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Santa drives a Big Brown Truck

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Ken Jones singing the newest track off the UPS holiday album.
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Cedar1994 (16 days ago)
It's that time of year...shared this with my UPS man. Lol. Love UPS!
GLAMCOUPXO (9 months ago)
This is why my damn package not here yet yo ass singing😂
Bubba Gallegos (10 months ago)
This should be the theme song for ups during Christmas
Cynthia Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Ayeeee 😂🔥🔥🔥
Amanda Hootie Clark (11 months ago)
USPS delivers your last legs in most places soooo... 😉📬✉📦 #PostalProud
Aaron Randomband (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/9kzABDJPiGs I challenge you boss 😂😂
dw1984dw (1 year ago)
Every December I always have to watch this video. Merry Christmas to Tim and all of the UPS Santas!
Bill Cosby (1 year ago)
guys I can prove that this is my uncle and that Tim Bryant is my dad so the ups man is my uncle his name is Ken Jones and has a son named Payton and another son named Jamar and a daughter named Jayleen and my dad that his is brother and also his mom is Elizabeth Bryant and his dad is Ramond Bryant and he has 2 kids named Aunt Sara well that what I call her and ya that pretty much it oh and they all live in Arkansas and my name is Ian Bryant, there is the proof :) have a good day guys
Crazycats45 (1 year ago)
"UPS speed"
Crazycats45 (1 year ago)
"You have 1 minute and 12 seconds to live"
Bill Cosby (1 year ago)
this is my uncle and the YouTuber is my Dad 😀👍
Crazycats45 (1 year ago)
Anthony LoGatto (2 years ago)
You were on Dr. Demento on one of last year's Christmas shows. How do you guys feel about that?
Brenna (2 years ago)
not going to lie... i watch this all year and sing it nonstop at christmas time.
Aaron Randomband (1 year ago)
Brenna, can I convert you? 😆 my challenge for #UPS https://youtu.be/mAgggyUdVw4
Don Hawley (2 years ago)
Great job!
Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon (2 years ago)
LOL! Is Denzel Washington working for UPS now? AWESOME! LOVE IT!
Tsunami Jani (2 years ago)
ihate6oogle (2 years ago)
my dog got hit by a ups driver
Josh Jones (2 years ago)
I recorded this on a scheduled break. Hahaha had to let them know.
DecorGalore (1 year ago)
Josh Jones I work for UPS so I get it lol
Tony Lopez (2 years ago)
Yup lol
Shane Kennard (2 years ago)
Fucking love it!
Tom Mars (2 years ago)
Later that day he got a big bonus.
InfamousComic (2 years ago)
Aww. This made my day.
BeWare002 (2 years ago)
awesome dude
ItsChristian (2 years ago)
loved it
Lu (2 years ago)
well done ups man, well done.
ryan (2 years ago)
LiftedSnakeTv (2 years ago)
oh yes that is right Santa your ups man :3
S1TDOWN-K1D (2 years ago)
Santa is not black... But nice song.
wkmac2 (2 years ago)
+S1TDOWN - K1D The fact is, Coca-Cola created Santa Klaus as we know him so chill out and have a laugh with the UPS man as he intended. Besides, the tilting of the axis is the reason for the season IF you want to get factual and technical about it but I'd rather just enjoy it for what it is and enjoy the smiles, hope and joy it brings to people.
Allaa40 A random god (2 years ago)
Wow u ruined it
Zion G (2 years ago)
Its not a Fact if it isn't real
S1TDOWN-K1D (2 years ago)
I know, I was stating a fact.
TheRubbaRazza (2 years ago)
+LEGIT Player Probably just to be a jerk, but I'm just saying that when you step back and analyse what he said, he didn't really say anything racist. Besides, Santa isn't even real so what does it matter?
Kendal Wooley (2 years ago)
he is 😭😭😭
Jason T (2 years ago)
I'm a UPS driver too. This made my day a little bit easier. Go brown, my brother.
Tony Lopez (2 years ago)
Yolanda Hines (2 years ago)
Gone brah.....this is cute. I too, am a UPSer. #POW!!!! Part of the management team....
writercord (3 years ago)
Great job, Ken....if anyone knows Ken or Tim Bryant, the poster of this video, have them reply to me...I have something I did with this video I think they'd like....I'm a UPS guy also.
Sarah Payne (2 years ago)
You can try looking them up on UPSERS Connect through UPSers.com.
KittyChanU2 (3 years ago)
And you are adorable with that song, drive on and stay safe Santy
DivaTheOriginal (3 years ago)
Merry Christmas all the way from Indianapolis from one UPSer to another!
shea elizabeth (3 years ago)
santa is a ups man ❄️
John Adams (3 years ago)
Sitting in my brown truck on lunch watching this....LOVE it!!! Awesome brother,great stuff!
Megan Robinson (3 years ago)
Was having a bad day the other day and found this, made my day a little better instantly :)
Calum Sharman (3 years ago)
He is awesome
Janet Wakeland (3 years ago)
UPS rocks1 Love my UPS man!
CrestedCardinal (3 years ago)
The end XD
Anass Eljondy (3 years ago)
yup . he gotta be sure not getting fired lol
ŹÈÚŠ (3 years ago)
I work on ups cars outside at night and those with office jobs that push pens all day are in there warm beds with out a care in the world. You would think that a company that makes big bills all day could build a shop to work in, but that would take a someone with a heart. Nice song.
samdjr1ify (3 years ago)
Im a ups driver and my favorite line was = fence your dogs / lets work together
john guard (3 years ago)
This was so creative i wish mr jones would make a channel. I tried to find his page but have a little bit of research i found out you are his brother! Thank you for this video. It really is clealver and its my husbands favorite
cliff199050 (3 years ago)
Shout out to the cya. Recorded on a scheduled break.! Hope logistics heart him back.
Daniel Vigil (3 years ago)
Its good see my union brothers having a good time during peak. I love delivering during peak its fun especially with a helper. Good song man
kasey killmer (3 years ago)
christofear houck (3 years ago)
Well Done! Chris, from OAKCA Feeder
Jamil (3 years ago)
ty ups man!
ACG (3 years ago)
It's nice to see you having such high spirits working so hard. Good shit man!
Pixie Tupelo (3 years ago)
i love this guy!
dinesue (3 years ago)
The UPS guys in NJ that deliver to us at Rutgers are awesome. :)
Cody Lang (3 years ago)
You the man Ken! Merry Christmas 2014 to you sir! Thanks for being you!
facelesshonor (3 years ago)
Bidness and cherin... I have to look these words up and start using them.
Lisa Hart (6 days ago)
You arent from the south are you?
kiara broussard (3 years ago)
S/0 to my UPS man, they work early morning and late nights, with barely any days off, its hard job especially because their hardly ever home with their families... I know because I live with one...
cjspeedster (3 years ago)
"For the record I recorded this during a scheduled break" ...... ***drops dead from laughing***
Debby Williams (3 years ago)
Watched this with my UPS driver today!  We both loved it!  Gotta love your UPS man!
Ana Herrera (3 years ago)
UPS is by far better then fedEx. Love this video !
James Melton (3 years ago)
+Ana Herrera Yeah UPS is especially a better company to work for too.
John Eric Jacobsen (3 years ago)
Sheer Genius!!!!!
They Vs You (4 years ago)
Lol scheduled on break cover your ass. Love it
Megan Galantowicz (4 years ago)
If I were your boss I would say your so FIRED!
Yolanda Hines (2 years ago)
Why? Dude is so on break. Smh.....
Ann Welsh (3 years ago)
+Megan Galantowicz So your a center manager?
Never give up Live Laugh Love (4 years ago)
Cindy Kenyon (4 years ago)
Fabulous stuff!  I am a UPS desperate housewife during the Christmas season as I am married to a Santa UPS man from Portland!  Looking forward to Christmas and also for Christmas to be done so I can have my husband back,, lol 
Allen Pilgrim (4 years ago)
Glad to see a UPS worker in good spirits. Great words. However, UPS is the absolute worst! Virtually everything we receive out here has been smashed or broken and they have never paid even when it was clearly their fault.
realss chevelle (5 years ago)
Really ?? What has UPS done for you for the holidays?? Real turkey ?? No more Paper Turkey No more Shit they don't even give a pat on the back They say there giving us the overtime to support our families Thats real big of them But don't worry the managment and higher ups get a Xmas bonus and a holiday feast God forbid you miss a day during the 6 weeks up till xmas so how many helpers have you gone through?? I have had 7 in six weeks Fuckers don't want to work so why did they apply?? Happy Holidays and hope all the xmas presents get delivered to a dumpster  Ho Ho Ho 
Yolanda Hines (2 years ago)
Not a management receives a bonus. This is very mean-spirited......hope your Christmas is better
Conley Mercer (5 years ago)
I retired back in April. It's great that this guy can keep good attitude during this time of year. Very hard during Christmas for UPSers. Be kind to them.
Aaron Randomband (1 year ago)
Conley Mercer https://youtu.be/mAgggyUdVw4
missmixon2u (5 years ago)
I love this, it has me cracking up, my husband used to work for UPS and he died so when i see this it brings back memories and i get a good laugh, and when he says UPS speed , this is so true !!! Thanks for the song , now we need another one from you for 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin Woodruff (5 years ago)
David Krueger (5 years ago)
I am a driver in N.J. This is great.
Megan Galantowicz (5 years ago)
LOL FENCE IN YOUR DOGS HAHA!!! This video rocks!
Eddie Adams (5 years ago)
I'm a driver in Georgia. Awesome job. Glad this was done on a break, because you know how they are. LOL
Marsha Elliott (5 years ago)
I work for UPS in Dallas and I just listen to your song it was great. I will be sharing it. Thanks for making me smile!!!
Joe Cobb (5 years ago)
Susana (5 years ago)
This is the best thing in the world... it brings a smile to my face every time I see it and brightens my day!
Leadfarmer153 (5 years ago)
As a UPS myself...Tim the end was the best part for me. I was thinking I hope hes on his lunch. Good job brotha
14heeler14 (5 years ago)
Peak season is right around the corner and watching this amps me up for it!! Good job bro
monchin canales (5 years ago)
fuck upsss union pussys this all abouttt FEDEX BABY
Rob Russell (5 years ago)
Awesome video. Nice job!
Craig Helsel (5 years ago)
How Fun! Made me Smile!
Patty Pa (5 years ago)
UPS! Get him on a commercial! He's hilarious!!
Blindwuzi (5 years ago)
Believe me when I say this working at UPS has been more difficult over the years.The administration hasn't offered many full time positions since the recession and hours have been cut back for a lot of people. Now they're threatening to take away our pension. I'm glad he can sing because this is one of the worst times for workers at UPS.
Gary Rullo Sr. (5 years ago)
UPS Runs a TIGHT SHIP...FEDEX Runs a DRUG SHIP. See the Video "Fred Smith's Fedex Plantation" ...right here on YOUTUBE. Learn that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations..aka AFOSI ...said Fedex CEO Fred Smith is using Fedex Planes and facilities to Smuggle Illegal Drugs into the U.S. From Mexico. and Much Much More...
iamchevyman5 (5 years ago)
promote this man.
www9311 (5 years ago)
For a second I thought you might be a plant, but then you said "This is not a plant". My mistake!
www9311 (5 years ago)
Well hello there, Mr. UPS man.
kirk stokes19 (5 years ago)
Man wish we could all have ups jobs what a joke get a real life
kirk stokes19 (5 years ago)
Smooch some more butt it's not going get u any farther in that company
OldPortlandPDX (5 years ago)
It's so cool you can create something like this song and share it with over 400,000 people across the world! The internet should not be taken for granted! Blessings to the human race.
Heydan Gain (5 years ago)
I work at UPS as a Loader. I love my job and the drivers are very nice.
i didnt understand a word he said
News2urEars (5 years ago)
58 people from FedEx have been here...
MrBoogyman1988 (5 years ago)
Yo Mr UPS Man
Dmaree Hammond (5 years ago)
He's from fayetville Arkansas I know him
db0311usmc (5 years ago)
Totally love this Video! Not only does UPS have a great employee, But this gentleman is very thoughtful and creative and has a very good personanlity. WAY TO GO Mr. UPS MAN :)
Marla Gallaher (5 years ago)
LOVE this!!
Jim Casey (5 years ago)
SeattleGraham, we love UPS driver Ken Jone's video, too. Please feel free to drop us a line at weheartlogistics@gmail.com to connect. Thank you, Annee
Debra Brown (5 years ago)
My cousin works for UPS. They are some of the hardest working people I know. I think they all deserve a raise!! Like the man says "let's work together".
Aaron Oathout (5 years ago)
he should have uploaded this on every ipad, iphone, tablet ect, that he delivered.
Catzz Seattle (5 years ago)
Dear UPS Administration -- I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with FedEx for my retail business. Trust and believe, this one UPS man has made me rethink that and I am now calling UPS on Wednesday to see what UPS can do for me. This is not a plant, a shill or anything else ... This tells more about UPS drivers than any brochure or commercial. Sure beats that FedEx video of the driver throwing the monitor box over the fence to "deliver".
Drew Weldon (5 years ago)
Awesome this Santa is!
quinn turner (5 years ago)
Great, I love it!