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FS2004 - Wrong Side (TransAsia Airways Flight 235)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay TransAsia Airways Flight 235 (GE235/TNA235) was a domestic flight that crashed into the Keelung River on February 4, 2015, shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport, 5.4 km (3.4 mi) to the west. The TransAsia Airways flight, operated with a ten-month-old ATR 72-600 aircraft, was flying from Taipei to Kinmen (Quemoy), a Taiwanese island off the coast of mainland Fujian, with 53 passengers and five crew on board. There were 15 survivors. Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://www.instagram.com/joshandroma/ https://www.twitter.com/joshandroma
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novemberain (4 days ago)
This was so fake!!
Milla Kilpi (6 days ago)
That last line from the cockpit is a mixture of disappointment, sad realization of the mistake made and the obvious result... and in a way, it's a bit comic...? Like in 'shaming yourself after doing something stupid' way I mean.
GoldenGamer (8 days ago)
3:24 a stall at 260 knots...
mate Nd (25 days ago)
Pilots were criticized in their funeral
Chle B (25 days ago)
The only bight spot: the Airline ceased operations. This is GROSS NEGLIGENCE.
Kris Huang (27 days ago)
Will G (30 days ago)
Captain Oh Mei Bad
Alejandro Hermida (1 month ago)
I'm so so glad that there were survivors Id I'd be elated if they all survived
Harrison La time traveler (1 month ago)
acheesyboxplane ! (1 month ago)
ramairgto72 (1 month ago)
I picture the "observer" sitting behind them, folded arms, saying nothing and shaking his head as they crash.
acbulgin2 (1 month ago)
Commercial pilots are trained (or should be) relentlessly on how to handle engine failures in multi engine aircraft as well as in stall recognition and recovery, yet they never seem prepared for them when they happen (often right after takeoff when engines are at or near maximum power). I guess it is what comes of flying thousands of uneventful flight hours. It seems they were not alert; they were not on their toes. The basic procedure is always as follows:
ADMIRALc studio (1 month ago)
how anyone survived that is something else.. from watching these videos, there are definitely some nationality that you know will be un cool in extreme situations
Putera Usman (1 month ago)
Honestly, both pilots are DUMB...where did they get their wings?
Glen Downs (1 month ago)
The plane in the reenacted video doesn't look like the real time video.
Frederick Kiel (1 month ago)
THREE dumb pilots! What are the odds of that?
niceguy60 (1 month ago)
3:53, worst CG ever
Narf (1 month ago)
I love how those people were like 20 ft from the plane crash when they caught it on their dashcam. You seriously didnt see the plane flying extremely low at any time before that?
albert speer (1 month ago)
Funny how they say "flying it's the safest there is to travel" iiiiiii.dont know about that I see hundreds of videos of people getting killed in shitty ways while flying
53bload53 (1 month ago)
But you don't see the hundreds of thousands of planes that make it to their destinations with no problems every single hour of every single day. Edit: There's a website where you can see all airplanes travelling around the world live somewhere, it's pretty cool.
Michael T (2 months ago)
Flew on several ATR's. They are 1960's Volkswagon buses with wings. My thoughts and prayers to the souls lost.
TheProPilot (2 months ago)
DO THE FIRST AIRLINE MIDAIR EVER OVER NEVADA... Or whatever it was. They crashed into a valley.
leonzo white (2 months ago)
3:50 rip
Ryan Toomey (2 months ago)
If engine two failed why would the cut off engine one?
53bload53 (1 month ago)
igloo productions (2 months ago)
I would be pissed my luggage got wet.
TRIJAL GROVER (2 months ago)
The flight simulator 2006 is more better.
TRIJAL GROVER (2 months ago)
Get microsoft 2006 is more realistic.
jsl151850b (2 months ago)
I wonder if maybe the throttles should have lights on them that flash or change color depending on what the engine is doing. I thought there was a flight in the USA with this same issue, the bad engine not identified correctly. A vibration sensor?? See also the motion picture *Fate Is the Hunter (1964)*
modrnlol (2 months ago)
Why does the Captain have only 6000 hours and the First Officer has 16000?
Kandela Brown (2 months ago)
Fast forwarding to 3/4 of the way really helps the viewing these videos.
Thomas Scott (2 months ago)
It is called skill and being extremely systematic in everything you do. These two are basically guilty of the negligent homicide of all aboard. I would hate to take that to the grave!
Robert Jensen (2 months ago)
Guy was like a doctor who amputates the wrong leg. Except far worse.
777skycaptain (2 months ago)
United had a similar incident in a 737 in 1969 or 1970.
Fabian Flug (2 months ago)
I have in Simulator too very nice
Apple629 (3 months ago)
I could EASILY see that the plane was an ATR 72-500.
DickTurpin (3 months ago)
Why did it stop over at Madrid, when it was a flight from Barcelona to Gran Canaria? That's like a flight stopping over at Manchester when it's on it's way from London to Mallorca or a flight from NYC to Atlanta stopping over at Boston.
Fireman sam (3 months ago)
Wrong Side!
Liberty Rising (3 months ago)
chinks shouldnt be flying, driving or operating ANYTHING.
Werewolf (3 months ago)
Another good vid. Keep up the good work.
Mark Sturdey (3 months ago)
Tinpot airlines with tinpot pilots....!!
Recycling Concepts (3 months ago)
Lots of really bad "pilots" working the western pacific. Sometimes too much automation leads to a loss of flying skills, like the inability to identify a dead engine...WTF! Sadly these "Captains" with over 10K hours of flight experience forget basic airmanship?????? Booze and/or dope involved here. On a side note Allec, when using a simulated realistic panel try to get the "readings" accurate. Airspeed Indicator was approaching the barber pole as these idiots stalled out into the river. Good job sir. Complacency kills.
Gerhard Deunk (3 months ago)
why you dont gived us the names of the flight crew? you always did!
Vandana Yadav (3 months ago)
It was an ATR 72 '600'
Bill M (3 months ago)
Would never fly on a plane with Oriental pilots...just like that idiot in SF!
maverickthebastard (4 months ago)
Boeing 737, 1989, BM F92 Kegworth, UK, for all of you blaming a budget airline for this mistake, its called pilot error and will always happen, sorry.
Cordoba _005 (4 months ago)
White the plane is atr 72-600 you crazy
Turqoise (4 months ago)
why do Asians wear surgical masks? they don't protect against air pollution.
Allec Joshua Ibay (4 months ago)
To some Asian countries, it's considered fashion.
Serious_Fox (4 months ago)
It Crashed on my birthday
Jim Morgan (4 months ago)
Small point: engines aren't feathered-props are feathered.
abhishek tripathi (4 months ago)
In the end of the Video, It shows "Enjoyed the Video?" Fuck this stupid Guy who uploaded the Video what if your family had died in this crash!? Would you write then? "Enjoyed the Video?"
Some One (4 months ago)
God, these simple mistakes still happen. Shocking.
Aung Kyaw Myat PUBG (4 months ago)
Shutted of the left working engine....wow
Jesse D (4 months ago)
I remember that plane crash l was walking into subway and looked up at the tv and the the breaking news Bar plane crash in tiwan
Matt H. (4 months ago)
This is why in my opinion, all pilots should have some flying experience in sailplanes, thermal flying and slope.
Mr. Moustache (4 months ago)
Dead foot- dead engine
Mark Young (3 months ago)
It goes to show you can have a good number of flying hours and still stuff it up. Some people should never become pilots. Experience is one thing but natural skill and good decision making is another!
John Be Bad (7 days ago)
They have lots of hours of things going correctly. Flame out engine maneuvers are something they get tested on periodically. They are only tested against these kinds of problems during recurrent training and certification. The captain apparently barely passed his recurrent testing. He needed multiple times to pass with minimum proficiency. Too slow to react correctly to emergency situations.
beaconrider (3 months ago)
Unfortunately too many pilots rely on the machines to fly the aircraft, to the point that their hand flying skills deteriorate. Small regional air carriers seldom have expensive flight simulators where they can practice emergency procedures.
Krumple Themal (4 months ago)
A flame out isn't that drastic, why did the pilot anxiously go to shut down mode before confirming the identified engine that had the problem? Or did he just mix up left and right? Why would you go to a complete shut down when it was not necessary? A pilot that doesn't know the difference between right and left, shouldn't be driving a car let a lone a plane.
Al Grayson (1 month ago)
Krumple Themal, I tell the driver "Turn right next light." She gets in the left turn lane. "Why are you getting in the left turn lane to turn right?" "You said 'turn left at the next light'." "No, I said, 'turn right at the next light'." "No, you said 'turn left at the next light'." Should she become a pilot? She turns left when I say 'right'. She turns right when I say 'left'. "Directional dyslexia"?
juliet juliet (4 months ago)
Krumple Themal because he's a nervous coward
Paula Zemeckis (4 months ago)
how can throttling back the incorrect engine happen?
# (4 months ago)
How anyone survived this crash is beyond me ... unbelievable
CocaColaMan2733 inc (4 months ago)
Seriously? *not* being racist?, but could it possibly be that some, just, some Asians are not fit to drive or fly ANYTHING such as the ✈ plane in question
fox on the run (5 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay: These recreations are brilliantly done. The images are quite stunning as are the sound effects and the text is actually legible! Thank you for your hard work!
mate Nd (5 months ago)
did you have a good day honey ? no ,i was hit by a fucking passenger jet .
Sibte Kazmi (5 months ago)
what kind of taxey was it
Kelby LeSage (5 months ago)
I spy with my little eye an engine that is flaming out Too bad the pilot didn't
小佑 (5 months ago)
WNDW ST IDN (5 months ago)
Pulled back on wrong side of trottle, even shut it off. ATR 72-600 designed to can fly with only 1 engines.
Bibasik7 (5 months ago)
3:48 It was that moment when he realized... He fucked up.
Freckles057 (4 months ago)
that was the moment when the plane was going 300 knots
Richard Nagarjuna (5 months ago)
What a song is
Eko Prasetyo (5 months ago)
The plane crash with taxi
SpaceManJoe (5 months ago)
I️ remember this
SquareSeeker900 (5 months ago)
that day was my friend's birthday
Jared Drogose (5 months ago)
I don't like how much the US spends on the military, but damn, am I glad our USAF/AAF/USMCAF pilots get the hours they do....
Chris L (5 months ago)
After further consideration I can safely say those pilots FUCKING SUCK!
John Young (5 months ago)
Pleas Do Colgan Air -3407
The lowest views #Ghost to you :D (5 months ago)
I saw the girl falling
Covina Jaliscomex1050 (5 months ago)
Homefront (5 months ago)
Key word Asia... you know they cant drive either
Bodragon (6 months ago)
You ask, at the very end of the video, during the closing credits: "ENJOYED THE VIDEO?" I must confess, only a fucked up pervert would "enjoy" a video such as this. Perhaps you might reconsider your promo pitch? Jus' sayin'...
Bodragon (6 months ago)
(0:59) - "take off roll", not "takes off roll" But you knew that right? Of course you did! Only messing! (Stand by...) (2:14) - "begins", not "begings". Only a typo. No big deal. Anyway, that's me done for that part. Early on I started to think that these pilots were not responding or behaving in an expert or professional manner. My doubts were borne out by the conclusions drawn at the end of the video. Even with both engines dead they still had a chance of an emergency landing but it seems that everything they could have done they didn't, and everything they did do, they did wrong. The blame here lies totally and utterly with the pilots. Sorry boys, these guys let you all down.
Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz (6 months ago)
So this was the plane that crashed on the news
DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3 (6 months ago)
Pilots criticized for failure to properly identify the failed engine...yet the co-pilot stopped the Captain from pulling back on engine one so they could do a cross check. He then identified engine 2 was out and feathering. The captain said pulling back on engine one again. How did no one in the cockpit catch that? It sounded like the failed engine was properly identified, the captain took the wrong action anyway. Engine 2 is out. OK, I'm going to shut down Engine 1.
DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3 (6 months ago)
At 0:14 it looks like there might be text, but it's the exact same color as the background. What does it say?
Seán Kirk (5 months ago)
"TransAisia Airways Flight 235 is preparing for a flight from Taipai Songshan Airport to Kinmen, Taiwan." It is quite easy for me to read
knightfive (6 months ago)
A good pilot is one that when faced with catastrophic loss can fly you thru it...
driver 138 #ForzaJuve (6 months ago)
Do trans Asia flight 222
Tate Wang (6 months ago)
There’s a new episode of air crash investigation about Transaisa flight 235
rex aviator (6 months ago)
British airways 9 didnt crash
[OCB] (7 months ago)
You idiot! You had 1 job...
computer tutorials12 (7 months ago)
I remember seeing this on the news, but I never knew exactly why the plane crashed. I did know it was pilot error though.
Branon Fontaine (7 months ago)
That retarded sonofabitch said that shit, really?! What a piece of shit he is....
john harris (7 months ago)
You gotta be nuts to ride on one of these things...poor or no or incorrect maintenance, fatigued stressed pilots...no thanks, I'm good.
RJ Joson (7 months ago)
It is "I can't restart the engine!"
Cat22 (7 months ago)
I've watched several of these now and i got to tell ya, the author needs to work on his English. The "type over" on the videos have a lot of mistakes
prankmonkey650 (7 months ago)
Very sad. Had they been up to 5,000 when they pulled the left engine power, they would have had more time to recover.
driver 138 #ForzaJuve (7 months ago)
Make delta Airlines flight 1141
Geneva Mapping (7 months ago)
Uganda Airlines Flight 775 please.
Geneva Mapping (7 months ago)
TAROM flight 371 please...
Tate Wang (7 months ago)
There's a new air crash investigation called "caught on tape "
Jack Grammer (8 months ago)
I know this is a simulation but I was the this exact plane a few weeks before it crashed.
God Speed 913 (8 months ago)
I didn’t initially realize that this was the plane crash that was caught in dash cam. Good vid
Ant Laud (6 months ago)
...by a russian in a Lada
TheBeingReal (8 months ago)
Pilot confusion between the right engine and the reft engine.
Daniel Clarke-lloyd (8 months ago)
can't believe this was 2 years ago