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Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial

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Tom Dalfonzo (1 month ago)
"Thanks, Dale. It's been a great ride". I could picture GM Goodwrench saying that to Dale Earnhardt had he lived to retire.
Tom Dalfonzo (1 month ago)
This just speaks volumes of how much Dale Jarrett meant to UPS that they would do this just to say "Thank you, Dale".
redneckreacts (6 months ago)
i was 7 when I started watching nascar, I picked dale as my driver, loved the dude
Erich Keplinger (9 months ago)
stop making myself almost cry
NASCAR3947 (1 year ago)
0:42 that was the saddest part ever! 😖😖😫😫😥😥😥😭😭😭
Kevin Meno (4 years ago)
Jeff Gordon announced the 2015 season is his last in the 24 Chevy.
NASCARFAN160 (6 years ago)
Probably finalizes that Dale Jarett and UPS is one of the most memorable driver/sponsor connections in NASCAR history. All their
Carolina Tater (7 years ago)
@will231996 now they got edwards... for a few races anyway...
Martin Springstead (7 years ago)
i just started to cry at 37 years over this dale come back
Survivrs (8 years ago)
I still cry at this commercial, it is awesome but what a fitting tribute to such a great person on and off the track. A true gentleman!!!
TheNascarfan4543 (8 years ago)
jamespic (9 years ago)
Pretty Much The Legends Are Going Away & It's Basically Sad, One Of The reasons They Are Retiring Or Quitting Is Because Of Dale Sr. & Real Soon, Guys Like Michael Waltrip, Bill Elliott, Even Mark Martin & Jeff Gordon Will Be Gone!!!!!
NASCAR3947 (1 year ago)
Including Jimmy Johnson retiring
MegaMr46 (1 year ago)
jamespic they’re gone Including Tony Stewart, Dale Jr, Boris Said and Matt Kenseth
oliecc (9 years ago)
i little of me just died...big brown truck ftw
jamespic (10 years ago)
Sad Commercial!!!!!