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The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

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In September 1986, the city of Cleveland attempted to set a special record: the simultaneous launch of 1.5 million balloons. But fate intervened, and the result was both crazier and more tragic than anyone could have imagined. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/562556/cleveland-balloonfest/ "Balloonfest" is directed by Nathan Truesdell. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
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Text Comments (16776)
Brian (32 minutes ago)
How to do mass littering 101
Neo Anderson (34 minutes ago)
So American! Man its depressing.
satahetcho (37 minutes ago)
it is like an atomic bomb mushroom
172km (39 minutes ago)
lets have another one!
ItsJosh Van Niekerk (45 minutes ago)
Courteney Razo (1 hour ago)
sheppfun (1 hour ago)
This shit charade reminds me of the doomed trump administration.
Left Is Best (1 hour ago)
Dolphins are still choking on those balloon fragments..
Left Is Best (1 hour ago)
I ❤ the 80's. 😂😂
spoopy poods (1 hour ago)
its obvious now why Jake Paul said, "ohio's where im from"
Antonietta (2 hours ago)
Griddle Puff (3 hours ago)
Fishermen are killed because of this. Congrats these idiots are murderers
c4arla (4 hours ago)
This makes me sick 🤢🤢🤢🤢. How’s it possible they don’t think about the damage they caused. OmG
Hikma Jemal (4 hours ago)
thedonleroy (4 hours ago)
Did the mayor & the city council or whoever let this happen go out & clean up all those balloons polluting the lake? Damn what a stupid idea.
lisa koola (4 hours ago)
millions of Balloons and this what you get
Callum McDazza (4 hours ago)
And this event equated to half of the garbage patch in the Pacific ocean
Sophia Padorfski (4 hours ago)
Well i guess I now know y the oceans r full of shit
Neil Brian Sisno (4 hours ago)
The most dumbest thing ive ever seen....
yok pok (5 hours ago)
All for a fucking name; and not even the official was there. Hope they throw that book out the window so dumbasses like these won't consider pulling these kinds of stunts.
Ana Castellano (5 hours ago)
2:20 “no longer the butt of jokes”
Tap Javu (5 hours ago)
It’s time to say air pollution!
Aldrin Cabana (5 hours ago)
Justin Bieber is talking...?😂😂
Junior Diamond (5 hours ago)
agentcoiman 27 (5 hours ago)
This awesome event just dumped a huge garbage in the atmosphere and eventually ro the oceans. Tsk3. What a waste.
Karatemojo448 Gust (5 hours ago)
john preston (6 hours ago)
Ohio lmao
Ivonne Nunez Torrijos (6 hours ago)
3:09 ear rape starts and so on
C McMahon (6 hours ago)
What a stupid idea, on many levels!?!
Rumia Nandy (6 hours ago)
This is ridiculous. Just to get a world record they have created junk and threat to both human and animal. Hope authorities will be very careful before giving permission to such events.
Andy Sun (6 hours ago)
Bloons! Call the dark temple of the monkey god!
Arianna Nabbie (6 hours ago)
This is how the movie up was made
Venu Rao (7 hours ago)
1st world stupidity.
Fredn Ralph (7 hours ago)
Ban balloons
Sherri H (7 hours ago)
Hooray for mass littering. But hey, it's someone else's problem now!
AC_is_BAD (7 hours ago)
RIP Fish of 86'
Redstoneboi (7 hours ago)
A 3/2 ice tower coupled with a 4/2 tack shooter and a 2/3 ice tower should be enough to keep all of those at bay. If that's not enough, buff them with a 2/1 village, a 2/3 glue gunner, cluster bombs, and more 2/3 ice towers. If that''s not enough then get a 2/4 monkey ace and upgrade the village to 2/4 then use both abilities. If that's STILL not enough, then ge- Wait, this isn't BTD5?
Anne Gable (7 hours ago)
Only in Ohio.....🤦🏼‍♀️
commnter10 (7 hours ago)
My opinion of United Way is that it is a 'charity' that a) is one way for liberal organizations to get donation money that normally they wouldn't have a snowballs chance in a blast furnace of getting from the majority of the public, and b) is characterized by 'giving' campaigns at government and corporate offices in which employees are basically coerced or shamed into giving with employees having to wonder if NOT giving will hurt their relationships with the managers and line officers up to the top.
North Georgia (7 hours ago)
Haha midget!
Skye (7 hours ago)
Soooo, they didn't think about the environmental consequences??
JfnDWatchesVids (8 hours ago)
4:12 is when it takes the dark turn.
nellychess (8 hours ago)
I thought they were going to hit some power cords and blow up in Fire and shit
summer gardiner (8 hours ago)
What a waste of helium...
Shane parker (8 hours ago)
hadoenoughful (8 hours ago)
NIce job polluting the landscape and water....duh Cleveland!
David Arbelaez (8 hours ago)
The only disaster in this video is the 80s fashion. 😆
Yahoo Yahoo (9 hours ago)
Now I understand why there's so much plastic in our ocean
Emily Vanderplow (9 hours ago)
Ugh pollution much
Emily Vanderplow (9 hours ago)
Did he just kiss her on the lips
Kattt Cattt (9 hours ago)
Legend has it that Maryellen’s watch is still floating in the sky near Canada.
Soul Queen (9 hours ago)
Up, up and away! Is that where the movie title came from?
Scott Happy (9 hours ago)
Niiiiiiiiice one, Cleveland. Niiiiiiice.
Tyebrea Battle (10 hours ago)
This was an incredibly stupid idea
Laurie (10 hours ago)
Who's idiotic idea was this???
Me Meme (11 hours ago)
environmentally incompetent. who's bright idea was that?
the robot pimp (12 hours ago)
The mistake on the lake
Captain Justice (12 hours ago)
Good for Cleveland. I am glad they are good for something. Seems to me they find something more constructive or intelligent.
Kashyap M.D (12 hours ago)
@1:22 Was it cool back in 1986 to kiss stranger grandmas on the lips?
talesin- god of the internet (12 hours ago)
who knew tyrion lannister started out as a news reporter?
Sllim Cram (13 hours ago)
Cool video, I saw the little me. 30 some years later still feels like yesterday.
Solaris (13 hours ago)
Next month, oil dump in the lake to make pretty colors in the water.
Vinz Suppworthian (13 hours ago)
These event destroy lots of business such as airlines, and causes trouble to the ecosystem mostly in the bodies of water.
Jan-Erik Sepponen (13 hours ago)
All that plastic in to the nature...
nathan shirley (13 hours ago)
Why is no one talking about 1:38 , he literally kissed her
daniel B (13 hours ago)
Let's all argue over something so stupid
Goatboy (13 hours ago)
I hate human beings.
Reed Benedict (14 hours ago)
Who does this!!! This is littering to the extreme!! Should be charged $200 a balloon!
Alkhatib Manal (14 hours ago)
that doesn't look healthy for earth
Shruti Singh (14 hours ago)
What a dumb and environment non-friendly idea!
Delight Ngwenya (14 hours ago)
Wow humans are clever Jk
Ariel Hunter (15 hours ago)
i wonder why they don't do this anymore 🤔
Tooba Khan (15 hours ago)
Wow! balloon rain
wjdzn (15 hours ago)
This is so bad for the environment..
Melanie Rose (15 hours ago)
What about... airplanes?
Lily Rose (1 hour ago)
Probably blocked off the area for airplane travel
WE ARE VENOM (7 hours ago)
All crashed millions ded lol
pop and kpop stan (7 hours ago)
Melanie Rose ikr
Coconut ScienceGirl92 (15 hours ago)
No longer posing a threat?! Mmmk. lol whatever you say news lady. As long as they are gone out of sight they just be doing no hard somewhere else
Coconut ScienceGirl92 (16 hours ago)
And yet they never considered the environmental impact of all that plastic?
Kimberly Jones (16 hours ago)
Wow I'm not even done and I keep thinking of all the animals that probably died after this ...
g R (16 hours ago)
Whats wrong with these people more plastic in our sea oh boy dont thay think 😲😲😲😲😲👎
Steve Govea (16 hours ago)
damn ...and i thought the swarm of balloons was going to gain consciousness and attack the people...
MKpwn (17 hours ago)
Who tf approved this? Even 150k balloons in the lake is a disaster.
Linda Muzychka (17 hours ago)
Good God what were those idiots thinking all that plastic in the water.
cheryl wright (17 hours ago)
More plastic in the ocean .
chooseymomschoose (17 hours ago)
My brain is rejecting this image. It can't accept that this was a real event that actually happened. It seems like some student's CGI final project: The Balloons That Ate Cleveland. "This can't be real. Where's the FAA? Did they shut down the airport for this?" But the details are too good to be easily faked. The footage is pretty authentically high-contrast and color-mangled. Unreal...
Hasni Brahiti (17 hours ago)
Motherfuckers! All the waste of elastics in the wild!!! Mother-fuckers!!
Rish Amante (18 hours ago)
Crab mentality. 🙄
Esteban Bolduc (18 hours ago)
70% of the planet is water. this mean 70% of the balloons will go in the ocean.. river… seas… where animals like turtles will think they are Jelly fishes and eat them then die. and if they did'nt get eaten… image the pollution on the coast… wow… and we are an intelligent spiece?
ColoradoKen (18 hours ago)
I think it was Carl and Russell who washed up ashore.
Angelina Fitzgerald (18 hours ago)
That’s disgusting think about all the pollution
C J (19 hours ago)
SnowDogRedSectorEh (19 hours ago)
*Canada* , because you can never have too many balloons.
Rose T (19 hours ago)
The wild life that had to be damaged by this. 😟
Balqis Rahmania (20 hours ago)
so many trash
Blue Haima (20 hours ago)
stupid human..
Classic Edits (20 hours ago)
This is terrible. All that plastic is probably still in the ocean or the ground.
Dan The-Man (20 hours ago)
The fact that ANYONE thought this was a good idea makes me sick. I'm ashamed to be a part of the same species.
Mr. Ële (20 hours ago)
Doomed? this was just click bait from some liberal
A Ghost (21 hours ago)
I took part in this. You are welcome Canada.
Adi Hashim (21 hours ago)
so I guess most of the deflated balloons ended up in the sea killing sea creatures? ok.
RALEIGH LILITH FAN (21 hours ago)
That’s also terrible for the environment