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The Coolest Treehouses In The World

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These amazing treehouse structures are way beyond the norm, sometimes mixing art or luxury with the beauty of nature. Strictly speaking, a treehouse is a structure built entirely among the branches of a tree but we've been less strict because these are awesome! Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ Get in touch or join the team: http://goo.gl/forms/2lOZyOeL3N Intro Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aqi Music credit: "Jarvic 8" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (161)
Matthew Malahy (1 day ago)
What about Barts Simpsons treehouse?
Jane Doe (3 days ago)
Steampunk treehouse? Yea.. it's not a house that you wanna to stay in during thunderstorms
Chicinthewoods Tv (17 days ago)
We live in a 1250 sq ft log cabin treehouse...in the fabulous Ozark Hills in Missouri ;)
Jaden Claws. (1 month ago)
Are they really safe.
Mimi B (2 months ago)
That ufo tree house looks like it was inspired by the movie ET
Ocean Cats (2 months ago)
My teacher's husband's boss's grandchildren have a waterfall in their tree house ain't that neat? Dang we all wanted I want it
Ava Swinton (4 months ago)
a auge
ZalthorAndNoggin (4 months ago)
Fabulous little video but spoilt by the seriously irritating and repetitive music thrumming in the background. Needs taking back into the editing suite and the voice over changed. It would have been nicer to see more interiors too.
Jenny Allington Straughan (4 months ago)
I'm from Northumberland England. The only treehouse near Warkworth is Alnwick treehouse restaurant which is beautiful. The redwoods treehouse is in Warkworth New Zealand.
Kirmen U. Uribe (4 months ago)
very cool
Shante Blaze (5 months ago)
Those tree house all had different momentum.I enjoyed the pace of the video; along with the angle of the 📷.
Bre Shaw (7 months ago)
What about treesort resort in Oregon? It's an entire resort made up of individual treehouses.
Aaron Sullivan (8 months ago)
Hey! I've been to Horace's treehouse in Crossville, TN plenty of times. It's gorgeous. My daughter was actually born and raised in the town.
Brooke Ochojski (8 months ago)
i did every thing good
Emma Maceachern (9 months ago)
I would prefer a tree house than a normal house.
Dragoon TV (9 months ago)
mirror treehouse is a good survival runaway stash house
FATBOY 360 (10 months ago)
I'm so pooooooooorrrrr
Robert Glass (10 months ago)
Thank you for being clear about the fact that some of these aren't actually treehouses, from the start. As a lifelong treehouse fanatic, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.
Rick Lee (10 months ago)
Check our treehouse The Gecko Treehouse in Costa Rica https://abnb.me/LYb1xH9RiR
Rick Lee (10 months ago)
Check our treehouse The Green Frog Treehouse in Costa Rica https://abnb.me/EVmg/VooGzJyxaJ
philomena lin (11 months ago)
let me live in one
Skyro (11 months ago)
Brazil e nos
Junior Kgomotso (1 year ago)
Build a house inside of a tree
Leonie Diana Francis (1 year ago)
Water tank front fences would be nice to be in corporate into the house
xadam2dudex (1 year ago)
The one used for the video thumbnail is pretty due to the blooming cherry trees
Anjali Brar (1 year ago)
Beautiful 👌👌
Jeroen Van den bogaert (1 year ago)
I like treehouses i think treehouses would be a good idea to prevent to forests to cut down to build more houses and building treehouses instead of normal houses
Senan Coleman (1 year ago)
Number 12 is not real it was just a concept
Barrie Moore (1 year ago)
There are some very cool tree houses on Maui !
Ino Marquinez (1 year ago)
i have a treehouse in the Philippines
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
I visited the dogwood canyon nature park and saw the treehouse masters treehouse
Susy (1 year ago)
125 comments only?
Samara Bowne (1 year ago)
my tree house is nice
Tracy Lemire (1 year ago)
I love the voice on this video......... (I don't care if that sounds weird:)
Luke Bradbury (1 year ago)
My nans last name is wakefield
RushzVx (1 year ago)
Jdavis 42 (1 year ago)
I want to build a tree house and I have a design but can you recommend any companys?
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
Jdavis 42 treehouse masters
thatssheek (1 year ago)
The wood tree house luxury look amazing I would love to try that out and the space tree house that looks cool last but not least the invisible treehouse I definitely got to check that out how can I
Antonio Barriga (1 year ago)
Half of these on the list are actually treehouses the rest is literally actual houses or some lame thing
Chris Mack (1 year ago)
I love my tree house The council didn't But I got to keep it Which was nice
Mimi B (2 months ago)
I would say that's the only thing I really envy about tropical or poor "3rd world "countries, the lack of nosey red tape lovin government types regarding sustainable building ventures
Mitchell White (1 year ago)
Some interesting homes here with a few fresh innovations. But,,,,the elocution and pretentioness of the narrator was a bit over the top. Let the artistry of the houses speak for themselves.
John Prescott (1 year ago)
these "tree houses" are a joke; only 2_3_4 are real tree houses.
robin morales (1 year ago)
some were really nice do they make one for folks that are impaired or challenged?
Mattis (1 year ago)
Look at all Pete Nelson treehouses , they are so great .
Maria Santos (1 year ago)
I was born in Brazil
lapusenier (1 year ago)
Thanks! I enjoyed that. Food for thought.
Lars Pardo (1 year ago)
i would think the mirror treehouse (#2) would cause havoc w/crashing birds....probably not the best environmental design.
Hick Walter (1 year ago)
These "treehouses" are on the ground😒
wiidiwii (2 years ago)
I absolutely love number 8
Jessica Satterlee-King (2 years ago)
i love it so much!!!!!!!!
WassgO Indyza (2 years ago)
How much cost for building the tree house?
Angela Huber (2 years ago)
Funny you should ask. It could cost as little as 0.00 (if you have a big enough tree(s) and have enough materials to build it and you don't pay anyone to build it for you or anyone else that helps you build it. Maybe you ask a local lumber yard for free wood scraps ? ) the costs could go up to all the money you have. Depending on the "luxuries" you want in your treehouse some could even cost more than most working class humans will earn in their lifetime. It all depends on what type of treehouse you want & what materials you already have to build one and how much more you will need to complete it.
Domonick Matheson (2 years ago)
I'm going to build me a treehouse someday
bruhitzhyper clann (2 years ago)
I stayed in a treehouse for a week in Australia
Angelica Sherber (2 years ago)
Love your tree houses.
Angelica Sherber (2 years ago)
I am building 5 tree houses "Tree House Boutique Hotel" in a farm in the Dominican Republic.
Nick Thomson (2 years ago)
ive stayed at all of them
Keira Akord (2 years ago)
Treehouses are so gorgeous! But I prefer to see more inside, watch its interiors... My dream is to have a treehouse in the mountains!
FurnitureFan (12 days ago)
Yes, it ws kind of rushed for once. I kept pausing to look at the tree houses.
Hank Threlkeld (6 months ago)
Tim Huber (2 years ago)
"Ever want to experience life as a bird?"...really? Maybe a little more effort into the script would go a long way
My sweet piggies (2 years ago)
number 12 watched to much spongebob 😂
SpokenWord BrideofChrist (2 years ago)
trees rot and die....
Harambe (2 years ago)
Number 19 is in Alberta
CHENG LIAN KHOO (2 years ago)
I would very much like to view the TRI -LEVEL TREEHOUSES IN more greater detail as well as the 4 TREEHOUSES treehouseman mr pete nelson
Ken J Boyd (2 years ago)
What is it w/ these people trolling the net, posting aggressive, negative stuff about every cool new breakthrough? It's like the better it is, the more they hate it!
Wendy Barker (1 year ago)
Ken J Boyd is
Ken J Boyd (2 years ago)
Yeah Stephen, thanks for reminding me. Started using the Web the year that it was invented, so you would think that I would be used to it by now. But all kinds of indecency just seem to keep getting worse. Technology hasn't turned out to be what I was teaching my students in the 80s & 90s wearing my "rose colored glasses".
The Cushon (2 years ago)
you have an age old comment my friend, the anonymity of the internet unfortunately gives some people the 'vent' they need that they cant get in their real life, most of the time they don't even know what they have watched or realise or even understand the ramifications of the bigger picture. jealousy is a huge part of the comments negativity i think, but its all part of the world we have to put up with...if we were all the same the world would be a pretty boring place and i wouldn't be writing this, and without the drive from the negativity nothing would be driven forward. let the troll be the troll, after all, we all thought the world was flat once. Ignorance wont always be as blissful as it seems ;)
Kaiyes Ansary (2 years ago)
Balcony garden in carnoish
Suppressingfire (2 years ago)
Anything modern ruins these kind of houses. The whole point for me to have a tree house is to escape the modern shit.
markov ski (1 year ago)
yeah grab a pair of binoculars and can look at the wildlife or read or meditate lol , many things
Alexander Thomas (2 years ago)
Suppressingfire I mean I kind of get it if it's still considered a treehouse. If I had one id probably choose a more modern style.
Jered Aitken (2 years ago)
The redswood is in Warkworth New Zealand, not England.
Banana Peel! Studios (4 months ago)
it’s in England aswell
Milind Khangaonkar (2 years ago)
Fabulous !👌
vanlalrongheti Ralte Kawlni (2 years ago)
I like this voice.I understand what he said.His English pronunciation is nice
Elvia Molina (1 year ago)
vanlalrongheti colney you sexy mami
vanlalrongheti Ralte Kawlni (2 years ago)
@kevin kealy Jesus loves you
vanlalrongheti Ralte Kawlni (2 years ago)
kevin kealy 😛😛
Kevin Kealy (2 years ago)
my Irish eyes are smiling
Leandro FR (2 years ago)
I wonder about bird strikes in the number 1 tree house.
Stefan Nilsson (2 years ago)
No problem Leandro FR. We have plenty of birds in Sweden...
Transportia (2 years ago)
Exactly. No real understanding of or interest in the natural world except as a setting for design experiment. Please stay in the city.
honeydc23 (2 years ago)
I want to visit all of these houses!
Tracy Lemire (1 year ago)
Me too:)
Alexander Thomas (2 years ago)
honeydc23 dont forget me!!
laxmi kadariya (2 years ago)
honeydc23 me too
honeydc23 (2 years ago)
@Roxy18234 let's go! Lol
Kaede (2 years ago)
yeah! Same here.
Grkcdn 1 (2 years ago)
The 20
Guy Parris (2 years ago)
Repeatedly says "Redswoods" while the location is clearly "Redwoods"....WTF?
Nick Lironi-Irvine (2 years ago)
I think you'll find that the redwoods treehouse is actually on the other side of the world in New Zealand! Funny that all the other details are correct but the location so off
Rebekah Wilson (2 years ago)
Was just about to comment this it is still close to Warkworth though!
Flower Crown (2 years ago)
Nick Lironi-Irvine ha i didn't even know that and I live in New Zealand 😂
TheApotheosis OfGDot (2 years ago)
#2.. Pervert Palace!.. SMH, Please don't let your kids go there, EVER!
Naomi Marshall (3 years ago)
this is cool
Carolyn Brown (3 years ago)
What I did is I have helped my dad make a treehouse but I need Pete nelson's help because I would need him to see if I would get to have a cherry and bamboo tree in memory of my mother who died when I was 5 and now I am 24 almost25
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
My cherry tree is dead and has a tree house in it
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
Photo of my family
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
Samara Bowne she was only 39 and breast cancer got her
Carolyn Brown (1 year ago)
I am now almost 27
Samara Bowne (1 year ago)
that is so sweet
Rehan Firos (3 years ago)
Rehan Firos (3 years ago)
Rehan Firos (3 years ago)
Rehan Firos (3 years ago)
Rehan Firos (3 years ago)
thomas harding (3 years ago)
That is not really a treehouse
Victoria Clarke (3 years ago)
LoL Isa
Harold Ian Magsipoc (3 years ago)
My favorite is the tiny drone. I can't have a real drone since you need a license, but with that tiny drone it would be impossible to catch me! Also I could just fly it indoors should I really have to :)
seth2DK (3 years ago)
26 Comment
Channel Strange World (3 years ago)
I enjoyed the tree house . I really want to stay on it once . I enjoyed these videos
SLD Gaming Agar & More (3 years ago)
it was a worthit 10 day drive to live 10 weeks in a modern treehouse
faulkja (3 years ago)
I've been there
Bushra Mashiat (3 years ago)
Umm I Live In Vancouver AND IVE BEEN IN ONE OF THE SPHERES It's Soo Cool
Youngjae Biased (3 years ago)
Tracy Lemire (1 year ago)
•Daniel Evans• (3 years ago)
•Daniel Evans• (3 years ago)
well hi
Icantthinkofanamesoimusing This (3 years ago)
Love these videos they definitely do amaze me keep up the brilliant work
ERROR_AT_ERIC (3 years ago)
Sr. Fluffls (3 years ago)
Awesome tree houses
Ethaniel Clyne (3 years ago)
There are rainforests in Canada?
Adam Salih (11 months ago)
Yes I live there
AidenPlayz (1 year ago)
you are stupid
AidenPlayz (1 year ago)
Ethaniel Clyne sorta
ablobfish (1 year ago)
I’m from Canada too and yes there are rain forests smh
Angela Huber (1 year ago)
That does go through parts of Canada too? Along the Al-Can Highway?
Kelly-Jien Warner-Miller (3 years ago)
this is a fascinating documentary. I love trees and tree houses are one of my favorite get away places. my favourite trees are the willow trees. I do not know if a tree house could be put into one if those kind if trees. Japanese maple is my second favorite and I do know those trees are to small to put a tree house in, bird houses yes, people houses, probably not.
Raneem Jibril (3 years ago)
Raneem Jibril (2 years ago)
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Raneem Jibril (2 years ago)
@Risma Yanti ....uh wut
Whoop da mang (2 years ago)
Risma Yanti die you stupid fuck
Risma Yanti (2 years ago)
hello ... can me be your friends? i'm Risma from Bali. where you from?
chase Peanut Butter (3 years ago)
Under ten comments club
Marcelina Tuszynska (3 years ago)
Congratulations! You are the first or second comment on a small channel. Now go impress me and try to be first or second on a channel with more than 1 million subscribers. Have fun.
thatssheek (1 year ago)
Marcelina Tuszynska I love to try out the wood tree luxury house and the space house that looks really cool last but not least the invisible treehouse that put me in a amazing place just to experience How can I
Alexander Thomas (2 years ago)
Ken J Boyd rekt
Ken J Boyd (2 years ago)
+Marcelina Tuszynska: Is it really that much fun to be a jerk?!
Munzar Bros (3 years ago)
Marcelina Tuszynska (3 years ago)
@Wabbit Holy shit! Such an achievement :'D