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How a Woman Survived Falling 33,000 Feet Without a Parachute

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Text Comments (4597)
breeze666 (1 hour ago)
Ya‘ll amateurs. Waterbucket.
cubansweetfire (3 hours ago)
Luckiest people ever: Minecraft, Obama, this women who survived a plane falling, and old man jenkins
soda pop (4 hours ago)
titanic: air edition
The airline shouldve paid her hospital bills in full and also given her a full retirement pay
trex nierobus (19 hours ago)
u didnt explain how
pryl3x (1 day ago)
She had a focus sash
Valkyrie (2 days ago)
click bait
Glen Grant (2 days ago)
Am I surprised it was supposedly a terror attack? No
Clash Kings (2 days ago)
Guys she is one of the first imortal people discovered and mistakenly become public. They had to fake her death after so many years as she was a very public figure. She is still alive and will be for many centuries to come. Same as I. Millennials will exist for far longer that humans will despite the corrupted organisation's efforts to steal our gifts.
xin he (2 days ago)
James Neilson Graham (2 days ago)
This video brought me down to earth with a bang . . .
Nigel Nobody (2 days ago)
Chicks can survive higher falls than men because they have flaps...
Carl Manvers (3 days ago)
This story would have been better without coating it in schmultz.
Ray Beaumont (3 days ago)
Marvellous how she (or anyone) could breath at, and falling from, 33000ft? Maybe she held her breath on the way down?
Super Paw (3 days ago)
it is as amazing as juliane koepcke? she fell from 10,000 feet from a broken apart plane except she was sucked out and fell still strapped to her seat.
Webber Pereira (4 days ago)
broke so much bones that she broke a record accidentally
Jesus Christ (4 days ago)
Who the fuck bombs a plane with less than 30 people in it
George Crutchfield (4 days ago)
Some of these facts are just a little off. Everest and Mt. Washington add up to more than 35,000 feet and a U.S. Air Force pilot fell more than 40,000 feet and not still inside the aircraft. He did land on water and was injured. I am glad that that poor woman was unconscious.
None of Your business (4 days ago)
She isn’t a hero. She survived a fall big deal. It doesn’t make her a hero.
Steven Means (4 days ago)
That’s all the world does is kill what are we here for
xfiler2013 (5 days ago)
She wasn’t suppose to be on the plane ... that’s usually a bad sign... damn a food cart and a bad heart saved her. I would have asked for that food cart. The tail end saves again.
Patrick (5 days ago)
She lived 1 street away from us :)
imsmutsbutt2 (5 days ago)
How are you gonna say when she was supposed to died???? FOH....when it was her time to die....SHE DIED!!! You sounded stupid when saying that🙌🏽💯
Merk4b4t Sin (6 days ago)
Cause she is woman... I guess
CantgetRight Life (6 days ago)
She put the grim reaper on Hold Bullshit🤔
russian empire (6 days ago)
Only 28 people? Not worth it
The Clefer (6 days ago)
U said 33000 as u wrote 32000 man * 1:50
Yhan Bundaon (7 days ago)
She was blessed to have a 44 years more to live
planes spotter and railfanner (7 days ago)
Neverovatno. Interesantne stvari.
LSWL00 (8 days ago)
safest way to travel is on a airplane???? what kinda idiot is this idiot?
Baseball Dude (9 days ago)
Slavic power! My family is from Yugoslavia. Only slavs survive shit like this. F croatia
Balto 351 (9 days ago)
What's the background music? And that's a miraculous surviving. I am certain she was grateful to be alive, aside from injuries,etc.
Gardo Arellano (9 days ago)
Also Frane selak fall from more than 20 thousand feet and miraculously survived when the door plane suddenly open he took up by strong wind plane has been crash but selak managed to survive
Anibal Carranza (10 days ago)
Mm 33 ? 🧐
Ron He (10 days ago)
how did she do that
Ron He (10 days ago)
Ron He (10 days ago)
how did she do thay
Dogstar (10 days ago)
This is just the opposite of Final Destination. They kill people under the safest circumstances! R.I.P Vesna.
Bradley Urbin (10 days ago)
Awesome story!
Chi Chi (10 days ago)
In COMMUNIST nation, yet had to sell vehicles to pay medical bills. So, can’t wait for that Govt healthcare.
challenging caylem (10 days ago)
She is lucky that villigar was a Doctor in WW2
Logan Lorenz (10 days ago)
I really hate when videos treat people's lives so distastefully. "Lived 44 years after she was supposed to die." That's despicable. I can't believe there's still people who act so callously when talking about people dying.
Cory W. (11 days ago)
Is was God's grace she survived.
100yrds (11 days ago)
The special affects = 👎🏼
JoshPenn81 (11 days ago)
"the Reaper had to wait 44 more years before he came knocking again." I vomited in my mouth after realizing the narrator thought this line was cool.
Mzmadame23 Mzmadame23 (11 days ago)
God bless her soul 🙏🏽
Charlie B (11 days ago)
She was hot
Mark Warner (11 days ago)
and some say there is no God; all this miraculous shit happens for a reason, just ask people who have had near death experiences.
clonea (11 days ago)
She was National Hero but sometimes heros dies alone without recognition from others. She was a young brave woman and JAT was good Company but unfortinaly run by comunist regime who did"t recognize value of brave people.
ahtan2000 (12 days ago)
Survived and doesnt remember a thing. Good for her... so young when it happened, could hv caused PTSD...
tonytr12 (12 days ago)
Nice video . Pretty crazy to survive that fall
Kim Mccabe (12 days ago)
Did the Croatians think death and terrorism would please God or give them good luck? Duhh never ever in the history of time does that ever help your cause!
EBK GREEDY EBK (12 days ago)
Why couldn’t Kobe and GiGi and the other 7 survive !!!!
Oliver 542 (12 days ago)
This video: when flying you feel save. Me: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?
maj whocares (13 days ago)
Wasn’t her time
Jerome Simms (13 days ago)
Wow what a great story. Sorry to all the people the that all died tho
JM- Handyman (14 days ago)
Answer- God
Lancelot The Knight (14 days ago)
No means disrespect but she is indeed a MILF ;)
lil chris (14 days ago)
Yea Ion believe it. Tired of the shit. I know disaster happens. But this is an add on.
Me Me (14 days ago)
Dam wish Kobe and the rest jumped out too now
Jakeson Rocca (14 days ago)
That’s crazy how the impact did not kill her 🤔
Jerome Simms (13 days ago)
She was a soldier that's why
Fellas & lovely Ladies (15 days ago)
That number 33 lol
Ron Fili (15 days ago)
The poor souls! And I just dont see mercy for the people that are into attacks as such to take life...................... I think if they dont find Jesus they will sure burn in hell for an eternity.
B A B Y (15 days ago)
I rather die than surviving like that
DerRentner818 (15 days ago)
This story is fake lol
Spidersteve (15 days ago)
she said no to the reaper, lol yeah sure she did.
iwilleatyopussy (15 days ago)
I’ll take bullshit that never happened for $100. This was never proven to be true. This was on some myth buster episode and there’s no way this woman would of survived a drop that high not even a quarter of the altitude. People die from falling from a 2 story building. If you really believe this is true Then I have an ocean side property for sale in Arizona just for you.
JELO BEAN (15 days ago)
KMP in the World (15 days ago)
lets be honest theres no way a human can survive falling at 33,000 feet
screw you 2 (16 days ago)
I wish something like this happened to kobe Bryant
Chilly (1 day ago)
It wasn’t a drop it was a collision
Felando Waller (2 days ago)
Imagine how bigger he would have became
Yhan Bundaon (5 days ago)
Too soon,i still can't believe it 💜💛
Le Val (6 days ago)
He’d never be the same again if he survived and his daughter died. As sad as it may be, I’m glad they went together. It would have been better if none of them got on that helicopter in the first place.
Yhan Bundaon (7 days ago)
How i wish they were still alive too
CHRIST IN ME (16 days ago)
Nobody, I repeat, nobody. Only the creator
Alex Bowman (16 days ago)
A WW2 bomber crew member survived falling from umpteen thousand feet over Germany landing in snow. He blew the whistle crew are giving for assistance and was found by a German patrol who took him to a local POW camp. The camp commander at first refused to believe him but seeing there was no parachute eventually saw he was telling the truth and being late at night he woke up the entire camp to applaud his miraculous survival.
Alex Bowman (16 days ago)
The rest of the crew had died and the plane was on fire. He had the choice of burning or falling and he chose falling.
Ethan Cavazos (16 days ago)
How she survive 33000 feet and Kobe couldn't survive 2000 😫😫😫😫😫😫
cubansweetfire (16 days ago)
She sponsored Minecraft,Minecraft is good luck
andrea Georgina Quintanilla (16 days ago)
Que buen video lo hace reflexionar a uno...
Jammy Peoples (16 days ago)
I dont believe this shit
Elite Soulfly (17 days ago)
New title idea~ Survive falling 33 thousand feet In the air with this one Simple trick.
Master U (17 days ago)
Wow!! Truly amazing
Teddy Cook (17 days ago)
I would have rather died....
coco el loco (17 days ago)
Nobody: She: does water MLG
dieselrotor (17 days ago)
This was such a cool survival and wonderful after life story I'm not even gonna comment about the totally misleading title.
сара (17 days ago)
its Vulovic, not Volovic
John Shilling (17 days ago)
So, Slow-Me-Down Me-Low-Some- Bitch lied? Who'da thunk?
D Wall (17 days ago)
God is so real angel were with her that day
Big man in a small body (17 days ago)
it has happend to a man as well but he fell out from mthe plane and landed on a big hastack and survived.
Dab king the tem (17 days ago)
Faroh3K (17 days ago)
God, too easy
just an ordinary guy (18 days ago)
what to say...we serbs are realy fucked up people....we can survive everything...
finisher3x (18 days ago)
That's a real life Final Destination scene.
luv2travel2000 (18 days ago)
My thought is someone was praying for her. It is too miraculous of a survival story without having someone who was praying for her. ✝️🛐
Sebi Lives (18 days ago)
Yeah she never went to work that day actually
David Couch (18 days ago)
Deceptive title.
Nicholas Larffarello (18 days ago)
Wasent her time that's called GOD
V63.2 (18 days ago)
She is Serbian thats why
smile cute (18 days ago)
Damn bitchass airline company couldn't have paid her medical Bill's bitchass airline company
smile cute (18 days ago)
Damn when plane break apart need to have parachute landing
Xestern (18 days ago)
Watching this just..to be sure.
Richard Viade (18 days ago)
6:40 “the reaper” lol 😂😂😂😂 this guy 😂😂😂
Haha Bbvd (18 days ago)
33,000 feet huh? Whats the numerology of 33000? 33 the number of Freemasonry. THIS IS A BULLSHIT STORY
Mile Pavlovic (18 days ago)
i like that mercedes van 5:25