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Funny Ups Commercial October 2001 #2

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Another funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001
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Emanuel Yohannes (3 months ago)
October 1999
Emanuel Yohannes (9 months ago)
Dale Jarrett
C.J. O'Dell (3 months ago)
Dale Jarrett is a three time Daytona 500 winner, 1999 Winston Cup Champion, and the son of two time NASCAR Grand National Champion and legendary CBS/ESPN NASCAR broadcaster Ned Jarrett.
Anita Garrison (1 year ago)
Andrew Huy (3 years ago)
iceturkee1950 (6 years ago)
those were the best commercials, especially when he did finally race the big brown truck.
zach catanzareti (7 years ago)
dude thats awesome! Crazy hes in college now.
Brett Nesbitt (7 years ago)
I thought this commercial aired during the 2001 Pepsi 400
Jezzibella2 (7 years ago)
I am so proud to be a part of a UPS employee....
ThatNR2003guy (7 years ago)
Sean Skipper (8 years ago)
lol keep pressing 6 finda fast.
nascarnut18 (9 years ago)
lol at :21
NOLA EMT (10 years ago)
UPS should of raced in the truck series.
James Mayhew (10 years ago)
Mike76 (11 years ago)
xvalon is right. Ghost Hun is one of my videos. You can check them out on my channel
Stacy Rowan (11 years ago)
haha i believe you :) i creeped him on facebook and he still looks the same! lol
Stacy Rowan (11 years ago)
omg i've been looking for this video for like...YEARS! hahahaha this is STILL my favorite commercial ever!!
Midnite (11 years ago)
TupeloMsBoy (12 years ago)
That one was always my favorite!
VladTheImpala (12 years ago)
funny stuff
Bad Drivers of Maricopa County (12 years ago)
FRIGGIN HILARIOUS. I've never seen that one. Thanks