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Funny Notes Left For The Delivery Guy

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Link To Photos: https://goo.gl/I5Smzb In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to some hilarious notes left for the mailman (delivery guy) For Video Submissions E-mail: ReactionTimeVideos@gmail.com Follow Me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/talfishman_ Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (2616)
Officially Hotel Hideaway (29 days ago)
Only 448 dislikes out of 1,908,827 views! Great job! Message sent at 3:18pm (Melbourne, Australia)
Officially Hotel Hideaway (29 days ago)
Officially Hotel Hideaway (29 days ago)
On the 21st Of December
Al Mi (1 month ago)
JuanitoTheHumanWiththeoablitoKid2018JOSEOPEN IP
Riasha Reddy (1 month ago)
Any army here remember jungkook's "ding" "dong"
Finley Hiser (1 month ago)
SCreAm LiKe BloODy MuRdeR
Haylernise (2 months ago)
Why tf did I laughed when the guy said "Or I will break your legs"
Natarlia Rosser (2 months ago)
The last one was my Aunty
Oof (2 months ago)
I don't have to sign
Ava W (2 months ago)
Remember when he actually used to start the video right away?
Mandy Lew (3 months ago)
I️ Il Ilo Ilov Ilover Ilovere Iloverea Ilovereac Ilovereact Ilovereacti Ilovereactio Ilovereaction Ilovereactiont Ilovereactionti Ilovereactiontim Ilovereactiontime Ilovereactiontim Ilovereactionti Ilovereactiont Ilovereaction Ilovereacti Ilovereact Ilovereac Iloverea Ilovere Ilover Ilove Ilov Ilo Il I️ Please gimme some likes this took awhile
Captured_ Moments (3 months ago)
i wanna order something now just to make a sign lmao
L.B PRO TEAMER (3 months ago)
Siddhartha Madduri (3 months ago)
Hola come estas
Alex YT (3 months ago)
444 dislike
Abby Bradley (3 months ago)
2018 anyone
Star Kid10134 (3 months ago)
Wut is on his shirt.
Star Kid10134 (3 months ago)
Wth is on tals shirt?
iwona gazda (3 months ago)
Let me tell u something wone time a dilevery man jost opened the door and THROO THE PAKEG LIKE IT WAS NOTHING o and dont mind my spelling
Bro Gameplay (4 months ago)
down with fortnite up with minecraft
Penina Ioani (4 months ago)
Literally anyone else could have taken the twenty dollar bill.
lisa reese (4 months ago)
lisa reese (4 months ago)
I used to have a gf but she broke up wen I was 6
Samsung/Android Is the best/Fortnite sucks (4 months ago)
As a ebay shopper, the only person I want to see at my front door Delivery guy
Usefull Pugman (4 months ago)
I think i get it ding dong 🍆💦
Grace Sterling (4 months ago)
U look like Danny Gonzalez
Pink Spongebob 35 (4 months ago)
He loses his job and has only $20 to survive.
Hanna Stoiber (4 months ago)
-VeX- (4 months ago)
Lauren Fajardo (4 months ago)
Dang Australians are feisty!!
Fun gamez (4 months ago)
Justin Case (5 months ago)
Lmao, I'm from the hood. Idgaf and will yell ding dong, whistle, shout out "aye yoooo!" Or honk the horn until you come out. That package ain't going back with me
Ava McNeil (5 months ago)
2.8 k comment whoo Hoooo
Allissa Candi (5 months ago)
Tal is a cute white boy😂
Clam Chowder Guy (5 months ago)
i am 2,602 comment
Agustin Mejia (5 months ago)
Last one he went from evil to peaceful really quick
Winter Playz (5 months ago)
He shoulda said let the dog eat his legs
Kaelynn Adams (5 months ago)
You should do a face reveal at 10M!
David Henry (5 months ago)
Dominick NAZI
Fluffo Doggo (5 months ago)
My friend in a tiger game he said Anthony is sexy XD
Biswajeet Sahu (5 months ago)
Wow...where do you get these things loves your videos every time
Celine Yang (6 months ago)
Why am I thinking about the timw when jungkook saaid ding dong
Celine Yang (6 months ago)
Mavity Yale (6 months ago)
pez time (6 months ago)
Adele Montgomery (6 months ago)
The delivery guy came to my lemonade stand And the pizza guy
Samantha Wickey (6 months ago)
My favorite one was the one that said "Scream like bloody murder" Like if you agree
TheCodfishBoss (6 months ago)
PART 2!!
FideliaNerina (6 months ago)
I ordered a pillow on Amazon that was allergy friendly and apparently it needed a signature but nobody knocked so they left even though we were here.
Death Auras (6 months ago)
How long are his vids? Apparently always 4-6 mins!!
Chad Edsall (7 months ago)
Sup bro
Iconic (7 months ago)
The last one tho xD
Douglas Conley (7 months ago)
I heart tal fishmen
Salty Fish (7 months ago)
Im an Aussie, THERE IS NO "aus" IN AUSTRALIA IS US PURELY STRAYA! Also, the strayan note sounds quite true bc...you wouldnt believ how common they are😂😂
Vivian Lam (7 months ago)
Jungkook: DING DONG!
Isabella J (7 months ago)
Don’t click read more Seriously I told ya No where near the end In the meantime, let’s chat How are you I’m good Hey wow we’re almost there SO CLOSE Thx for chatting with me. You’ve made to the end🤗 Good luck going back up if are
Shadowboy (3 months ago)
Oh good good my phone was being dumb and it took a straight hour to read yhis
Jsun Hunter (7 months ago)
I want to work for ups now
Enzo Williams (8 months ago)
Can I get 0 likes?!
LeaPipsie (8 months ago)
🐨 This is Kotcha He is hungry 1 like = 1 banana
Jordie Dell (8 months ago)
The last one sums up Australia😂 I shouldn’t say that about my Country😂
Thembi Ngwira (8 months ago)
Tal is so tiny in this video
Zoe Warfield (8 months ago)
My dad is a ups driver. So one day he comes home and he shows me this note that he took a picture of and the note says “ leave package hear please” and I was like was it a kid and my dad was like idk but why would you spell it as HEAR??..
LilyCanadian (8 months ago)
Idk how mail works for yoy guys but if our packages dont fit in our mail box they just get put on our porch and someone will take them inside once they are home to get them.
tuby mae (8 months ago)
Eyyy tall I subscribed :)
Kitty DaTrashCan (8 months ago)
Aurora Gemini (9 months ago)
The ultimate showdown of who can be more threatening: ~~~ Australia: You are now being filmed and if you do it again I will break your legs. Texas: No Tresspassing. Violators will be shot, beaten, and stabbed. Survivors will be prosecuted. ~~~ Who wins?
Mister Tacos (9 months ago)
I'm black...
Sarah Nallabeli (9 months ago)
I’m so dead XD
Libby Stuart (9 months ago)
the last three seconds tho😂😂😂
Miss Disney (10 months ago)
Cloud i (10 months ago)
One of my neighbors knock on the door like they're a swat unit and I'm harboring the most wanted serial killer
Lilly Salmond (10 months ago)
love it
nakishaarmy4life sugaisbae (10 months ago)
What do u call someone who is fed up with there Ex.......... FedEx lol
Your Mum (10 months ago)
Ayeee my name Dominic
Alissa Bella (10 months ago)
Ding Dong!! Only Army know
Miss Salsa (10 months ago)
I wonder how high those people were before they wrote those letters lol
Kylie Sarge (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who wanted to shout DINGGGGGGG DONGGGGGG?
Maria Pineda (10 months ago)
This is finny 🐳 please don't let him drown in the world of comments also who loves tal like if u like tal as a youtuber
Ariel Estevez (10 months ago)
Where I live, the FedEx people or UPS guys(Or girls) knock so loud
Rachel Cook (10 months ago)
WHERE ALL MY AUSTRALIAN MATES AT? Breaking legs doesn't only happen in Australia, it happens in Campbelltown SYDNEY
Marshmallow Thecat101 (10 months ago)
How do you know what a search warrant knock sound like
Carolina Contreras (10 months ago)
Please tell ding dong omggggggggggg I’m dying also the last what wth omg
music fam (10 months ago)
I wanna meet him
tom hollands left eyebrow (10 months ago)
Still.. Proud Australian 😂
Aqua Marine (11 months ago)
You be looking at scripts
Paris Brandon (11 months ago)
He watch under cover boss
Molly Wells (11 months ago)
😂😂it said “scream like bloody murder” tal said “scream like a bloody murderer”
always ا love ل me م - Ali Imran Nikita Jouchims (11 months ago)
U said that wrong 😭 Scream like bloody murder Translation Scream like your being murdered Why are you so cringey 😖😐 "Scream like a bloody murderer" 😂
Katherine McGarry (11 months ago)
lol only in australia
Bowen Chafe (11 months ago)
🐋you are the best and funniest youtuber ever🐋
Damn im really about done with life (11 months ago)
That's my aussie mate, breaking the legs :/
willingmaster101 (11 months ago)
I have that shirt
israel martinez (11 months ago)
Remember he did not edit? Before
sam payne (11 months ago)
I noticed something at the first part of the video the note says please scream bloody murder but he says please scream like a bloody murderer
IHave NOLIFE! (11 months ago)
I never get likes can i get 10 like 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lil Chicken Sandwich (1 year ago)
We still wonder what he order.......
Mary Hernandez Claw/Arcade (1 year ago)
You are cute and funny
Undertale Fandom (1 year ago)
My friend says whenever I knock on her door it’s sound like I’m the police with a a search warrant I tell her straight up that’s my normal knock 😂 (because it is)
LittleBurnt Nugget (1 year ago)
You know when Tal's video is funny once you spit your coconut water out after nearly choking on it after laughing
MrNerdyBirdy (1 year ago)
Do another one PLS
L S (1 year ago)
Can u make them longer
Mike Searcy (1 year ago)
Floopy (1 year ago)
Don't Australians speek Australian?