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Man says he's grossing millions reselling clearance items from Walmart on Amazon

More From: Good Morning America
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Ryan Grant said raiding the discount aisles at big box stores and flipping the items on Amazon started as a side hustle but has since become a booming business.
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All things Crypto and Investing (2 minutes ago)
Nevermore (1 day ago)
He may have started by selling clearance Wal-Mart items on Amazon but I'd assume he buys in bulk at liquidating auctions.
damarh (1 day ago)
Ryan has walmart stock.
Zeeshan Ayub (1 day ago)
K that’s great who will buy and how that guy gets the permission to sell other’s brand?
Paul Kozar (2 days ago)
This guy is an asshole. Retail arbitrage doesn't work anymore. Been there done that.
The Ad Genius (2 days ago)
If you think that’s crazy, look at this guy Carlton E Bynum II making millions selling fake YouTube views and Instagram followers. Article from New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/08/11/technology/youtube-fake-view-sellers.html
MentalShart (3 days ago)
It took Becky "like 5 minutes online" to install the Amazon Seller app?! 🤣 @ 1:13
lisa starves (3 days ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new
paul limpert (3 days ago)
Okay, did this for 3 years. It has nothing to do with work. The problem is that Amazon constantly changes the rules and their storage fees and seller fees will take most of your profit. Yes, you can make some money but to infer that "millions" can be made by your average person doing a stroll through WalMart/Target is ludicrous.
Isaac Burnside (3 days ago)
Took her 5 minutes to install an app?
glista grand (3 days ago)
This is glorious, I've been looking for "amazon dropship ebay" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.
Sid Smith (4 days ago)
Man looses everything revealing secret money making tactic
JKUBTV (4 days ago)
wait so this newscaster says she profits 15 bucks after buying a sale./... But who the hell buys at msrp? Who she gonna sell that thing for 51 dollars? KIJIJI is a cesspool for frugal people. SOmebody tell me where she gonna sell it full price
Caujuan Mayo (4 days ago)
Definitely, BIG MONEY to be made on Amazon. I like to go to trade shows and buy out a booth and strike an exclusive deal with the supplier that way you don't have to worry about competition and other sellers. There's a BIG trade show I go to every 6 months in Vegas and is TOTALLY WORTH going to. Last one I was able to purchase $10k worth of stuff for $2,500
DAISY (4 days ago)
I would always buy from amazon but that’s the same reason why I deleted the app because everything on there is expensive
Review Central (8 days ago)
You fucked up the secret, it didn’t work anymore
Aimee Montgomery (8 days ago)
Yes! I coach people how to do this
GB Ryan (8 days ago)
Walmart should start selling their clearance items in Amazon. lol
ARP ARP (8 days ago)
This video is not for sellers, but its for buyers...!!
Tony Jablonski (9 days ago)
George the negative blowhard liberal. Burn in hell Stephanopoulos. Trump forever! George tried in vain to smash Trump. Trump won!
rayva1 (9 days ago)
It’s still a dedicated profession.
extra shit (10 days ago)
I'm gonna find inexpensive prostitutes than sell them for the high and keep the difference.
Yuriy Paymurzin (10 days ago)
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TAZAMANIA (10 days ago)
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Justintime Flipping (10 days ago)
Three words ( money never sleeps) good luck to all to go down this road....
YTH (10 days ago)
I did this with women's clothing. Buy a Jcrew blouse at goodwill for $2.99, sell on ebay for $28.
grasun leo (11 days ago)
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shellie browning (12 days ago)
Its all a big scam !
David Lieu (13 days ago)
Noticed they don't mentioned how much you would pay to ship the item to the customer and Amazon seller fees.
princeasante1 (13 days ago)
Dumb guy for sharing
Isaac Phillips (14 days ago)
Anyone millionaires yet?
J C (16 days ago)
This is why I despise amazon and ebay.
Kim Kim (16 days ago)
is he...from gary vee legend ?
Palanero 007 (17 days ago)
T. Man (9 days ago)
you need about 5 K to really make a go of it on amazon and it is High risk.
T. Man (9 days ago)
this guy is not pushing a shopping cart around walmart buying items of the shelf man. he never even touches or sees the the product. he is buying pallets at a time it is high risk. you have to have some huge capitol for the bad weeks and months you don't always win. many times you selling at cost just to move it. it is not as easy as they making it sound and now thanks to this stupid video it is even harder.
T. Man (9 days ago)
Please explain Jon... Have you tried to do it ? please share your knowledge. that a $5 toy selling for $10 online you have to include shipping. there goes your profit. I have an ebay thing i been doing and the shipping kills the profit. it is so bad anymore I almost not making any money now. and now they are trying to push taxes online. that will surely wipe out us little guys.
Jon Jones (10 days ago)
absent Minded (17 days ago)
Psshh, I can tell you how to make double the money and half the work...pretty fkin obvious. Update: WOW, was really expecting to see an original post date of like ‘09-‘10. But its new.
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Jon Jones (10 days ago)
Email plz
Aditya Agrawal (19 days ago)
Take off this video
benjiebarker (20 days ago)
is this the reason why you cannot do this on amazon anymore? they block the item if it is bought at walmart for clearance. the news just ruins it for sellers
phone s (20 days ago)
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Zeeman Zeeman (21 days ago)
Being Reality (21 days ago)
Now everyone is doing the same and making less than 1/2 what he was making.
Jason Scott Lee (21 days ago)
Fuck!!! Ryan!!!!!why couldn't you keep your big mouth shut!!! You never share the know how in the business world! 😣😤
Khursheed Haq (22 days ago)
Moral of the story: Breaking news: Becky does not work with morning news, she has her own business 😂
OVI-Wan Kenobi (22 days ago)
Why would people be stupid enough to buy it on Amazon at the higher price when they can just buy it from Walmart directly or Walmart's website?
Mystic (7 days ago)
yeh - but they do - for whatever reason
Rip_cito D (23 days ago)
This hella cringe
Fergal Downes (23 days ago)
Heyo mate, good stream that you have here. Hit me up when you have new videos.
Paulie Walnuts (23 days ago)
moral of this story is don't buy from this guy cause hes fucking people over, might as well call him "RISKY" from the show everyone hates chris, hes buying items that halfway work or are damaged and selling them for brand-new prices.....fuckin piece of shit he is I hope someone robs him
Native722 (24 days ago)
OA Cheddar (24 days ago)
This is cool. I know Ryan. Great guy, and happy to see him succeeding!
I AM ZIMARRAH 1236 (24 days ago)
Why is White Collar Crime so Legal?????
mzzzol (25 days ago)
I have been selling on Amazon for 5 years and is not that easy. You need lots of money.
Hanzo1777 (26 days ago)
Anyone who tries this is going to be stuck with junk and lose a lot of money. They don’t tell the full story this is only profitable if you buy in bulk at reduced whole sale prices and you buy in demand items. Your forgetting to factor in the cost of Paying Amazon commission Shipping and handling fee And Income tax at the end of the year
Supernova (27 days ago)
This is brilliant!
Robert Roman (28 days ago)
Wait until she puts the product on sell and amazon takes their 15% and shipping cost for that product eat that profit away. She’ll end up losing money. Let’s say she buys it for $4, puts on amazon for 10.00. $1.50 will be the fees from amazon and shipping weight would be about $4.50. $10 minus $4 minus $4.50 minus $1.50 = $0 profit
Lets be human (28 days ago)
those fucking aws charges , fucking bezos.
RADAMEZ Williams (28 days ago)
THey don’t tell you the account cost monthly and you need your tax Id info. But that’s easy.
Sam Baxter (28 days ago)
Total  B.S.!!
Orlando Cabrera (28 days ago)
People have been doing this forever.
ZypticProduction (28 days ago)
Lol he isn't making millions. Gtfo here
Jerry Novak (30 days ago)
Walmart is the root of all EVIL.......
Don Mega (24 days ago)
dumbass is creating his future competition by not keeping it a secret. what do we learn from all this? don't shop at amazon, shop at walmart!
TheMan (30 days ago)
1:14 5minsto download an app?sorry booboo...you are an airhead
RonG Marketing (1 month ago)
Everything works if you're willing to put in the work, people just like the easy life smh
da biz (1 month ago)
Grossing millions netting a couple grand lol
Vishnu Kamdar (1 month ago)
A sucker is born every minute.
insaneapples (1 month ago)
It's cool but it relies too much on Amazon's current seller model. If that changes, or if their fees go up too high, the profit shrinks and the full-time business idea goes out the window. Maybe still fine as a side-job for some extra cash, but hardly worth a full time salary.
ILoveTexas (1 month ago)
Went to 3 different walmart locations and did not find a single item to sell. I went to clearance aisle. I am not sure if he is hiding any secrets.
Brian Williams (1 month ago)
LOL!!!!!!!!! Stopped at "Man says"
Pigsa Sailong (1 month ago)
Sounds like ur just promoting Walmart ... so ppl would buy unwanted items n Walmart will get their money worth back ... good sale speech .. lol 😂
Novaximus (1 month ago)
There is something to be said about American Consumer Lazyiness. If a housewife wants to buy something they'll just go to amazon. They won't shop around. They don't care if it's a few dollars more expensive. Amazon is their one stop shop. They just click and be done with it because it's complete lazy convenience. I just don't think the American economy is doing well enough to support this hustle for very long. Amazon imo is like the new 7/11 that just opened up in your no name back woods town. EVERYONE in that town floods it because of the novelty of being able to get a slurpee and a hot dog any time they want cause it's only 4 minutes down the road. Sooner or later they get tired of Slurpee's. Sooner or later they realize it's cheaper to buy a pack of dogs at the supermarket and they're wasting a lot of money on a fun gimmick of feeling like a millionaire who has a personal butler to fetch everything for them to their front door. Those bills start to come in and it hits them that they've spent more money than they normally would have if they themselves had to go to a store to buy what they "need"
Jamie Guthrie (1 month ago)
Its great in theory "retail arbitrage".. and I really wanted to do this.. but selling on Amazon is like jumping through hoops.. so many rules and fees.. that part has me discouraged.
Jake paul from Walmart (1 month ago)
BOSScula (1 month ago)
What about the shipping, hours, gas taking to shipping office, returns and ...
Tisk Lala (1 month ago)
What if you don't sell it? Then you lose money. I lost money by trying to sell on eBay last year.
Jim Smith (1 month ago)
what's the point of this video even if you don't resell on the internet?  Don't shop on amazon for things, shop at walmart etc. cause its way cheaper.  Amazon is a ripoff!
m.youtube.com (1 month ago)
Not Get Stuck with a Deadweight
The Hindi Internet (1 month ago)
The main motive of this video is too get more buying force for Walmart stores
asorlon1 (1 month ago)
this is retarded.......
Fire Alarm How Too Guy (1 month ago)
Lady also didn’t put in her product costs into the seller app
Fahad Anis (1 month ago)
I got inspired and then Listed a Product bought from Walmart they took off the listing stating i dont have right to sell as Apparently I am not you guys know this that we have to buy from manufacturers or official resellers with invoice to prove we bought and got permission to resell on Amazon, so buying from walmarts, or any other store racks wont allow you access on Amazon. Correct me AMAZON FBA EXPERTS
Sunny shah (1 month ago)
Nope, doesn't work anymore. Too many fuckers on Amazon doing the same shit. Find something else
Ohis Lawrence (1 month ago)
Dropshipping is way better, try cpahub.pro Easily build your store
Summer Knight (1 month ago)
Go to Dollar Tree and buy the glasses for $1 and sell them for $10.
Paulo Santos (1 month ago)
This call's online arbitrage
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TheBlizzkon (1 month ago)
the real reason is because walmart dont ship worldwide
Richgod (1 month ago)
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Kyle Scheirmann (1 month ago)
Amazon fees, shipping fees, gas to get to and from Walmart, time spent wrapping, buying, and finding items. It's not as easy as it seems, and when you do get your money it's only around a few dollars for all that work. Not to mention you need to wait for it to sell, and Amazon has algorithms that promote bigger sellers, making your items have less traffic.
Aika Tay (1 month ago)
What about dollar store.
B.Subash Baskaran (1 month ago)
You are promoting wallmarket against amazon. cheep idea. Amazon always good. you guys are trying to drop online sales.
K1NG A (1 month ago)
Forgot the amazon fee and the shipping fee
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Saadon Aksah (1 month ago)
Wow! Sounds great!
dr FeelGood (1 month ago)
*I'm too lazy to do this shit , I want to make money without having to work too much , my saying is: minimum effort maximum gains*
kevin baker (1 month ago)
You're a Democrat ….. aren't you ?
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12kittykitty1 (1 month ago)
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msa1985 (1 month ago)
I didnt even know there was an amazon seller app
NHEFF09 (1 month ago)
he looks homeless