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CNN speaks to Saudi Arabia's new oil minister

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CNN's John Defterios speaks with Prince Abdulaziz, who replaced Khalid al-Falih as Saudi Arabia's oil minister. #CNNBusiness
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Text Comments (39)
Gom Naam (1 month ago)
Ali Asger (1 month ago)
Did she say 'King Salmon'?
Jimmy Neal (1 month ago)
Is there a conspiracy here?
aziz alz (1 month ago)
This is literally an oil prince 😉😂😂
Bdot96 (1 month ago)
so what?
ilyasabdullahishuayb dr (1 month ago)
Dj Dj2 (1 month ago)
Where did we get 47 likes to 4, dislikes, Arabs are useless Arabs no love from Algeria 🇩🇿 We are not lalala All shut up, with the will of Allah NOT everybody you stupid Arab twat
El Ajmidar (1 month ago)
oil prices will fall very deep. at least 20 dollar in the coming months. middle east producers are highly dependent on oil revenues. proxy war and recession will put a lot of pressure on the already fragile equilibrium in this region. an all out war is not excluded.
Dangerous Mega Encounters (1 month ago)
@Bdot96 You`re facing much worse problems now with oil prices not increasing & never will again hopefully. Other than that I shit on Saudi arabia & saudis. That shit means nothing to me. Can`t wait to see you go broke. F*ck off all of you.
mohammad mutari (1 month ago)
@Bdot96 you are welcome brother
Bdot96 (1 month ago)
@mohammad mutari thanks my brother.
mohammad mutari (1 month ago)
@Bdot96 well said
Bdot96 (1 month ago)
​@Dangerous Mega Encounters we have been hearing about this so called disaster since the late 80s and Saudi Arabia manged to survive and solve the problems they faced, so if you hate Saudi so much thats fine just pay us no mind.
Anders Liljevall (1 month ago)
Do not forget the khashoggi murder!!
Tariq Al-Sulbi (1 month ago)
@Anders Liljevall I feel as if I'm talking to a wall or someone with an extremely low IQ. ISIS recruited Europeans. Does that mean ALL Europeans are terrorists? NO! The KKK is a Christian group. Does that mean all Christians are White supremacist?? NO! Don't be sillly......
Anders Liljevall (1 month ago)
@Tariq Al-Sulbi how come they were all Saudis?
Tariq Al-Sulbi (1 month ago)
@Anders Liljevall MBS or not? .. And then you say what civilised country sends a death squad? Mohammed Bin Salman and his Father King Salman are the heads of the country. If they didn't send anyone, you cannot blame the country for what happened. It was done by an unauthorised group who are being dealt with. They have already said that they did NOT authorise for this to happen. Which means that Saudi Arabia is NOT behind this. Are you stupid? Or are you the Islamic Brotherhood yourself?!
Anders Liljevall (1 month ago)
@Tariq Al-Sulbi Mbs or not but by the way _ what country claiming to be civilized would send a murder gang to another country, kill and dismember an old man, hide the remains and go home again. I think you must ask yourself what country is that. and dont be naive about who is behind it
The Hawk (1 month ago)
Every one has the right to speak for their religion Hindu,Christain or Jew.The only man who has the guts to speak true for Islam give him the citizen of Saudi Arabia or Dubai if you are man.
Zurg Lightyear (1 month ago)
Vic Alexander (1 month ago)
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Terry Smith (1 month ago)
Oil is almost depleted.
Tariq Al-Sulbi (1 month ago)
not true. price is just low..
John Coffee (1 month ago)
What the Fuck are they wearing on their Idiot heads.
Dangerous Mega Encounters (1 month ago)
Looks like table cloth canvases to me.
John Coffee (1 month ago)
Fuck saudi arabia. We outproduce you Fucks. You step on Women’s Rights when your saudi boys have 2 inch penises. Lmfao. Losers.
Abu Feras Abdullah (1 month ago)
He’s role is to make Aramco IPO happens
Bdot96 (1 month ago)
hopefully it will be done smoothly with no negative affects on the country.
Murali Krishna Water (1 month ago)
Oil Price go up 100$ very shortly???
jabba da hutt (1 month ago)
Blah blah blah Saudi wants cuts 75 dollar oil , Russia on oilprice.com article says oil could be 25 next year 2020. U.s.a. is currently 56 a barrel for wti, what is it? Blah blah blah