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UPS man charged with stealing iPad Mini FedEx

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Text Comments (89)
spdwebdotnet (1 month ago)
Woooo hoooo ooooo
J money (8 months ago)
mfs quick to show a black man stealing but won't show a white man stealing
Moses In the bible (8 months ago)
He didn’t do nuffin!!! Typical black thugs.
UnderStructureRepair (8 months ago)
people steal out of GREED, NEED or a disorder. I am a man littered with Characted Defects, but wanting someone else's property, (WHICH I RELATE TO ENVY) is not one that glares out at me.Donr care about nice cars or STUFF. I am baffled that I live in a world where 400 people own 1/2 of the planet and 32,000 children starve to death everyday. I stoled from my mother at 16 and 5 hours later I told on myself.
Jordynn Forrester (8 months ago)
2:32 your welcome
walter preston (8 months ago)
Next time ask your merchant who`s the shipping company. If it`s UPS tell them no thanks
flakeu (5 months ago)
I think it's very naive to think it only happens with UPS
victor sanchez (8 months ago)
He probably saw the other guy made a mistake and was trying to fix it. Right? Nah he stole it.
vicktor gamez (8 months ago)
Of course a black man stealing
X Z (3 months ago)
You’re so ignorant. They’re not be only ones who steal most people aren’t even in jail FOR theft.
X Z (3 months ago)
vicktor gamez oh stfu.
DreamWave Dave (9 months ago)
Get a private mailbox.
Zor bey (10 months ago)
ofcourse he was black.
Jayyak47 ! (10 months ago)
He knows where u live dude. Hes going to get one of his black friends to gasoline your house. ITS GONNA BURN!
GohModley (11 months ago)
In his defense, he was working such long hours he didn’t have time to do any Christmas shopping
Eric Miotto (1 month ago)
He could've ordered it online. They have people that deliver it right to your door.
MrScorp6666 (3 months ago)
GohModley Lmao someone used to work for a teamsters noonday shift. Lmao fuck that man they work me 14 hours a day usually
Jarron Ellis (1 year ago)
Yes it’s shameful but making racist comments jus let me racism still exist
Charles Messina (1 year ago)
That looks like a helper Diad board thats like 10 years old. Might not be the driver but it's his or her helper stealing
TheDay Cometh (1 year ago)
Must be a seasonal employee.
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Mysterious One ....was thinking the same thing.
E Peterson (1 year ago)
Drivers make good cash there was no reason for him to take that..smh
wantitall4 (1 year ago)
That idiot lost a 75 plus thousand dollar a year job for an iPad. That surpasses stupid. Walmart might take him when he gets out of jail though. Cleanup aisle 3!!!
Hot line Gold (10 months ago)
Fabuloso All Purpose top rate UPS drivers make 100k
wantitall4 (1 year ago)
Fabuloso All Purpose (1 year ago)
wantitall4 75k?
Rahjee Brunner (10 months ago)
This man gets paid $23-$30 an hour, but he steals something he can easily afford?
Sneaker Addiction (1 month ago)
rapinbatches the average UPS driver makes $27.83 per hour according to glassdoor. $35 is not too far fetched.
rapinbatches (3 months ago)
+MrScorp6666 what the fuck, just to drop off boxes. I dont get it.
MrScorp6666 (3 months ago)
rapinbatches I work for UPS they make at least 25$ an hour and can make up to 145 thousand per year on salary
rapinbatches (6 months ago)
The Chief where are you from. I need to come there.
rapinbatches (6 months ago)
The Chief wow
Bill Murray (1 year ago)
Nice background check UPS! YOU HIRE THUGS AND THIEFS!
X Z (3 months ago)
Trust me so does fed ex they tried this shit with my iPhone
MrScorp6666 (3 months ago)
Bill Murray it’s such a common hiring practice at UPS to hire people with a record for their package handler positions that they don’t actually care about the driver positions. I work for them and you wouldn’t believe the kinds of people who work in the hubs doing low level jobs. Junkies gotta get their money from somewhere though
Truth VS The Agenda (1 year ago)
What could brown do for you? Steal.
Chassidy Douglas (5 years ago)
Damn he lost he good job
MrScorp6666 (3 months ago)
walter preston lmao someone got stuck as a package handler lmao how tf did you not progress up the ranks of that company? Shits so easy
Cheese Man (5 months ago)
+walter preston nah its decent money at first , its not money to make a living off tho $34,000, but as you progress with the company you can get up to 80k a year
walter preston (7 months ago)
If you live in moms basement and still in high school
No Dignity (8 months ago)
Nah the drivers make good money
walter preston (8 months ago)
UPS= Under Paid Slaves
Carl Clayton (5 years ago)
I wonder with all the racist comments and the use of the N word. How many of u racist brave enough to say these things in a black mans face. Just wondering. My guess is not one of u are that brave. It's easy to talk shit online. But pointless. And also keep in mind the death that white men has caused through out history. It is proven that u all holds the record of most violent in the world. U guys are responsible for nearly destroying an entire race. And u enslaved another. So please shut up. U have no room to talk. And blacks don't eat other humans. U all still hold that title.
nadenitza (5 years ago)
He probably though he mistook the address and took the box back? Why would he steal a package, lol... i mean even with no camera a package missing is a package missing, you call the firm and ask where is it and sort out the problem...
StainedShuriken333 (5 years ago)
Some people have jobs, or appointments they must attend to, or places they must take their children, or possibly even go pick up their children from school or another activity. We can't all sit at home, like you, anxiously awaiting our brand new Fleshlight to be delivered at exactly 1:34 p.m. when we have a 9-5 job.
GeneralHappyDeath (5 years ago)
Why do the blacks always cause most crimes and problems????? this is probably why people till this day still say the "N" word.
X Z (3 months ago)
Ben Wade you have no room to talk about who does and doesn’t like taking things coming from someone who belongs to the group of people who ripped Africa of its resources and stole land from natives
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Freddy__Fast ....because blk ppl like taking things.
xRaNdOMBlondie (1 year ago)
Not all black people commit crimes and problems, some of us just stay home and mind our business. I'm black and I stumbled on this video because a FedEx worker has stolen my makeup package I was supposed to get today..
The Spooky Burger (1 year ago)
Damian Louden this comment made you really mad huh?
Damian Louden (1 year ago)
Why are white people moronic pieces shit who cause devastation to entire populations and countries. This is why the world hates you.
Jared Neaman (5 years ago)
The dumbass should've been home to make sure he got everything. That's why they have a tracking number on packages so you know when your ass should be home to make sure you get what you ordered. Common sense people!
Steven McGinley (1 year ago)
MOST people have jobs they have to be at in order to get a paycheck so they can pay for things like an ipad mini. They don't expect their shit to be stolen by shitbags who feel the need to take things that aren't theirs. They don't live in their parents basement sucking off the system waiting for that package to be delivered that they paid for with welfare. Bottom line is DON'T TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS! IT'S CALLED STEALING AND ITS WRONG!
BlackWorldTraveler (1 year ago)
Jared Neaman Not really common sense. Doesn't work that way. There's no exact time. Could be anytime between 8am and 8pm. Just leave people stuff alone.
chaliria (5 years ago)
lol howler
B w (8 months ago)
The end of this video made me LOL!!!
SirPandaChief (5 years ago)
Did anybody see the howler at the end?
Del guerrero (5 years ago)
Ups guy will be in jail for theft and it will be your fault that he is jail because you told on him. Him being in jail will have nothing to do with him stealing your ipad. That is the criminal stupid mentality. He may actualy be pissed off at you instead of being ashamed or sorry .
Toby Smartt (11 months ago)
Exactly how much weed did you smoke? Cut back to about an 1/8 of that.
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Del guerrero ....Go change your diaper son.
Smeet Raval (5 years ago)
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gerado (5 years ago)
this is why they are a violent race, they cant help themselves. its in their dna
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
gerado ...yeah blks like taking things then they bring up slavery and blah blah blah this n that to justify why they can do bad things, especially to other blks that are good, because if you're a well mannered blk person, then you're not blk but an uncle tom....
븐하[MOCHI] (1 year ago)
i know this is an old comment but what you're saying makes no sense at all, its not in their dna to steal other peoples belongings i've met many african americans in my country and they are nice, honestly i have no idea who taught you this bullshit but please reconsider your useless statement
stay GOLDen (5 years ago)
if you wernt talking shit maybe they wouldnt..
gerado (5 years ago)
thats my point, they might steal my shit, or kick my dog
stay GOLDen (5 years ago)
well if you live in a black neighborhood you better watch your mouth buddy..
Emyll Somar (5 years ago)
Surveillance cameras, doing a better job than any service, or law enforcement since... well, forever.
Titus Nickleson (5 years ago)
there are some who pay for everything they have like me i have paid and have receipts for everything that i have
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Titus Nickleson ...why you always lying?
John Doolan (5 years ago)
Lol 2:33
B w (8 months ago)
Ha ha ha
stay GOLDen (5 years ago)
you met 1 black person.. and i meet hundreds most are nice respectable people..
Marcus Green (5 years ago)
Typical racist idiot you are.
Suspicioso (5 years ago)
I wonder how many people browse youtube looking for videos they can be racist on. lol. I feel sorry for you people, your life must be extremely lacking in something.
JayX (5 years ago)
Why so many racist comments D:
JayX (5 years ago)
Fuck you.
stay GOLDen (5 years ago)
typical ignorant racist..
Carlos R. (5 years ago)
Lol Troll @ 2:33 "Wooohooo!!" XD
Logan Fryer (5 years ago)
Cliff Martin (6 years ago)
It was a Seaonal driver. UPS finally did right thing in firing him & replacing the stolen IPAD.
umtempodepois (6 years ago)
Mother f...