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Largest Fire Truck Manufacturer | Mega Manufacturing | Free Documentary

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Mega Manufacturing: Pierce - Fire Truck Manufacturer | 4K Engineering Documentary What is created here is intended to save lives for once: Pierce Manufacturing: the world's largest manufacturer of fire trucks. It is the largest manufacturer of fire trucks in the world: Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin, USA. 1400 trucks are being built here every year – and each truck is one of a kind. Customers determine every detail from the first sketch on the 3D model to the finished truck. More than 13,000 individual components - most of them laboriously crafted by hand - are turned into an absolutely individual fire-fighting vehicle. Even the lettering and coats of arms so popular in North America are the result of Pierce's manual work with brushes and genuine gold leaf. All this is only possible with a lot of experience. The three thousand employees have on average twelve years of professional experience. After all, not just any product is manufactured here, but in case of emergencies their quality is a matter of life and death. The demands placed on a fire -fighting truck are correspondingly high: heavy as a truck, it must nevertheless be extremely manoeuvrable and fast. Take a mega-frame, a cab equipped with lots of high-tech, a high-performance water pump and a gigantic ladder: We accompany the production of a popular Enforcer fire truck from the very first step - the construction of the chassis - to the final acceptance by the customer. One of the highlights is the assembly of the TAK4 wheel axle. Developed in the military sector, it enables cornering at top speed without tipping over. After approximately three months of production, the grand finale is the installation of a gigantic 33-meter turntable ladder on the roof of the Enforcer. A nerve-wracking task for the workers. Using two crane winches, they have to install the component, which weighs tons, with millimetre precision. No cable must be damaged. The final inspection shows whether the installation was successful. Then the customer receives his very own personal emergency vehicle. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe Free Documentary Channel for free: https://bit.ly/2YJ4XzQ Facebook: https://bit.ly/2QfRxbG Twitter: https://bit.ly/2QlwRiI ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #MegaManufacturing ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Free Documentary is dedicated to bring high-class documentaries to you on youtube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer. Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.
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Hans Moleman (1 hour ago)
i remember there was a kid at my high school who was obsessed with fire trucks, and i kinda get it now.
Marshall Stell (17 hours ago)
Went there two years ago for a Pierce class at their training center. And went for a tour of both facilities at night. Was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Got to see our new gigantic rescue in almost finished state. The county I work for has all Pierce products and product support is awesome for these. They are the Lexus of firetrucks.
Uzzal Thapa (1 day ago)
Could u please Show us about Rosenbauer fire truck
Jeremy Cubs (4 days ago)
Production manager : Dave Bautista
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw (4 days ago)
THese trucks look ancient compared to European fire trucks. Why do they still use that same design as the 1970? The gear inside is also horribly outdated compared to Europe.
Den Bac (5 days ago)
Canada Yale Nada
Den Bac (5 days ago)
Canada Can I help U.
Nigel Le Grice (6 days ago)
unsure how humans can do a more even paint job than robots.
Bill Cosby (7 days ago)
They Copy E-ONE Logo.
Specialist 92fs (11 days ago)
you're talking about American specs on American fire trucks, it needs to be in American units of measurements. gallons, feet, mph, lbs, fahrenheit, psi, inches.....and are you referring to tons or tonnes. American tons is 2,000 lbs, European tonnes is 2,200 lbs
Red 95 (17 days ago)
What an amazing video 👍😁
ВОВАН БУХАНКИН (19 days ago)
Мне только Аманда понравилась,с умным видом двери смотрела,а сама думала о ...
GONMAD (19 days ago)
Many praises to the people building these very complex machines! Fighting fires has got to be one of the most intimidating professions. If one doesn't believe this try getting one out by yourself. Special thanks to the men & women that use this equipment on a daily basis.
Afiq Jais (22 days ago)
batista quit wwe & being production manager
Kevin Cheng (24 days ago)
Wow really cool jobs!
Larry Brown (24 days ago)
The Best Fire Fighting Equipment In The World Period.
Rs500ybd (25 days ago)
Mate them tig welds on the pump lines is SHOCKING .
Apex Maintenance (25 days ago)
I used to work for saulsbury fire apparatus in Tully ny building these back in the early 1990's did the one for "True Blue" TV show and the million dollar monster for Gainesville.
Gwinnet (26 days ago)
Thanks 🙏 ❤️ 🇺🇸
That's What It Is (26 days ago)
Is the announcer talking to 6 year olds, why does he explain thing like an idiot. The Cab has to be square or it won't corner correctly..?
sergeyomon1 (27 days ago)
Молодцы делают шедевры для спасения имущества и жизни людей, а у нас хуйню штампуют и бабло отмывают!!!!!
Swedishchef11 (27 days ago)
One would think that the designer of the truck would know the best combination of suspension and axles for the truck, not the customer.. And why would you have a manual valve house with levers instead of an electronic one that you could also remote control..
Bruce Kwak (27 days ago)
Hey we just bought one of your fire trucks up here in Scoharie New York
Joe (29 days ago)
I was disappointed in no mention of the motor specs and manufacturer. Who does Pierce use? Cat? Cumins? How much torque? Displacement? Horsepower means nothing on a rig like this, it’s all about torque and displacement to run the pump, ladder and stabilizer hydraulics, and drive the truck.
James Dillard (1 month ago)
We got to walk through this plant and we saw are firetruck getting made. It was a great time and we enjoyed the new fire truck
No-Body-Cares (1 month ago)
Pierce, Seagrave, SVI, Alexis, & KME. All outstanding manufacturers for our brave First Responders.
ferd fernan (28 days ago)
Don't forget American Le France.
ObsessionPC (1 month ago)
So wait...not every firetruck is built to a standard? So if you switched fire departments you have to relearn trucks and where things are? Same for mechanics, they don't face the same trucks? Seems too complicated and confusing, please confirm.
Why are all specs given in metric? That is not the US standard.
Kurt Bjorn (1 month ago)
This so-called documentary is interesting. The so-called narrator, though, makes me want to put a so-called bullet through my skull.
M Haskins (1 month ago)
It’s “tac 4” not “tec 4” suspension.
Eric Bolanos (1 month ago)
Down here in Costa Rica the Fire Department has some Piers machine but mounted on Freightliner trucks!! I think they have excellent performance!! Also, they have the 33 meters tower ladder totally made at Pierce
rsx123 (1 month ago)
These are such old pieces of shit after learning about the Rosenbauer Panther fire truck.
Night 129 (1 month ago)
How many times he said millimeter(s) v
Excavator (1 month ago)
Amaizing, i like...you like???
Chris Dix (1 month ago)
Any one else cringe when the narrator called it "Tek-4 suspension" instead of Tak-4 suspension?
M M (1 month ago)
I wanted to see more of the engine build lol
Ron Roach (1 month ago)
This is the US we don’t use metric system.
Raude "Axe" Mannevond (1 month ago)
If only there was someone that didn't use the imperial system... oh wait...
Ray Charles (1 month ago)
"Paint is done by humans because they spread the paint more evenly" wait, did the volvo truck factory documentary lie to me??
j.a.cole (1 month ago)
or the porsche. or probably most other car manufacturers... pretty sure the company just isnt big enough with enough orders to justify a robotic assembly plant
Ray Charles (1 month ago)
THANK YOU FOR THE METRIC although i really dont mind diversity, you can show imperial numbers too..
Casey Wuske (1 month ago)
@24:45 it’s a seagrave logo on the truck😂 funny considering there documenting pierce
B (1 month ago)
No wonder we run low on gold, it goes to stupid shit like this.. Gold lettering? Ever heard of reflective paint and tape?
John Mondry (1 month ago)
So for some really strange, wild, and just crazy unknown reason at 24:44 of the video on the 3D animation of what is absolutely for sure 100% a Pierce Enforcer Chassis RM ladder truck there is a Seagrave Fire Apparatus logo right behind the officers door. What even?!?! lol
DEAN DALLEY (1 month ago)
And they need constant repair ...
NEO Digital (1 month ago)
You’re going to explain measurements in metric to US firefighters? Not too smart Canadian boy.
fowletm1992 (1 month ago)
A doumentry made for the world Made to suit 95% of the population
Harry G (1 month ago)
Very impressive. Great doco.
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
My cousin works there. Good to see Americans manufacturing something. This is a real necessity. Good job guys.
DD890 (1 month ago)
Pierce... the remnants of Pierce-Arrow.
Scooter Tramp (1 month ago)
This strikes me as a very inefficient operation since the component manufacture facilities are all over hells half acre which creates a need for a fair amount of site to site shipping.
ATCkeepsUsafe (1 month ago)
Cops/Pigs don't save lives. Firefighters and EMS save lives.
Kevin Zman (1 month ago)
Emt and firefighters and storm chaser do out of all the stuff I see and here it is a firefighter or a emt or 🐖 opss cops never a storm chaser they keep you all safe to
Silas Souza (1 month ago)
They haven't shown the breaking room and say that works prefer to eat alone in a noise place. You won't convince me that they don't prefer have a meal and socialize with co-workers in a quiet and comfortable place for a while. It will be no surprise for me if they eat a cold meal.
Mittron (1 month ago)
So largest truck only has enough water to last for 30 seconds
Mittron (1 month ago)
@Hey hey
Hey (1 month ago)
Mittron they make water tender trucks but that is not the purpose of a fire engine or pump truck. They have small tank to get started on scene but they are always hooked up to hydrants.
LazyTamago (1 month ago)
46:50 Love this scene, very satisfying to watch!
Robert Griggs (1 month ago)
Wow! What a video. I never knew what went into building this type of magnificent piece of machinery. Thanks for this video.
mjz7033jmj (1 month ago)
Great looking roll up doors!
911ep500 (1 month ago)
Rian McDonald (1 month ago)
Of course you'd say that, James 😂
Gregory Thomas (1 month ago)
Amanda is hot :)
Dave Rice (1 month ago)
Buy a real truck, buy Sutphen.
Thomas Hagwood (1 month ago)
The most ugly rig ever made
Dylan Rapp (1 month ago)
No shoutout to Fox Valley Technical College? A deal with them is the only reason they can use the testing facility.
Firebuff101 (1 month ago)
American trucks, American narrator... non-American measurements?!
Firebuff101 (1 month ago)
@m lk I kow what metrics are lol, it just doesn't make sense to use them in this video
m lk (1 month ago)
Pss! Hey kid, wanna try some metric units?
I am The one (1 month ago)
whats the fire truck called with the guy driving the back
I am The one (1 month ago)
Shawn Steinberg thanks
Shawn Steinberg (1 month ago)
Max Salusky (1 month ago)
I say a fire engine goes at life saving speed. So get out of its way!!
kaiserkarl2 (1 month ago)
Why does all American firetrucks look like they come from the 60´s?
CDB8939 (1 month ago)
They are all to big and old fashioned. Smaller more agile vehicles are the way forward, Canbus controlled pumps, CAFS, High Pressure Hose Reels, Ultra High Pressure lance,
My Mobile (1 month ago)
The specially trained painters had clearly never been trained in how to use spray guns properly. You don't arc the stream, you move your arm so the stream is always a consistent distance from the surface being painted. It would be the first thing an apprentice would learn!
luis manuel (1 month ago)
Thank you for upload this video. So interesting ...
Shop Dave (1 month ago)
Lots of BS in this video.
Coty Hartman (1 month ago)
The suspension is called T A C 4 NOT TECH 4 lol but otherwise a good documentary
Ryan Smith (1 month ago)
The content is cool, but the writer for the narration needs to go. So many made up and incorrect statements in an effort to dramatize the build. It's distracting from what is otherwise a really cool show.
charles.duncan Barclay (1 month ago)
tak 4 a licensed version of timoney independent suspension system.
Hannah's movies (1 month ago)
they say multiple times how preicise the parts have to be... so just like producing anything else then?
Bang UL (1 month ago)
Im in indonesia
Shay Butter (1 month ago)
The vending machines are not very special. My construction companies 38 bay shop has 5 or 6 of them. Filled with gloves of all kinds, lube, grease, cooper coating, glue,, tape, tape measures, bits, the whole 9 yards
Doug (1 month ago)
talking in metric piss poor idea
GNUSMASHD (1 month ago)
I’m surprised they don’t use sleeve protection with all the sharp stainless steel there working with
We now have KME corp in Pennsylvania MFG making fire trucks... They only hire folks that come off welfare to make to their products. They give ya welding tests whereas their testors turn up the voltage or turn down the voltage on Mig Stick and Tig Machines and U-R supposed to guess where the machine is supposed to function at SO THEY MAKE IT LIKE U ARE ROOKIE AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT U ARE DOING IN ORDER TO PAY U A LOW HUMILIATING WAGE... The worse ya do then they hire ya on 4 peanuts...... Unlike me I didn't get hired Not because ya bark at em like I did about the welding test and verbally school the boss about the range welding machine being set way up on high or low at their several stations but the facts are that the boob U are gonna have as an OFFICE boss doesn't even have a fucking clue about how a welder actually works you just don't get the job because you are not a stupid ignorant sheep they are able to pay 12 - 13 bucks an hour for your actual skills..... KME FIRE EQUIPMENT & KOVATCH.... DON'T BUY THE SHIT.... IT'S THE WORST OF THE WORST AS OF 2017... At KMW the OFFICE BOSS I would have had told me I would have to consult with my every issue the same RETARD that turned & dialed up and down the test machines that were way outta whack and I would have had to deal with that asshole daily.... Doesn't sound like they were looking 4 productive capable employees. What they were looking 4 is people to hire on and train their way 4 nothing... In no way were they considering experienced employees. The real fact is a lot of welders have huge egos and that is the truth.... I would not buy a KME product if it were offered at discount prices... The plain truth is the place turned into just another low level sweat shop.... Somewhere along the lines it will show up...
Gedalías Gedas (1 month ago)
Corpo de bombeiros 🚒 Brasília!!!!
Dicky Miller (1 month ago)
Built in the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸!!! But why use the metric system in the video🤔
Natanael JV (1 month ago)
How is it delivered ? By train ? By plane ? Or they drive it all the way to the city ???? HOW ?
f4cphantom2 (1 month ago)
Is this place hiring ? How much is starting pay ?
jonesjames89 (1 month ago)
I can tell this is a retarded Canada show. Cause here in the USA we don’t say garbage like cm,meters,Km,litres. We proud Americans say miles,inches, gallons. Etc
2Stroke Diesel Power (1 month ago)
Interesting video... Thanks. Nothing like a little "dramatization" in regards to the "precise fit"/"precise location" talk..... it's no different than building any other rig, whether it's an over the road semi, a huge mining truck, or a 1,200 ton crane... and just think of the enormity of building an ocean going container ship's, Cruise ships, Aircraft carriers, etc, etc, etc..... or even a puny little car, requires at least "some" precision for things to work right.... though, questionably sometimes. lol Having said all that, I miss the 2 cycle Detroit's that use to power all (well, most of them, anyway) the diesel powered fire trucks from the 1940's (post WW2), well into the 1980's and even some early 1990's.... seems like here in the video they have a choice of either a ISX15 (as shown in the installation portion, although the front accessory drive cover looks like an ISL9, could be a pre-2010 epa engine) Cummins, or the DD13 Detroit... though Cummins has about 25 different engine series for fire apparatus & emergency vehicles, plus export engines.
Tanner Thomas (1 month ago)
peep SLCFD 0:43
Danny Philipsen (1 month ago)
As a European, not familiar with the Imperial system, it's nice to see litres/km/tonnes/cm instead of gallons/miles/lbs/inches!
Todd Ross (1 month ago)
To bad they don't stand behind what they build.....
ЯдБдstд ̃TM (1 month ago)
finally a video that uses the metric system instead of the imperial
bloolouboyle (1 month ago)
Wonder if that building had a fire? Would anyone come ? Also-3;08---Dave Bautista/Kermit ?
Freyfrantz (1 month ago)
Jack Wong (1 month ago)
chassis /ˈʃæsi/
tre luglio (1 month ago)
Wow that engine is so big that greta thunberg didn't dare to call Fire dept 👌
Frank Rizzo (1 month ago)
The Sutphen facility looks minuscule compared to Pierce.
Frank Rizzo (1 month ago)
OHSA would have a hay day.
hod scott (1 month ago)
18:37 thats such a good idea.
Gary Widom (1 month ago)
Why is there a random blurry square that randomly appears and disappears throughout the video?
Able Magawitch (1 month ago)
Top Secret Squirrel Town Fire Departments that don't officially exist. Seriously, They probably can't list and/or show their City/Town/Village/Incorporated area/etc..... name, station's and/or engine's insignia/art without a release?
Bradley Payne (1 month ago)
I was wondering the exact same thing. What were they excluding.
Yo Dawg (1 month ago)
What's with the metric crap?
SPNFENDER (1 month ago)
Business is always good when its 100% guaranteed, funded by the taxpayer, rough business plan.
0zzyninja (1 month ago)
What I learnt from watching this: It's a matter of millimeters.
Chris Koj (1 month ago)
LMAO i love how he said that like 5 times
Wayne Weck (1 month ago)
That would be thousandths
Dan R (1 month ago)
I was made in Wisconsin USA so I know they are the best! Work ethic second to none.
jollychopper (1 month ago)
Very interesting except for the false dramatics.
Pat Smat (1 month ago)
Wow this is awesome we just got a Pierce enforcer for my department. Thank you all at Pierce for one hell of a job!
ecoRfan (1 month ago)
luigi m (1 month ago)
Das sind ma echte große Lkw's bei uns gibt's nur mikrige Mercedes usw.