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Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush

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ABC's John Donvan heads into the shipping company's largest hub during the busy season.
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Text Comments (1471)
GrandmaFlinchy (3 days ago)
By seeing all the boxes that go through this facility everday. I just respect the men who put up with it everyday
Martin Smith (3 days ago)
Remember Yunji: An ounce on the lips......
negona (8 days ago)
Incrível 👏👏👌🛫
Marton Baksa (8 days ago)
That clip of the post office at 1:13 is my local post office! 10023 to be exact, also to be fair its not completely random as ABC has a huge studio in that Zipcode too, so yeah.
Stoned.Gawd42o (9 days ago)
all those boxes everyday with all that plastic... it doesn’t go anywhere killing not only the world but ourselves
Ava Generette (13 days ago)
It would have been funny if they had shown a delivery driver throwing a package at the door
ClubAmerica92 (16 days ago)
So much money spent on overnight items like these and here I stand just seeing huge amounts of cash being wasted.
Galaxy_FaDeZ (17 days ago)
Safe to call this the north pole and Santa’s elves
Yandere Chan (17 days ago)
Wtf a pie
vazlan2007 (18 days ago)
I will never complain about how long my package takes to get to my house again
TEDX700 (20 days ago)
im still waiting for a iphone case from 2016
Ryan Forbes (23 days ago)
Where is the real stuff we deliver like pools, trampolines, power wheels cars, whisky barrels etc etc etc when your doing 80+ stops a day and 20% is oversized or weighted or both 60-150 lbs
jose escalante (24 days ago)
I’m the handler that throws the packages lol
rancherodave (25 days ago)
Now eat your pie that cost $50 to ship!!
Michael Lawn (26 days ago)
That is why every time i seen FedEx truck, i drive very slow in front of it in order to slow it down.
Astrosaur (1 month ago)
Do this without telling them what you are shipping and see how that goes. If you think they didn't give that specific package extra special attention, knowing it was being filmed, your nuts.
darthrib 12 (1 month ago)
I worked for FedEx for over 8 months and I can guarantee that pie wouldn't fucking survive for 1 second, FedEx is a greedy and uncaring when it comes to their workers so typically most of them would just give a shit about the packages
Shahzeboy 1 (1 month ago)
I wonder how many of those packages have drugs in them! I mean, they cant scan every single package thoroughly
Talon Morris (1 month ago)
Don’t order live animals during Christmas
Red Blue40 (1 month ago)
Ace Ventura would've kicked it, flipped it, goaled it...pie soup
sup all (1 month ago)
And then came Amazon...
RandomlySet (1 month ago)
Why is this showing on recommended in July 2018?
Carson Edwards (1 month ago)
It went from a 2 engine jet to a 3...hmmmm
BillyBobsbrother (1 month ago)
brought tears to my eyes. Good story. well done.
DrivingBackward (1 month ago)
Fuck your pie
Adam Webb (2 months ago)
Cole Haaf (2 months ago)
How many of you are here to see what is taking your package so long???
ALEX R. (2 months ago)
karan shukla (2 months ago)
Asshole compny...threw me out of the job after 10yrs of service ..to cut down yearly loss ...
Jim Briggs (2 months ago)
You mean FedEx has it's very own airport with atc and all in Memphis? Along with the other passenger airport?
GLENNJAMIN (2 months ago)
I got my apple watch replacement today through FedEx Express...guess how it came
Minh Khai Dang (2 months ago)
Consumption without Ending. The world is going down.
Erdem Kaya (2 months ago)
How much did fedex pay for this news? Explain!
Robert Craig (2 months ago)
More fake news, don't believe, put this in your next youtube search "FedEx employee throwing items in truck" That's what really happens to your pie.
Sampath K (3 months ago)
How many boxes have illegal drugs hidden inside ?
Mark of Excellence (3 months ago)
Economies of scale are a great thing
Cody Buck (3 months ago)
Different FedEx box at the end.. all lies..
Sean Tivenan (4 months ago)
Isn't food a prohibited item ? It's certainly on the fedex prohibited item list, cat Z , and if it got lost nooo compensation for you !! Z. Any food (including beverages) not completely enclosed by a container as defined by the Food and Drug Administration and/or food (including beverages) requiring temperature or other environmental control for the purposes of food safety. Any food shipment requiring temperature or other environmental control for the purposes of food quality is also prohibited unless packaged by customer so as to ensure that the food shipment remains within the appropriate temperature range at all times during transit.
Captcha Neon (4 months ago)
I think until we see stuff like this ourselves, we dont realize exactly how many boxes are actually sent out and stuck in the same facility with millions of other boxes.
retchille gil mambuay (4 months ago)
Lets joined that pie to amazing race...
Traincart Mistretta (4 months ago)
If you didnt know that theres an arrow in the EX
danny otero (4 months ago)
Fedex will literally go around your destination being 5 hours away one day, turn around, and your package is 3 states away sitting no were for dayz when it was already almost there, this fucking company is fucking retarded, I'd be better off hiring someone off of fucking Craigslist, I'll never give fedex another dime fucking retards I'll be cling these fucking does and demanding mu fucking money back mo excuse is any excuse for this stupid ass shit.
Ryon Atkinson (4 months ago)
My uncle is ups pilot
brian mason (4 months ago)
All comments are disabled for FedEx videos because of one reason they, "stink"! 2 stars on Better Business Bureau. They use an old-style GPS that is hopeless to find my house and there's nothing I could do about it. So I order stuff that is not being shipped FedEx.
businesslaw JohnJames (4 months ago)
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Josh Stakey (4 months ago)
FedEx will run you of the road.
Gamer007 (5 months ago)
I think fragile means destroy when your a shipping company... Its one of those things, dont do this, but then they do anyways. I am surprised anything gets sorted in that mess
Thegoodfella (5 months ago)
This fucking job sucks
N8te dawg94 (5 months ago)
Lmao harasses fed ex to track a pie 😂😂
Dylan McGuire (5 months ago)
The life of pie
131 Peter (5 months ago)
how the hell did they get the pie to honolulu but they manage to fuck up 30% of technical packages? what a BS.
Jake Johnson (5 months ago)
I love this Mcdonald Douglas fed ex planes
Jake Johnson (5 months ago)
And you need to thank the pilots to how could you forget about them?
Ratpoutine (5 months ago)
Except what about all those videos of people throwing boxes 😆😆😆
Carl Johnson (5 months ago)
Ratpoutine as someone who loads FedEx semi trucks, they go through much worse at the warehouse lmao
Ratpoutine (5 months ago)
Carl Johnson still though they are being chucked across a yard
Carl Johnson (5 months ago)
Ratpoutine if a product is wrapped properly, it should be fine 😜
Paul Charles (5 months ago)
Sapphire Wolf (5 months ago)
From China to Brazil, November 11th, 2017: 15 days From Brazil's customs to my house: still not delivered. (y) I envy countries with shipping companies that ACTUALLY deliver the packages.
vinod jain (5 months ago)
sjlee04 (5 months ago)
hopefully my 3000$ mountain bike doesnt arrive in honolulu and i end up with a crusty pie
sushanta dass (5 months ago)
Love fedex
King Peppy (5 months ago)
Just Facts (5 months ago)
Fedex give discounts to NRA members, that means they don't care for school shootings.
BushPilot444 (5 months ago)
Take a look at them when they don't think you're looking.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMAmXP4Kc9A
Ryan Catt (5 months ago)
Then thrown on your front porch and stolen by some low-life shit heads. HaHaHa
Dragon43ish (5 months ago)
Fedex is your ..............nightmare...
Zio Daklas (6 months ago)
The pie must be safe at all cost!
Tsetsi (6 months ago)
i enjoyed this documentary
Richard Head (6 months ago)
All that just for a stupid pie? Why not just go to the supermarket and get some Entenmann's pie cuz all pies taste the same anyway...they taste like crap. Unfreakinbelievable. SMH.
Mark Johnson (6 months ago)
We need more John Donvan's in our news!
Alabama Thorne (6 months ago)
morsotom (6 months ago)
Dizzy 808 (6 months ago)
the pie was at the bitch house the whole time lies!
sahlool (6 months ago)
Who's expecting a package?
Luis Lopez (6 months ago)
Wilson !!!!!!!!
Ready Set Alan (6 months ago)
Eww I hate apple *throws into closest garbage can*
xXAskJeremyThatXx (7 months ago)
Special Pie Delivery
BratzSamuel2005 (7 months ago)
Fedex is the worst!!!
Curtis Lee (7 months ago)
Yeah if that pie was shipped that way...ummm..no it would be in peices....i work with FedEx deliveries, and not the greatest service...nor is ups. All kinds of freight missing from what was suppose to be delivered, yet makes it a couple days later.
Abdulmalik Qaid (7 months ago)
the worest cargo company in the world ,,,,shit
Mike Grattan (7 months ago)
FedEx is shit!
Hayosiko Takagumi (7 months ago)
I didn't know Kevjumba's dad worked for FedEx in Hawaii.
jae ͈̆ ᴗ ͈̆ (7 months ago)
I think I saw my package
Sammy Keogh (7 months ago)
Totally for p.r
odiem yo (7 months ago)
Every time i hear fedex i know some 1 not going to get their package fedex just suck at delivery, good at lying about where your package is fake news
Carl Johnson (5 months ago)
odiem yo they can't lie about where you're package is lmao
TheBlender (7 months ago)
I ordered the new phone that I'm holding right now on December 23rd and it arrived on January 3rd even though I have Amazon Prime.
Cheeki Breeki (7 months ago)
I thought the tittle said pornhub 😐
Im not mark (7 months ago)
That’s a lot of work for a pie
RKZ Yno (7 months ago)
half of those are dildos.
Boned You (7 months ago)
Thought it said Pornhub.
Dion St. Michael (7 months ago)
Manoli Patsaros (7 months ago)
Fucking SCABS..
Crash YT (7 months ago)
Lol at 3:43 he said a cock😂😂 I mean 3:40
Kilo Dave (7 months ago)
A hand crafted welded book end...oh wow thx for that.
Why oh Why (7 months ago)
No way could this amount be done without scanners and computers.
callofdutyguy9 (7 months ago)
UPS Superior!
Ryan Cook (7 months ago)
ohh that’s just be why my iphone is cracked when i opened it.. jk it didn’t actually crack
Nebril (7 months ago)
3 seconds of footage *cut* 3 seconds of footage *cut* 3 seconds of footage *cut* etc. Is your attention span that bad america?
b0red26 (7 months ago)
you forgot to show the part where they incorrectly sort the packages and it gets sent to the wrong destination
Josiah Powell (7 months ago)
And that, cats and gentlemen, is the purple promise.
Larry 306 (7 months ago)
What a great story.. I worked at an Airport years ago.. This is amazing now...
jeffery railroader (7 months ago)
Fedex means fedral express
Tracy Winters (7 months ago)
I gotta take a shit