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Preloading at UPS

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Game Reactions (15 days ago)
Yo why he put 7 in the 5 and then a 8 in the 7 lmao
Janoy Cresva (19 days ago)
LMAO like any of us have time for that shit. All we have is a moving conveyor so theres no time to just let boxes sit in front of the car on that slide thing. That would be nice.
Tommy Mx (2 months ago)
brings back bad memories
Sik Vicious (2 months ago)
103... 😐104....🧐 269.... 🤔🤔..my dude didnt explain shit about how the shelves in the trucks are set up or even where to find all these different numbers you need to sort the packages correctly🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Dwight Lollar (3 months ago)
7017 was in the 5900
Kevin Deeb (3 months ago)
And the boxes come off the belt really slow and you pick your package and slowly walk it into the appropriate truck! Ha!
Chuck Deezul (3 months ago)
WOW... When I recently left UPS as a pre loader, we had cages, not slides. The cages were colored Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black. I had top blue. It was not easy sorting all of the packages in the cages at the beginning of the track-loading the packages on each truck, all the while the cages were moving AND being refilled with more packages. Our 'EREGS' were hand delivered via a fellow worker and DUMPED at the beginning of each line.
EvilPhilProductions (4 months ago)
If only my hub was this slow...
Asta Killer (4 months ago)
What hub is this?
healup 1220 (4 months ago)
no Iregs biatch!
DecorGalore (4 months ago)
He’s busy recording while he’s misloading like a mutha fuker
Scary Hobo (4 months ago)
Fucking job blows. At least it’s honest work contributing to society. that’s about it.
EDMTML Films (4 months ago)
LMAO. That' nice. Because there is always that much time to get packages into the trucks.
matthew meacham (5 months ago)
At min 1:15 he loads 7017 at the 5000 shelf .
C Kush (5 months ago)
That's a fantasy land.....
VaNDaL253 (6 months ago)
I just got hired as a preloader, i start 11/19/2018. I live in WA . looking forward to it. thanks for the insight
VaNDaL253 (5 months ago)
Dirty Dan ———— it’s going good, getting used to the graveyard hours. And my body is adjusting to the constant lifting. Money is good. Co workers are cool. All in all I’m happy at UPS.
Dirty Dan (5 months ago)
VaNDaL253 hows it going?
Sharks Fan (6 months ago)
Loading is a damn joke of a job its a way of weeding out the employees who can handle and not handle operations it’s a vital job but it really is probally the worst job in a hub
Brian Chernesky (7 months ago)
teamsters at work!!
Isaac Reyes (8 months ago)
Why sugar coat it. Not like this at all. No train just throw you at the work an hope you get it plus smart SCAM suck lol
More Deposits (8 months ago)
when you look on the numbers on the package, do they have to go EXACTLY in between the other correct numbers? For example, you're holding package 1002, does it have to go inbetween 1001 and 1003? or can it go anywhere in the 1000's line?
HisandHersLA (8 months ago)
....It should be in order.
SAKURA RAMOS (8 months ago)
i feel exited and nervous. i will start next week.. everybody wish me good luck!!!
Asta Killer (4 months ago)
Hot line Gold hahahahahahaha
Umar al-Abdul Khaliq (4 months ago)
How'd you do?
Hot line Gold (7 months ago)
Ill give you until the Dec and you will quit
Ra Thesungod (8 months ago)
The_Reginald (8 months ago)
Not a-Theist (8 months ago)
You know he’s a supervisor when he puts a 7k in the 5k shelf and puts and RDL in RDR one after the other too LMAOOOO
Great bird of hope (26 days ago)
Its ok. He is black, and a sup... At UPS that is like being a made man. Untouchable
Andrew Griffith (9 months ago)
1:43 when the preloader has to tell the sup where shit goes.
Fat Tony Slim (9 months ago)
Most be nice to have such a slow and low volume drop. My fucking drop doesn't stop at all. Yesterday I did almost 1400 packages in 4 package cars, 550 in just one car. Lotta bulk too.
anthony sanchez (9 months ago)
Was that the actual flow or was this all set up, that was a very slow flow
videos4mydad (9 months ago)
Why isn't this positioning completely automated - it looks like people spend most of their time looking for previous numbers they *just* put on the shelf. A light can shine on what the package you are holding should go...just say the number!
Mystic Jay (10 months ago)
Man watching this eases me I start next week and I have the sunrise shift
Jude sangeeth (10 months ago)
Hello friend I need job, can I get job in UPS. I'm from India In my country there are lots of unemployment problem. Please reply me.
The_Reginald (8 months ago)
SAKURA RAMOS (8 months ago)
apply on ups
eric fink (10 months ago)
Where is the flow? Ive been preloading for 22 years. Never had any time like that. 4 trucks 1400 pieces non stop
WillyNillyGaming (11 months ago)
at that speed you will be behind in 15min.
Adrian Morales (11 months ago)
Bro that's so easy 👌 thank you UPS 😎
tim gong (11 months ago)
Fuck ups
Brian Chernesky (11 months ago)
good work my teamster brother's!!
tim gong (1 year ago)
Fucked ups under paid slavery mostly manual labor hard work every1 hate
CoreyStaxz (1 year ago)
Ups package handler is terrible it's so hard and it's just too much
Kevin Deeb (1 year ago)
Ha! Typical preload mngr!!
400smallblock (1 year ago)
Missed the 6k and 7k shelf...put the RDL at the RDR....let the preloader do his job and you just watch your computer in the office buddy
tim gong (1 year ago)
Fuck ups fuk fed ex fuk Amazon USA them but never work for them
Bohemeth Monkey (1 year ago)
I'm the best UPS Preloader in the World. Fact. It's only my 3rd month. Look me up in Nashville off massman
Jason Torres (1 year ago)
You never see this at my center. My preloader just throws it in my box truck (van) and gives me off routes and buried airs
Rob K (1 year ago)
Boycott UPS and Ebay sellers that use UPS. UPS lies about delivery attempts (per video footage) . They they lie saying that no one is home. 1000's are reporting this every day. and Packages are not getting delivered. This is theft and you might find your package on Ebay in the future. The Drivers are liers
Kerza AG (1 year ago)
You forgot to scan the packages. lol
jeremycounty (1 year ago)
Being a drivers helper was a fun easy job. The warehouse part was a load of crap. Horrible. Work safety shit was a load of BS.
keanchundia (1 year ago)
I love the applause cheer effect when the employee loaded the heavy package the proper way. Lol😊🤗
mw2Roach1 (1 year ago)
is that coolio
North West Decks (1 year ago)
bending your knee's will increase an injury fyi
CowBoy15 (1 year ago)
You either have never played sports or don't lift at all.
North West Decks (1 year ago)
lol FedEx use's the vision system to 1000 - 8000 then FL
Gale97 (1 year ago)
Fuck this job. If you work in a big city, you will be drowning in your poop. They say you have to spend a max of 4 sec in a truck when you have 900+ packages to load in 4 hours. And you get bitched at for stacking them outside the truck when you can't possibly keep up with the pace. The hours were great. Pay was okay. Benefits were good. But there's so many unrealistic. Expectations. And if you miss a package on the belt, you get bitched at. If you value sanity, don't work as a preloader.
Brandon macaraeg (1 year ago)
3:34 slakin
Christian Reitzell (1 year ago)
Some of the drivers are assholes. My buddy loaded this assholes truck backwards. 1000s were on the 5000 and 2000s were on the 6000. And so on. Hahaha don’t be a dick driver.
marsdog (1 year ago)
So it's important to bend the knees because you play basketball, got it!
Evdog04 (20 days ago)
marsdog what a JOKE
Josh Blake (1 year ago)
Dudes hair look like a webster broom 😆
G.O.A.T (1 year ago)
Im doing preload . Im just started yesterday still in the training part . I need help i got to learn the 4 keys
adamsapple1982 (1 year ago)
Wait, you get training? Been preloading (and unloading and small sort) since last weds (Nov 8th, 2017) and LITERALLY have had zero training. Was thrown right in. I saw somewhere else too about hazmat/warehouse safety training first few days. Nope. Nothing. Just get thrown in every morning for the last 4 mornings since I've started. Doesn't seem right at all. Also had to pull teeth just to find out ny wage and pay periods. Facility wouldn't (or couldn't) give me the info said I should have already received that info. Told them I hadn't. Call HR, got voice mail and left message, then sent a follow up email. This was last friday after the completion of my 3rd day. Finally my email was responded to and at least I know my wage/pay periods. But have literally received ZERO other info/training. Anyone ever heard of this?
HisandHersLA (1 year ago)
+G.O.A.T nice. Best of luck 👍🏿
Meesa Called Jar Jar Binks (1 year ago)
What are your guys thoughts on individual land automated drone bots at each ups center kind of like a mini tesla but specifically for delivering packages. Depending on the average size of the package you can tailor different sizes of bots since each package is usually sent to a unique location and just have bots going at all times out on deliveries from each drop off location delivering packages. With spread out delivery locations each package can be mass sent to that location then individually delivered to the last destination by automated land bots. Depending on the distance of each land bot or amount of package delivery per area density you can safely complete a rough outline of automated land bot or drone delivery stations spread out across the suburb, region, state or country etc. Obviously some areas would benefit from purely air drones while some would purely benefit from land drones while other places maybe a mix of both. Just my ideas and suggestions I know we have a long way to go for land drone automation and air drone automation but once we get this worldwide problem sorted out it will be a huge start.
Tarkesh 021 (1 year ago)
That's awesome load, if that's my work every day I love UPS not that I don't
ChronoSerum (1 year ago)
Do the numbers go up to 8000? So that means he put the 8400 box on the 3000 shelf because the 8000 shelf is full?
R (1 year ago)
I just started a job at ups in Texas, but we've only done two days of classes. I haven't done any work yet
tucktuckles (1 year ago)
There is a busted open Hazmat at 4:05. Where's your responder?!?
doug gardner (1 year ago)
And that's why we can never find anything. First I thought maybe diff system. Then he counted it out loud. The same. Found a 1500 in my 8k section yesterday. Yep
Nathan Smith (1 year ago)
You just have all the time in the world😂😂😂 we have 3 trucks each, limited to really only 3 seconds in each truck when loading packages. Go back in at a break in flow to rearrange if you need to. This looks like a breeze however
EmExxOne (2 years ago)
lol I was waiting for the beat to drop in the intro.
Chris Berquist (2 years ago)
this guy fucking sucks slow as hell
Hei Hei (2 years ago)
If you're in one of the centers that uses smart scanners, you're expected to go A LOT faster.
nate smith (2 years ago)
yo youhave ungodly amounts of time, i have seconds to get stuff int eh shelves
Anthony Condegni (1 year ago)
nate smith ummm yea..I think just looking good for the camera....my loader is at full sprint in my truck and out...tripping over shit or putting his foot right through boxes...SMH....things on the wrong shelves all day going to the same delivery 3 times a day cause u cant find the rest of the shipment...our center uses 3 full time drivers between 10-12 hrs a day just to move around misloads....about a 45-50 routes center
ohabanero (2 years ago)
I bet the real loader was pissed when they got back and saw the mess these two made! Lol!
Great bird of hope (26 days ago)
Supervisor is a clown
joey0077d (1 year ago)
ohabanero that’s y they call them stupid-visers!!
WTF (2 years ago)
This is such a bullshit video.
ohabanero (2 years ago)
No doubt. These two wouldn't last ten minutes at that pace at my center and they popped 2 in the wrong spot!
troy burroughs (2 years ago)
hand to surface. What hub is that
Hei Hei (2 years ago)
Ahhh yes, the days before smart scanners.
jonathan miller (2 years ago)
pal label facing out, so you can see them!!
Melvin Yang (2 years ago)
Ups is a rough job keeping up with them items but it's just that much easier to lose track of one as well. I'm late 2 days on a 2 day air shipping.
Jeff McDaniel (2 years ago)
Notice how all of the boxes on the self are placed on the lip. This is called a lip load. That's important to prevent packages from falling off the shelf. At least that's what I'm told.
Augustus Brandt (2 years ago)
I love your video
Hobomedic1 (2 years ago)
Lol what? Where is the endless stream of packages moving faster than humanly possible? Our centre is a total shit show, so bad guys with 5 years experience can't keep up. I figured that was how it was every where. We had the big wigs from Nashville come down and check out our centre mid shift. Dudes in super fancy suits literally climbing over packages to get from one end of the line to the other. I've never seen anything like it in my life.
Dimitri Caro (2 years ago)
Not worth working at UPS! It's a shit company and working as a slave is NOT worth it!
SandmanNJ973 (1 year ago)
I work 6 to 7 hours every single day as a package handler for Twilight.. I get 30 hours every week as a part timer and obtain 6 hours overtime a week... It's not that bad... I usually end up leaving with a check of $340 dollars, which isnt that bad, especially if you are working 1 primary shift. I work for Twilight and I've only worked at UPS for 1 year and 3 months.
VQ Maxima (1 year ago)
$11/hr working 3 hrs a day is completely shitty
Andrew Fagan (1 year ago)
Slaves don't get paid, this is far from it
Maxie Shepherd (1 year ago)
You'll be working as a slave for any other company you work for then lmao
Anthony Condegni (1 year ago)
Bad Gift Si....me made 96k last yr and didn't get out of 10th grade....me writing is ok but reading not so good....I always have issues with a package if it has specific instruction
Michael Hunt (2 years ago)
boy put that 7000 box on the 3000 spot lol
Michael Hunt (11 months ago)
lol yeah it was, worst job I ever had during the holiday season Holy hell couldn't even stop to eat for a minuet haha
Properfunny (1 year ago)
Michael Hunt so that is your trucks 7000 spot? On my centers trucks that would be the 4000 shelf.
teddymurphy95 (1 year ago)
what are you, a driver?
Kristopher Robinson (2 years ago)
That is the worst way to pre load it's a much better system working at UPS In Scotland
Anthony C. Nwankwo (2 years ago)
I was waiting for that beat to drop and start playing "White Iverson".
Case TeamCouture (10 days ago)
Anthony C. Nwankwo 😂😂😂😂
Maria Guzman (2 years ago)
very nervous i think im going to do this on my first day.
Gale97 (1 year ago)
Maria Guzman run
Dan Foshage (2 years ago)
he didn't call out his truck when entering. FAILURE TO FOLLOW METHODS!
AldunateSK (2 years ago)
I was a driver helper last year (2015) and my driver showed me how to load the truck. this year I'm working as a preloaded loading trucks. I've had misleads, doing good because of what I learned last year. it's not too difficult.. just have to decide where things go, mainly if there's bulk stops or alot of items per section. Good jobs fir the season.
Joe Boulay (2 years ago)
"Get a nice optimum carry" .. misloads while working extremely slow ,
Khalali Johnson (2 years ago)
What City is this center located ?
David Vong (2 years ago)
Khalali Johnson I worked as a driver helper this past Christmas and I keep watching this vid and just realized that the hub is the one near my house this center is rio hondo and it's part of the San Gabriel valley area in LA
mrlonelyfisherman (2 years ago)
what a square
Joe Boulay (2 years ago)
He loaded a 7000 in the 5000 section lol
Sharon T (2 years ago)
So happy I found this video, it was very helpful.
acedogg692005 (2 years ago)
Man I wish our preload could move this slow. And to write the pal on all the packages is insane! Its way easier to just pull the pal and put it up or out. Try doing all the safety methods and load 4-5 trucks with 1400-1500 pieces!
Case TeamCouture (10 days ago)
acedogg692005 I move the label too😂😂
yow3r (2 years ago)
try 4 industrial trucks 1.5k packages
Deez Nutz (2 years ago)
the begining of the video sounds like post malone white iverson
sliccflip (2 years ago)
I saw a bunch of misloads already lol
teddymurphy95 (1 year ago)
make sure to yell incomprehensibly at all times
Intolerant American (2 years ago)
Andre Johnson put it in the right fucking spot
Andre Johnson (2 years ago)
could you please explain the right way to preload. I start on Wednesday!
chris jimenez (2 years ago)
no scanning packages?? cant be true.
Ayoo' Broskii (1 month ago)
Frankie F (2 years ago)
i worked as a preloader for 5 yrs and the pace is much faster then this..they want u to pull like 220 or more a hr and mark them and write the pal label theres no way u can do it without stacking and they dont want you to stack its a tough job but after a month or 2 you will get used to it
Courtney Muse (2 years ago)
I loaded 4 trucks, 1300 packs. now I'm a driver after 4 months. I love this job.
Brad Boisvert (9 months ago)
+Eddie - why? I drive for ups I mean it's not for everyone just curious as to why
Brad Boisvert (9 months ago)
I came off the street right into driving on my 2nd year now👍
Michael Knabusch (1 year ago)
Eddie - do be a full time supervisor you need driving experience and 3 years really? PT sups are so dumb I know for a fact almost anyone with a brain can become one
Lord Sesshomaru (1 year ago)
courtney muse Damn. You're a driver after four months? I thought it took years to be promoted. Was the training difficult?
Cory Henson (1 year ago)
do it
HawkeyeNation19 (2 years ago)
Wish I had a supervisor like that when I worked there hah.
Jerome (2 years ago)
acedogg692005 the supervisor is waste of time they will scan for misloads and sometimes put the wrong packages in your truck without knowing.
HawkeyeNation19 (2 years ago)
+acedogg692005 I did a year for preload and a year and a half for local sort. Made some okay money and got my college paid for, but the sups are just shit. One of my first sups moved shifts and they promoted one of the women I worked with and she went from nice to being an ass to all of us working the sort. All I know is that UPS is a shitty environment.
acedogg692005 (2 years ago)
He's probably never really loaded a day in his life! Just another brain washed sup... who thinks they know it all. I've been doing preload 10yrs and my sup has been there 2 maybe, and she tells me all the time I'm not doing things right. But yet my drivers love when I load cause the stuff is right where their diad says it is and I took the time when I started to listen to the drivers to figure out 1,2,3,4 etc stops. I make their day sooo much easier. Why would anyone wanna be a sup?? Preload people make way more money and have much better benefits.
JustFishing (2 years ago)
my sup and one of my drivers told me when i started one day i had 20+ misloads lmao
Case TeamCouture (10 days ago)
JustFishing 😂😂😂😂
Joe Green (2 years ago)
Them trucks seem long as hell too.
Joe Green (2 years ago)
Nothing like my living hell
klazzikk (2 years ago)
wow that is a really nice facility, a lot better than having every package roll down the belt.
R Saldivar (2 years ago)
that wasnt the 7000 shelf
Janoy Cresva (19 days ago)
That wasnt RDL either. It was RDR.
Tommy Mx (2 months ago)
+Initial Greg when I worked at ups my sup was a really good loader he could handle 5 trucks
Initial Greg (10 months ago)
Octavio Mendoza (1 year ago)
Right! It was the 5000
Christian Reitzell (1 year ago)
I have supervisors that have literally never loaded a truck. They just hired em right of the street. How are they supposed to train?lol
Wild card (2 years ago)
Is it really this easy? I start next week Monday I have heard nothing but horror stories about building the wall, getting screamed at left and right and misloads. The way you explain this is really easy it makes me less anxious but I feel like it is too good to be true. I ended up being stuck with a loader job when I wanted to be an unloader since there is less thinking behind it.
theangryemonerd (2 years ago)
your doing the loading and that shit fucking sucks. good luck
Aten Akehnaton (2 years ago)
Depends on the building. My building doesn't have a set up like this, they have a main belt it comes down and you pick it off the belt yourself. You also are expected to work at a much MUCH more frantic pace and it causes a lot of miss loads.
Christian Cortes (2 years ago)
when you mentioned building walls your probably in the back loading the feeder tailers this is the preloading position.
dre011910 (2 years ago)
yea how's it going so far? my brother worked for almost a year as a package handler for ups. now I got him to convert over with me to the good side with the usps as a cca. he said that it was too much work for meager pay. especially because he was on the busiest trailer (black belt).
Jeremy Linares (2 years ago)
so how's it going so far?