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Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

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Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are, including The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Titanic, Bird Box, and more. Bear talks about his experience sleeping inside the carcass of a camel, dealing with a malfunctioning parachute, and almost freezing to death. Bear Grylls hosts Nat Geo’s six-part series Hostile Planet, premiering April 1, at 9/8c. Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2z6Ya9M ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair
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Text Comments (17474)
Alpaca Danny (15 minutes ago)
isn't bear grylls dead? 0_0
Toaster Boy (23 minutes ago)
No one : I have cancer and AIDS Bear grills : I have been in that situation
Mshamba (28 minutes ago)
What does Bear Grylls know? Michael Scott is the ultimate survival expert.
BuBBLe GiO (45 minutes ago)
*Pruichs* and that’s the end of the crock
James Christopher Cirujano (1 hour ago)
12 hours for a fire? This guy doesn't watch primitive technology often.
Big Jims Shed (1 hour ago)
How much they paying you
Christiaan van Driel (2 hours ago)
“And I cant get it in” I have been in that situation before lol
MinorAccident (2 hours ago)
Me and my friend created our own characters based off Bear Grylls and we used to film animal documentary type videos using stuff toys and other bedroom items, I was the main character, a genderless slightly Australian-accented 'Barbecue Grylls' who always ended up getting attacked by the featured animal in the video, but would always survive somehow for the next, and she was my sister 'Rusty Grylls' (Yes both pun names) and i would always mention my hatred for my cousin, Bear Grylls. Cringey, good times.
Yeet (2 hours ago)
He looks like Gendry
Pimmas040 (3 hours ago)
Well, Bear should know, he has been in heavily scripted survival scenario's before.
sacha paternotte (3 hours ago)
0g Trans Fat (5 hours ago)
What an absolute legend
Mark Marquez (5 hours ago)
Women: *giving birth* Bear Grylls: been in this situation coup.. ... ..wait a min! _You just read more._
kuoinc (7 hours ago)
What a legend! He’s been through it all. He must have no regrets in life
Rachel Waters (7 hours ago)
*literally dies in the harsh environment* Bear Grylls: believe it or not, I've actually experienced this
Charl H (8 hours ago)
"Titanic is sinking and teen heart throb saves Rose" Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation before
asim GameplayZ (8 hours ago)
Why everyone making memes
Donna Kahlbetzer (8 hours ago)
No one: Literally no one: Not a single human being: Bear Grylls: IvE BeEn In ThIs SiTuAtIoN MaNy TiMeS
Elias Josephsson (9 hours ago)
I am 10 seconds in and i am thinking... Maby start looking at your own survival programs?
Rahul Menon (11 hours ago)
Crocodile dundee is nowhere near realistic.... am sorry Grylls... am a fan of ya...but not gonna side with u on this one Reason 1- crocodiles when jumping out of water they do it with full force and pulls its prey deep in to water..wouldn't just do that thing like a dog would do... either that string would have got broken or she would've gone with it in to the water. Reason 2- comparing that sheer size of that croc that man wouldn't be even able to land his knife or anywhere close to that thing, crocodiles are agile. Very responsive Reason 3- yes he can get his knife deep penetrate with pressure..but not on that big one especially when its an adult and the scales in head are harder than other part..... and no question if he would get enough time to do that on a live one .. Bear Grill is a survival expert but i think he lack knowledge on animal behaviour or how the anatomical studies would've helped identify as this is just some fantasy worked out in a movie. Love ya bro
CJ Walters (11 hours ago)
Isn't Bear the "survivalist" who gets put up in a hotel during filming while the crew gets left behind?
Very High Quality Reviews (12 hours ago)
Universe: Ends in Heat Death Quantum Tunneling: Resurrects Universe but this time with Space Krakens Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation many times.
E Jakobs (13 hours ago)
It's not sleeping inside an animal that would worry me; It's if a hungry bear comes along.
French Guy (13 hours ago)
*Watches Downfall* Bear Grylls: This is a situation i've been in many times before
Vi Su (13 hours ago)
Man, I was waiting for 127 hours movie. Surprised, it did not make into the list.
Oh yea yea Hello (14 hours ago)
Dies* yea I’ve been in this situation many times
Matt Bazilius (15 hours ago)
Han Solo cuts open Tauntaun Bear: yeah I’ve actually been in this situation many times before.
NVG (15 hours ago)
I can’t believe rob was still perfectly preserved up there :0
Marshall Law (16 hours ago)
A situation before: Grylls: I've actually been in this situation before
Khaan Sulu (16 hours ago)
Thanos *snaps fingers* Grylls: I've been in this situation many times before
Luvdthevid (17 hours ago)
But can you survive a day of being a preschool teacher?
Juk Kung (17 hours ago)
i wanna see him in an actual bird box incident...... wanna learn how to survive it
Madelynn Rowe (17 hours ago)
bear grylls is great
Jorkob Suffixmeat (17 hours ago)
Tyler Wickwire (18 hours ago)
Zech Mathieson (18 hours ago)
The comment section should be a meme
Jared Morley (18 hours ago)
Bear Grylls not the best “expert”
Glee Tenders (18 hours ago)
Random astronaut in the future: Swallowed by black hole Bear Grylls: Ah yes I've been in many situations like these, the key is that you have to...
JG124 (18 hours ago)
99% of comments in this comment section: Bear Grylls - "yeah I've been in this situation before" 1% of comments in this comment section: He specifically said that the Titanic and Croc Dundee weren't realistic
James Fairfield (18 hours ago)
rly your gonna judge how realistic w h a t a b o u t t h a t o n e t I m e....
Tash Maria (19 hours ago)
Ben Button: *ascends to the next level* Bear: I’ve actually been in this situation a few times
JJ Harrell (19 hours ago)
Gabriel Guerrero (20 hours ago)
One of the few people that has earned his money and then some
WABK (20 hours ago)
Why isn’t he reacting to his own show
box gaming (21 hours ago)
Fun fact: Bear grylls is a vegan Not a very good one
A Bl (21 hours ago)
Hard as Nails this man
bobthepotato1 (21 hours ago)
And then they went to a nearby 5 star hotel ...
MaximilianSus (21 hours ago)
Movie: man crashes car on the moon and fly's to the sun and dies. Bear Grylls: I have actually been in this scenario before.
WSWEss (22 hours ago)
he couldn't survive in Venezuela now
Ronan Mac Craith (22 hours ago)
Thanos Snap: *Happens* Bear Grylls: I've actually been in all 14,000,605 situations of these
Leon Hill (22 hours ago)
Witnessing Khaleesi Mother Of Dragons conquer Kings Landing... Bear: Yes, I have been in that situation, brings back memories
A woman on the internet (22 hours ago)
Yikes, just FYI "Berber" is a racial slur meaning Barbarian, our name is Amazigh..
Caleb Homolka (22 hours ago)
Do any of you know how to post an original comment? We get it, bear has been in a lot of situations. Now stfu
Ald3n Sommerfeld (22 hours ago)
The irony
voodoo star (22 hours ago)
If you see a crocodile and you are in the water, dive. The crocodile wont attack you underwater
niels buyle (22 hours ago)
Comment with your Flag! I’ll start 🇧🇪
Logan Randell (23 hours ago)
Bro he said he seen rob halls body ok sure ya did
Isabella (23 hours ago)
this is something i didn't know i needed
Joe (1 day ago)
This guy is a joke lol
wongpaksum (1 day ago)
oh my... bear grylls is getting old :(
Do Er (1 day ago)
Titanic isn’t a survival movie
Thowra Thowra (1 day ago)
By looks, he could be Jaimie Lannister's brother :D
JGW 54 (1 day ago)
Why didn't Mick cut through the canteen strap and drag Linda away instead of stabbing the croc?
P. Piscello (1 day ago)
Tatàh Shimizu (2 hours ago)
High On Fire 88 (1 day ago)
Vertical limit should have been on there
tim meyer (1 day ago)
This is like Michael Bay reviewing kids action movies
Kriel (1 day ago)
And I barely survive waking up every morning
Carter Beverly (1 day ago)
Touches a black hole Bear- I’ve been in this situation many times before.
Tommy's Awesome Channel (1 day ago)
Superman: Flys around the earth to reverse time Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation before
young weeb (1 day ago)
*literally dies* "ive actually been in this situation a few times before"
Paulilenthee (1 day ago)
I guess he never even survived 1 night in a tent
snoop DAWG (1 day ago)
Vanity Fair needs to fire that makeup artist. The video is so interesting but all I could focus on was the amount of makeup on him.
trashyboi (1 day ago)
Jesus - Resurrects on Easter Bear Grylls - yeah that happened to me a couple of times before actually
m a l a k i t e (1 day ago)
he sounds like a boring Ali-A
grünerteegirl (1 day ago)
wish i could take back the view now that i know this man kills crocodiles with knives for kicks
Kick Blow (1 day ago)
Titanic what a cliché lol There was enough space for at LEAST both of them of that board xD selfish girl
Yuan Li (1 day ago)
But does the board have enough buoyancy force to support two body weight without sinking though?
ཌ H y d r a ད (1 day ago)
Person: *Dies* Bear Grylls: yeah I have done that many times already
JH_Monty (1 day ago)
bear grylls even sounds strong
Manpreet singh (1 day ago)
Bear Grylls: I have been in most situation so far the question is what's next or what left?
Wasteland Wonderer (1 day ago)
The comments in this video are killing me! I shoudn't have read them with a cluster of mouth ulcers in my throat...
Amy Hall (1 day ago)
ive actually been in that situation many times...
mayplersツ (1 day ago)
someone: "gets crushed" Bear Grylls: ive been in this situation before
Zogan (1 day ago)
Literally gets eaten by a whale Bear Grylls: Been there, done that sis 💅🏽
Jayden King (1 day ago)
Everyone: memes about bear grylls doing stuff Me: wondering how no-one realised that he said he saw a dead man on Everest
Gallows (2 hours ago)
+Xuân Duy Phan Trịnh You can't fetch the bodies, too dangerous and too expensive, they basically never move and they look the same all the time Using them as landmarks is the logical thing, even if it is a bit morbid
sacha paternotte (3 hours ago)
+Xuân Duy Phan Trịnh people die on Everest for a reason, you can't Just go get the body for a funeral or something, that is way too dangerous. So when somebody dies at Everest, their body is stuck there forever
Xuân Duy Phan Trịnh (4 hours ago)
+Matthew i still don't get why that's even a thing
Matthew (16 hours ago)
It's actually quite normal to see multiple body's when climbing everest. They use one called green boots as a route marker.
Jessica Drew (1 day ago)
Bear Grylls is getting roasted in this comment section 😂
Nichole Warren (1 day ago)
yo when he said he saw rob on Everest i laughed then slowly realized he wasn't kidding
Mystery Mask (1 day ago)
Hitler: kills 6 million Jews Bear grylls: brings back memories
sushimiii (1 day ago)
The thumbnail looked like Tom hanks
Cubsfan122112 (1 day ago)
i'm surprised they didn't do The Grey. with Liam Neeson, where they are trapped in a snow wilderness after a plane crash in Alaska. That one woul've been interesting.
Rem Loo (1 day ago)
That guy is a phony. If the camera turned around there would a taco bell or a truck stop in most of his shows.
Liam Mclaughlin (1 day ago)
Guy dies : Bear Grylls: Iv actually been in this situation before
Moofy (1 day ago)
Bear Grylls - "been there done that"
Princess Legarreta (1 day ago)
This is amazing! 😃
Tresp 00 (1 day ago)
Não é o GOKU !
Michel Dijkgraaf (1 day ago)
I was wondering: In the movie Wind River (2017) is it actually true that running with very low tempratures outside kills you by freezing lungs?
Vinny (2 days ago)
Bear Grylls would give a film an 11/10 if it involved drinking pee
Дмитрий Соломатин (2 days ago)
4:54 "I was on Everest a couple of years after Rob died out there...." "I ACTUALLY SAW ROB OUT THERE"
Zeyad Karim (2 days ago)
99.99% do the comments is about Bear Grylls having experienced everything!
cope (2 days ago)
sean brennan (2 days ago)
“High I'm Ted Bear”
Mercury Pillis (2 days ago)
*Watches avengers infinity war* Bear Grylls: “I’ve actually been in this situation before”