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How a Woman Survived Falling 33,000 Feet Without a Parachute

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Text Comments (3204)
Systemofthehounds (6 hours ago)
It was the Red Bull that she had been drinking
Nemon Cubez (9 hours ago)
I mean when i think of heroes i think of saving So who did Vesna saved?
BLAHBLAHBLAH (1 day ago)
I would take death over that thankz.
The real TFK Bot (1 day ago)
She should have tried the lottery
CAt From Outer Space (1 day ago)
Shez Quite Attractive
Shovo Khan (1 day ago)
It proves that Allah is great
Micro Mator (3 days ago)
Girl : jumps from 33000 feet and survived Me :jumps from 13 feet Ow ma gawd . Shit ! I'm dead !(I was in hospital for a week)
vijaya raghavan (3 days ago)
She have hit the ground at 450m/second........it is impossible to survive......
Truth (2 days ago)
vijaya raghavan You are calling them a liar?
Daniel (3 days ago)
Check the story of Juliane Koepcke, sole survivor of LANSA flight 508
DinosaurousRecks (3 days ago)
Bro she just held her totem of undying
Jackpot! (4 days ago)
end crystal blew up the plane
AB GAMR hd (4 days ago)
She switched gamemode to creative
Andrew Odell (4 days ago)
wwe Beast214 (5 days ago)
Na she just fell in a haystack
Ir0n Mxmmoth (5 days ago)
She just had a water bucket and a totem of undying
Jan Pospíšil (6 days ago)
srbská kamenice ? sounds like something in my language (i m from czechia)
Христо Луков (2 days ago)
Yeah, it was a village in Czechia where she crashed
terry varta (6 days ago)
To all airlines pliz hire people with heart conditions
Jobyjames Byamba (6 days ago)
Dude she put on her feather falling boots on wille falling
Vân Khánh Trần (6 days ago)
i came from uselesstime
Penguinn ツ (6 days ago)
All she did, was put on her feather falling IV boots
Jobyjames Byamba (6 days ago)
Yup she did
Boricua 1951 (6 days ago)
Hiro Protaganist (8 days ago)
What do we day to the God of death? Not today.
Lance Duncan (8 days ago)
Wait so how do we know what happened inside the plane after the bomb went off if she was unconscious and everybody else was thrown out of the plane? Just curious
Da Cremator (6 days ago)
Danny Wilson Jr. (8 days ago)
k dizzy (8 hours ago)
It was work related, a terror attack and a communist country. Wtf? Fail
Willie Fister Inc. (1 day ago)
i thought the same thing..that bullshyyyyyyyt!
Progress29 (9 days ago)
Her Angel received they wings that day ♥️
Boris Pajic (10 days ago)
wowww, this is kotor, montenegro, the place i live 0:36
BOI (11 days ago)
Just a totem of undying in her off-hand slot
dikki424 (11 days ago)
Disease is curable fate is incurable
ansh0133 (12 days ago)
At 22 years of age - survived a plane crashing from 33 years of age; Died 44 years later at 66 years of age.
XY Charizard Y Chaizard (12 days ago)
Just drink a Slow Falling Potion
0.0M views (12 days ago)
It’s interesting how the brain doesn’t remember
Rochelle Ann (13 days ago)
Great video but her picture makes her look like a mass murderer
Işılay Molla (14 days ago)
Bro she putted her on elytra and fether falling |V boots
Objectpoint (9 days ago)
copied comment
Lmgamer mese (14 days ago)
She was wearing feather falling iv boots and holding a totem of undying during the fall
William Panteleris (13 days ago)
Lmgamer mese fair enough
Lmgamer mese (13 days ago)
@William Panteleris no it was just my brain
William Panteleris (13 days ago)
Lmgamer mese wow you really just stole two different comments
Megan Bordenave (14 days ago)
Why do people watching this make jokes about this? It's not funny at all.
Evil Princess (14 days ago)
Megan Bordenave fortunately or unfortunately however you view it, that's how we Human beings cope with just about everything in life. we're social creatures and a byproduct of that is a sense of humor Specially to very spectacular and tragic events.
Jonathan Adamson (16 days ago)
what if vesna wanted to go to heaven but god said sry bruh just have a potion of slow falling
Major1sz (12 days ago)
Tony Stark (16 days ago)
*For someone who prides himself in having the right facts - her name is not Volovic but Vulović*
Noel Estrada (15 days ago)
Tony Stark woah ur really cool
Badiqua (17 days ago)
There are so many comments by 12 year olds saying Minecraft jokes. Why?
Gilian Rizford Espinosa (18 days ago)
Lol this is easy just use a bucket of water and land or the old slime clicky click
Sekai Johnson (18 days ago)
Girl: *quickly types in /gamemode 1*
Jax (19 days ago)
She was just in creative mode guys
RH Disc Golf (19 days ago)
But could she survive in a Toyota Carola?
Charlee Summers (19 days ago)
props to her.
lily (20 days ago)
shes my hero she did That and then got fired for protesting And campaigned for a leftist party?? the baddest bitch ever i love her
Ed Holohan (21 days ago)
It's not the fall that's the problem. It's the sudden stop.
Lil Cheese Stik (21 days ago)
When you thank the bus driver
Emad gergis (21 days ago)
She had a water bucket Edit : this is copied
Family Gash (22 days ago)
How did they even know exactly what happened during the fall if, she was the only survivor, and was unconscious during the entire fall?
Gab P (20 days ago)
All crashes are studied by experts by checking debris and checking black boxes, therefore they can reach to a conclusion of what happened. Besides, the people who got the plane down claimed to have done it.
Hayson Tham (22 days ago)
Bruh she wore a feather falling boots IV boots Edit: copied meme
Emad gergis (21 days ago)
More like a water bucket
Royal Mason (22 days ago)
So she didn't survive falling 33000 feet, she survived a plane crash.
Mama snow (22 days ago)
27 years passed since y’all attack at Croatian people you war criminals
Mama snow (22 days ago)
Croatian was so poor due to Serbian Robberies , no one planted a fucking bomb idiots
Mama snow (22 days ago)
Daj nemoj me .....lazi! Lies from Serbs, this Bitch don’t exist in this retarded Beograde f u
Heru- deshet (23 days ago)
She fell on her head.
BuXnAMaN (24 days ago)
Vesna Vulovic .
Mike Scharding (24 days ago)
Don’t hear much about that Croatian terrorist campaign
Somborac (24 days ago)
Stupid americans, posting idiotic comments. Be amazed with smart things and rare stuff, not fucking Minecraft
Pro Bono (24 days ago)
Reaper realized a mistake and got the wrong person. Sent her back. Same thing happened to the QB played by Warren Beatty in Heaven Can Wait. He came back as Farnsworth.
tawmawhawk manz (24 days ago)
Put on ur elytra
torrace12 (24 days ago)
The smear campaign is skillfully made, they just didnt have anything on her so they used what little they had and tried to make the most of it. being able to be lamer then anyone else is a good trick that makes people coming of balance and that is the aim, to make people feel slightly ill in the guts, and as they read about her they see her picture and read her name, they often blame the unpleasant feeling they get on the person that the article or video is about smear experts know how to master this "phenomenon" and they know exactly how to make smear productions feel strange spooky creepy and confusing etc to make people lose their balance and get uncomfortable hoping that people will blame the person that is in the center of attention in the production. they also know that if you shine "bad light" in someone publicly, many people will exploit the increased power they get from that the most powerful entity in a country, the state, treats one person worse the others, it becomes a more lawless situation, and people then dare to break the normal rules and treat the "accused" worse. everyone feels trapped in a civilized society and some people cant resist letting go of that bondage when they are givent the chance by the highest authority!
Francis Kondo (24 days ago)
GOD saved her...
Raccoon (17 days ago)
oh? so 'god' killed the other 27 passengers you fuckface?
George Parker (25 days ago)
Incorrect subject title.....should be: 'Passenger inside aircraft survives 33 000 feet descent'
EV0STEV0 1 (25 days ago)
It wasn't coffee she was drinking,,,it was REDBULL
Livid Soap (25 days ago)
She has featherfaling IV on her shoes
: D (25 days ago)
She survived because god is Serb
Oreo N1GHT (25 days ago)
She did the bucket No fall damage trick
black eagle (25 days ago)
nah mate she had a slime block to break fall damage
enrichking (25 days ago)
M Steen (25 days ago)
The airline didn't pay her Medical Bill's cheap ass commies
Billy Kid (26 days ago)
newnews brooklyn (26 days ago)
Was a miracle! God wanted her to survive and spared her all memory of the crash. No way this was just chance. We are shown anything is possible
Ato khesoh (26 days ago)
Just because of Luck 😊
sszarlacki (26 days ago)
She just put on her feather falling IV boots on
Mike Serrano (26 days ago)
She had unfinished business!
Becky Britin (26 days ago)
Becky Britin (26 days ago)
lonely guy (4 days ago)
@Becky Britin Bruh, most of us wouldn't even get to live half that altitude.
good heavens (10 days ago)
Alright calm down Becky
Becky Britin (14 days ago)
@Megan Bordenave so she was outside ?She was inside a broken up plane and that is why she survived such a tall fall .
Megan Bordenave (14 days ago)
@Becky Britin she wasn't "inside" of a plane. She was in the tail of the fuselage that was WIDE OPEN at an altitude of 33,000 ft after it exploded in half. As she was getting sucked out, she slammed into into the large heavy bin.
R (26 days ago)
click bait haha.... bullshit
Ed DeBolt (26 days ago)
Masonic Hoax to dumb down the people. When you see a 33 smell a rat. 33 is sacred number like the 33 vertebra in the human spine or the 33 years Jesus was said to live. The secret societies use the 33 to trick people into ignoring the sacred geometry of man with dumb check stories like this..
Jameel Hammad (26 days ago)
professor. hype3 (27 days ago)
She had creative mode on
Michael Playz (27 days ago)
She had Feather Falling IV boots
Bobo Smrad (27 days ago)
It wasn't Croatian nationalists who did the attack nor the 100+ ones you mentioned. It is all Serbian propaganda which continues until the end of the 90s
Nyko CZ (27 days ago)
Narazí na česko a všechno jde do háje klasika
Randy McGaugh (27 days ago)
So she didn't fall from altitude, she crash landed.
Demented Playhouse (28 days ago)
aryan saiful (28 days ago)
Allah safe her...
Greg Hawkins (28 days ago)
16 months is 1 year & 4 months.
Greg Hawkins (28 days ago)
Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.
Blossom stars comedy (28 days ago)
CoMbAt aPpLeS (28 days ago)
She wearer her feather falling boot's
Hellen Nkirote (28 days ago)
How did she survive.?
Dewey Self (28 days ago)
wouldn't her time to go!
Richard Bullick (28 days ago)
Uh bro, she used feather falling boots, Held a totem of undying, Or fell onto a slime block.
cloridan Beauchamps (5 days ago)
or wore a elytra
Iara Mendes (28 days ago)
Man she just wore an elytra and a feather falling boot
A.SAMAD HASSAN (28 days ago)
I gave thumbs down because the freaking music is too loud, if you like the music so much next time do talk just put writing on instead of talking. Had to like dig most of words. All your hard work for music?
kam Kam1A (28 days ago)
How did they not detect a BOMB? Isn’t it obvious tho???
Joe R (29 days ago)
I’m surprised there’s not a movie on the subject
Sylvia Adoyo (29 days ago)
Final Destination.. This was zero.. The beginning of a creepy movie
flyingapple052 (27 days ago)
tyler ramsey (29 days ago)
If you are not meant to die 🎲 you don't.
itsonlycapnkirk (29 days ago)
I I believe there was another woman who survived a 30,000+ feet fall from a plane. She survived by falling onto the acutely angled slope of a snow covered mountain. (facts - courtesy of Readers Digest)
Nigel Sabgamul (29 days ago)
GOD's will.