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Fast Way to Process a Pomegranate

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Our recent cost comparison was $2.50 for a 4.4 oz. container of arils, and $1.50 for a whole fruit, which yielded nearly 14 ounces. Do the math - it's better to do it yourself! Do you love to eat Pomegranates but hate the mess of processing them? Or, do you eat a lot of processed pomegranate, but want to save A LOT of money processing your own? Watch as DFJ shows you how the professionals do it - and in no time at all, you'll have a bowl of delicious pomegranate arils ready to eat. No mess, no fuss.
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Text Comments (1767)
Barry Roach (13 hours ago)
"We just had an escapee there" LOL Classic!
derek crymble (15 hours ago)
VID STARTS AT 3:48 . UGH !!!!!!
swordfish00007 (2 days ago)
Awesome video and ty for sharing this.
Healthy Eating Of 21st Century (2 days ago)
Very fascinating and useful method Could you show us the fastest way to peel a pineapple please? Take a look at my channel (healthy eating of 21 century )
Abby Sotomi (2 days ago)
Thank you!
V Rida (2 days ago)
Thank you for this wonderful technique! I have a big pomegranate tree and every harvest I dread opening them up and getting the seeds out. It's like a major production with seeds going everywhere, spatter all over, apron wearing, etc. This is so efficient and easy I'll use it for the rest of the fruits...
Davidovar34 (5 days ago)
Pomegranate + raspberry juice is the best ever ♥
Dhananjaya B (6 days ago)
I love to eat promegranate but i feel lazy to pell it off.
Eve (6 days ago)
Very interesting I love Pomegranate this makes it easier
shamsun nahar (8 days ago)
Before adding water it was good
Rosalba Varela (8 days ago)
mongo banane (13 days ago)
datapro007 (13 days ago)
I tried it just now. It works. Thank you.
datapro007 (12 days ago)
@DirtFarmerJay I've watched a bunch of them on this topic. Yours is the one that is spot on. Most of the rest are nonsense. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
DirtFarmerJay (12 days ago)
That's great! Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Best, DFJ
Susie McCoy (13 days ago)
I never knew what to do with a pomegranate. So now just pop them in your mouth?
DirtFarmerJay (12 days ago)
Hi Susie. You can eat them by themselves or put them into salads, garnish a dessert with them or whatever other ideas you come up with. Thanks for watching. Best, DFJ
Ranganatha Rao (16 days ago)
This man fond of talking too much unnecessarily explaining about the fruit and the material used actually wasted his and my time of first 3 minutes and 57 seconds. After this only real demonstration started. At the end the video is useful
Ranganatha Rao (14 days ago)
I understand your feelings though I still feel people like me know about details of fruit & the instruments used and more time was taken to explain about the things which everyone is aware of. And people have less time at their disposal which should be judiciously used; if everyone takes lot of time to explain everything in their videos, then how much time is lost !! Only this was my concern. Best wishes to you
DirtFarmerJay (16 days ago)
Ranganatha, thanks for writing. Our approach is not to just show tips and demonstrations, but actually educate about a subject a bit and to have a dialog with our viewer family. That doesn't appeal to everyone, including you, and we are OK with that. We don't see conversations and interactions as a waste of time. Best Regards, DFJ
Rehana Khatoon Choudhary (19 days ago)
Love from India
Oscar Flores (19 days ago)
I didn’t even finish watching this you talk a lot.
DirtFarmerJay (18 days ago)
Oscar, thanks for stopping by. We can't appeal to everyone and we're fine with that. Best, DFJ
Sam Ayling (19 days ago)
So I just tried my first one, is it supposed to taste like a sour grape or was mine not ripe? :0
Sam Ayling (18 days ago)
DirtFarmerJay Okay, thank you so much for the advice! I really want to like them!
DirtFarmerJay (18 days ago)
Sam, sorry to hear of your experience. Describing tastes are very difficult, so you might want to buy a small bottle of pomegranate juice and give it a taste to see what the typical taste is. Then, you can judge from there. I'd describe the taste as sweet, but with a tangy aftertaste. Let me know what you find out! Best, DFJ
Mario Staine (20 days ago)
Talking a lot and say nothing
DirtFarmerJay (18 days ago)
Mario, why thank you. I appreciate your kindness. Best, DFJ
William Edmondson (21 days ago)
We used to throw them at each other when I was a kid, nobody knew how to eat them. Are you supposed to chew the seeds and swallow them or spit them out like Sunflower seeds?
William Edmondson (18 days ago)
@DirtFarmerJay Thank You DirtFarmer Jay
DirtFarmerJay (18 days ago)
William, thanks for writing! I chew the arils slightly to crush the arils and release the juice. I then swallow them down. The little seeds in the arils won't be digested, but don't seem to bother me. If you prefer, you can crush the arils to expel the juice and enjoy them that way. I hope this helps! Best, DFJ
Rafiqul I (23 days ago)
No comment
CJ McNeil (23 days ago)
I am SO glad I watched this Before attempting to peel my very first pomegranate!! It would have been a disaster!!
Steve Ligon (23 days ago)
Great video , now I know how to do it the right way... :-)
Joanna N (24 days ago)
Jeeez, you're so boring 😪
Reem (23 days ago)
You're rude!
DirtFarmerJay (23 days ago)
Thanks, Joanna. It's a gift. I guess I'd rather be boring than rude. Best, DFJ
Abby Ingraham (24 days ago)
Thanks for the time saving video! Will eat pomegranates more often now - only change I'd make is you recommending wearing an apron OR dark clothes, but that's a mi nor point...
Judy Wijesinghe (24 days ago)
Thanks it's very useful to know this way
Mohammad Mishkat (24 days ago)
Thomas Carroll (25 days ago)
“Wear dark clothes” err just wear an apron.
Thomas Troy (25 days ago)
I was just cleaning my guns alone and quietly and now I've got gun stuff recommended
DirtFarmerJay (23 days ago)
Thomas, makes one wonder, doesn't it? We've had many of these types of comments over the years, but even more so in the last 12 months or so. Best, DFJ
Freya's Choice (25 days ago)
I have never bought pomegranates.  I thought a pomegranate is ripe when it's all wrinkled.  You peeled/opened one that is smooth-skinned.
DirtFarmerJay (23 days ago)
Freya's Choice, ripeness is better determined by the fruit seeming a bit heavier that it seems it should be. That means the moisture content is high - an indicator of ripeness. All the pomegranates we have, regardless of variety, have been smooth skinned when we have processed them. We hope you start enjoying pomegranates every fall! Best, DFJ
lane (25 days ago)
Mahdi Salehi (26 days ago)
Happy yalda everyone
Anderson James (26 days ago)
Oh so i should stop smashing it on the flor. Now i know.
Greg Gariety (27 days ago)
Why am I watching this at 3am on a work night
hansel grätel (27 days ago)
Juan Tirado (27 days ago)
A quick video on how to open it...3min 40 sec later and he starts to open the damn thing smh. This video sucks
DirtFarmerJay (26 days ago)
Juan, can't agree with you, but you are welcome to your opinion. When I'm not teaching the subject or demonstrating the technique, I have a pomegranate completely processed in just about 3 minutes. I'm SMH as well at your comment...LOL! Best, DFJ
Ted Rinshed (28 days ago)
Can you freeze the fruit seeds? I wonder how it tastes after thawing.
DirtFarmerJay (26 days ago)
Ted, indeed. Need to freeze on a cookie sheet all spread out, then bag. Thaw later and enjoy. Best, DFJ
Speakitright (28 days ago)
Thank u. But Too much talk.
DirtFarmerJay (26 days ago)
Thanks for watching and writing. Best, DFJ
Daicy & Mia Luv (28 days ago)
Thanks for that easist way to remove that nutritious fruits, we love it..
James Robert (28 days ago)
Pealing starts at 3:47
Alexander Snow (29 days ago)
Fast way but a 8:30 long video
Alexander Snow (28 days ago)
@DirtFarmerJay ok thank you sir
DirtFarmerJay (28 days ago)
Mihazu, thanks for writing. It takes time to cover a subject and show the technique at a speed that it's understandable to the viewer. In practice, I have the fruit processed in about 2-3 minutes. Best, DFJ
Jacki McCallum (29 days ago)
Good job!  And thank you for unveiling the pomegranate mystique, haha?!  ;)
Catherine lavoie (29 days ago)
Ahh. So smart. Thanks.
Sanjay Basu (29 days ago)
You are mad time time waste
DirtFarmerJay (28 days ago)
Sanjay, thanks for writing, even if it is to take your valuable time to disagree. Best, DFJ
Sanjay Basu (29 days ago)
Pagal time waste kiya hai itna time Laga Diya Hath Mein chhilke Rakh Do
DirtFarmerJay (28 days ago)
Sanjay, ditto on my earlier response. Best, DFJ
Charlene Sofele (29 days ago)
Just bought my first one 21st Dec, 2019. I enjoyed it will be going back to the markets for more thank you
Charlene Sofele (27 days ago)
Asked the checkout operator about it she said she don't like it l had to try
wajnerw (27 days ago)
Did you search the Internet, or did you get YouTube recommendation out of nowhere? I'm asking because I've also bought one piece on the same day as you, never even mention it to anybody... and here I am. Creepy as hell.
rene L (29 days ago)
*"no pomegranates!, No no no!"* 🤣🤣🤣
Suzanne Malouna Destiny Larsen (29 days ago)
Thank you for a good tip 👍😀
Marina K. (29 days ago)
That was unbelievable. Thank u for the video.
lmwrt (29 days ago)
Great work.
Jon Davis (30 days ago)
They don’t taste good in food form lol much better in Juice 🥤
LG Motovlogs (30 days ago)
U dirt farmer even we will peel like that from my grandfather time..
shirleysworld (30 days ago)
I'm going to try this
Violet paul (30 days ago)
i like this guy
DirtFarmerJay (30 days ago)
Violet, thanks for stopping by and taking time to write! Best, DFJ
Judy H (30 days ago)
Wow, that is a great technique, thanks for sharing it.
June Jones (30 days ago)
Thanks. Yum. Now I can eat mines .yummmy.♥️
yangjing ou (1 month ago)
DirtFarmerJay (30 days ago)
Glad you like it! Best, DFJ
Simon Correia (1 month ago)
Very interesting technique... learn some new today!
Ben Parker (1 month ago)
Stupid talking
DirtFarmerJay (30 days ago)
Ben, LOL! Sounds like elsewhere is a better fit for you. Best, dfj
D Gunny (1 month ago)
That was definitely educational
Eban Takie (1 month ago)
There is an easier way
DirtFarmerJay (30 days ago)
Eban, I'm always learning new things. What is your method? Best, DFJ
The Light Of The Body Is Pineal (1 month ago)
Thank you for the instruction!
Alter Ego (1 month ago)
Clearest, most logical explanation of to open up the wonderful pomogranate - thanks!
Travis Stratton (1 month ago)
Too much work for too little yield.
DirtFarmerJay (30 days ago)
Travis, thanks for watching and commenting. Best, DFJ
Alfredo Saucedo (1 month ago)
So much easier this way. Thank you so much Jay
Danny Hughes (1 month ago)
A really Pro demo.
Ramesh Pal (1 month ago)
Very interesting!
Zeldadude17 (1 month ago)
you talk too much, get with the video already
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Thanks for writing. We aspire to educate about a topic at the same time as demonstrating a technique. Sorry that doesn't resonate with you. I'm sure there are other demo only channels that would be more to your liking. Best, DFJ
Kenneth Kalaukoa (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tip buddy everything you said is true my wife freaked out when she saw the splattered kitchen shades thanks for the helpful tips
Prabhavati Morey (1 month ago)
Nicely explained . Thank you!
G C (1 month ago)
Liked the video thanks! I just started adding pomegranates into my morning all fruit smoothies. Love to know a tip on how to properly juice them in my large squeezer?
G C (1 month ago)
@DirtFarmerJay Ok thx. I always use the large squeezer but when I cut in half I lose a lot of juice like you stated. So I'm figuring it all out
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching. We've never squeezed them for the juice, we like to eat the whole thing! But I'd think you could use cheese cloth with a squeezer to catch the arils and keep them out the juice.
Joel J (1 month ago)
The red stain is a potent antioxidant. It's health food.
skullleader007 (1 month ago)
Hey DFJ this is an amazing video. I wish I seen this as a kid. I used to spoon them out like a grapefruit. Now I’m a certified pro!
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Wahoo Skulleader007!! Welcome to the Pomegranate Pro Club! Best to you. DFJ.
Testa Dicondominio (1 month ago)
Felicia Feefee (1 month ago)
I have 3 in the fridge.... About to go and try it!
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Great. Please let me know how it worked for you and thanks for watching. Best, DFJ
Shweatha D (1 month ago)
Good and easy method, hence forth I will follow this easy method to peel pomegranate . Thank you.
Anbalagan Sreenivasan (1 month ago)
Useful tips.
Robin BirdE (1 month ago)
I like how you explained the parts of the pom.
MARCOV (1 month ago)
This is the most informative video I have ever seen
Clar Sisk (1 month ago)
I could do without that thumping lead in nonsense
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Clar, why, thank you! Sounds like there might be other creators that are more to your liking. Best, DFJ
Stoned Paradise (1 month ago)
If you don't get it 100% then there is another method. There must be a way to get the seeds without picking out the membrane without hitting and ruining the quality of your pomegranate.
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Thanks for writing. Best, DFJ
Stray Portal (1 month ago)
Incredible. Thank you!
gopi kumar (1 month ago)
Not so well
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Thanks for stopping by... Best, DFJ
Federal Bureau of Investigation (1 month ago)
john hunt (1 month ago)
Thank you!
macca (1 month ago)
So fast it took you nearly 9 minutes to show us.
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
macca, I can be as sarcastic as the best of them and appreciate your comment. However, there is a big difference between doing something and teaching or demonstrating the actual task and telling a bit about it. When I process a pomegranate, it takes me 3 minutes or less. Best Regards, DFJ
CSAcitizen Feather (1 month ago)
Excellent !!
Ruby Moorman (1 month ago)
Great video, thank you, as I have 3 of them & only 1 done thus far, but I've got this, smiles... A person can also use the skin by dehydrating OR dry out by putting in a paper sack with holes. But never thought of using the water for plants, but does this cause any mold from doing so please? 😘🌈💞🎵🌷🌺🌸😆👏👍💫🌟💛 ☘️ ~"Love, Hope, Peace, Dream, Inspire, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live"~
Ruby Moorman (1 month ago)
@DirtFarmerJay Your more than welcome for the advice, as I think it's important to care & share with you, 1 & all... Thank you for answering me right away, deeply appreciated & so needed, smiles... 😘🌈💞🎵🌷🌺🌸😆👏👍💫🌟💛 ☘️ ~"Love, Hope, Peace, Dream, Inspire, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live"~
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Glad you found the episode to be helpful. Thanks for the advice as well. We've not had any problems with mold from using the water to irrigate house plants, as long as the soil wasn't already wet and it was time to water. Best, DFJ
Fifi Fifi (1 month ago)
Thank you!!!!!
david yalcin (1 month ago)
Nice video thanks
Ob Ramirez (1 month ago)
My kids and I love eating pomegranates. They literally wait for me to peel it open. As I take forever and try not to make it look like I murdered someone in the kitchen. But you just wait today I'm going to try this. Thank you, sir!!
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Ob, let us know how it turns out. Thanks for watching our video! Best, DFJ
Jck Porrage (1 month ago)
To eliminate spatter, fill the sink with water & do the process DF Jay outlined but under water. Works good. 12/13/19
Gena Bargay (1 month ago)
Spray & wash take's pomogranate juice out of fabric
6Reezy9 (1 month ago)
No way! I've been failing at eating them for so long 🤣 thanks for this awesome video!
BaconBlox_OfficialYT (1 month ago)
Adam Rozon (1 month ago)
When you live in Canada other always for sale
Zev Angelou (1 month ago)
Holy crap, this was awesome! I love pomegranates and have seen many videos that try and explain ways to make it easier to peel them. This was the best! Can't wait to get home and knock off the six from Costo! lol. Can you freeze them, do they lose the nutritional value if you do?
DirtFarmerJay (1 month ago)
Zev, glad you like the video. I just had fresh pomegranate yesterday, and it was awesome. Let me know how it turns out for you. As for freezing them, indeed you can. No significant loss of nutrients, and texture is pretty much retained. Once you have the arils removed, spread them out on smaller cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. Freeze them, then bag them. Let me know how it works for you. Best, DFJ
Regina G (1 month ago)
I'd seen the cutting method before but I'd never seen the spoon part to get out the arils, so thanks for the extra info! (And the clothing tip is excellent, too!)
jmatt4life (1 month ago)
So far this is the beast, easiest way I’ve sent to process a pomegranate!
Ferretocious (1 month ago)
Pfft that you don't do your own laundry LOL