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Taylor Swift Reputation Commercial Target

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Text Comments (30)
Grace Bediako (4 months ago)
That’s cute magazine covers
Anveksha Rai (4 months ago)
I am ready for it
Alaina M. (4 months ago)
Omg I'm sooo excited
Andy Zuliansyah (4 months ago)
400.000 pre orders already.. RECORD BREAKING (Previous record was 1989 almost 300.000). What else she cant do?
Alex Aguilar (4 months ago)
Okay how do I get those here in Mexico?
i deleted my YouTube account (4 months ago)
this is the same as the last one except it says "only at Target"
Lala Lala (4 months ago)
mert alaş çekmiş as bayrakları
Esa Foley (4 months ago)
I hate you Taylor
dhruv shenk (4 months ago)
Esa Foley and it is sofias wish what she wants to question... 😂 BTW we swifties hate u that means
Sophia Loren (4 months ago)
Esa Foley english is not my first language bitch im trying
Esa Foley (4 months ago)
Sophia Loren that is not correct English it is does she love u not loves you. And it's my wish what I think about her
το yου You (4 months ago)
Esa Foley we hate u too 😀
Andy Zuliansyah (4 months ago)
Lol, who are you again?
Nour TV (4 months ago)
I'm laughing at those who will buy that lame thing whenever it will be available on the web for free lol
Nour TV (4 months ago)
Waw zombies lol
Alex clark (4 months ago)
Ahmed Nour you're type the people who are stupid and assholes She worked hard don't like it don't buy it, download illegally is just bad for business and everyone.
Rohiza Azrul (4 months ago)
You're the kind of people who will ruin world financial. Sure. Go ahead. Go steal it from internet. Heh. Like it will make the album flop. 😄
Swiftie 1313 (4 months ago)
Sean Michael Tabaosares (4 months ago)
is the album included on the magazines doesn't have jewel case??
Emily (4 months ago)
From what I understand it won't, just a cardboard slip for it
Sean Michael Tabaosares (4 months ago)
Fernanda Estrada yes i mean will the cd included on the magazines will have a jewel case??
Fernanda Estrada (4 months ago)
Sean Michael Tabaosares Included the álbum
Đức Võ (4 months ago)
Emiliano Vega (4 months ago)
Moisés Noé Pérez Alvarado (4 months ago)
MARIO GAMER36 (4 months ago)
Joseph Tafur (4 months ago)
No bonus tracks. Sorry target, I'm buying on iTunes this time.
TheMajorSpidey55 (4 months ago)
1st! IDK why I’m happy?