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Sprint flashlight-animation commercial

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Jamie Kivisto (www.jamiekivisto.com) appears as one of the artists in this Sprint commercial with flashlight animation.
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Serrara Willow Fluttershy (1 month ago)
Remembered this tune in my childhood...15 years later, I find the source of it from a simple Google search. Thanks, Kris & Sprint...one of 4 songs that persisted in my memory since childhood is now there again. <3
DAM2k16 (2 months ago)
I went to a sprint store back in like 2008 and I saw this playing there and I still remember it for some reason
Angel Aye (3 months ago)
Something about this commercial has stayed with me all these years.
MrDvouR (5 months ago)
takes me bacc..
Christopher Torres (1 year ago)
11 years later here i am just for the feels lol
Amber Perkins (4 years ago)
This commercial will always be a favorite of mine
what.a.phantasy (4 years ago)
TYRONEYUNASTY 外人人外 (4 years ago)
Robert Mitchum (4 years ago)
I dreamt of a magic screen that took a half hour to download a two minute video and then crashed 5 seconds into it. I dreamt of a magic screen that it's 4G capabilities were slower in speed than it's 3G network. I dreamt of a magic screen that the cost DOUBLED in three years. I dreamt of a magic screen that would piss me off on a daily basis. And after all of that dreaming, here it is.......... SPRINT
Ken Stewart (3 years ago)
+Robert Mitchum Perhaps I'm a year late - but your literate, and I might add, hilarious response to the wordplay of the commercial cracked me up. Good service?.....Dream on.
Tom H (4 years ago)
This one has always stuck with me.
Steven Baldwin (2 years ago)
I remember when none of this technology existed. so yes...it is a magic screen indeed regardless of the carrier.
Jess Lamont (4 years ago)
me too bro
Jess Lamont (5 years ago)
san francisco i believe
Trooper81277 (5 years ago)
Does anyone know where this ad took place
JJ (1 year ago)
Trooper81277 It's in LA
Brandon Obear (5 years ago)
i loved this
Karlan Jones (5 years ago)
Anonymous (5 years ago)
What place was this filmed at? I'd really like to know and I'd appreciate it if someone would tell me.
Brunon Bielecki (6 years ago)
CookieGirl9516 (6 years ago)
Μαρια Γεωργιάδου (6 years ago)
how is it not stop motion?
The Melancholy (6 years ago)
Now this was impressive.
jurgsf2 (6 years ago)
Erika Rivera (6 years ago)
I love this i dont care what anyone says! ;)
john junior (6 years ago)
sprint is the worst customer service
smario3500 (6 years ago)
Whats the music in the backround?
theguy (6 years ago)
Amazing Freddiew sent me here XD
Desporado fug (7 years ago)
how many hours did you take to do 5 seconds ?!?!1
Scorreggiaatomica (7 years ago)
Andate a vedere quelli della Griffo, teste di cazzo!!! Ahahahahahah!!!!
Brandon Obear (7 years ago)
go sprint
yasminnxp (7 years ago)
That's really cool!
Rushnerd (7 years ago)
Holy crap that was an inspired ad.
Casey P (7 years ago)
Sprints getting the iPhone 5 we are gonna make it sprint fuck T-Mobile
Steven Jaycoxe (7 years ago)
Go Sprint!
Anonymous (7 years ago)
@legotutorials15849 Me too! I love it!
Anonymous (7 years ago)
Brings back awesome sunset memories of when I was in 3rd grade ;)
Kelly Swanson (7 years ago)
my technology teacher is in this(:
Demosthenes409 (7 years ago)
woooow took all night!
Ryan Roberts (7 years ago)
We have these at our store as screen savers. I work for sprint...lol
Brandon Obear (8 years ago)
Makes Me Fell Happy
LimitlessCXIVI (8 years ago)
So trippy
James El Mexicano (8 years ago)
Fuck you sprint
Adam F (8 years ago)
@iLikEitRough691 the name of the song is souvenirs by architecture in helsinki.
Go KiD izzy (8 years ago)
@iLikEitRough691 naw i have no idea what this song is called. sorry
trunks817 (8 years ago)
With the HTC EVO 4G and Sprint, My dreams have come true. Thank you Sprint :)
thewrongvine (8 years ago)
@Chocolatecriisp97 light
lacus1992 (8 years ago)
Awesome! Must have taken him forever to get the animation right!
Go KiD izzy (8 years ago)
i think of the song sleepy head by pation pit when ever i see this commercial .-.
David Gardiner (8 years ago)
good work Jamie!
JustAFocus (8 years ago)
Arrgh, why do some people have to be so awesome? XD I'm just barely learning how to do long exposures and trying out my first mediocre attempts at light painting in "bulb" mode with my camera -- and then I stumble on this video which completely blows me away. My God, that must've taken FOREVER to set up. Just stunning work.
tuuu15 (8 years ago)
its called painting with light each of those glitch movements are pictures :] i'm in photography and im doing this project haha there could be some effects in there as well
Brandon Obear (8 years ago)
I have Sprint I love this Commercial
Taylor Hall (8 years ago)
What is the name of the song!
Jeni Cheung (9 years ago)
its amazing!!!
Hildergarn (9 years ago)
Jesus Christ, it's mesmerizing watching this.
WorldWar2freak94 (9 years ago)
August Hawel (9 years ago)
my frient can do this =)
Carmen Rojo (9 years ago)
es muy buenoo..
Leftwinga91 (9 years ago)
Light painting, it's a photography technique. I wonder how many pictures were needed to do this, as it could range from 10 seconds to 30seconds+ per shot, and they decided to make an animation out of it. Damn this is good though
Nick Beecher (9 years ago)
indeed it is a form of stop motion
3ntertainer (9 years ago)
yes it is
fbithejames (9 years ago)
MacArthur Park in North Los Angeles
InnTheEye (9 years ago)
what place is that?
mute (9 years ago)
isn't it sooooo cool?
LimitlessCXIVI (9 years ago)
there is it's called souvenirs by Architecture in Helsinki
Jamie (9 years ago)
i love this i just wish they had a copy without the commercial voice
DaBoel (9 years ago)
That's too much O.O AWESOME :O
Jordan Santos (9 years ago)
jpkm7992...if indeed you called and Sprint has records of it (in the notes), it would've been adjusted. Sprint takes full responsibility of validated billing errors. I work for Sprint that's why I know. I understand you for feeling that way but you should also take full responsibility of your usage. If you have spending limit in your account, Sprint wil automatically shut your service off to protect you from overspending. You'll be prompted to call care.
Derick ILEDAN (10 years ago)
Sprint doesn't suck. It's a very wonderful service. You just need to know how to manage your own acct usage.
fredo69 (10 years ago)
this commercial is awesome...too bad sprint sucks.
Sarah (10 years ago)
this was shot during the whole night,right? it looks like they started in the evening and worked on it the whole night, till morning
asimjazz (10 years ago)
sprint has simply everything for 99.99 dig that !!!!!!
JDR (10 years ago)
Wtf is that? Stupid ad
Le Papillon (10 years ago)
Cómo amé el mensaje del comercial y no tengo más que decir sobre el maravilloso efecto de las luces. Hermoso.
ツンデレ (10 years ago)
yay architecture in helsinki! haha :)
ChannelMii (10 years ago)
i love this commercial
Josh Morales (10 years ago)
the song is "Souvenirs" by Architecture in Helsinki from the album Fingers Crossed.
furiouslifeofharis (10 years ago)
one word...Amazing.
Bakhtawar S (10 years ago)
i know right?
drpepper1106 (10 years ago)
i have sprint and they have good service i almost never drop calls and internet is fast
caligirl92 (10 years ago)
they are :]
grodenbarg (10 years ago)
deception at it's finest, wait till your bills. :X
Bakhtawar S (10 years ago)
where is that commercial that has lightwriting and they are skating?
caithead (10 years ago)
Architecture in Helsinki are amazing <3
Music Nerdery (10 years ago)
also did the video for kaki king.
Casey Beaulieu (11 years ago)
Very neat commercial, but having a "magic" screen in my pocket that could do all that wasn't at all a dream of my childhood.
Judah (11 years ago)
Love It!
Dreamer (11 years ago)
Just in case you guys want to know the artist, this is Architecture in Helsinki's song, "Souvenirs."
Martin Sanne Kristiansen (11 years ago)
Architecture in Helsinki - Souvenirs, from the album Fingers Crossed. Nice song, super-nice commercial!
Sudak - Jeff (11 years ago)
does anybody else realize that sprints moto now is something like "download things at the speed of light" ... wireless signals can't move at the speed of light.. I hope people realize that.. false advertisement???
icemaestro (11 years ago)
Can somebody please upload the new sprint holiday commercial?
icemaestro (11 years ago)
Can someone tell me where I can download or find a clip of the new holiday sprint commercial? With the skating?
Conner Bourgoin (11 years ago)
whats it called?
Matt Beebe (11 years ago)
It's an actual (amazing) song.
Conner Bourgoin (11 years ago)
Is the song specifically made for this commercial or is it an actual song?
Ed F (11 years ago)
As much as I don't dream about cell phones, this is simply a beautiful ad. It's just soothing, between the visuals and the music. I usually hate advertisements, but this one isn't so bad.
SGTBizarro (11 years ago)
If you think back when you were a young child (for those of us old than 15 :P) you never actually thought that these things were possible. Hell, when CDs came out, it was incredible! And now we have a superfast, omnidevice that responds to our every whim. It IS almost magical
buttagood4you (11 years ago)
this commercial is so relaxing and just amazing to watch lol is there like a song, or music to this beacuse i love it!
Chad Warden (11 years ago)
I love this commercial
mobiusnight (11 years ago)
The Sprint Flashlight-animation commercial is simply beautiful; both the visual and the musical. The minute I saw it, something inside me knew I needed to be able to see this whenever I wanted...sort of like a good feeling that you never want to go away.
sadie0814 (11 years ago)
i love dis commerical
Charles L. (11 years ago)
This is such a creative commercial. All the lights in video seems as if they really existed with the people due to the portrayal of lights bouncing off of them and the ground. It's something so simple and sloppy looking that could actually elicit a soothing, thoughtful feeling. I like.
jamygabb (11 years ago)
someone that actually knows the song. thank God.