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Man says he's grossing millions reselling clearance items from Walmart on Amazon

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Ryan Grant said raiding the discount aisles at big box stores and flipping the items on Amazon started as a side hustle but has since become a booming business.
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Text Comments (2273)
Irwin Ochoa (5 days ago)
Also the news just show profit number on the app but bot the sales rank
Devin Perry (7 days ago)
Uhaul boxes = LOSS
Pumas (7 days ago)
this ruined my fucking profit
Brenda Echols (8 days ago)
Ive read alot of comments of how people get really mad when they realize the item they purchased for $20, was actually clearance at Walmart or cost a $1 at the Dollar Tree. They feel scammed. No joke!
Brenda Echols (8 days ago)
I'll stick with my degree. This looks like a waste of time and energy....not my cup of tea...
Neil Mutia (4 days ago)
Pretty sure you're not earning 7 digits though. We're wasting time here on YT while this man is generating around $500 p/hour.
Amir F (9 days ago)
This is absolute bullshit.
Mohammed Arqam (13 days ago)
Hahahha Good Ad for Amazon Sold out Medias
High School Hustler (14 days ago)
Checkout my channel if you want to know how I make money selling on Amazon FBA!
Steve B (17 days ago)
What?  What about the cost to ship?  It's not worth making $2 on every item.  You have to drive to the store and sift around for 2 hours and then list it online and then pack it and then drive to the post office and ship it.  Is that worth the $2 - 3 on every item?
Nyheen Jenkins (17 days ago)
So buying for 4 $ and selling for 9.49 is a fucking profit?.lol I guess fees and shipping does not count.
Jose Garza (17 days ago)
Yes and I’m gonna resell free Taco Bell hot sauce.
Bongo (17 days ago)
4 million gross...makes 15% profit so 600k...he takes 60k, 540k for 11 employees. I mean its not awful...but he doesn't really have room to take more money. Cut wages and they can just start doing this on their own.
a4e69636b (19 days ago)
I want to know if that lady with the Amazon app actually did sell any of the products she bought.
Donald Bronson (20 days ago)
Lutherangrants,com helped me financially .They sent me over $31,000 from their grant schemes.
Doug the Pug (21 days ago)
none of yall willing to put in the work tho.
superstarrr121 (21 days ago)
It’s still a shit unattractive job
Gabe (22 days ago)
Its sounds good but you are also losing money if the product you are trying to sell doesnt sell.
NPC Guy (23 days ago)
You failed to take into account Amazon fees and shipping fees. You'd be lucky to make a profit with examples shown. Hope you don't cause some peeps to lose money following your simplistic example.
p4psm3re (24 days ago)
It took you 60 seconds to find it in walmart. But now you have to take it home, make a sales post, wait for it to sell, package it up, then drop it off at the post office. So a bit more then 60seconds.
Chris -0 (24 days ago)
man "says" hes grossing millions.... more and more of this nonsense
Ava Gomez (1 month ago)
check this out (homebased online sideline)... @t
Daniel Wulf (1 month ago)
This Is a Wall Mart Ad.
Arthur Thaete (1 month ago)
Before you go buy a bunch of clearance shit from Walmart think about investing in the stock market there are higher returns and it’s much much much easier and less labor intensive
k r (1 month ago)
Bloody fools it's including shipping charges ..
Michael Bueno (1 month ago)
Shit news ...doesn't explain the other payment like shipping and other step by step and fees for going to post office and fees for taxes and fees for many more feels
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Comforting Kitten (1 month ago)
This man isn't afraid to "tell his secrets" all you dumb fucks. Because you have no idea the amount of work and research that goes into e-commerce. He works his ass off and he's reaping the rewards. Hard work pays off and this proves it. all's these clueless fucks saying the market is going to be saturated, your wrong. There will always be a way. Only the hard workers will succeed in this business. You have to be self-motivated, and a true desire to bring joy into people's lives by the fruit you reap.
Hustle Millenial (1 month ago)
Quit our jobs and have been doing this for two months now!
Rey Macías (1 month ago)
The problem is I have to get up and do this
Omar Farique (1 month ago)
Yup now try to sell what you just bought. And you will soon find out how hard it is. They all make it sound so easy.
Hamed Hosseini (1 month ago)
*Taxation enters the chat*
Arturo Martinez (1 month ago)
Jake Dean (1 month ago)
Good for him. Very dull, not really adding much value to society though.
Boku Hero Core (2 months ago)
Yes you can do this kind of ripoff business but I promise you that it not easy to get the profit without information
M. Y. (2 months ago)
I doubt everyone would be willing to go through the hoops to function as a legal business. They would have to get permits, a DBA name, a logo, a business account (which would require having good credit), probably a place to store the goods because many cities will not allow you to store stock in your home, file taxes quarterly or whatever else. Those that do might sink because they jumped into the deep end before they were really ready to swim. My other thought is, if a lot of people do this, that creates openings in traditional jobs and there will be a need to find qualified people to fill them. Those that scavenge to buy low could find themselves feeling like they have to work really hard for something they are not sure they will be able to sell or have certainty of income. There's also the issue of having to attain your own insurances, and making sure you are paying what you owe to medicare and social security, etc. What concerns me is that the price of goods will go up across the board, and as the population overly depends on Amazon to get their supplies, their local resources will dry up because those business owners will not be able self-sustain. I've noticed Walmart and other big box stores are already selling items supplied by other online businesses, like Hayneedle, in order to get a share of the online market. If there was an emergency and very few, local stores where people could get supplies, there would be TROUBLE. I just keep thinking about the little town I came from and how they had 1 big store and a grocery store and that was it. We had to drive an hour away to find a store for certain items, like a special part that we couldn't get because the hardware store was out of business. If something goes wrong with being able to use a card or the internet is somehow toasted, the ones who overly depend on the net to shop will feel it. Can you imagine having to wait 2 or more days to get something that you could've ran to the store 10 minutes away from you and you could be home in 30min-hour? Some say it saves time to shop online, but I think it takes too much time to find what you want, if anything, find a code, log in, re-login if you were timed out, re-find things to put back into your cart because your cart was emptied when the web site timed you out, researching if a business is secure or even real, etc. I have found in general, I'm already tiring of it and rather go out into my community, because it gets me out and is more fulfilling to the senses. It's quicker. I know I can return something because that business is there and I don't have to waste time printing out labels, receipts, etc which costs me $ for ink and wear and tear on my printer. I can even use cash so I definitely know I'm not overspending or paying interest for something that looked like a good deal because it was on sale, but really it costs many times more than that if you bought it on credit. The net is great for those who can't get to a store easily, or for finding hard to obtain things, like specially sized clothes for tall or short people, shoes, and so on, but when people start buying grocery items and little $5 gadgets you could get from a local store, I wonder if it's worth the waste generated for packaging supplies, ink, gas, etc to get it to you. At a certain point, we have to wonder if we are just being too lazy. Not to mention all the cheap quality crap out there today. I think eventually that will bring down Amazon because it's being flooded with imported crap. It's a waste of time and money and workers in China, Bangladesh, India, etc are being exploited for pennies to create that crap for you. I think it's insulting for them that they suffer through poor working conditions and so do their children just so some company in China can make a big profit. Even other companies here utilize them because they don't want to pay wages here. If China or whoever over there makes everything, their businesses will continue to come here and buy companies and properties and we potentially could end up at the bottom of the totem one day. Americans will not know how to do anything for themselves because they've become too lazy in striving for personal comfort and convenience. Oh yeah, let's see how good we all look when we are working for Chinese companies for crap wages as well. I saw my father-in-law go from a good income from a car manufacturing job to a year of unemployment (because no one wanted to hire an old man), and now at 60, he is working 12 hour days in a horrible job bought up by a Japanese company. His wife had to take a buy out early retirement when the hospital she worked at was bought by Promedica and they had to consolidate jobs. He struggles hard to support them both and sadly, he could've retired on time if the other place hadn't closed. They went from happy life to feeling miserable and fearful about how to make ends meet.
ArbitraryLifestyle (2 months ago)
You wouldn't profit ANYTHING on those tire chains. Shipping that much weight would put you in the negative I bet.
Ziango Rex (2 months ago)
Oh man lol. This is not how it works at all. The guy is fooling everyone. Its understandable though. Obviously no one wants to give their secrets away. But in my opinion, what he does is goes to pallet auction sites where you buy BULK BUY a product. For example. You can purchase tempered glass screen protector quantity is 2000 and the cost is $4000. If you can sell all those for $5 each then you make $10000 - shipping and packaging = potential profit of $4000-$4500
Nina (2 months ago)
Good luck... You barely make a profit after shipping & dealing with idiot customers online ripping you off...Amazon prime is the only thing working now... And asshole customers will rate you poorly ....and ask for refunds for no reason ....affecting your account ....they also know the loop hole to get freebies
TransformersDoraemon (2 months ago)
It don't matter which item u sell on online shopping places. As long u find any quality and sell best profit ever. It might not be easy, medium or hard but try do what's right best as u can.
Breaking The Seal (2 months ago)
lesson learned. shop at walmart not amazon online. ok, got it.
تجارة الكترونية E-commerce (2 months ago)
I am doing as same thing in Saudi Arabia before I get benefits my name is Alfatih
K.A. GORDON (2 months ago)
wow a whole fifteen dollars...and after you buy your shipping envelopes, stuffing...gas to the post office....wait an hour...I could be at my real job having fun. Oh and I hate walmart. Everyone goes in happy, comes out looking sick from all the toxic chemicals that come from China. If you dont believe me..sit outside and look at everyone.
Raymundo Hernandez (2 months ago)
There just trying to promote amazon
Alain Koch (2 months ago)
that is probably what he thought would make him rich. and when he figured out it doesn’t work, he tried to make at least some money out of it with amazon publicity and youtube views.
obicapa (2 months ago)
not as simple as you think I had a friend who tried this and he came out losing money, Amazon is a big mafia they charge so much fees you will be at a loss.
Travis D (2 months ago)
Here is the problem: You pay for shipping, pay amazon a cut, and you are limited on what you can sell. If you are not in the amazon seller special program, you can't sell certain items so you are restricted on what you sell.
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realgordisgordis (3 months ago)
why buy from him when walmart is cheaper specially if you go to the walmart at the ghetto
Dave Chappelle (3 months ago)
Guy hustles and makes money buying and selling a product online. Same guy goes on a TV program and shows hundreds of millions of people what hes doing. Guy is now broke because the market is now saturated with 110k people doing the same shit.
Daniel Purdy (3 months ago)
Where is the cost of shipping adding in? For small items I don’t see this being profitable at all
Ginger Grafted (3 months ago)
You can do this with so much. Especially vehicles. Especiallllly vehicles lol. This is cool as well :)
Negus Wit Da Prune Juice (3 months ago)
So basically............ *MONOPOLY!!!!!!*
Daddy D (3 months ago)
Not as easy as they make it seem what a joke trust me 🤣
M S (3 months ago)
and he buys his boxes at U Haul??
Taylor Savage (3 months ago)
Gotta spend money to make money. Fml
Gurgen Mkrtchian (3 months ago)
This is how amazon will destroy those stores too sooner or later toys r us is out
Katherine Kendall (3 months ago)
Yes, and this is why I don't buy anything from Amazon or Walmart. They're ripping everybody off! No thanks.
manny thakur (3 months ago)
Why not talk about Amazon fees. This gotta be played for by Amazon. Selling it on ebay would be a better bet.
Sergey Guk (3 months ago)
After this video this guy went out of business. Nice job tellin everyone all the stuff at ur company is actually on clearance.
CHARLES GAO (3 months ago)
Wow he did the gary vee special
Un- known (3 months ago)
Haha , let's try in India 🇮🇳😀
A Serious Lollygagger (3 months ago)
If you want to do this too remember that profit margins are not so good after shipping, selling fees and selfemployed income tax. Target and Walmart exclusives sell well online and Goodwill often has clearance toys brand new in the box.
sexylitehaiti sexylitehaiti (3 months ago)
How do you pay for shipping?
DeathM10 (3 months ago)
Lmao, I’ve been doing this in RuneScape.
Jeff Moore (3 months ago)
pm me your user name and pass.
AvEry KoP空 (3 months ago)
Kimilsungia (3 months ago)
I thought this was illegal... no?
Logan : (3 months ago)
Have you heard of buying and selling stocks before?
Tom Brown (3 months ago)
'Takes 5 minutes to download the app' doesn't tell you that you have to wait for over a week for them to verify your account
Austin Collins (3 months ago)
Little did he know he's the reason Toys R Us has to file bankruptcy😭😂
gameplayer502 (3 months ago)
But you are missing the massive shipping costs
D81ful (3 months ago)
So he’s going to tell everyone now ? Why?
Saleh Hashmi (3 months ago)
Grossing 15% of 4 million = 600k counting in 11 staff at 14/hr. $295,680. Wear housing and other expenses including benefits to employees. He would be netting $254, 320. Before paying himself and taxes. If you are in Canada you would take off 50% after corporate and personal income taxes. So he makes basically what a decently average accountant makes on a day job. And he doesn't have to bring work to home. It's not that you are working less. You are just bring work home. Still would just call this passive income. The guy shldnt hav quit his day job. Just hire a manager and let him do the shit and net on his effort. I am surprised he is an accountant, and didn't understand a basic idea of allocation of resources. Edit: And btw being an accountant he shld know 15% gross on merchandise is shit. You need to bring in atleast 30% to call your self, a positive company.
sravan kumar (3 months ago)
Good job
Big Daddy Toyota Corola (3 months ago)
Thanks. I'll shop at Walmart
Diane Puri (3 months ago)
there is * no * way amazon is taking a hit when you have cyber monday and deal all the time. the sellers are forced to lower the price or get kicked off of amazon. yes i live in amazon territory. no one pays full price !
Legend of Green Man (3 months ago)
GMA shilling Amazon
ItzAn Opinion (3 months ago)
Retail Arbitrage....nothing new here folks...
Donna Woodford (3 months ago)
He makes use of the table tennis table. Where did he buy that?
Thrift Electro (3 months ago)
This information is old. Nowadays any seller to do like this will be Suspended for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. Only needs to buy from manufacture for sale.
tejash patel (3 months ago)
Biggest bull ever
V E R X I O _ (4 months ago)
You just gave the secret thats why ppl how is making good money dont tell you 😇
Mr Penguin (4 months ago)
The thing with trading, is that it's similar to trading stocks or margin trading.You have to check trends to see how many products are sold daily.If you only have 10 sales daily, with most being in a California or something and you are based in Washington then you will have problems selling all of it.
Gross Camel (4 months ago)
Fuck now everyone gonna be doin that shit
Ben Jones (4 months ago)
This is a Walmart advertisement can't you see !!
SHAMELESS US (4 months ago)
1000$ a month working 10hr weeks you would make more at MacDonalds
RussManK3 (4 months ago)
Meh, I already make 20-40k a month working about 30 hrs a week. But this is a good idea for someone starting out.
T J (4 months ago)
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mighty quinn (4 months ago)
This was a two minute free commercial for Amazon in case ya all haven't figured it out. Oh wait 3 minute
mighty quinn (4 months ago)
Spend all day at Wal-Mart to find $200 of crap no one wanted which is why its discounted. But its listed on Amazon for 300 so you buy it. But after dropping your 200 not all of it sales and you end up grossing only $50. Of that Amazon and shipping takes 25. So for a day of work your left with $25 profit. Oh but not really cuz two weeks later someone returns an item and your down to $15! What a get rich strategy that is. Lol but hey if you do it 200 hrs a month you can make like $500. Oh wait that's really shitty! NEXT...
kleautvieul (4 months ago)
I want to give my costumers value for their money so I try the product first, but somehow my tested fleshlights are not selling 🤔
David Walker (1 month ago)
I have some used Dildos i can sell you
HOW TO EARN 10,000 DOLLARS PER WEEK (4 months ago)
Interesting video, useful information
Dee Mccann (4 months ago)
Im doing it
Uniq7 (4 months ago)
this dude probadly working for walmart
xiaoqian Zhang (4 months ago)
Maybe anyone know Cjdropshipping?
skysamfreeman (4 months ago)
Thrift stores are better for bigger profits but less consistent.
m azmi (4 months ago)
why cant people just go buy in walmart? how lazy can we get? stand up and walk guys!
sebastian Sm (4 months ago)
"$4 thats a profit " fucking bum
Adnan A (4 months ago)
Someone call #garyvee
Gimmi (4 months ago)
I’ve tried after watching this video buying clearance items from all over and i even bought items from china and i ended up piling a room with items that never going to sell due to alot of competitors on line who buys in bulk and sell the items way cheaper than my price plus free shipping 🤔 this is a complete stupid video that have nothing to do with reality.
Steven Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Doesn't make since as person who is shopping for prices on items. Wouldn't you just save money buy the clearance items at Walmart or other retailers. I guess there people out there who are willing to pay more online then get in there car and drive to the store. The consumer is getting lazy.
Justin Gannon (4 months ago)
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