truck and stack it like an intricate Tetris game. No one told me that the metal doors that open for the underbelly of the trailer can slam shut. They did. Right on my head which sent me through the air into the rollers feeding the boxes into the trailer. It took all I had to push through blacking out so I could get out of the trailer before hundreds of packages piled on top of me. My trainer was nowhere to be found so I just stumbled away with a pretty severe concussion and head wound. Took 4 minutes for someone to find me stumbling to find the bathroom so I could pass out safely. Years later I still have neck issues from the whiplash from that day. I was never compensated and was expected to return to work after being cleared by a Dr. Of course I never returned. These facilities are death traps and honestly should be better monitored for employee safety. A package can be replaced or refunded but not a human life.
Michael Garofalo (8 months ago)
You want your package there ontime you ship with FEDEX if you want it there in a few days you ship with UPS and if you want that package there in a year you ship with USPS. FEDEX the only way to fly !!!!
notta brat (8 months ago)
And they still have not got my package to me!!! I have a 2 year-old without his main gift!!!
GIL Diaz (8 months ago)
I worked there for 26 years and I remember when FedEx delivered me safely to a deserted island then crashed. I was forced to make some homemade shoes I then made friends with a volleyball. Thanks FedEx!
Rodless Reel (8 months ago)
FedEX is horrible. I'd recommend anyone else over them from my recent experience. My package "was" in my city of Houston, TX from China, and now it's lost in the "matrix" in Tennessee just waiting to go back to China for no apparent reason. They say it was "missing paperwork" but DHL got me my package from the same supplier just weeks before with no problem.
Killer Boy Snap (8 months ago)
Wheres the kicking part?
tlangelo (8 months ago)
A pie travels 6000 miles with out losing a crumb? Better call Ripley's!
Jonathan Delgado (8 months ago)
3:20 He looks like Paul Bart the mall cop
pissedoffguy45 (8 months ago)
I used to shop Fed Ex and UPS packages.I know about the Memphis TN hub.They do throw and smash packages.Bastards!
Sunside Aviation (8 months ago)
4:54 I’m glad they did not say “Tarmac”.
Unsab13 (8 months ago)
WOW..I want to Thank Everyone for what they do to help get our packages shipped to us and from us. MUCH appreciation!!!👏👏👏
Kaiyugi (8 months ago)
And yet they don't pick up packages like ups and usps.
The Hollanesian (9 months ago)
If that package handler wasn't on television, that box with the pie in it would have been thrown at the front door.
Letonqua Jackson (9 months ago)
Seems pretty easy to use it to send drugs and bombs. No mention on dogs sniffing.
Jacob Hale (9 months ago)
If that pie was shipped on 1 of 2 28ft drop frame trailers, it wouldn't stand a chance. It would've gotten crushed
WHO DAT (9 months ago)
the real santa clauses . mailmen need to dress as santa
Andy (9 months ago)
That’s why I got my product the next day even though it was supposed to be 5-8 business days. :/
Joss Novak (9 months ago)
I am working on a temporary job for vacations in a chat call center for Walmart and believe me when I tell you FedEx can't get a single delivery right. We send replacements and not even those get to the costumers. It's a pain in the ass for us because the costumers grade us with a 0 when it is all FedEx fault so I don't get the bonus I need to pay my bills thanks to the 0's. But I guess is our job.
Mamby Keita (9 months ago)
MJs Smile (9 months ago)
you're on camera guys...handle those precious packages with care
ChrisAstro (9 months ago)
That's amazing!
John-Paul Nagel (9 months ago)
I Worked Fed Ex Best Organazation!!!!
Gman 207 (9 months ago)
19million packages bieng shipped 19million coming in pieces fedex has to be the worst place to get your stuff and shipped to they dont take care of the packages amd damage them.
Steve K (9 months ago)
just curios how much the pies cost each. FOB -FREE ON BOARD
jonathan stoecker (9 months ago)
Fed ex sucks go ups
mse gaming (9 months ago)
@3:28 a310 freighter
Mike Watson (9 months ago)
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