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Man says he's grossing millions reselling clearance items from Walmart on Amazon

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Ryan Grant said raiding the discount aisles at big box stores and flipping the items on Amazon started as a side hustle but has since become a booming business.
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teerdrop1992 (6 hours ago)
You can do this with so much. Especially vehicles. Especiallllly vehicles lol. This is cool as well :)
Negus Wit Da Prune Juice (9 hours ago)
So basically............ *MONOPOLY!!!!!!*
Daddy D (1 day ago)
Not as easy as they make it seem what a joke trust me 🤣
M S (1 day ago)
and he buys his boxes at U Haul??
Taylor Savage (2 days ago)
Gotta spend money to make money. Fml
Gurgen Mkrtchian (2 days ago)
This is how amazon will destroy those stores too sooner or later toys r us is out
Katherine Kendall (3 days ago)
Yes, and this is why I don't buy anything from Amazon or Walmart. They're ripping everybody off! No thanks.
Cuzjudd (4 days ago)
I do this but on a tiny scale lel
manny thakur (4 days ago)
Why not talk about Amazon fees. This gotta be played for by Amazon. Selling it on ebay would be a better bet.
Sergey Guk (4 days ago)
After this video this guy went out of business. Nice job tellin everyone all the stuff at ur company is actually on clearance.
CHARLES GAO (4 days ago)
Wow he did the gary vee special
UBAID ULLAH (4 days ago)
Haha , let's try in India 🇮🇳😀
A Serious Lollygagger (4 days ago)
If you want to do this too remember that profit margins are not so good after shipping, selling fees and selfemployed income tax. Target and Walmart exclusives sell well online and Goodwill often has clearance toys brand new in the box.
sexylitehaiti sexylitehaiti (5 days ago)
How do you pay for shipping?
DeathM10 (5 days ago)
Lmao, I’ve been doing this in RuneScape.
Jeff Moore (3 days ago)
pm me your user name and pass.
AvEry KoP (5 days ago)
Kimilsungia (5 days ago)
I thought this was illegal... no?
Logan : (5 days ago)
Have you heard of buying and selling stocks before?
Tom Brown (5 days ago)
'Takes 5 minutes to download the app' doesn't tell you that you have to wait for over a week for them to verify your account
Austin Collins (6 days ago)
Little did he know he's the reason Toys R Us has to file bankruptcy😭😂
gameplayer502 (7 days ago)
But you are missing the massive shipping costs
Damien81ful (7 days ago)
So he’s going to tell everyone now ? Why?
Saleh Hashmi (12 days ago)
Grossing 15% of 4 million = 600k counting in 11 staff at 14/hr. $295,680. Wear housing and other expenses including benefits to employees. He would be netting $254, 320. Before paying himself and taxes. If you are in Canada you would take off 50% after corporate and personal income taxes. So he makes basically what a decently average accountant makes on a day job. And he doesn't have to bring work to home. It's not that you are working less. You are just bring work home. Still would just call this passive income. The guy shldnt hav quit his day job. Just hire a manager and let him do the shit and net on his effort. I am surprised he is an accountant, and didn't understand a basic idea of allocation of resources. Edit: And btw being an accountant he shld know 15% gross on merchandise is shit. You need to bring in atleast 30% to call your self, a positive company.
sravan kumar (18 days ago)
Good job
Big Daddy Toyota Corola (18 days ago)
Thanks. I'll shop at Walmart
Diane Puri (20 days ago)
there is * no * way amazon is taking a hit when you have cyber monday and deal all the time. the sellers are forced to lower the price or get kicked off of amazon. yes i live in amazon territory. no one pays full price !
EZFix (22 days ago)
GMA shilling Amazon
ItzAn Opinion (22 days ago)
Retail Arbitrage....nothing new here folks...
Donna Woodford (25 days ago)
He makes use of the table tennis table. Where did he buy that?
Thrift Electro (25 days ago)
This information is old. Nowadays any seller to do like this will be Suspended for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. Only needs to buy from manufacture for sale.
tejash patel (26 days ago)
Biggest bull ever
Anonymous _ (27 days ago)
You just gave the secret thats why ppl how is making good money dont tell you 😇
Mr Penguin (28 days ago)
The thing with trading, is that it's similar to trading stocks or margin trading.You have to check trends to see how many products are sold daily.If you only have 10 sales daily, with most being in a California or something and you are based in Washington then you will have problems selling all of it.
Gross Camel (29 days ago)
Fuck now everyone gonna be doin that shit
Ben Jones (29 days ago)
This is a Walmart advertisement can't you see !!
SHAMELESS US (1 month ago)
1000$ a month working 10hr weeks you would make more at MacDonalds
RussManK3 (1 month ago)
Meh, I already make 20-40k a month working about 30 hrs a week. But this is a good idea for someone starting out.
T J (1 month ago)
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robert q (1 month ago)
This was a two minute free commercial for Amazon in case ya all haven't figured it out. Oh wait 3 minute
robert q (1 month ago)
Spend all day at Wal-Mart to find $200 of crap no one wanted which is why its discounted. But its listed on Amazon for 300 so you buy it. But after dropping your 200 not all of it sales and you end up grossing only $50. Of that Amazon and shipping takes 25. So for a day of work your left with $25 profit. Oh but not really cuz two weeks later someone returns an item and your down to $15! What a get rich strategy that is. Lol but hey if you do it 200 hrs a month you can make like $500. Oh wait that's really shitty! NEXT...
kleautvieul (1 month ago)
I want to give my costumers value for their money so I try the product first, but somehow my tested fleshlights are not selling 🤔
HOW TO EARN 10,000 DOLLARS PER WEEK (1 month ago)
Interesting video, useful information
Dee Mccann (28 days ago)
Im doing it
Uniq7 (1 month ago)
this dude probadly working for walmart
xiaoqian Zhang (1 month ago)
Maybe anyone know Cjdropshipping?
skysamfreeman (1 month ago)
Thrift stores are better for bigger profits but less consistent.
m azmi (1 month ago)
why cant people just go buy in walmart? how lazy can we get? stand up and walk guys!
sebastian Smith (1 month ago)
"$4 thats a profit " fucking bum
Adnan A (1 month ago)
Someone call #garyvee
Life is beautiful (1 month ago)
I’ve tried after watching this video buying clearance items from all over and i even bought items from china and i ended up piling a room with items that never going to sell due to alot of competitors on line who buys in bulk and sell the items way cheaper than my price plus free shipping 🤔 this is a complete stupid video that have nothing to do with reality.
Steven Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Doesn't make since as person who is shopping for prices on items. Wouldn't you just save money buy the clearance items at Walmart or other retailers. I guess there people out there who are willing to pay more online then get in there car and drive to the store. The consumer is getting lazy.
Justin Gannon (1 month ago)
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paul tak (1 month ago)
Absolutely not as easy as they make it look... matter of fact this guy utilizes specific marketing strategies that work very well on top of knowing the right people at the right locations at the right time to obtain ALL of the best clearance items... How do I know?? Because I used to do it myself
Better Ad Results Are Possible (1 month ago)
SEO "experts" don't talk about this! So SEO gets people to come to your site. But they can see sites for a thousand other plumbers in your city. What sets you apart from a thousand other plumbers? I may be able to help, with what I call "nostalgia attachment."
Blogwire Media (1 month ago)
duh....dont forget the costs of shipping...
Yoshy's Channel (1 month ago)
Buy from my amazon yoshi deals😭😭😭
Brain Davison (1 month ago)
It took her 5 minutes to install an app? lol
Gregory Perez (1 month ago)
The real winners here are WalMart, because their clearance junk is moving off the shelf, and Amazon, because they are making the retail sale to the customer and collecting whatever fees.
Cjrm3gtr (1 month ago)
it took you 5 minutes to download an app??? thats a loong time
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 (1 month ago)
Great now females will take advantage of him and man there is a lot of females on that stage.
Dhiraj Thakare ONLINE (1 month ago)
*Wallmart* is best .
Solo District Entertainment (1 month ago)
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My Damn Channel (1 month ago)
As all media they don't tell you the whole story..I've been doing this for close to 8 years. She only told 1% of the story which she doesn't know. If anyone reads this if you're looking to make a quick buck..trust me you won't succeed. This guy like me buys in bulk I spend on average $3,000 A MONTH and spend 120 hourss in that month listing items and dealing with amazon. That Amazon sellers app cost you $40.00 a month btw
ExtraordinaryLiving (1 month ago)
This is called retail arbitrage. One might be able to make a killing 7~8 years ago doing this through Amazon ... even probably 5 years ago. Yet, this ship had sailed! *If you do this now, you most likely GET STUCK WITH CHEAP JUNK you can't flip for a profit* ... you may even lose your initial "investment". Lucky if you break even, but then how about all the time and labor you have expanded?! Hmmm, losing either way.
Wise Flys (1 month ago)
Classic arbitrager
Jimmy Q Jones (2 months ago)
Yeah right !!!
Jamie Dee (2 months ago)
I sold my penis for $5 dollar. I made $5 profit on my penis.
nathan hensn (2 months ago)
There's much better profit margins going to garage sales and selling back on Ebay. I bought a mobile king fit leg circulator for 10$ the model sells for 70$ on ebay. I bought 100 Harley Davidson shot glasses for 10 cents each I'm going to get at least 1$ as a set or more. By the time you pay for fee's, shipping, and taxes though you have to have atleast 20$ in profit to make any money.
altoona inspired (2 months ago)
flat out don't buy it...
Anas Rshaidat (2 months ago)
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Street Adventures (2 months ago)
Marco Poluza (2 months ago)
Mini3005 (2 months ago)
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Gamer Dude (2 months ago)
Jamor (2 months ago)
The money is in auction bids for items, yea you can get a laptop for $50 but the seller doesn't care bc he makes 10 cents off every bid so say 1,000,000 people bid 1 time each that's $100,000 but most people bid more than once so he or she can make lots more off of one item. And with that $$$ you buy more inventory and do it again! Anyone can do this you just need money for your first big purchase
Yukosan13 (2 months ago)
He obviously used the money from his accountant job to help up start.. cuz my friend does the same thing but she gets stuff at yard sales way cheaper.. her business grew a little but after years of the same old bit she still can't get anything but some extra cash.. it's not a business that can support a person without going and placing way more money into..
Untouchable Goodfellas (2 months ago)
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TheKKCody0824 (2 months ago)
Guy is probably an actor. Fake news
Daria Morgandorfer (2 months ago)
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Frenchie Horn (2 months ago)
Oh yeah, just forget SEO, marketing, effective advertising, or even product research. "Just go to your local Walmart, find some discounted stuff, and sell it on Amazon! Easy!" Pshhhh, this video is so misleading and completely understates the skills necessary to run a successful ecommerce business.
art에반 (2 months ago)
Why doesn’t he buy directly from the company supplys
dsdfsdf dsfsdfds (2 months ago)
you put on amazon, WHO BUYS? fucking idiots  that guy puts thousands of items online, 10 hours/day working at computer, and sells 2 items a day.
darwin rubio (2 months ago)
Shipping and Handling cost. breaks even
Joe Sammartino (2 months ago)
Hey GMA --- ZERO business acumen in this report. You left out a few cost based items in your profit calculation. And you have know idea how his $4M revenue business actually runs. A really uninformed and misleading piece.
xing hu (2 months ago)
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Ray M (2 months ago)
Ryan should have never reached out to the news channel lol
Marc Ferretti (2 months ago)
Wow something new. Lets tell everyone about it so it no longer works, and ruin it for the people who made a living doing this.
All things Crypto and Investing (2 months ago)
Nevermore (2 months ago)
He may have started by selling clearance Wal-Mart items on Amazon but I'd assume he buys in bulk at liquidating auctions.
damarh (2 months ago)
Ryan has walmart stock.
Zeeshan Ayub (2 months ago)
K that’s great who will buy and how that guy gets the permission to sell other’s brand?
Paul Kozar (2 months ago)
This guy is an asshole. Retail arbitrage doesn't work anymore. Been there done that.
The Ad Genius (2 months ago)
If you think that’s crazy, look at this guy Carlton E Bynum II making millions selling fake YouTube views and Instagram followers. Article from New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/08/11/technology/youtube-fake-view-sellers.html
Chronogos (2 months ago)
It took Becky "like 5 minutes online" to install the Amazon Seller app?! 🤣 @ 1:13
lisa starves (2 months ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new
paul limpert (2 months ago)
Okay, did this for 3 years. It has nothing to do with work. The problem is that Amazon constantly changes the rules and their storage fees and seller fees will take most of your profit. Yes, you can make some money but to infer that "millions" can be made by your average person doing a stroll through WalMart/Target is ludicrous.
Isaac Burnside (2 months ago)
Took her 5 minutes to install an app?
glista grand (3 months ago)
This is glorious, I've been looking for "amazon dropship ebay" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.
JKUBTV (3 months ago)
wait so this newscaster says she profits 15 bucks after buying a sale./... But who the hell buys at msrp? Who she gonna sell that thing for 51 dollars? KIJIJI is a cesspool for frugal people. SOmebody tell me where she gonna sell it full price
Caujuan Mayo (3 months ago)
Definitely, BIG MONEY to be made on Amazon. I like to go to trade shows and buy out a booth and strike an exclusive deal with the supplier that way you don't have to worry about competition and other sellers. There's a BIG trade show I go to every 6 months in Vegas and is TOTALLY WORTH going to. Last one I was able to purchase $10k worth of stuff for $2,500
Daisy Santos (3 months ago)
I would always buy from amazon but that’s the same reason why I deleted the app because everything on there is expensive
Review Central (3 months ago)
You fucked up the secret, it didn’t work anymore