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Rip Off The Page- Taylor Swift New Song Snippet in UPS Commercial.

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Text Comments (17)
callme by yourname (3 months ago)
where's that fckng song?):
Weii Salles (4 months ago)
I need this
Jesus Zamora (10 months ago)
"Everybody likes Taylor Swift..." Hm, my dear UPS delivery man, you need more internet in your life...
EVAN anime _ gamer (11 months ago)
Hey all Taylor Swift fans if you want to see the album I will review the album tomorrow after school
Emily Rivas :3 (11 months ago)
I saw this hmmm
skinny legend icon (1 year ago)
Nooo it's not her new song
V. Rose Caroland (1 month ago)
Maybe it’s in the Deluxe version 🤔
DanEdwin (1 month ago)
I think that song shold be in Reputation Deluxe
Syndra (9 months ago)
Interesting Videos i heard theres going to be a platinum edition of Reputation
Interesting Videos (11 months ago)
Unfortunately, it's not.
skinny legend icon (11 months ago)
suu sakk no
Khaff Rayhan (1 year ago)
Interesting Videos (1 year ago)
Khaff Rayhan Yeah absolutely!!!!