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The big stories that got buried in the Mueller report

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CNN's John Avlon looks at some of the bigger takeaways from the Mueller report that you may have missed. #CNN #News
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evoljellyfish 00 (20 days ago)
CNN lies to you over and over, and yet you all still trust them? Why? They go from MAGA bomber, to Charlottesville, to kavanaugh, to russian collusion, to covington catholic, to stormy daniels and their favorite "possible presidential contender" Michael Avenatti. How can any of you watch CNN and actually trust them to report the news? The west is being destroyed by leftist ideology, and CNN is fanning the flames of our destruction and all of you useful idiots are cheering them on. WHY? HOW? Seriously, someone please respond, i HAVE TO KNOW!
Bruce Schram (22 days ago)
CNN doesn't check sources. CNN seldom admits mistakes. If CNN's polls were so wrong (fake) in 2016, why would or should we believe them now??? CNN is FAKE NEWS.
Marcellino Sananto (24 days ago)
The lot of the Republican party are at this point more loyal to Putin and Russia than America and our constitution.
oldladyfish (24 days ago)
CNN stop the BS. Get off your arses and go to Mueller and get the interview of a life time right now!. Why has CNN not said they have contacted Mueller for an interview? Why didn't CNN contacted Mueller the very second this letter was introduce? ASK MUELLER NOW ! Mr. Mueller why didnt you make a decision yourself? What kelp you from making a decision? What did you mean in that letter you sent to Barr ? CNN if can interview the president of Russia! You can interview Mueller right now tonight and save the tax payers money that could be going to feed a homeless vet. Stop the BS !
Kevin (24 days ago)
Calling this tabloid news would be generous.
Yogi Nick (24 days ago)
Republicans are traitors...it's that simple. Semper Fi
Bruce Schram (22 days ago)
Don't put the Armed Services into your politics dickhead.
Philosophy Beddoe (24 days ago)
The big story is that leftist Democrats are communistic and want to bring America down..David Horowitz, former Jewish radical, spilled the beans on these horrible creatures years ago.. open borders, global governance, the welfare state, anti white rhetoric, political correctness and victimhood ideology are all rotten notions from the Alinsky and Marx playbook designed to assist in the takedown
aljanat5 (24 days ago)
Citizenship in a democracy is a spectator sport if you can afford to sit out the wars and claim tax credits, file for multiple bankruptcy notices, offshore your assets, dividends, trust funds and market trades through dark money pals.
Honest Business (24 days ago)
Russia if you’re listening stop picking our president
Honest Business (24 days ago)
Have their heads so far up rump’s rump
Honest Business (24 days ago)
Disgusting installed puppet attorney general
Honest Business (24 days ago)
Comrade bone spurs
aljanat5 (24 days ago)
Citizenship in a democracy is a spectator sport if you can afford to sit out the wars.
Dolores Torrecillas (24 days ago)
Have you noticed that many of the trolls or bots have have screen names that hype their persona? Running out of real names, comrade?
BUrton BinGer (25 days ago)
Your times up, Sorry, need to go shopping.
TP 4UrbHol (26 days ago)
Isaac (27 days ago)
I'd like to see CNN spend this much effort into investigating Hillary Clinton.
lame fake spin. Lame lame lame fake fake fake zzzzZZZZZ
DoctorV93 (28 days ago)
I looked up GoT and got this?!?!!
Gene Ollar (29 days ago)
Starting at 3:15, listen to him...and then think, hmm, but I should believe YOU? I started laughing so hard at this Bozo, almost fell out of my chair!
theberrybest (29 days ago)
Still chasing a hoax.
Joe Hyatt (1 month ago)
Yes lets0 ta0lk about why Hillary smashed phonesOBSTRUCTION. Why didnt Obama stop it . He said Russia wasnt meddling. GOIDBYE CNN!!!!
Six Atomic (1 month ago)
Jason Gastrich (1 month ago)
Russia R. Russia did it again.
__ (1 month ago)
More fake dribble from the leftard network.
p R (1 month ago)
haha all those russian bots at the trump rally was a good one
beatleographer 1 (1 month ago)
The big story is CNN getting buried in the ratings. Who in the fuck runs this train wreck??
Veve Charly (1 month ago)
I said it I'll say it again, there is no way in hell that Trump would won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, without the help of Russia
Veve Charly (24 days ago)
+USA Latino fuck FBtrash " God is my saviour moron
USA Latino (24 days ago)
@Veve: Well, you must know something we don't. Expect a visit from the FBI. BTW: Obama's BC is as fraudulent as a $ 3 1/2 bill.
Shaun's Fish Tanks (1 month ago)
The Mueller report just made Barrs job even easier of putting the sad folks away who started all this nonsense. There is so much incriminating evidence in the FISA's (including the Woods procedure) which obviously meant nothing to these embeciles. BOOMERANG effect is now in play.
Tanner Sande (1 month ago)
Lol unknown unknowns, definition of a chicken with its head cut off!
Stan Westgard (1 month ago)
As far as I'm concerned intent to conspire was proven Paul Manafort giving Polling data th krimilik Some and Wiki leaks Don Jr. meeting Kushner trying to set up a back channel so there was intent were they stupid yes but you can't plead ignorance. The intent was there. To top it off Trump had just Russians in the Oval office. They could of bugged it or even Trump let them. That is why he won't say anything bad about Putin even in the Oval office
Mike Hunt (1 month ago)
Lmfao!!!! What no impeachment??? Awww fake ass news!!!!
Face Candy Studio (1 month ago)
Wait! What? There's a computer link between a Russian Bank and the Trump organization? Yep. There goes the money laundering.... #gotchya
Mike McGee (1 month ago)
Yeah it is missing that main part of how Crooked Killary and the FBI paid for the Dossier?
Bruce Schram (22 days ago)
+Cynthia Alley hey Sin making money off Russia is not new or illegal. It was before he took office. No conspiracy for our President. Pull that tampon out of your ear.
Cynthia Alley (24 days ago)
But but but but Hillary but but but Obama!! Hello your president is fucking crook! Dirty hands in with Russia just so he can make more money for himself and his family.. but but but Hillary's emails. But but but!! Wake up fool!
Joseph jo (1 month ago)
A former Trump transition team staffer is calling for impeachment of President Donald Trump after reading special counsel Robert Mueller's report, arguing there is "more than enough here to get that started." "If you look at the report, it's clear it's a referral to Congress to begin impeachment proceedings. That was the only choice left to Mueller after the restrictions placed on him by DOJ policy," J.W. Verret told CNN's John Berman Thursday on "New Day." "There's more than enough here to get that started," he added. He told CNN it's up to the Democratic leadership to start the impeachment process, saying, "They need to have the guts to jump on this." Top Democrats tamp down impeachment talk on call after Pelosi pens letter Top Democrats tamp down impeachment talk on call after Pelosi pens letter Asked what he's calling on Republican members to do, Verret replied, "As the hearings go forward, ask honest questions." "Don't just do block and tackle for the President to try to prove your loyalty to him when he watches it on TV," Verret said. Verret, who has worked on GOP presidential transition teams for the past 10 years, served as deputy director of economic policy on the Trump presidential transition team. He wrote in The Atlantic on Tuesday he quit Trump's team in October 2016 over concerns about Trump's rhetoric on immigration and trade, his financial regulation policies, and the policy team's "hostility" to Russian sanctions. He said that the Mueller report was the "tipping point" for him to transition from a "pragmatist about Trump to advocate for his impeachment." Verret claimed on CNN on Thursday that he's received "a lot of feedback from my friends" on Capitol Hill and in the Trump administration "who say they're glad I'm doing what I'm doing." He had worked as counsel and chief economist to the House Financial Services Committee from 2013 to 2015. "I don't know if they're ready to come out publicly about it yet. Some of them won't be able to," Verret said. "Some in the administration are reaching out to you, saying they're glad you're speaking out about this?" Berman pushed. "Yes, absolutely," Verret said, adding, "I'll just say most of them say, 'We're glad you're doing what you're doing, we're proud of you.' " House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leadership have tampered down the push from some members of the party, and 2020 candidates, to begin the impeachment process against Trump. House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, said Sunday on NBC News' "Meet the Press" he thinks some of the matters brought forth in the Mueller report, including "obstruction of justice, if proven, would be impeachable." He, however, stopped short of calling for impeachment hearings, saying he first wants to hear Mueller's testimony in front of the committee. The Mueller report released last week said the investigation into possible collusion found that members of the Trump campaign knew they would benefit from Russia's illegal actions to influence the election, but did not take criminal steps to help. The report also details numerous cases in which Trump asked his aides to take actions that would may have obstructed the investigation but stated they were unsuccessful because the aides refused his orders. Mueller wrote he accepted the Justice Department precedent that a sitting president cannot be indicted, but rejected the Trump team's legal argument that a president cannot commit obstruction of justice, leaving the door open for Congress to continue to investigate Trump. CNN's Jeremy Herb and Laura Jarrett contributed to this report.
Jackie Kershaw (1 month ago)
Fake account,...! we can all see exactly what is in the Muller report we dont need CNN telling us what we should read into it. Now stop pretending your a viewer and get bet back to your CNN office duty. There is no depths to which CNN wont stop. You think your insulting our intelligence but your just not clever enough TRAITOR...
spam lite (1 month ago)
I'm drinking your tears snowflake.
Bob BarkerIII (1 month ago)
FROM THE MUELLER REPORT: The investigation established multiple links between Trump Campaign officials and individuals tied to the Russian government. Those links included Russian offers of assistance to the Campaign. In some instances , the Campaign was receptive to the offer, while in other instances the Campaign officials shied away. Ultimately, the investigation did not establish that the Campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities.
Fred Gonzalez (1 month ago)
What was buried in the Muller report was the unprofessional and the stupidity of the Con News Network charlatans stupidity and none sense? I was raised in N.Y in the 70s, and I can interpret your bullshit a mile away.
a guy from oz (1 month ago)
Its Very safe to say this is most probably VERY FAKE NEWS
william wong (1 month ago)
Cnn is the fake news and that's the truth you guys are fake news
Ned Walport (1 month ago)
The chicken head new network just can't let it go ..... HOAX.
Cynthia Alley (24 days ago)
Wtf are talking about! It was investigated by Mueller and his many investigators.. it's in the report confirmed by Barr! Yoi fucking idiot. Its a real thing dumbass.
scott mcdaniel (1 month ago)
Clinton crimes got buried but they are coming to the surface. Fucking libtard idiots.
Gazbanger (1 month ago)
Gazbanger (1 month ago)
Gazbanger (1 month ago)
Nater018 (1 month ago)
Real collusion https://youtu.be/l-awKkoeNIQ
Chris Henson (1 month ago)
Steele dossier was bought by clinton campaign and it was russia disinfo.fisa warrants and how all this hoax started.dnc severs not looked at evidence lacking that russia hacked. podesta ties to ukraine.ukraine election meddling for clinton clintons ties to russia bias in in doj and fbi.alot was missing but all that is coming out real soon and people are in big trouble.
spam lite (1 month ago)
We knew about that three years ago. Now it fresh news for the fake news snowflakes.
George Manos (1 month ago)
Fake news you only have 306 watching. CNN is going down!
Mike McGee (1 month ago)
Going LMAO????? They've been down at the bottom for years!
Mystic 6av1n (1 month ago)
Hey guess what . The report shows nothing about a collusion with russia so that means cnn lied AGAIN CNN = FAKE NEWS
Mystic 6av1n (29 days ago)
If a mueller report for hillary came out and there was no evidence at all i would still defend her even thogh i am a trumpster ps trump is a amazing president just look at the facts
Rick Schalk (1 month ago)
So you don't care about obstruction of the investigation by Trump and you don't care that Trump was happy to receive Russian help to get elected? Just flip the script and substitute Hilary Clinton for Trump in the Mueller probe into Russian interference in our elections. You would be ready to burn her at the stake you fucking Trump hypocrites!!!!!!!! You have no credibility at all and anything you say can be flushed down a toilet!!!!
Alexander Gonzalez (1 month ago)
We need open hearings with Mueller front and center, still more questions that need answering.
Mike McGee (1 month ago)
Yes I agree especially the part of how Crooked Killary and the FBI paid for the Dossier that they used to start this witch hunt!?
Roger Williams (1 month ago)
#FakeNews ... #CNNSucks ... Here's REAL news analysis ("Tom Fitton of Judicial Watck Blows The Lid off of the #MuellerReport ; https://youtu.be/oeTe-20jdvs ). In this episode of "Inside Judicial Watch," JW President Tom Fitton walks through the Mueller report and what Judicial Watch is doing about investigating the investigators.
LmAokatC1 (1 month ago)
capoman1 (1 month ago)
Other things include, no collusion.
M (1 month ago)
Okay people repeat after the US intelligence agencies and investigation teams...No collusion, No collaboration, No effect on the election. For the love of your own sanity move on.
NB (1 month ago)
Boring...Now wonder CNN ratings are lowering.
Tatersalad19 Cars (1 month ago)
CNN and MSNBC are like an Apocalyptic Cult who kept promising their followers that the World would end on a certain day, and when it didn’t happen, they have to keep spinning more lies to keep them in the group. Their poor listeners don’t understand Political Propaganda which involves Race baiting, blaming Russians, covering up the crimes of their Sponsors, etc. and attacking their political opposition. Weather or not something is True or not is of little significance as long as the lie will serve their political objectives They should check out Noam Chomsky’s “ 5 Filters of the Mainstream Media “. To help them on their road to recovery #Walkaway
Mike McGee (1 month ago)
OMG you covered their entire life cycle SHHHHHHHH.
Chester Carter (1 month ago)
Go to x22report on you tube for some more of the story
Renee Turner (1 month ago)
CNN Sucks. Hillary Clinton and Obama are goin down haha
The Internet Explorer (1 month ago)
Sounds like a big conspiracy theory...
Darling Dear (1 month ago)
Mueller could only definitively answer ONE question - did Trump conspire with IRA and Gusifer2.0 (two Russian gov. agencies Mueller charged). To hack and disseminate hacked information. The answer was no. It's good to know, but no one asked THAT question. What everyone wanted to know - what is the reason for Trump's affinity to Putin and why all the Trump-Russia overtures ? Mueller summarized all the overtures , but gave no answer to the question EVERYONE was asking
OG213LA (1 month ago)
Then they wonder why they call them fake news
Wacka Doo (1 month ago)
How about the fact that all the information coming from Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton was tainted, unbelievable, corrupted, potentially fabricated.
Damian Gruenberg (1 month ago)
Do not ever donate an organ in Vancouver Washington or Portland Oregon. Or through OHSU in Portland Oregon. They will say your selling your organs and try to kill you if you report them. They threatened to kidnap me from the reports I made on them after I tried to donate. They are trying to turn my reports against me by harrasing me in ways I cannot prove. They would rather kill Heros then admit they are wrong.
Kippered Herrings (1 month ago)
Dimwitcrats. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA Keep it up ,and lose bigly in 2020. House and Senate will be controlled by Republicans. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. Please keep it up..... Leftists love having their intelligence insulted by CNN.
Sylvia Marshall (1 month ago)
How's those ratings CNN?
Sovereign Butterfly (1 month ago)
Socrates is quoted as saying "voting is a skill" he comes from the same culture which "created" demoocracy. The Greek culture who believes in a Greek pantheon of God's! The same culture philosophy was born! The same culture "government" pillars of thought stem from. The reason why they invented voting was "to prevent" a demagogue rulership! Votes are what should be protected, along with the rights and the parchment which backs it all up.
rolback (1 month ago)
Adam Schiff has the evidence he's been saying it for 2 years. Where's the evidence Schiff?
Barbara White (1 month ago)
Trump in 2020 100%
Robert Paulson (1 month ago)
CNN is for like dumb people.
Sovereign Butterfly (1 month ago)
It looks like all of the "purposes" to protect "voter's rights" have been "held" under "the value" of these stolen e-mails "placed" bellow "our rights" on the value food chain. Protecting "voter rights" in comparison to "using stolen e-mails" to influence political opinions. The constitution protects voters rights but "what is it doing" to protect itself from the abuse of "being" overidden "by" public "political" opinion. We elect officials who project this type of influence "protect the constitution" at all costs! Those are "the type of people" we hold up to office!
wayneebrilliant (1 month ago)
So no collusion? Ok move on and find some real news.
Mike McGee (1 month ago)
That was all they had look at their ratings plummet once the report came out!
Texas Viewpoint (1 month ago)
Forida needs to get their election process in order.
Joseph (1 month ago)
​You don't get to see "the whole report" classified info . . . .Mueller Report, is Sealed, just like Smollet's
TP 4UrbHol (1 month ago)
Radwulf Eboraci (1 month ago)
Yes exactly ... Cambridge Analytica, Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Trump campaign ... hmmm??
Crimson Reaper (1 month ago)
Just look at the 2 general attorneys four page summary of the Muller report they have found no evidence of obstruction or interference with the campaign Clinton's the only one who had any evidence stacked against her regarding the election of 2016
ivorbukovac (1 month ago)
There's FAR more intetesting buried leads there then these...
Chris 3.1416 (1 month ago)
No collusion, No, No, No No. What part of NO don't you geniuses understand? CNN ratings this week hit new low, and at bottom of All News Shows. Does this tell you something that it's over?
Philosophy Beddoe (24 days ago)
This is a shield for Hillary, the Witch of the West and her water carrier, Barry Soetoro
Dianne Adair (1 month ago)
NOW IT MAKES SENSE WHY MSM AND HILLARY SUPPORTERS WERE SO SURE SHE WAS GOING TO WIN 2016 Democrats rigged elections for 50 years.  https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thenewamerican.com%2Fusnews%2Fpolitics%2Fitem%2F24452-democrat-operative-admits-we-ve-been-rigging-elections-for-50-years&h=AT1zJW4r-WNEDNryn5ArVTQH4QpN_sNC7OZTlwtpRIRCDThYeD7Iqs95vnFHxT5Y1ubURTGE9OPDGtXO9NFZaJyQC0v1jDT9kkl-vtNC9lc3eFdnYUHmF06FTljSppu0x9vBH3YKGOEn1Jw&s=1 Now that the witch hunt is over its TRUMPS TURN NOW to expose The Russian Collusion Confusion Delusion Illusion
Danny v (1 month ago)
The biggest story that got missed was the Nigerian church massacre
Hugh B. MacLeod (1 month ago)
Meanwhile with all the distractions, divisiveness, and extreme polarization, the aristocracy and the corporations continue their skimming operations as they hoard millions and billions of dollars. If money is the life blood of capitalism, how does it do any good concentrated in fewer and fewer hands?
Pat Orsban (1 month ago)
Yep, like how the Democrats paid for Russian lies to justify Obama to weaponize our doj to go after a political opponent. Cant wait to see how much corruption Obama and Hillary and the Democrats indulged in in 2016.
Jtmichael23 (1 month ago)
Comedy News Network = CNN
Ray Bechtel (1 month ago)
Keep investigating Trump and watch your viewers disappear. Your making Trump look as great as he is by all your false stories. Trump will win 2020 just watch and see.
David Gaines (1 month ago)
The truth behind the report the clintons created all this with a fake report and a server in the closet that Russia hacked
Richard Wolske (1 month ago)
The biggest story buried isn’t in the report , Hillary’s part in the fake dossier! And her part in the stolen votes from Burnie slanders . What a mess !
Brian America (1 month ago)
CNN having a show called "Reality Check", is one of the top ten ironically funny things to happen since the mesozoic.
Pam Timmins (1 month ago)
This is more then any free country should have to contend with. Citizens should be able to trust their "President" no one can trust Trump not even his staff. Trump is like a rabid dog who will turn on you in an instant. Trump's sons are as crooked as he is.....sitting President? How about an interloper who cheated his way into the White House with the Russians help? That is Trump he is incompetent, lazy, and vindictive. Keep investigating this loser Trump dems you are our only hope for our continued freedom.
MuhammedJamal (1 month ago)
When you realize that Trump was right about the Mainstream Media, they all owe us an apology if they want to prove Trump wrong
Susie Taylor (1 month ago)
I was wrong, Yesterday I believed we should impeach this President. Today I do not because it will never happen and it wouldn't change anything. The rich don't want to upset their rising stock market. The congress members do not want to upset their constituents and lose their jobs. Liars will continue to lie. Cheaters will continue to cheat. Bigots will continue to hate. Kids at the border will be still be taken from terrified parents.  Elderly will live in poverty and college students who are the only hope for a country will live in lifetime debt. All schools will become private charter schools that are allowed to discriminate by income, race, religion and gender. The reality is that our country is not a country of laws, not a Republic. The reality is that being a Republican or a Democrat is more important than being an American. We lost our country long ago and now we are simply snarling and fighting over the dead remains.  All those in Arlington died for nothing. I am truly sorry. I weep for them.
Jackie Kershaw (1 month ago)
It's time for you to start listening to the real news. All that you spout here is CNN lies. Time to leave the swamp before they drag you down the sink hole with them. Go to YouTube black conservative patriot... this guy will put you on the right track. For instance only children that are being trafficked are removed from the traffickers. Fake parents intent on selling the little ones into the paedo circles. Unlike when Obummer was splitting real families up.
D Storm (1 month ago)
CNN, your home for race-baiting and Trump-hating...
WTF Again? (1 month ago)
D Storm Trump hating for sure! Because he deserves to be hated. Collusion and obstruction both confirmed in the Report. BTW the MSM was cited over 60 times in the Report. Not ‘fake news’ comrade!
Tatersalad19 Cars (1 month ago)
The Counterfeit News Network is posing as a legitimate News source by stealing the “ Reality Check “. Phrase from BEN SWAN. An actual Journalist famous for exposing Lies, not propagating them like CNN if you Really want Truth look up the extraordinary work OF BEN Swan and Judicial Watch’s Youtube Channel skip the Political Propaganda shit spewed by the Establishment spin doctors CNN is 💩💩💩
kenneth lowey (1 month ago)
Protestors have already begun storing up their urine in plastic containers ahead of a rumoured Donald Trump state visit this summer. The rumour that President Trump will be visiting the UK was initially met with outrage by left-wing protestors, but then glee as they realised the kind of shenanigans that might entail, along with the realisation that this might be the only opportunity they have to drown President Trump in litres and litres of their own water. “It’s going to be epic,” said Robert Sharp, while filling up an empty Stella bottle. “And I don’t mean epic in the hyperbolic sense, I mean it literally. Nobody in human history will ever have been covered with more p*ss, generated by more people than President Trump will be in just a few short months. “I wouldn’t be seen dead at a President Trump rally, so it’s very generous of him to offer himself up on a plate like this. “It’s a shame he can’t visit more often. I’ve got a lot of urine in this body of mine.” Excited Brits have been holding parties known as “P*ss-Ups”, where the empty bottles from the night are immediately urinated into, then stored in a special cellar known as the “West Wing”. “You should see my West Wing,” said Ellie Scatliffe, a middle-class socialist from Somerset. “There are bottles and bottles of urine as far as the eye can see. Even more so than I would usually store down there. “I can’t wait to see each and every one of them hit President Trump right in the eye. I’ve been limbering up on the local sports field especially. “I can hit a pig with a spear from two hundred yards now, so hitting Trump right in his massive, ego-inflated head shouldn’t be much of a challenge.” A Secret Service spokesperson said, “We at the Secret Service obviously take safety and security very, very seriously. “That’s why we’re providing each protestor with protective gloves and headgear to protect themselves from the glass. “Not Trump, though, that **ick is on his own.”
Jackie Kershaw (1 month ago)
Garbage. The Brits also have fake news like CNN, they have the equally fake BBC but the Brits are also waking up. For instance Brits are totally against full term abortions. When this all comes out in the UK Trump will get the warmest welcome he ever had.
spam lite (1 month ago)
I'm drinking your tears snowflake.
Patricia Riley (1 month ago)
Btw.. The Mueller report is old news ...stop gaslighting everyone
Lear King of Albion (1 month ago)
MSM is conspiring to keep anti-Trump information and spin out of the precious press, the guardian of our democracy.... Thank you MSM for the laughs....
Patricia Riley (1 month ago)
There's nothing being hidden... Donald rumsfeld you get advice from him... give me a break... you liars just won't stop gaslighting everyone.... news flash... the great awakening is happening and We the people are waking up fast...in fact faster than you people in the mainstream lying media can spew your propaganda....
US NEWS TODAY (1 month ago)
*Trump group does not like this!*
F.N. Schlub (1 month ago)
The huge story buried under all the noise about The Great Distractor is the Senate GOP packing the Federal Bench vacancies with their ideological fellow travelers.
Mustang .308 (1 month ago)
Ideologically speaking... the butt fucking demo lition crats, who view the world through what genitals they have and what color skin they have, what and how many same sex partners they can get and how many children they can rape and murder.... is a far cry ...... from the sane perspectives of those who have jobs, are married to the opposite sex and have children, traditions, stable homes and families and honor and worship the Creator .... "Ideologically" speaking, that is ... Only fools support the prior over the latter.... 🤔
Sophie Martinez (1 month ago)
As a Democrat I'm ashamed of my party. Let's just get back to winning the 2020 election
gw wile (1 month ago)
Trump suffers from Kleptoparasitism and Histrionic Personality Disorder
Google Sucks (1 month ago)
It’s unreal that you guys are still saying the report doesn’t prove his innocence ... even though trump cooperated 100% and the report was clear and fact.... we all knew this would happen ... cnn if now the enemy of the country .....they want to destroy this country no matter who is in office ...and the majority of good people in this country don’t believe your propaganda ...
Hona Wikeepa (1 month ago)
No collusion, no interference The accusers are guilty of treason. CNN is guilty of being dumb and dumber..
MightySenpai (1 month ago)
Why does he remind me of VoiceoverPete?
paul cat (1 month ago)
fake news
Jack Meoff (1 month ago)
What people don't know unless they read the report is they may have been a pawn in Russias IRA by helping them spread thier propaganda like the people on page 28 profile U.S. persons, including former Ambassador Michael McFaul, 72 Roger Stone,73 Sean Hannity,74 and Michael Flynn Jr.,75 retweetcd or responded to tweets posted to these IRAcontrolled accounts. Multiple individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign also promoted IRA tweets (discussed below). Jared also was in the report. It's better than the 50 shades of gray. a must read report. cnet has it where you can read it online or download the PDF file