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2006 Samsung Radioshack 500

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justin seymour (6 months ago)
NASCAR Commentors Mike Joy Larry McReynolds Darrell Waltrip on Fox With Matt Yocum Steve Brynes Jeanne and Dick
justin seymour (6 months ago)
9 Kasey Kahne Wins The Race Samsung Radio shack 500
Andrew Toone (7 months ago)
Kevin Harvick also used that Reese’s Caramel paint scheme in the 2006 Aaron’s 499 at Talladega, but unfortunately, he got involved in the big one on Lap 9 and suffered heavy rear end damage.
Sue Sergent (7 months ago)
The Failed To Qualify For The Samsung Radio Shack 500 34 Chad Chaffin The Oak Gloves Chevy Made The Show Last Week And Finshed 36th Under Power Because Last Week He Was Involved On The First Caution With 8 Dale Earnhardt. Jr , 32 Travis Kavpil And 7 Robby Gordon In Turn 1 At Martinsville. And Struggle In Qualifying Here At A 29.476 And Missed The Show and The 34 Team Picks Up There 5Th DNQ This Season 49 Brent Sherman The Serta Mattress Dodge Made The First 5 Races But Missed The Show Last Week With Jimmy Spencer As Driver And Struggle Here In Qualifying At A 29.286 And Missed The Show Picking Up BAM Racings 2nd DNQ of This Season And Was The Last Car To Be Bumped From The Field 78 Kenny Wallace The Furniture Row Racing Chevy Has Been Struggling This Season Missed The Last Three Races And Struggle Here In Qualifying At A 29.460 And Missed The Show Picking Up There 6th DNQ Of Season Furniture Row Racing Team Needs To Get Back In The Show 92 Chad Blount The Makato Ginger Dressing Dodge Made The Show Last Week But Had Brake Troubles And Finshing 42nd And There First DNF Of Season For That Team But Struggle In Qualifying At A 29.386 and Missed The Show And Picking Up There 6th DNQ Of Season 95 Stanton Barrett The Hair Of The Dog Chevy Made The Show Last Two Weeks At Martinsville And Bristol and Struggle In Qualifying Here At A 29.758 And Missed The Show Picking Up His 4th DNQ Of The Season
Scuderia Kasey Dixon (9 months ago)
Back when Kahne had a respectfully large fanbase...
LeafFerret (9 months ago)
Biffle says "You know." like 9 times in an interview.
budamania1989 (11 months ago)
Great race to watch thanks for this
JesusHippie (2 years ago)
Starting Lineup; Row 1: 9-Kahne/18-Yeley*, Row 2: 6-Martin/66-J.Green, Row 3: 16-Biffle/17-Kenseth, Row 4: 2-Kurt Busch/11-Hamlin*, Row 5: 1-Truex Jr*/43-B.Labonte, Row 6: 24-J.Gordon/07-Bowyer*, Row 7: 41-Sorenson*/12-Newman, Row 8: 8-Earnhardt Jr/48-Johnson, Row 9: 01-Nemechek/14-Marlin, Row 10: 45-Petty/42-Mears, Row 11: 31-Jeff Burton/10-Riggs, Row 12: 51-Garvey/29-Harvick, Row 13: 38-E.Sadler/5-Kyle Busch, Row 14: 88-Jarrett/40-Stremme*, Row 15: 7-R.Gordon/44-T.Labonte, Row 16: 22-D.Blaney/21-Schrader, Row 17: 25-Vickers/19-Mayfield, Row 18: 61-Lepage/96-Raines, Row 19: 99-Edwards/74-Cope, Row 20: 32-Kvapil/20-Stewart, Row 21: 26-McMurray/55-Waltrip, Row 22: 4-Wimmer. DNQ: 49-Sherman*, 92-Blount*, 78-K.Wallace, 34-Chaffin*, & 95-Barrett. Ah, the days when the talk about Kasey Kahne being the next big star had validity...
R R (2 years ago)
Just that short bit of Greg Biffle and Kurt Busch's wives exchanging words made this race worth it lol That needs to happen in Nascar more often!
O5fan (1 year ago)
a) Kurt was still on the racetrack and she wanted to express her opinion immediately. b) she's a guest of the #16 team, so she shouldn't have gone into anyone else's pit box, but no one seemed to try to stop her, so no big deal
JesusHippie (2 years ago)
MrRock4evr It's as unclassy as the pit crews going after each other. If they're pissed at another driver, why take it out on his girlfriend or his pit crew?
Chris Avramov (2 years ago)
what happed to the 1st 16 laps?
Mike Boyle (3 years ago)
Could you upload the 2005 version of this race?
Cody Bakkum (3 years ago)
what happened to lap 1-18?
WestCoastFishing (3 years ago)
Why don't haven't you posted in 5 months?
Casey Campbell (3 years ago)
Ryan Beard (3 years ago)
yee haaa
Geek Krew (3 years ago)
I was there! My first ever in person NASCAR race and my favorite driver wins! Amazing!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for uploading
BlowoverKing (3 years ago)
Yes, I've been waiting for someone to upload this race! Now I just need someone to upload the 2006 Ford 400....
Evan Williams (3 years ago)
Third time George W. Bush gave the command, he did it in 2000, 2004 at Daytona, and 2006 at Texas via closed circuit TV.
Matthew Kowal (2 years ago)
He also did it at Texas sometime in the late 90's, I think he waved the green.
Eric Martin (3 years ago)
If you happen to have the 2001 Budweiser shoot out could you please upload it. The one on YouTube is bad quality.
Chris Kreager (3 years ago)
Kasey Kahne's 2006 paint scheme was pretty damn impressive
Mike Honcho (3 years ago)
The wifes fight!
VariedVids (3 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this, he is my favorite driver