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Avengers 4 To Start 5 Years After Infinity War?

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Rather than seeing the world in the immediate aftermath of Thanos' attack, Avengers 4 might take us back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe five years into the new status quo. Is the latest rumor true? Let's break down the possibilities... Big casting clues | 0:13 A Thanos... paradise? | 1:06 The story of Stark | 1:42 Battle of New York Part II | 2:19 The sidelined Avenger | 3:08 A very overdue reunion | 4:07 Read more here → https://www.looper.com/135548/avengers-4-to-start-5-years-after-infinity-war/ Comic Book Movies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt The Ending Of Avengers Infinity War Explained https://youtu.be/0hdnQ8EXdEs?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt The Untold Truth Of Thor's New Hammer https://youtu.be/aXnCxZXwSzI?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Here's How Groot Could Lift Thor's Hammer In Infinity War https://youtu.be/g9F9qAT226Y?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Every Version Of The Joker Ranked From Worst To Best https://youtu.be/c-ijgjG-9Gc?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt How Michael B. Jordan Got Ripped For Black Panther https://youtu.be/Jks6FirKHFQ?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt How Zoe Saldana Transforms Into Gamora https://youtu.be/EFid2otZi6I?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Website → https://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (940)
Looper (30 days ago)
What do you think will happen in Avengers 4?
Humayun Arif (21 days ago)
Thanos will get rekt
Sporty Calvin (22 days ago)
stuff will happen.
Jason Brister (24 days ago)
I will win
Chris Sewell (25 days ago)
In regards to the tony/cap reunion, tony might not have even made in back to earth yet in the 5 years
Ringo Hendrix (26 days ago)
The Beatles will get back together
HoCoRydaaH (3 days ago)
We knew it would take palce 5 years after infinity war like two months after the movie came out. Later to the party much.
blake dorsey (3 days ago)
If the avengers travel through the quantum realm and steal all the stones, wouldn't they start disappearing from the gauntlet? then once they have them all- send in world breaker Hulk for his much deserved revenge.
Róbert Nagy (4 days ago)
majd csak osszehozzák a lopos AI:))) és megtanul kifizetni a jogdijam :)))))))
ram dawt (14 days ago)
A time jump WoulD mean Miles Morales will be old enough to be spider man
kaledov (16 days ago)
I think Thor could go after Thanos himself and it’s weird for Captain Marvel to get a distress signal like that just to jump so many years.
Citrusbird386 (17 days ago)
Seriously I wanted to see how the world would be during the snap. 2 minutes after the snap and then 20 minutes after the snap, it'll be like how America was thrown into panic back in 2001. That would be a golden opportunity, I don't want references to the snap I don't want people to talk about the snap SHOW ME WHAT ELSE HAPPENED
Evol_AF (19 days ago)
I'm guna go out on a limb and say that Cassies older version is just a Brief Future time jump. I'm pretty sure that there will only be around a year difference between Infinity War & A4
Ave (19 days ago)
gwyneth paltrow said that she's gonna be in Avengers 4 so I'm just assuming that Pepper survived
Warapong Tungittiplakorn (20 days ago)
Strange could have used the same trick he used with Dormammu to beat Thanos but he didn't.
Mr. Boomguy (21 days ago)
I bet Avengers 4 has even more chills (or similar) than Infinity war. I really felt the chocker on that movie
KEITH BARBOUR 07/03 (21 days ago)
they have to get along
Paul (22 days ago)
Tony is still stuck on Titan. I guess at least the opening Scene to explain if and how he got away would be nice.
LLG BOKU (22 days ago)
Not sure if this is true because Spider-Man far from home takes place minutes after Avengers 4 and Peter and peter are still in high school.
ZangThao 咏春 (23 days ago)
I think Thanos will say the same thing to Antman just like Spiderman did in Infinity war calling Antman insect.
inVINCEble (23 days ago)
Cap will die.There will be iron mans Mark 85
Alan Woodwind (23 days ago)
Maybe she goes into the Quantum Realm and it ages her?
Miguel "Gator" Lozada (24 days ago)
Wait...What if... We are being mislead. What if its not the Avengers that go back in time... It's Thanos. What if that hit from Thor did hurt him so much he's dying. And he can't reverse it... but can go back in time and kill Thor before he reaches this new level of god power?
Matt Drane (24 days ago)
It may take 5 years for Tony to get back to Earth. He was left way out in space and the ship he traveled there in was destroyed. I don't think they'll actually do that big a jump, but this would be a way to still get that Steve/Tony reunion. Cassie's aging could easily be something to do with the quantum realm, or for a scene where Scott travels forward in time and sees an older version of his family.
gspendlove (24 days ago)
I still can't believe they killed Rey and Finn in Infinity War.
Magneto Rex (24 days ago)
maybe it takes Tony five years to even get back to Earth
LemitCool (24 days ago)
I'm one of the few poeple that can beat thanos cause I can break his fingers and he won't be able to snap
Roxanne Conner (24 days ago)
I bet they go all the way back to the first Avenger's New York battle. Mishandling Loki, the tesseract (space stone) and the scepter (mind stone) in the aftermath of that battle is really what allowed Thanos to gain power.
kyle dippel (25 days ago)
Young avengers I hope
Femz (25 days ago)
I think the cassie thing is scott lang trevelling in the quantum realm and when he gets back we see an older version of cassie
MitchCyanFilms (25 days ago)
Bring me Avengers 4!
deeqa jama (25 days ago)
maybe his unborn child died in the snap
Abandoned Cars & Vehicles (25 days ago)
Tony Stark will go on Nidavellir and forge a suit with the help of Eitri, and put in this arc reactor an infinity stone (a lost one)...
Call Boy (25 days ago)
So peter Parker Stays same after 5 years
LegitLyricsPH (25 days ago)
you forgot to mention though that tony is stuck in thanos' planet. and how he plansto comeback. :)
GamingPro1003 (25 days ago)
What they could do as far as the point about the reunion of Stark and Cap is that in the MCU movies the first 3-5 minutes are backstory and set up some big part of the plot, then the title card comes up after, they could have the reunion be that pre-title card part of the movie
astrid rocio (25 days ago)
you keep saying that they would have moved on from thanos killing half the universe, but like are they really gonna move on? we all know captain marvel will be in the movie so..
Ku Playford Valls (25 days ago)
Hawk guy - the shitiest & weakest avenger there is
Loki (25 days ago)
Actually, I heard it's after 10 years. idk idc anyway im dead already.
Loki (4 days ago)
Brandon Moore (21 days ago)
Loki your alive and you be seeking revenge against Thanos in Avengers 4!
NG NATE Ramjattan (25 days ago)
I have a theory that when AntMan was in civil war he Was from the future because he went in a time vortex So if Scott never when through that portal at the end of Antman and The Wasp He would never be in Civil war
BCutno (25 days ago)
How is Tony even getting back to Earth?
Ashley Ernest (26 days ago)
Bring back QuicksIlver
EvolvingEachDay (26 days ago)
it wont be the whole setting for the film, it'll just be something to do with the end to move us on from the events
JDMC Music Aus (26 days ago)
Can't freaking wait
K-rex (26 days ago)
All i can say is there better be a hug scene!
Ringo Hendrix (26 days ago)
I think the Beatles will finally get back together, much to Banner's relief Hulk wouldn't come out because he wasn't aware the Beatles broke up.
Shasta Rae (26 days ago)
Ommmmggg I'm dying!!! Can't wait wait for number 4 . number 3 was amazing and my favorite!
Aurora El (26 days ago)
What the hell is this accent
Mike Kelley (26 days ago)
It's understandable that Stark and Rogers didn't reunite in this last film, it just makes their reunion in 4 all the more better.
Katerine459 (26 days ago)
If they do start in the future, flashbacks are likely, so we could get the reunion scene regardless.
Hudson Bruce (26 days ago)
Maybe the will use time travel so they casted a older Cassie like for a time jump through the quantum realm
Ntuwa Edwin (27 days ago)
EJ Schwa (27 days ago)
it is pretty obvious what the plot will be, the end of Infinity war turned all the most profitable characters to dust...and all the ones that are getting to the end still alive...so we knew right then time travel had to come into play...now go back to the first avengers, Tony goes through the wormhole with the bomb and falls back to earth...in the comics and Ozzy's iconic song he did something similar to save the future of mankind...so, writing in hollywood is not exactly inventive or imaginative...so just take those things and go straight forward with them....something to do with the quantum realm will be used to time travel or defeat Thanos...they will use the battle of new york and that wormhole to get to thanos, tony will sacrifice himself and be the hero..using the quantum realm somehow....couple others may die as well, but they will win, and reset time from there. the rest of the movie will just be fluff setting up characters and getting all the pieces to fall into place for that...Captain Marvel's intro, getting antman out the quantum realm, and the hulk's performance anxiety....all of that.
CaliforniaGirl49 (27 days ago)
My theory is that everything is in the future rather than the past. I say this because in Spider-Man far from home it’s obvious (to me) that Michelle knows that Peter is Spider-Man and in homecoming she didn’t before.
RiverDusk 21 (27 days ago)
I came here about to comment saying "NO, AVENGERS 4 IS NOT COMING IN FIVE YEARS, IT IS COMING NEXT MAY" u bamboozled me
Varnikaa Muthuswamy (27 days ago)
What about Captain Marvel? It won't be reasonable if she comes to earth five years after the events of infinity war.(even though Nick fury sent her an SOS message right before turning to dust). This might be true only if Captain Marvel is also stuck in the quantum realm with Ant-Man.
Ray Thornton (27 days ago)
or they can start off where infinity war left off show the aftermath then jump
Saipraveen Seva (27 days ago)
Strange: I went forward in time to see all possible outcomes. Quill: How many did you see? Strange: 14,000,605 Stark: How many? Did we win? Strange: Won!
JensenH2O (27 days ago)
They go into the future to see if there are any other threats or if Thanos's snap was the right decision to balance out that threats power.
EASTCQASTLSD (27 days ago)
But if it’s a 5 year time jump and far from home takes place minutes after avengers 4 then that means that spider man is already out of high school. They could use that time travel thing that we saw in set photos to switch that though
Crispy Wafflez (27 days ago)
Oof the whole timeline would be oofed
AMN O-Jay (27 days ago)
Can't fucking wait.
MolemanNineThousand (27 days ago)
It can't possibly take place years later because that would screw up the timeline for all the TV shows (i.e. it would mean the next season of Daredevil, etc. would have to have half the characters being dead for no reason).
King Goliath (27 days ago)
It's not like that's surprising. It's going to take time for them to figure out a solution plus we need to see the effects of Thanos' finger snap. Seeing the heroes deal with life after snap will be amazing.
20 48231 (27 days ago)
Or just have it take 5 years for Tony to get home
janely monteiro (27 days ago)
Yeah but if avengers 4 happens 5 years from IW, that would mean peter Parker would be 20 in Spider-Man ffh and that wouldn’t make sense
janely monteiro (27 days ago)
Yeah but if avengers 4 happens 5 years from IW, that would mean peter Parker would be 20 in Spider-Man ffh and that wouldn’t make sense
Read Backwards (27 days ago)
DC & Marvel on my channel....
Adam Webb (27 days ago)
5 years time in the future means that people have their own children, so you will wiping these all out and resetting again. Who are they to take all the new lives?
Luis Rivera (27 days ago)
I want tony to remember both scenarios the one where they beat thanos and the 2nd where they get beaten by him. Where they beat thanos he doesn’t have a kid where they get beaten by thanos he does have a kids. It might be to late to fit this into Avengers 4 but it would be scene for Oscar winning
Alejandro Chavez (27 days ago)
Oh damn what if Tony took 5 years to come back to earth.
Lady Luck HQ (28 days ago)
Just bring in Adam Warlock, Galactus, and the Living Tribunal! Give the fans what they want, Marvel!!! With the fox acquisition, they can actually start telling the story as it relates to the ending of Infinity Gauntlet! Imagine Dr Doom and that whole squad coming together!! A girl can dream :)
CODFanatic (25 days ago)
Lady Luck HQ it was planned to be a completely original story i dont think we will see any of those characters in any movie until gotg3 IF it happens
Mcnugget Man (25 days ago)
i dig the concept, i promise i do. but for the same reasons a kingdom come movie wouldn't work, this won't. infinity war is cluttered as it is.... these make for great tv arcs however
Lady Luck HQ (26 days ago)
So back to my original point -- Adam Warlock was mildly introduced in Guardians 2, so it wouldn't be out of nowhere.. I agree on Doom but if they decide to bring in Annihilus as the main villain -- they wouldn't have done much building up towards that character either outside of showing the negative zone a few times in Ant Man... You can make the same case for Captain Marvel's intro since she was paged by Nick Fury... There's a reason why the Marvel writers get paid millions, and it's to solve problems like this. You can't finish the Infinity Gauntlet story line without introducing some of the most important characters..
André Van der Linden (26 days ago)
Yeh no. Fan service has never been a good idea. And how are they supposed to introduce them? “Oh hey we are 3 overpowered beings popping up out of nowhere” great storytelling
Mcnugget Man (26 days ago)
typical hollywood bullshit > overworked fan servicey stuff that only ultrafans will enjoy
Chucho Albarran (28 days ago)
I don’t think so, because in Far From Home zendaya looks the same as before, and i doubt that she would still be into Peter after 5 years
cacao1384 (28 days ago)
I agreed for the travel past cos spiderman far from home is coming and the cast of the movie. I don't want to believe they all dead to be honest. Scott Lang gonna be a huge part for the movie like Captain Marvel. Lot of things to say but i just stop with the prediction of Doctor Strange about chance out of 1 million.
The Merovingian (28 days ago)
Is it possible that the sculls invaded during the infinity war? I feel that Steve, tash & Sam are sculls it just had a different feel to it in the movie. But this would be a compelling idea for the time jump
ZA WARUDO (28 days ago)
I don't think it will take place 5 years after Infinity War because Spider-Man Far From Home takes place right after Avengers 4, and it's about Peter going on a field trip to Europe in England. This happens during his high school years so at the most it would be 1-2 years if any.
Fire Overlord (28 days ago)
I don't think infinity war 2 would start 5 years ago, the avengers would go to the future instead of starting 5 years later....
June Plays (28 days ago)
Well, Peter Parker would miss his graduation if Avengers 4 starts 5 years after infinity war
Rajveer singh (28 days ago)
If galactus gets put into this can't he destroy the whole planet very easly
General Boom! (28 days ago)
Okay....how is looper this stupid?
Hamzah Iftikhar (28 days ago)
Anything can happan
Shadow Strike (28 days ago)
I feel like if this does happen then I want to see Ant Man's Daughter Cassie take on the role of Stinger because she was 15 when she started and it would be really cool like if u agree
DannyBoyPlays (28 days ago)
One question... How were tony and the other humans able to breathe on titan?
Shermaine Brown (28 days ago)
How about Scott been stuck in the quantum realm for 5 years
Kaveshan Chetty (28 days ago)
How did Tony Stark get back to Earth from Titan?
Faisal Saeed (28 days ago)
I for one would hate to suffer through a cringeworthy bromance reunion between cap and ironman. Start it 5 years later and let howard the duck beat thanos with a rubber duck.
Mr RightNow (28 days ago)
the story will be it the future when Tony finally figures out how to undo the snap He'll have to time travel and sacrifice Steve Rogers for the soul stone
Kwago1 (28 days ago)
Going back in time wouldn't be a possibility IMO. Since Thanos took control of the time stone, there's three things in mind I would assume he'd wield it for. One is to close time portals to make time travel possible so his mission wasn't undone. Two would be to revive his army, since his actions would alert other forces of the universe to reverse what he has done or just to defend himself. Three, of course the obvious, get his daughter back which will not be possible that leaves the Avenger one chance to win. When this new movie begins, I'm not so certain if it will begin with sad faces of every remaining Avenger, but maybe only from the battle timeline in Titan where Dr. Steven Strange was using the time stone to communicate on points of origin in time where powerful forces that are dependable to side with their forces to be warned of the present battle they were in.
Peabody Shermanzania (28 days ago)
Deadpool saves the day
Mister M (28 days ago)
Fantastic 4?
graham lancaster (28 days ago)
it could be that it takes tony 5years to get home and we see it through his eyes
Matt the future ruler (28 days ago)
But didn't they say there will be time travel
Rick Allen (28 days ago)
That mean Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff having a kid in 5 years later. Name James Rogers
TheHalusis (28 days ago)
so i wonder if someone can help me understand something i cannot find online anywhere..WHY is the ronin mantle anything special if it doesnt reward with super powers but only a cool suit?
Captain Fordo (28 days ago)
Looper about to change their name to the Infinity War channel?
Red hulk I can't wait. That's hulk step dad Betty's dad comes to help but red hulk always turns bad so the ending will be exciting
cris mour (28 days ago)
Tony needs himself more than 2 years to go back to earth from Titan supposing that he can travel through space in his suit. So that makes sense.
Nurun Begum (28 days ago)
It's damn time to see the future, and I think Avengers 4 will take place in 2022 or 2023, then Tony would look old and so will Pepper.
Shah Mcdonald (28 days ago)
How tf does Tony get back to earth?
ih8mcfly (28 days ago)
If things happen during the 5 years after IW, and they time jump backwards, it will effectively erase the existence of anyone being born then? Eg, If Tony does have a baby. It’ll mean he has to sacrifice his child to undo the snap? 😩
Erick Square (29 days ago)
I would hate if it in the cinematic universe they do this cuz it's going to be in my opinion why would you even do anything 5 years after it happened. If you have a certain mindset just like in a relationship are you still going to hold a grudge after someone you broke up with five years after, that's a bad example but why would you try to do anything 5 years after more or less is what I'm saying I could see if they was to do several weeks or several months I can even ballpark if they did something within a year but if 5 years in the Cinematic Universe has passed then it doesn't make sense for anything to happen after this point it's pretty much conceding to everything that has happened
The Artist (29 days ago)
The trailer should start with hawkeye in the middle of the living room on his knees with dust in his hands and the eerie silence but u can see him screaming in pain and jump cuts to the aftermath of the snap....i really hope they go that route cuz the ant man nd the wasp post scenes gave off a horror vibe
XAdamskioX (29 days ago)
Still winds me up how short Tom Holland's Spiderman is and that homecoming cocked up the timeline...
Mr. Arnold (29 days ago)
Scott is definitely jumping around the time stream somehow trying to warn the Avengers. I also kind of interpret Dr. Strange's comment of how there is only a one in fourteen million(super small, ie Ant-Man) possibility of defeating Thanos.
Dean Moore (29 days ago)
I have killed billions of kids on my stomach ffs. No big deal