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Dale SR and daughter commercial -- BLOOPERS

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does anybody have the final commercial?
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chloenkitty (1 month ago)
I loved that man so much and I miss him terribly
Jimmy Sapien (1 month ago)
So Funny, I’m sure his daughter is looking back at this wonderful time !!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
WeAre138 (1 month ago)
Dead meat
J M (2 months ago)
Priceless! Dale Sir, you will be forever missed. 🇺🇸👍
FaZe wal (3 months ago)
Dale jr’s car in background
Pamela Jarman (4 months ago)
3 for life. Never will be another like him. RIP Dale. We miss you.
BloodyPandaAE86 (5 months ago)
"oh we gotta start ALL THE WAY OVER??? dammit....." "ARE YOU SERIOUS........"
Blake M (6 months ago)
I believe this was a video that played while you were in line at the NASCAR speedpark go kart tracks.
DoubleDeckerAnton (6 months ago)
Nascar...i love ❤ the V8 sounds tearing round the track! We could do with that in the U.K. but maybe the British weather wouldn't help ⛅☁☔💧🌞
Bill Gibbons (5 months ago)
DoubleDeckerAnton What the hell are you talking about??
dr662 (8 months ago)
Such a shame.
Alexander Supertramp (9 months ago)
DALE IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!! But everytime I watch this, I can't help but picture, Rocky Balboa, and his "attempts" at commercials!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRYCEN Stimeling (1 year ago)
Its clear where Jr gets his funny personality
Anthony S (1 year ago)
Is that Kelley?
Brady Polk (9 months ago)
Cookie Monster no its Taylor Earnhardt
Josh Riddle (1 year ago)
Anthony S no that was his daughter by Teresa Earnhardt she is the youngest
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
Is that Kelly or Taylor
Brady Polk (9 months ago)
EM#1 taylor
Josh Riddle (1 year ago)
EM#1 that's taylor by Teresa Earnhardt
All Access Gaming (1 year ago)
The fly was on me!!! So? Lol XD
RebelRanger01 (1 year ago)
"The fly was on me!" that was hilarious
AdamGropper AG53 (1 year ago)
This commercial was funny. Dale sr in my opinion was a great father, champion, also a devoted husband even grandfather.
Jimmy Sapien (1 month ago)
Wished all in his FAMILY GOT ALONG, since his passing 😞 so sad omg. Very Disrespectful to his Legacy & Life .
Daniel Fennell (1 year ago)
This is so amazing to see from such an intimidating presence on race day. it looks like he could turn off that ruthless Spirit of a champion on the track, and live and everyday life with the humility of a good old boy from North Carolina.
Chris Smith (1 year ago)
AdamGropper AG53 Jeffrey Earnhardt
cicci0salsicci0 (1 year ago)
Karsyn Elledge
Escarabajo de oro (1 year ago)
Was he grandfather?
UN Owen (2 years ago)
dale, sr. is in the past. let it go...
UN Owen (1 year ago)
+AdamGropper AG53 Que? When you say, "rekt," do mean like when Dale Earnhardt got wrecked all to hell crashing into a wall? If so, you are right about him but you're quite mistaken about me.
AdamGropper AG53 (1 year ago)
UN Owen, you got rekt.
UN Owen (1 year ago)
+guromaon And you don't understand when you've been had.
guromaon (1 year ago)
See, you don't even know who Ayrton Senna was, he was the best in formula 1 and died doing what he loved, racing like Earnhardt.
UN Owen (1 year ago)
Justin Perritt (2 years ago)
is that kelly or the other daughter?? I know theres JR,Kelly,the stepson,but I forgot her name?
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
Justin Perritt Its Kerri,Kelly,JR & Taylor thats all his kids
TheDieHardWWEAddict (2 years ago)
That's Taylor his youngest
guromaon (2 years ago)
She's Taylor, the youngest one
susan heath (2 years ago)
Dale would have supported Mr.Trump for president. Dale was an American.
Josh Riddle (1 year ago)
Well I can tell you one thing he would not like how his so called friend Brian Williams turn out to be a whiney liberal. Oh and ps I do know for a fact dale sr. Was a republican
Dale Davis (1 year ago)
no Dale had an IQ above 75 so i doubt he would support Trump
automan224 (1 year ago)
susan heath even if he did why does that matter
Tina Pert (2 years ago)
Brian Gray (2 years ago)
Crazy that Dale's been gone for 15 years, I was 9 when he died RIP Dale
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
Brian Gray I was 3
guromaon (2 years ago)
+Brian Gray I was 13 :P
Keian Hallmark (2 years ago)
If you've ever seen Dale in the credits Dale said If you see Jeff Jordon, Jeff Gordon put the son of a ..... in the wall LOL R.I.P Dale Sr
Macu (4 months ago)
Keian Hallmark how is that funny
MoteKat (2 years ago)
LMFAO!!!! "If you've had to much to drive, don't drink." HAHAHAHAHA
Justin Perritt (2 years ago)
I know right lmao :)
mclightning88 (2 years ago)
+MoteKat LOL!
train wreck (3 years ago)
God i miss him
9921386 (3 years ago)
The fly was on me!!!
Ghetto Wagon (7 months ago)
Dangit fly
KingZaySmitty. 24 (2 years ago)
TheDieHardWWEAddict (3 years ago)
Dale was and known too always been The Intimidator/A Badass behind the wheel of the #3 but right here shows off the track he was down too earth caring guy who loved his family,etc. Miss this guy argubly the greatest Nascar driver there ever was.
Jimmy Dean (3 years ago)
How do you not love that?
PERIZ99 (4 years ago)
This fucker's gone, isn't he ?
Brian Gray (2 years ago)
+Jimmy Dean Good point
Jimmy Dean (3 years ago)
You're a jackass.  No he is not gone.  he is still alive through his millions of fans; and as long as racing is around, he will be here.
Tarkus128 Manticore (4 years ago)
Presley126 (4 years ago)
just being a dad..................
Cherie Barnett (4 years ago)
His daughter is cute
OriginalAnonymous1 (4 years ago)
VuDu4000.........I would call you an @$$hole for that remark but @$$holes serve a purpose in life.
bill bob (4 years ago)
lmao that sure is a good one
Brian Gray (5 years ago)
RIP Dale
Michael McDonald (5 years ago)
Yea, look at her now, looks just like her dad
showtimeracing1car (5 years ago)
what is wrong with you? you are a very sick individual....but as im writing this im realizing that im giving you the attention you wanted! shoot yourself now and you could get media attention for a few days and then everyone will forget about you and we will have one less sick piece of shit in this world!
Theresa Laurence (5 years ago)
awww adorable!!! r.i.p Dale Sr!!!!
Brianna Boyd (5 years ago)
its his youngest daughter Taylor
JohnAllanification (5 years ago)
jr's busch car isn't it
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
JohnAllanification Also his car when he raced in Suzuka
Ed Mcguire (5 years ago)
Taylor is so sweet................and how she misses her father just has to be heartbreaking...But EARNHARDTS go on
rocpet3 (5 years ago)
ah nobody can touch Petty, he was a one man show.
Homer Swackhammer (5 years ago)
Nascar has never been the same as before Dales death. Boring Boring Boring!
CATD (5 years ago)
By that logic, shouldn't Richard Petty be the King of NASCAR? Which he is.
Mick Gillicutter (5 years ago)
Bull shit. If Gordon is the king, Earnhardt is the god.
gerald liguori jr (5 years ago)
jeff is good but he aint dale and ill go as far as saying jeff learned from dale
Mad Sexy (5 years ago)
Jeff Gordon is a whiny fruit loop bitch . i hate him hes always crying about something .
Red The Angry Bird (1 year ago)
madsexymanofthenight You're the Fruit Loop dummy.
Jeff Gordon (5 years ago)
Gordon has more wins! Gordon is the king of nascar.
Bill Gibbons (5 months ago)
EM#1 According to your logic, Terry Labonte who has 22 wins and 2 championships is better than Bobby Allison with 84 wins and 1 championship, Rusty Wallace 55 wins and 1 championship, Kyle Busch 43 wins and 1 championship, Kevin Harvick 40 wins and 1 title, Matt Kenseth 39 wins and 1 title, Mark Martin 40 wins and zero titles, Bill Elliott 44 wins and 1 title, Dale Jarrett 32 wins and 1 title, etc. So if Earnhardt Sr is better than Gordon because he only had 76 wins but did have 7 titles whereas Gordon had 93 wins but 4 titles, then that mans Terry Labonte is better than any driver with less than 2 titles, no matter how many wins they had? What about Alan Kulwicki who only had 5 career wins but did have a title in 1992. Was he better than Mark Martin who has 40 wins and 5 runnerup's for the championship but no titles? Your way of thinking is very flawed and Nascar Race Hub just had a panel of 25 drivers, owners, commentators, etc. Some being Jeff Gordon, both Waltrip brothers, Chad Knaus, Larry McReynolds, Mike Joy, etc. and they all voted on the best 50 Nascar drivers in order. They had the list on April 3rd on Nascar Racehub and 1) Petty 2) Jimmie Johnson 3) David Pearson 4) Jeff Gordon 5) Dale Earnhardt Sr 6) Darrell Waltrip 7) Cale Yarborough 8) Bobby Allison 9) Tony Stewart 10) Lee Petty That was the top 10 and your "great Earnhardt Sr" was behind Jeff Gordon and only 5th. Some voters even had him as low as 8th.
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
And Jimmie Did
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
Jeff Gordon Yet Gordon Couldnt win 7 Nascar Championships
JaniLanefan (5 years ago)
too bad the commercial was not done with Jr. as a boy, but the "wife" only wanted her kid to be in the limelight and only put up with Jr. and Dale's other kids because she did not want to lose her money ticket, meal ticket, whatever. Dale must be spinning now, and this little girl is now married to a cowboy for a year or more now. Sadly doesn't look like Dale too much either anymore. takes after that mother of hers..ugh
gerald liguori jr (5 years ago)
LOL dale #3 owned everyone including gordon
morgen wilder (5 years ago)
he will never be forgotton god bless the nuber 3
SpartanW98 (5 years ago)
This makes me feel really sad, Idk, he seemed like such a "dad" I guess, hes tough but loves his kids and just seemed so nice and funny. I was too young to watch NASCAR when he was around because I was like 5 when he died. RIP Dale Sr.
cocacola150dr (5 years ago)
"If you've had to much to drive, don't drink." LOL, miss you Dale!
SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861 (5 years ago)
Its still hurts inside when i see Dale.
str8savage33 (6 years ago)
damn i miss that black number 3 raisin hell on Sundays
Diego Ospina (6 years ago)
RIP Dale, the greatest Nascar driver of all times!!!!
Ashleigh Stetzel (6 years ago)
Every time he messed up he would wrap his arms around Taylor, he was probably very protective of her.
CB1942EO (6 years ago)
if you had too much to drive dont drink
flappy188 (6 years ago)
is this TAYLOR???
Eric99Monaco (1 year ago)
flappy188 I think its Kelly
TheShockninja (6 years ago)
Don't worry Dad, I'll get into the car you won at Talladega and drive it at Goodwood Festival of Speed. I promise I won't crash it.
rock54326789 (6 years ago)
@nascarflamerush11 well i know him, im really talking about dale sr
rustyspartner (6 years ago)
She's so serious haha She's like, Come on, daddy, you know I'll never be a successful race-car driver, don't ruin my shot at acting!"
Jeff Rogers (6 years ago)
@raiiderhead yea ok No Just the Fans that like seeing cars put into Walls Nascar Died in 2004 when Brian Took over!
jvfunn3000 (7 years ago)
Thesamjam5 (7 years ago)
u know not to be disrespectful or anything but His daughter Is beautiful He raised a Goodin
rock54326789 (7 years ago)
we miss u dale, we miss seein' that #3 goin around the track, we all love you and miss you <3 to the #3
Ryan Hanson (7 years ago)
"The fly was on me" "SO?"
racefan32 (7 years ago)
@TheKyleBuschfan she is quite the looker now , I bet dale is still watching over her with a big bat and a shot gun.
AlexMacIsKING (7 years ago)
I really wanna see the final version but I can't find it.... Somebody tell me if they do
Phlmal02 (7 years ago)
and there's hel.. helmededede lol. Miss you Dale
Clark Anderson (7 years ago)
If youve had to much to drive dont drink. hahaha
331RBD (7 years ago)
Miss him.
Mick Gillicutter (7 years ago)
FAILZ:Taylor:1 fail Dale:8 failz XD
Gordon Rox (7 years ago)
@BlueBlazer89 How about you shut the hell up, and stop ruining a lighthearted comment. You didn't know him either, so you can"stfu". if you can't take a joke you should leave the internet, and probably not go outside either, as people will attack you with small talk, which you obviously can't handle.
BlueBlazer89 (7 years ago)
@ROBLOXIANgordonrox24 you dont know him so stfu dumbass
Gordon Rox (7 years ago)
She is more professional than Dale is hahaha. Miss you Dale.
Melissa Gandy (7 years ago)
@jacksdad2006 I hat to inform you. I have talked directly with Dale Jr! He is VERY protective of his little sister!
UNpilot15 (7 years ago)
I remember a quote from NASCAR Thunder 2003, something like now these are professional DRIVERS, not ACTORS. I guess the rule goes into play even in commercials AND in addition to the Thunder Challenges.
The Duffy Street Incident Podcast (7 years ago)
I love watching him holding back, you can see in in his face.
snappy452 (7 years ago)
Looks like Taylor was gettin fed up with dad at one point there :D
Gforcebond (8 years ago)
what was the commercial about?!?!?!?!
Erik Chappel (8 years ago)
SPEEDSTER7201 (8 years ago)
3 The Movie
NASCARMidwestFilms (8 years ago)
LOL. Man that's some good memories. "The fly was on me" LOL. Classic moment!
Justin Vandermaarel (8 years ago)
"the fly was on me" lol
DEACONAP4LOVE (8 years ago)
@TheKyleBuschfan you are a fast one.
Erik Chappel (8 years ago)
@DEACONAP4LOVE I can c y cuz that Dale Earnhardt number
Razor13 (8 years ago)
i liked him he was funny and a good man he is missed by me and many others R.I.P DALE
James Bergeron (8 years ago)
at 0.50 lol
DEACONAP4LOVE (8 years ago)
@TheKyleBuschfan I would give you a thumbs up but I would be the fourth one and it looks all so much better with just "3".
Alan A (8 years ago)
The man that made NASCAR - was also an funny dad. Awesome post. :' )
Erik Chappel (8 years ago)
If Dale Earnhardt was still alive he would still be racing and he still get championships
Will Haight (8 years ago)
His daughter is adorable haha...i really wish he was still with us because nascar just isn't the same without him
thebrandonp88 (8 years ago)
at 1:11 its so funny
Dalton Baldwin (8 years ago)
@glynnracing79 He may not have known him.. But guess what, YOU DIDN'T EITHER! Your probably a shitty ass father, who should have his kids taken away by social services and should go hang himself.
Erik Chappel (8 years ago)
I love Taylor Earnhardt
vinnie vincent (8 years ago)
@fosterbrotherlj you know nothign about him,he was no where near a devoted father.he was one of the worst fathers that ever lived
benjamin phillips (8 years ago)
@glynnracing79 and probably one of the most devoted fathers you'd ever meet, coolest guys to hang around...and the best driver to walk this planet
Kris Marshall (8 years ago)
amen brother !!!!
Kris Marshall (8 years ago)
Go kill yourself....
Dalton Baldwin (8 years ago)
glynnracing79 - He may have been a redneck.. But he was damn proud to be one.. That guy could drive a racecar like noone else.. He took pride and worked extremely hard in anything and everything he did.. When you can do all the things he did like run a farm, a dealership, a race team, be with his family, and still win races, along with a bunch of other stuff and do it just as good as he did and be the man he was.. Then you let me know.. I'm a redneck to and I'm damn proud to be one.