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Inside Terminal 4: Terminal of Tomorrow – Full Episode | National Geographic

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In 2017, Changi Airport served a new high of 62 million passengers. By 2030, it plans to bring its capacity to more than 150 million passengers. The first step to this expansion is the opening of its new terminal – T4. Find out how Changi is pulling out all the stops to elevate the flight experience from the moment a passenger steps into the terminal using nature, art, and technology. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Singapore #ChangiAirport About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Inside Terminal 4: Terminal of Tomorrow – Full Episode | National Geographic https://youtu.be/llh52RktRxU National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (3 months ago)
Changi Airport is one of the most advanced airports in the world. What intrigues you the most about the technology used in Terminal 4?
Jonathan Joshua (5 hours ago)
The XBox Kinect cameras lol
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (1 month ago)
The use of high tech for efficiency and they have mature workers, not mostly youth. Also they want passengers to be pacified through the cue process. They seem proud of their workplace and what they do there. So would I.
MCRobloxGamer SwedishRobloxPro (1 month ago)
Baggage Handling! Very Impressive
NoohCee (1 month ago)
@Noel Ben Dunsky and @Wowthungsten, Changi Airport has decades of expertise in human experience. Their top priority and focus is not technology and automation but human experience, convenience and efficiency. I am absolutely sure they are totally aware of your concerns and has already incorporated the necessaries in the design and implementation of their services. This is why Changi airport has been voted by travellers as the world best airport year after year after year after.........
Md Khalil (2 months ago)
HM Zuhdi (16 hours ago)
Fun fact I live just 5 mins from this airport
Zaw Zaw (1 day ago)
Singapore is Full with Artificial creations, artificial smiles, happiness, Trees ....etc. All of the citizens hide their unhappiness, stress and try to happy with artificial creations. I’ve been there for 6 months and become boring and unpleasant to live more.
assad fr (3 days ago)
Amazing Airport in the world
Eck _ zie (3 days ago)
What about personal manual wheelchair check in procedure since everything is automated? The passenger still needs to use it all the way to boarding.
R3D Toby (4 days ago)
is it just me or is it weird they use xbox console cameras for the bag check lol
Trish Alvarez (4 days ago)
Oh my gosh! Ace is soooo cute!reminds me of Mo from Wall-e
Patrick Eruimy (5 days ago)
A very interesting documentary. Thank you. 🎬✈👍
Jam x Taeyeon 12.14.18 (12 days ago)
Easy colouring videos for kids !!! (13 days ago)
Love this video im going to Singapore and Changi Airport.
GAMAL MOKHTAR (15 days ago)
god bless you ... excellent production
who are you (15 days ago)
really xbox one???? xd
Halo Fire (17 days ago)
You have Singapore here and many other countries improving its gateway to the world, paving their way towards progressiveness and then there’s America with trump building a wall.
Nancy Melendez (18 days ago)
They mention the fusion of Chines, Indian and Western Culture but they forgot to mention Malaysian Culture. Singapur is connected and part of Malaysia, was separated not too long ago. This shows what happens everywhere there is an invasion, people take over and forget the mother citizens of that country.
mark . m (20 days ago)
We are paying the fee of tomorrow too.
QAP1095 (20 days ago)
AnnaAndMaya (20 days ago)
Very good looking high tech airport!
Hussain Asaad (25 days ago)
i’ve always been interested in such amazing ingenuity. Singapore knows what it’s doing!
Michael Owusu (26 days ago)
No wonder this airport is the best in the world. Changi Airport is definitely a place to be. My experience was superb. I can't wait to be there again.
Suzaku 4000 (1 month ago)
The country is beautiful, clean and very organized... the people are polite and helpful also... hopefully we can comeback to enjoy more tourist spots we havent visit before... awesome trip!!!👍👍👍
James Hero DeLonghi (1 month ago)
Meanwhile in America... Delayed flights, airport staff from the ghetto, elderly flight attendants, union snowflake ramp staff, $59 reheated frontera mexican sandwich.
Blr (1 month ago)
passengers no longer needs to remove laptops in their bags... meanwhile in TSA.... LOL
Pranav Mistry (1 month ago)
@NationalGeographic Looking like your editor added an unwanted flanger audio filter and screwed up.
SnowboardFan (1 month ago)
Why only subtitles for the german guy? 7:40 Would've also been suitable for the singaporean guy
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (1 month ago)
First I was upset not to be Japanese. Now I'm upset not to be Singaporean. 😭
Lenny Online (1 month ago)
I was raised in the US to believe that we are the best country in the world but, seeing the modern progress in Asia like in Singapore, I don't see the same level of changes nor even a national fervor to change. Our skyscrapers are old and uninteresting, airports are drabby, streets full of potholes, bridges falling apart, politicians squabbling all the time and crazy people attacking strangers. I am questioning things. The US will soon be a "developing country" if we don't wake up.
Mohan (1 month ago)
Producer / Director 43:42 *Reshma Ailmchandani ??? Indian ??* Wow I'm proud :)
TYL4027 Hi (1 month ago)
Proud Singaporean 😁
amaechi diamond (1 month ago)
This is great. The issue is that it has rendered thousands jobless😟
Procrastination at it's finest (25 days ago)
Are you dumb? Who's going to ensure that they are working fine? Who's going to fix the equipement? Who's going to redesign them? Who's going to reinvent? Who will be the one to come uo with nee ideas? Doofus. Technology has actually lowered the need for blue collared jobs and created safer jobs for peopls. If you read up, technology has helped to increase job opportunities.
Steve J. Tan (1 month ago)
XBOX Kinects and CT scanners are used... Amazing.
BlackOrchid (1 month ago)
I wonder then if they are able to cut back on using air purification and atmospheric control systems within the building due to all the greenery? And with all the watering needing to be done they could use the green spaces for grey water treatment.
azim aloi (1 month ago)
but then if there is any suspicious thing about our luggage, they just cant run and not going to information counter?
Mister Doom's (1 month ago)
another way to say America is NOT the greatest country on earth.
Adam T. (21 days ago)
Mister Doom's it never was
Rolando Ruiz (1 month ago)
Congrats to all the Changi staff for such an amazing technological advancement.
Rolando Ruiz (1 month ago)
Until you get a customer asking you to stop the petals at the exact positions so that they could take a selfie. 😂
paula Havens (1 month ago)
this looks great, but does it involve people losing jobs or does it increase people jobs. this is fantastic, loved watching it. All that stuff will need taken care of so people will be needed.
Taehyung's wifeu (1 month ago)
and terminal 4 is just one part of changi airport TRULY AMAZING
Ahnaf Ghaizan (1 month ago)
The real ultimate airport
Iman Ode (1 month ago)
Awesome airport, i never visit Singapore before, but mostly people said that Changi Int' Airport had almost perfect facilities and one of the best airport in Southeast Asia 👌✈
Adam T. (21 days ago)
Iman Ode best on the world*
Tuff Suff (1 month ago)
The only guy that looks like he owns his contribution and really knows inside out about his stuff is the hoticulture manager, the indian guu. The rest of the chinese managers looks lile they r just supervising other contractors and machinery and processes without any intellectual input to the process. One actually said its hard since there is no reference. They must only trust their vendor n suppliers. Some seems to be struggling at automation. Even on part of collecting historical pieces to display also like lost of themes oredi. Just my humble opinion
Mac Loh (1 month ago)
Prius plus
Fabian Ja (1 month ago)
Nice, only the European Union is still ahead as the technology is allready in use there.
dan lam (2 months ago)
Don't let China steal the invention...good job.
ARIF RADZUAN (2 months ago)
omg as a malaysian myself im amazed!
Palmes Rj (2 months ago)
Been there! Changi is ☝🏻
Angie Globetrotter (2 months ago)
I love Singapore and Changi I used the most times I had to fly to Europe. No complains! Last time I even used the Swimmingpool :)
Wilfrid Arokiasamy (2 months ago)
To those US people claiming the state is focusing in economy rather than in infrastructures. Get the fact that ASIA is leading the economy in the world and the market leader is China, no more US. Please do get the fact and that is why you guys started to reject our products as getting scared of ASIA's economy.
world citizen G (2 months ago)
I prefer Dubai airport
Fiercelessman (2 months ago)
I prefer T3 over T4. T4 isnt as good as they describe it
Aotearoa Excubitores (2 months ago)
Thank You ! been living in SG for about 3 years now, watching this show and the reality for comparison just makes it more enjoyable :}:D
Altaf Yousf (2 months ago)
The world's best airlines is from Singapore
Mohammad Fajar Sugiharto (2 months ago)
Armil de Sparta (2 months ago)
That luggage system is pretty awesome. Next year they should put the passengers on the luggage carts to take them to the gate and exit.
jrukawa11 (2 months ago)
Understooded? Lol
Colorful Codes (2 months ago)
from Diva to Queen (2 months ago)
Amazing! The mostly (if not, only) human life-form moving through this terminal and eventually, throughout the airport, will be the passengers
Soon Yew Liow (2 months ago)
No story on facilities for disabled and aged passengers?
tatters314 (2 months ago)
It's very nice. Singaporeans are spoiled. It's quite long quite the people movers are very efficient. Kinda like a higly automated shopping and entertainment hub with a lot of greenery for an relaxing nearly idyllic experience. Very fast immigration and security checks as per usual.
tocrob (2 months ago)
Stains ( especially coffee) will be less visible on these carpets.
rtgtx (2 months ago)
Well, do not like the carpet.
Kan Lim (2 months ago)
Pranshul Gautam (2 months ago)
Wish I could live in airport forever
Terence Jp (2 months ago)
usa and europe are collapsing
Rama Ohara (2 months ago)
Thanks NatGeo fro bringing many full episodes of documentary to youtube. I always love your documentaray since I was a kid but nowadays, it's hard for me to find the original NatGeo contents other than unofficial reupload. Thanks again and I hope you'd bring more full episodes to youtube.
Fraser McFadyen (2 months ago)
Not being funny but they've had facial recognition at passport controls in Europe for years.
سلمان افغان (2 months ago)
MSH24 (2 months ago)
Two neighbouring countries... singapore - best airport in the world... malaysia - best low cost airline (air asia) in the world.
N. S (2 months ago)
In my country, Kazakhstan, it would be implemented when Singaporian will ride aircrafts and live on Mars 😂😂😂
ombra306 (2 months ago)
That tree is heavier than a girafe!
ahri (2 months ago)
All this automation o.O But I guess in a small country that has limited human resources it is a necessity. Plus, machines don't take days off.
rumberOn2 (2 months ago)
very unique and awesomeness airport
Disco Duck (2 months ago)
3:00 my boy tongue stuck
Muhd Sufian (2 months ago)
changi airport terminal 4 previously was a budget terminal after that been DEMOLISHED by the ORDER of JUNTA PAP because got NO BUSINESS
Sonia Anita (2 months ago)
that carpet is so ugly .... other than that awesome stuff!
cg siew (2 months ago)
singapore where people take everything seriously... they even polish the leaves! 33:49
J1rst (2 months ago)
The price of the tickets should decrease.
J.D. EXPERIMENTS (2 months ago)
use technology to help people in their life not replace their jobs with robots? automation looks fun and new but its not....y are u replacing humans with AI
Ryan Buccat (2 months ago)
You can’t totally say fully automated without any contact to ground staff! Ground staff still in need. Why? What happen when system power down? Or in times of natural calamities? What happen when there is delayed plane either arrival or departure? Very funny! Ground staff still in need.
Cardinal (2 months ago)
We need to integrate more of the facial photo scanning. This way, if someone commits a crime or attempts to, we have their face already scanned.
Dennis Flo (2 months ago)
The difference between the Anglophone world and all other world
Angela Guo (2 months ago)
I live in Singapore! who lives in Singapore too? like!
Peter Quinlan (2 months ago)
The main airports in Australia have had self-check in for at least 8 years before this.
Mohammed Rakibul Hassan (1 month ago)
I spent like 4 hours in this airport alone because my flight was delayed. Normally we felt bore in an airport But for me I felt like if I could spent some more times there because everything there is so neat and clean. The best thing I like was they have passenger review kisoks in immigration and also in toilet which is really very unique and new to me (idk if any other airport have this or not)
Joshua Richards (2 months ago)
Was this recorded through a pringles can or something? The sound is horrific :')
Thomas ABABA (2 months ago)
Skynet its real
Bhavik Pilot Patel (2 months ago)
Lol go X-BOX :P
mangotornado (2 months ago)
Is the audio in a submarine?
veerangana shakar (2 months ago)
So amazing.......
darkless60 (2 months ago)
Kelvin looks like an ex C3 controller from RSAF
safermonk (2 months ago)
wow, amazing terminal.
Killer Germ (2 months ago)
When I travel, I don't care about art or greenery. Nor has automation ever contributed to an enhancement of my travel experience. In an airport, I would like to have a private pod / booth when I can secure my luggage. I also want a clear, step by step process in a minimal environment.
Reuben Sher (2 months ago)
Was the audio dubbed by singapore's special branch ?
Fan Richard (2 months ago)
The intrigue the changi airport is flower many where
william (2 months ago)
RIP ears
Fan Richard (2 months ago)
Going to singapore tour arounding the airport
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS (2 months ago)
Interesting is, that the pieces of the petal animated plastic are modeled after the pieces of the German Stellarator Fusion Reactor!
William Levy (2 months ago)
A well run airport gets to the point. People want to get on their plane in as little time as possible. This Is mostly frivolous b.s. If this is privately funded, I'm not offended by it. If this was paid for by taxes I wouldn't be happy with that. I'm more concerned with the quality of service and condition of planes. Nothing else. The city or destination is what I'm interested in. Not an airport. Gtfoohwt
Jonathan Chia (2 months ago)
sorry too much money. We have a surplus economy. Sorry.
miniRASS (2 months ago)
Why is this audio hollow