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Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush

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ABC's John Donvan heads into the shipping company's largest hub during the busy season.
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Text Comments (1834)
Adrian Valladares (4 days ago)
Dam that’s a lot of money those dam packages
Anthony Lateef (5 days ago)
I love working doe fedex its my baby
Skywolv (8 days ago)
That pie would be upside down pie/mash/nasty/slush in every delivery completion!
Skywolv (8 days ago)
Unbelievably stupid!!!!!! Sending packages from all over the world to one building, to go out again. That building could be 2000 miles in the opposite direction of your package destination. And most likely is! UPS is the same way. Stupid beyond belief!
Fedex mexico es una mierda
vjjvb vjjvb (9 days ago)
I agreed with most comments about not handle carefully with these employees. It comes down with management people who do not do their work correctly. If you surf the Japanese delivery, how do they do it. I witnessed one Fed Ex guy throwing a next customer package on the truck floor via my camera. I bet the driver threw my package too before reaching my home. My package was ripped open 3" square and it was heavy equipment called Vise. Opened it up and it dented at the corner. They need to train their employees better with customer services.
Frank Benjamin (12 days ago)
Andrew Garcia (15 days ago)
One time I took my anger out on a package I stomped it than kicked it across the truck
peculiar rita (19 days ago)
Can someone help me with there customers number
The Unknown (22 days ago)
and they still hire less ppl cause they want more money and look at all these packages
Mutombo Says (26 days ago)
Its like 2020, thanks YT
Zmajeva Garda Official (28 days ago)
ok now i'll order one coffee : )
Klaus Vogler (1 month ago)
At least they didnt have to worry about BTs back then :D
yeet (1 month ago)
3:14 it's tarmac again
Scott Vanderzanden (1 month ago)
Man i wish my new monitor got that pies treatment cause the treatment my monitor got looked like the cast of 300 rook their spears at it some how it works i still dont know how cause the way the box arrived made me wanna cry instantly
Renee Boyd (1 month ago)
good thing I started way after CHRISTMAS
shylildude (1 month ago)
No creampie?
vivi44 (1 month ago)
No way was that lady 28 years old.
lemming22 (1 month ago)
i know right haha
Sow AG (1 month ago)
talk about waste of money
Suripat Patsuri (1 month ago)
Apple pies. From the series of "More American food that the rest of the world doesn't give the slightest fuck."
I LIKE LOUD SPEAKERS (1 month ago)
She's eating a pie, on a park bench, by herself. Seems sad to me.
Kid Peso (1 month ago)
If you think that Pie is making it through peak season intact you’re crazy
clayton johnson (1 month ago)
I’ve worked at ups for a few months now as a package handler and a box that size we would literally play frisbee with. In fact we did that last night.....
pigjubby1 (1 month ago)
Freeze the pie.
Nick Powers (1 month ago)
FedEx is a horrible company to work for I worked for them and the work conditions in the warehouse is unsafe and there practices are unfair. I got fired even though I had a doctor's note. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON'T WORK FOR FEDEX
Angela M Tejada #LaTrailera (1 month ago)
Of course I forgot the truck drivers apparently we don't do anything
Josh Troubridge (1 month ago)
This is bullshit wanted to see inside the factory like it said n seen less about that than anything else
B (1 month ago)
There actually is a military base right next to FedEx. The Tennessee air national guard
Tron_23 (1 month ago)
Back when ABC showed something other than "orange man bad waaaaa"
RvI2106 (1 month ago)
Fedex tracking shows delivered but item is not here. Looks like they take packages at the facility and makes up tracking as delivered.
Michael Hidalgo (1 month ago)
This was 7 years ago.
zulfikangga (1 month ago)
UPS AND FEDEX IS THE BEST.. They send my package from NYC to Indonesia with only 2 days... That's super fast
SaucyNugget (1 month ago)
Santa’s workshop looks a little different from the movies
spartus (1 month ago)
um..stale pie.. yup,,can't get lunch break/pee break in but can track down...deliver a cherry pie ...
Loel Azarcon (1 month ago)
abhi ram (1 month ago)
7 years late YouTube
Solo Nepeon (1 month ago)
Does anyone know did they get married?!...
Cookie Monster (1 month ago)
It all seems a bit pie in the sky to me.
arcata company (1 month ago)
I worked in ontrac shipping hub and I guarantee you we have zero absolute zero regard for fragile packages or Handle With Care or this side up is meaningless we have thousands upon tens of thousands of packages that have to be arranged by ZIP code and be pulled off and thrown off of trucks and they are violently dumped and thrown and kicked and that is just a matter of the daily process there is absolutely zero regard to what type of package and hundreds of pounds of other packages will be stacked on top of that pie package with zero regard whatsoever
Karim Aldalalie (1 month ago)
That’s ridiculous all that for a stupid pie 🥧
Solo Nepeon (1 month ago)
$ & power is all that matters to derail us.
Joyce B (1 month ago)
Making sure it arrives on time... no matter how many times they throw them around and no matter how pieces it arrives in.
AH! Why is there poop in your mouth (1 month ago)
Who the F ships a pie through FedEX in a box. Buy the damn thing at your local bakery and eat it fresh people!
yellowveedub (1 month ago)
Hurry fast. Get it there quick. Gotta have it!
abc xyz (1 month ago)
All that for a pie? lol!
ilene R (1 month ago)
Sending a pie was not a good idea to show to the public. Clearly this pie was specially cared for because it was part of this news story but in real life that pie would have been a big pile of mush when it got delivered. This video is going to convince a bunch of morons to start mailing food in the mail which will cause a disaster on everyone else’s deliveries. Food will spill and leak if not packed the right way which in turn will make a mess on all the other boxes and people around it. It’s arrogant for people to want their packages to be personally catered like that pie while there are thousands on packages being processed every minute nonstop. Packages go through a certain amount of rough handing as expected within this madness of shipping under a large scale. It’s the basic nature of the beast and everyone should treat it as such by not mailing crap that’s going to inconvenient others.
Solo Nepeon (1 month ago)
Yup seen it happen at the usps where avocado spilled all over the belt. It was a nasty night cleaning it up.
Kislak (1 month ago)
You can also order turtles and live insects fyi
EVILMAN57 (1 month ago)
Too bad, I want pie
Tyson Walsh (1 month ago)
I don’t see the pie making it in one piece
Chris (1 month ago)
Look how superficial we are
K9 388 (1 month ago)
I can remember when the news actually did interesting stories like this instead of entertainment politics. That’s when they had credibility....
Levikj (1 month ago)
5:16 rip Boeing 727s
ROB-IN-PHILLY (1 month ago)
Everybody rushing for nothing...It's even worse now..with same day delivery...My goofy wife takes advantage of that crap all the time...It's disgusting to be pushing these systems to the breaking point...When it comes down it will look like Jengo or dominoes...Humans are not machines this sort of thing is not good for us, as a whole...
StruckbyaSyclone (1 month ago)
I work at FedEx in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and that makes our Christmas rush look like a cakewalk
Patrick Stanton (1 month ago)
For those people who bitch about the fact that packages get mishandled occasionally... I handle several thousand packages a day and I will tell you this, not every package can be gingery placed on a feather pillow, in fact you are constantly pushed to go fast and to not care about quality. Maybe if you want your shit to arrive in a day, wrap it tight because it might get thrown 15 feet
jtheobbles86 (1 month ago)
They desperately trying to recruit but won’t pay f fedex ups and the amazon f all you niggas owners get rich on the back of lowly payed employee
Makaka (1 month ago)
Where the hell did reporters get the idea that the airport ramps are called "the tarmac"? Like there's nothing called the tarmac at airports? It's not a term used anywhere in aviation?
chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes (1 month ago)
Wheres the part where my package is tossed onto my porch from 10 feet away and the driver walks through my grass cuz my driveway is 95 feet long
Daniel Martinez (1 month ago)
Now that is a masssssive carbon footprint
Hi You (1 month ago)
FedEx can kiss my @$$.
Mr Smith (1 month ago)
We need to thank these people it's a hard job with lots of pressure and expectations. And lots of people looking to get them in trouble but yet want there packages delivered on time.
Shantae Moseley (1 month ago)
FedEx propaganda
Airport James (1 month ago)
Who’s watching this when Christmas is almost here in 2019
abhi ram (1 month ago)
I'm watching in 2020, randomly popped up in my recommended
Cesar Rodriguez (1 month ago)
On god
Fighting Game Central (1 month ago)
Airport James same lmao
howtobebasic 2 (1 month ago)
Always pack your idem with a good box, with lots of bubble wrap, wrap up the idem as much as you can, then you need to put some packing peanuts on the bottom and around the Whole box, after you place your idem in you need to take it up with some good high quality packing tape, then send it to the post office, if you poorly pack it then you get this result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqcEHIfHcvM
apix xpde (1 month ago)
asian DHL very good...
ron36105 (1 month ago)
Fed ex is SHIT.
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
Yes EXACTLY I ordered a vr off ebay and it was fedex standard overnight shipping and it never came as it was labeled as a lost package I'm not shipping usps priority mail
Timmy Clements (2 months ago)
bro this is pretty cringe
Gio Exploits (2 months ago)
Timmy Clements no cap
Davy Brown (2 months ago)
Why the news don't go by black owners and show them off only whites huh racist ass News & Country
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
That's not racism just because they didnt show black people dosent make it racist🤦‍♂️
Davy Brown (2 months ago)
These places are the worst work for an Amazon
Christian Edwards (2 months ago)
So this is where all my stuff gets lost
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
Yes exactly I ordered a 100$ vr headset for christmas as fedex overnight shipping so 1 day shipping and it was labeled as lost at my local fedex facility I now got a refund and I ordered it again except now I'm using usps
Josh C (2 months ago)
imagine how many drugs is up in there
Exvalos (2 months ago)
For the most part it's no reason to throw or kick boxes as off the truck we use, portable rollers.
Lysol (2 months ago)
Plot twist: the pie was newly replaced at the end
Matthew Costello (2 months ago)
the pie never went into the heap, stop making bias commercials you're supposed to be UNbiased
Muna Tina (2 months ago)
How the hell is she 28?!!!?
Steve Garwood (2 months ago)
FedEx stock down 33% yet UPS stock is up 20%. FedEx is not willing to change and will be driven out.
p246784 (2 months ago)
Why she cant just buy the pie from Hawaii
Shawn (2 months ago)
Jxremy (2 months ago)
Man knows how to spit game
Ralf Stocker (2 months ago)
The Hawaiian mum could have bake the cake herself. Then kerosene would not have been wasted for 6000 miles and the cake would have cost only $2 dollars and would be fresh with no preservatives. Think about it, Mum!!!
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
It's just a demonstration there's already enough package wasting kerosene.
Dheeraj Kumar (2 months ago)
Hat's off ~ FedEx!🧢
Joanna Dillon (2 months ago)
My package has already been lost! Oh I dont wanna see this! Boo Fed Ex!
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
Hey same here 👊 It was scheduled for 2 day delivery and it was labeled lost when it reached my local fedex facility
Len - Zeplin (2 months ago)
I Flew a Pie Non-stop to it's Destination & I was the only Person to Touch it. I threw it at My Boss' face across a Dining room at our Christmas Party!
Uganda Man 144 (1 month ago)
I worked for fedex ground for a short time out of San Antonio, these guys are bunch of slave drivers. They treat their employees like sh&t. Turning off the water fountain so they could not get any drinking water, telling them they need to go back to work. People would go to the bathroom and never return, horrible.
_ Death2You _ (2 months ago)
Worked at Under Paid Slaves for 3 years! That box would of been smashed! And had laundry detergent all over that fucking thing all LIES!!!
Roary Calhoun426 (2 months ago)
Will Hoag (2 months ago)
Anyone else wondering how much busier it is in 2019?
De Sir Llama (1 month ago)
Will Hoagland well I mean I haven’t gotten my package which should have came a week ago so I’d guess it’s close to the same
APURBA DAS (2 months ago)
Such a huge Carbon footprint just for a pie !
Millie Martinez (2 months ago)
FedEx is a nightmare! Always problems. Package is still pending for two days. I get the run around
Beefy Teefy (2 months ago)
I’m a proud FedEx Employee.....Amazed at how the process works!!
Tomasz Sz (2 months ago)
how much fuel burned this f..n pie?
Max Sat (2 months ago)
fedex- very expensive. no wonder why they are so rich.
Sparka (2 months ago)
Fake. The box didnt go with the other boxes in the big pile. Fake. You used multiple boxes for the camerawork. Box had a camera on it, then it didnt. Fake. Box only went in flat parts of the system. Fake news. A lie. A production. Fake.
Guy does Random things (1 month ago)
Why would you leave a camera on a pie?
entertainment-knone (2 months ago)
The package was treated with kid gloves because everyone knew this was being videotaped for broadcast. I would never consent to having something shipped by FedEX, UPS or any of those delivery services. I'm fortunate with USPS because I live in a community where they get a signature for all packages and what I order is typically delivered on time, in two days.
Juan De La Cruz Marquinez Santamaria (2 months ago)
Where's Chuck Noland.??...tic toc tic toc
Jon Halsted (2 months ago)
FedEx SUCKS https://youtu.be/wTxja-J-LK8
David Danson (2 months ago)
Shipping alone cost more than the pie.
Toplic (2 months ago)
why tf are people shipping fucking pies?
creator Space (2 months ago)
That's a good one. https://blog.naver.com/7heppy7
DanielMWalker (2 months ago)
If it was shipped normally... That pie would have been in pi pieces
Carlos Gómez (2 months ago)
Well, but in reality that apple pie will arrive as apple puree.
Boeing AH-64Apache (2 months ago)
i call bullshit fed ex breaks everything there cunts
j787023 1 (2 months ago)
youre in a dream world, neo