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37 Washing and cooking pineapple skin rind for juice water, drink, medicinal

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Charity Ngari (16 days ago)
Talking too much
Andrea I (24 days ago)
I thought you were going to show how you washed from the title. Lots of talking and no real showing. Lots of information, great first effort but you should redo.
Jacinta Perdue (6 months ago)
Just wash the pineapples before peeling .7/29/2019
Aniyah Diloveli Lioness (8 months ago)
Are they organic?
Andrea I (24 days ago)
She said "NOT Organic", organic was too expensive
Dori B. (8 months ago)
I think you should clean it before cutting it and then add bottled water to it just so the washing and vinegar doesn't give it a bitter flavor. But I always wanted to make my own juice. Thanks for the info love.
Zeenat Zeenat (9 months ago)
Hello, said, this is " Medical drink" but let us know what are the benefits to 🍹? Thanks.
rose bawi (9 months ago)
You talked too much just say...
Wayne White (1 year ago)
black americans (or african americans) crack me up.....
Lazarus Lee (1 year ago)
You might as well washed the whole pineapple or soaked the whole pineapple before cutting the skin. Then it's much easier and cleaner for you as well. What's your your view ? I hope there could be others better ideas than mine. Thanks. Please give me your feedback.
Piroska Kirika (1 year ago)
I'm sure they mean for you to buy organic pineapple.
Mimi GlassCastle (2 years ago)
Boiling does NOT Remove Pesticide and Manure or other Chemical/Fertilizer residues, my Dear!!!...It WILL kill bacteria and microbes, but NOT Chemical Pesticides!!!...( If anything, you are making a concentrated pesticide-pineapple tea!!!)....How about soaking the whole pineapples in the vinegar and peroxide water in a bathtub first BEFORE cutting into them, and taking a good potato scrub brush to each pineapple,and rinsing each one thoroughly, before cutting and boiling them???....
Vicki Plewacki (1 year ago)
@Mimi GlassCastle loop
Olaran Mila (1 year ago)
Mimi GlassCastle the
Mimi GlassCastle (2 years ago)
Also, if you are using tap water for boiling, filled with chlorine, flouride, prescription drug residues, trihalomethanes, etc,..etc,...(virtually ALL tap water in the US is indeed extremely contaminated and impure!) Are you doing anything to purify your water???.....If not, I suggest you google Alexapure or Berkey water purification...Relatively inexpensive , and produces gallons per day of purified h2o.
Beautybeats400 Debra (2 years ago)
you mean pineapple tea. I make the Mexican drink Tepache it's a fermented drink with the same things you're using. but more nutritious!
Better Done Yourself (2 years ago)
Boiling the pineapple removes all the medicinal benefits of pineapple (bromelain).
ayeni sia (2 years ago)
Better Done Yourself wrong it will infused like the Tee I made mine last weeks and it taste just pinapple juice
bindradaddy (2 years ago)
3 times repeated same lines we learned good
Beant Dhaliwal (1 year ago)
to much talking i rather wash it b4 she makes look 2 much work