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Neighbors angry over driveways used to store, deliver packages by UPS

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It's not unusual to see a storage container in someone's driveway. But the use of PODS by UPS to store and deliver packages during the holidays has upset people in two Jacksonville neighborhoods.
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Text Comments (14)
Kendrick Jamone (1 month ago)
Dont get your packages, be mad
I am alive. (3 months ago)
The neighbors need to get a life. It's not an easy job. And this was only during holidays. NOT YEAR ROUND. I agree with the driver pissing in open view. Not good.
Texas Tee Golf (5 months ago)
Okay what’s the problem ?? Mad cause we make good money doing our job. It’s “in the driverway” you said it yourself. How about you get a job and not sit at home to. Be bothered
Shawn Miller (5 months ago)
I hope they know they anit drivers from ups they are helpers...
Garmoo 99 (6 months ago)
If you don't like it then collectively as a community don't order anything online they only have to use them because the volume in that area is so high. You're legitimately ordering so much crap and then immediately complaining about it what is wrong with you people?
BuildingwithTrees (6 months ago)
Stop online shopping you idiots. Boo hoo, we clicked add to cart and now we get packages 😭
CanIPlayWithMadness (6 months ago)
Boohoo😥😥😥😥😥 First world problems. Time to up the neighbours meds!!!!
Shrimpin Bidness (6 months ago)
First world problem. Jeez
R Saldivar (6 months ago)
My goodness, these news anchors have no sympathy nor try to investigate a bit more before making a big story. Ups has been doing this for years and all of a sudden its a problem? Yes, every pod is allowed in the yard by the owner of that home like its been for years. Also, these men in vests are not ups "drivers" they are the drivers helper for the season. I hope someday these anchors get caught doing something embarrassing. Another thing you did was let crooks and the porch pirates know a better way of getting their goods. Way to go, geniuses.
belizeguy (6 months ago)
Nope. If you want your stuff fast, this is the way to go . Please note NOBODY complained to UPS. Should that not be where they start? To NIMBY for me.
John Nelson (6 months ago)
Come on guys, when you gotta go, you gotta go! It's not like he spun around and flashed the neighborhood granny with his junk. As far as having a UPS Pod in my neighbors driveway, the only thing that might bother me, would be the possibility of enticing more thieves to try to break in the Pod and the other homes. Other than that, if it helps getting my deliveries on time, I don't care.
Brian H (6 months ago)
When you gotta go???? He should have gone inside the pod, pulled the door down a bit for cover and pee'd in a bottle....not the best thing, but better than peeing in public
John Barber (6 months ago)
Yeah the narrow street it would be so much better having a ups truck block the street so u can’t drive right?
John Barber (6 months ago)
Driver helpers.. silly people