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Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush

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ABC's John Donvan heads into the shipping company's largest hub during the busy season.
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PsyCriminal5999 (2 days ago)
I work in amazon. At the pick time the packages are carefully . . . . . . . . flying around the fuckin warehouse nobody cares if you ordered a pie or a glass it's gonna be destroyed. 1 day in my fullfilment center and you will never order from the internet again ahahaha
manuel perez. 809 207 3528 (2 days ago)
Fed Express very good
tranatry (3 days ago)
does fed ex have their own airport?
Sam Thompson (7 days ago)
This video is BS.. I know when the packages are on the belt get jammed they will go up and start kicking the boxes to free them.. I have seen this myself in person. I guess that is why the carried the pie in person to one spot to another.
MeemestarKeemstar (13 days ago)
So this is why I always get really bad packaging
mike watters (14 days ago)
FED EX are merging with UPS. the new firm will be called FED UP
I think therefore I err (17 days ago)
You would only wish that they handled the pie in the same way they handle your laptop.
G k (21 days ago)
when u realise a pie flew more than u didXD
Standup42003 (28 days ago)
42 miles!
Timothy Egoroff (1 month ago)
it would be nice to see complete automation of businesses like these, i have received more than one damaged package in my short life
Anne B. (1 month ago)
This hardly shows the true nature of how Fedx operates normally during the holidays. They knew he was carrying a pie and went the extra mile because they knew they were being featured on TV. Let's send some hidden cameras in and see how a pie fairs during any time of the year.
Jesse Norwalt (1 month ago)
This video is an example of how incredible capitalism is. About a dozen people who don't know or really care about each other do work to accomplish a goal for probably 10-20 dollars. If this guy would have tried to bring the pie himself to Hawaii it would have cost thousands. Specialization of labor is a miracle honestly...
NerfBoysProductions Piller (1 month ago)
Joe Taf (1 month ago)
America is great...
hill hop (1 month ago)
What they don't show you is the irrepressible carpal tunnel syndrome you are left with after only three days of work as a package sorter/truck loader. There are no breaks, no stoppage of work. Just unbearable loud noises and voices urging you on to greater production. I was so beat I dozed off in truck after one brutal rush of packing a truck. They fired me. I said thank you went home and had the best sleep of my life. Was not worth the $12.00 an hour.
Alex C (1 month ago)
Wow! Amazing!
Palmerrip (1 month ago)
Quick how many safety violations were there? I counted 4...
Brooklyn Babe (1 month ago)
How the heck does a flight from Memphis to Honolulu take only 6 hours??
Rayans (2 months ago)
Fucking crazy
xCmOn3yxV777 (2 months ago)
5 years at fedex, this is actually "nothing" you should see how your packages are treated in the sorting centers
rexbk09 (2 months ago)
lazy guy (2 months ago)
1:25 what if someone was blind?
Kalpesh Savaliya (2 months ago)
Joseph Stokes (2 months ago)
Weak video for them. Quite weak!
Baidu Mel (2 months ago)
Good thing is not delivered by UNITED AIRLINER.
JonatasAdoM (2 months ago)
Why the dislikes? Because of the pie special treatment?
GoodDay (2 months ago)
So it is not santa who delivers presents ?
AC McGowan (2 months ago)
Excellent customer service. Fed Ex is great.
Rohit Mehra (2 months ago)
very bad services......very bad management...
Fillup 40 (3 months ago)
mom = pretty lady
Suh Duh (3 months ago)
I work at a FedEx ground warehouse and I can say during peak season, which is roughly from mid November to Christmas, was a bitch. Each door had 3 trailers they had to be filled with packages. One of them was nothing but pecan pies from Goode company. I hated peak season
Alex Dimitrov (3 months ago)
what if she did not like pie or was gluten free or something!
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
bruh they do this with a $2 fidget spinner with free shipping? I keep rushing them but not now
BobLoblaw23 (3 months ago)
there is no way that pie would have survived any load/unload/sort routine.
Vincent rouru (3 months ago)
fed ex suxx
hettygreene (3 months ago)
There's something I resent about the "bedtime story" tone of MSM crap like this.
hettygreene (3 months ago)
... It's a "this is how the other half lives" kind of story.
hettygreene (3 months ago)
... It's a "this is how the other half lives" kind of story.
Armatz (3 months ago)
USPS Express mail is Fedex Express.
Will Guzman-Lopez (3 months ago)
The only Fedex employee in this video is the sorter, everyone else is a contractor. This is why I go ups or usps
KolokoGamer (3 months ago)
and she eats it like she's not grateful
Picobyte (3 months ago)
This must be closed to watching A pile of crap without getting shit on your fingers.
steven Sandy (3 months ago)
the day when fedex is 100% automated
Eloisa Judith Aldama (3 months ago)
They only shipped that fast 24 hr bc he was recording smh
szaki (4 months ago)
LOL! Why would some one send pie to Hawaii? Make the them thing there! Pie cost $5, shipping $20! LOL! American retardedness at best!
SP330Y (4 months ago)
Fed Ex is amazing,i live in the UK,on a sunday afternoon i ordered some electrical components from USA froma company called Digikey,and I'm not lying when i say this but they were at my house on Monday afternoon,the next day!,i nealry shit myself with disbelief, the best service ive ever had from any company ever!
dennis n (4 months ago)
See. Mexico don't need drug tunnels. Just use fed ex.
Elite Pain (4 months ago)
could've just went to the local bakery and bought the pie lol
B4DA$$ (4 months ago)
Usps fucking blows
Edwin Medrano (4 months ago)
11 of
BillyAlleyKat (5 months ago)
lmao your going to post a PIE seriously
Putt T. (5 months ago)
i love this guy 4:30
Putt T. (5 months ago)
I could have just tracked it using the FedEx app... :(
Putt T. (5 months ago)
2:15 and yet videos of fedex ppl throwing shit into their trucks still appear
ED Edwards (5 months ago)
I wanna work for Fedex cargo
seth postma (5 months ago)
Ricky Rick (5 months ago)
trust me that pie woud be in pieces i used to work for these ppl packages get trown and destroyed in the sorting center but nice cover up
dont say it (5 months ago)
when I got a pie delivered to me from FedEx, my pie looked as if it was blended and sat on by hulk
Operator B (5 months ago)
Mother fucker please. That was all for the cameras. It does not go down like that at a hub when the cameras are not rolling. John Donvan you can eat my ass.
Tony Nguyen (5 months ago)
Who cares about about a damn pie 😑
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim (6 months ago)
Dean from supernatural comes to mind :D
Saul Ramirez (6 months ago)
Iv'e worked at a UPS wharehouse, and its like slave conditions in there
Matt I (6 months ago)
So where do all the lost packages go?
Sean Fisher (6 months ago)
Duane, not Darrell!
Tristan S (6 months ago)
What a stressful job
Ariana George (6 months ago)
I work in the FedEx Ground Warehouse, trust me this doesn't happen in real life all the time, only when someone is watching lol
SLEVIN SHAFEL (6 months ago)
this its not real ...its just propaganda...you are TV news why dont let see the real story not just happy eveniment. We all know nothing its perfect.... the perfection most be finde with practice. So next time please say true story no propaganda....FedEx and other company have their own publicity marketing.
SpetzRendile (6 months ago)
at 2:30 i saw one of my packeges
Renee White (6 months ago)
Maybe next time take notes on the actual names of the people who helped you, instead of guessing. OR, don't show their names and then say them wrong?! Ha!
502Comedy (6 months ago)
lol its funny atleast 25% of them boxes are full of drugs lmao i love it
Pat rick (6 months ago)
"In giving you that cream pie"
OneMoreSOB (6 months ago)
I work for FedEx, my job is awesome.
jayhawk184 (6 months ago)
why do i want to work here..?
Pikapetey Animations (6 months ago)
at 1:46 why is there PEARL HARBOR footage on the screen?!
penitent2401 (6 months ago)
"I place the pies securely in one designated area of my truck" shouldn't have bothered when they ended up at 2:49
EagleLogic (6 months ago)
FedEx is the only shipping company I trust. UPS and USPS both have a passion for losing my fucking packages. FedEx just gets it right each time.
jose_b 1234 (6 months ago)
this reminds me of cast away
Matt Abdallah (6 months ago)
The pie made it from Tennessee to Hawaii in 6 hours??????
XentricGaming (6 months ago)
I didn't see the sign I'm blind
IngeniousFirefly (6 months ago)
5:00 A flight from Memphis, Tennessee to Hawaii is 6 hours? Bullshit. Try more like 10+ hours.
SGT Ghost (6 months ago)
I see my package got damaged there in the video
bubsies jensen (6 months ago)
surprised so many people ship with a shitty courier
Tien Trinh (6 months ago)
amazing. love capitalism and what some people call greed.
Illusive Phox (6 months ago)
They wish that's how they receive & deliver or packages.
bustdetector (6 months ago)
Mmmm I would love some of Yunji's poon tang pie.
BananaBoat629 (6 months ago)
fuck fedex
hairball73 (6 months ago)
I work at fedex and ain't no way that pie isn't gonna make it in one piece
Alan Kennedy (6 months ago)
What you don't seem to realize, is that Fedex, UPS, etc, and this sorting facilities, are light years compared to what others such as i am have in their own country. So enjoy motherfuckers. You should. And let's not even mention Amazon's picking robots....
Shadi Nachat (6 months ago)
If they weren't being fillmed that pie would be in 84747484783 peices
JohnnyWad309 (6 months ago)
All of you comparing Fedex, USPS, Amazon, and UPS, but what you don't realize is USPS actually ends up delivering a lot of Fedex, Amazon, and UPS' shit for them. Usually the smaller parcels, but we receive huge bags of shit from them multiple times a day every day.
Michael Björk (6 months ago)
We have ONE Earth to live on. We have to stop consuming. I just threw up in my mouth after watching this video.
Tasha Johnson (6 months ago)
He thanked "Darrell" but the guys name was Duane.... lol
‍Vaidas ‍ (6 months ago)
Holy shit...
Leon van der Linden (6 months ago)
Growth veteran index scholar grandfather employer exit wait grab.
תמיר (6 months ago)
bigart1993 (7 months ago)
Looks like Yunji is going to put out the next time John is in Hawaii!
Ferdinand Sibayan (7 months ago)
My package will still arrive on feb. im too excited that is my Christmas present from my wife Mina from LA to Manila.
josh Subet (7 months ago)
nice to see that the people on the runways are wearing hearing protection
Beer Me (7 months ago)
Much respect...mostly shitty job and hours
VIDEOS (7 months ago)
was put together nicely
Dez Bryant (7 months ago)
After that he flew to Hawaii and they fucked ....the end
roger201288 (7 months ago)
oh fuck... i'd give yunji de nies a pie too.. a cream pie