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Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine 2007

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donamick (8 months ago)
Sam Robertson (11 months ago)
That song will always be true👍
Crazy Otto (11 months ago)
Utter masterpiece. Such brilliance all around, and kudos to Trey for being able to step in seamlessly.
Dan Farmer (1 year ago)
Missing Gregg. Luckily we still have the adopted Allman brother: Warren Haynes!
Melody Smith (1 year ago)
I think Warren Haynes is EXCELLENT!
Desiree Hall (1 year ago)
Good Ol Allmond Brothers Classic.....
grin and bear it - (1 year ago)
What a nice piece of southern rock history. Gregg shared the mic with Warren. And all that gutar talents on stage instant classic.
Anne-Marie Bracken (1 year ago)
I love this song soooo much!
Gayle Frazier (1 year ago)
I sure hope they gave Warren the credit he deserve a for this great song!!
pennyhill66 (1 year ago)
Derek looks so young here. I love him and Susan, saw them in Lake Tahoe last September and also met his Dad. Cool experience ❤️
dgrichmondbc (1 year ago)
A once in a lifetime voice. Thank you Gregg for close to 50 years of soulshine. I'll  miss you forever. R.I.P. brother.
Ron -RockinRonsMusic- Hobdy (2 years ago)
amazes me that there are folks that dis liked this. You cant dispute the talent and soul here. OMG.
Kevin F (2 years ago)
Rip Gregg allman
Ashley Bowman (2 years ago)
I saw govt mule a few years ago,great show! I was so looking forward to hearing Soulshine.They opted for a Beetles tribute instead.I love the Beetles,but I was certain they would play Soulshine.
Sara Seabourne (2 years ago)
I love this so much! This was my first dance at my wedding. It still speaks to me!
Grady Metoyer (2 years ago)
Love It, "My Brothers....Grady Lark
jake spear (2 years ago)
Curtis Wood (2 years ago)
GREG ALLMAN 'nuff said.
Vincent Whitley (2 years ago)
Thanks to Warren for writing such an incredibly beautiful song. Won't hear this on "Dancing With The Tards" but this dances with your soul.
Donald Biggs (2 years ago)
I was in church last Sunday and they played this song . I think it is a great song.brings back memories of being younger in the days.
Patricia Woodland (2 years ago)
always wicked good!!!
CastleMettle (3 years ago)
Such an awesome song!
Vincent Whitley (3 years ago)
I have seen and heard numerous live performances in my day: some good and some not so much..I have never heard anyone at any time who is better than these guys and damn few who even come close.
pennyhill66 (3 years ago)
Love this
Devina Bialecki (3 years ago)
very moving song Love it!!
Tony Schmidt (3 years ago)
Love it $
TRAXXAS4094 (3 years ago)
the best version of this song ever!!!!!
Andy Yetter (3 years ago)
Brings me back to when I first heard it ... Great Times/ Great Song
Dee Reese (3 years ago)
one of the most meaningful songs I have heard in years that has so much meaning from the heart!!!!
roger briggs (3 years ago)
I never tire of this, keep coming back to it, glad that I lived long enough to appreciate Warren and Derek.
Harpua71 (3 years ago)
I may be responsible for about 400k of the views on this video....cause its damn sure better than the rain
TheRomundus (3 years ago)
Have guitar, will play.  And just about better than anybody else around today.
Jason Blundell (3 years ago)
Absolutely love this song :)
steve clark (4 years ago)
this stuff takes me back to a much simpler time, 70's in the south, what a great time and place to grow up
pam hurt (4 years ago)
One of my favorites!!!!!
John Hathaway (4 years ago)
What a great cut! such a wonderful collaboration! thanks for sharing it!
Stefan Schmitz (4 years ago)
This is .... incredible!
Dellani Oakes (4 years ago)
I love this song. An amazing group singing it.
Caden Borgeson (4 years ago)
Im 8 years old and i think this music is groovy! :)
Stephen Bradley Adams (2 years ago)
Caden Borgeson I love you kiddo ! Keep on groovin... it’ll save your soul ! 🤗
Cassandra Laughlin (2 years ago)
I'm 12 and this was my third concert but it was the BEST yet
James Miller (2 years ago)
YES! Yes it is Caden.
vetoplace (2 years ago)
Me too Man and I'm 67 yo!! Keep listening-It gets better with age!!
Suzanne Stapler (2 years ago)
I'll be 58 tomorrow. I still think this music is groovy.
Caden Borgeson (4 years ago)
good music ! :)
PlayingGuitarRules1 (4 years ago)
Joseph Williams (4 years ago)
Allman Brothers Rock I Love this song i can so connect with this song, cool!!!
TriniMendo-Humboldt (4 years ago)
Warren,Derek,Trey are on the short list of musicicans worth paying to hear these days. And yes Warren does sleep every 5th day or so. He is after all the hardest working man in rock and roll
James Evins (4 years ago)
So sweet I just wanna cry!
BBBSparky1 (4 years ago)
Great version, but the camera work is terrible. How about switching a little sooner to the person who's playing?
Buck Sellers (4 years ago)
Damn...Smok"in  guitars !!!  ..It does not get any better than this !!...
Andy Stewart (4 years ago)
Derek Trucks is a monster
C3- PO (4 years ago)
Derek Trucks perfect, as usual. The guy definetely got some of Duane's spirit on him. And blessed be the Allman Brothers for all these years of GREAT music.
jean watson (4 years ago)
Great version, with three Great Guitarist..tks.....
bill gee (4 years ago)
this is great aye
#OneLove  Let your light shine.
@Patty Boda As I'm timeless. I'd have to agree.
Patty Boda (4 years ago)
nothing archaic about you baby.
thread4souls (4 years ago)
Beautiful ❤️
Greek jam (4 years ago)
Awesome version
Mark R (4 years ago)
Only time I've ever seen Trey on stage with 2 guitarists as good as him...If not better.
David Snow (4 years ago)
Derek trucks is so good
clucking (4 years ago)
Man, whoever did the camera work on this is terrible - it's almost like they were specifically choosing to film whoever *wasn't* playing guitar at any given moment.
Paul (4 years ago)
What a great jamm!!
xavsmash (4 years ago)
Really cool cool song... Great guitar, vocals, organ.... Thanx
originalflo (4 years ago)
gooesbumps everytime i hear this guy. saw the mule in zuric last week. what a gig. yeyeyeeh, thank u warren :)
Alice Mulle (4 years ago)
Can never get enough
SCHITHEAD7 justice4usa (4 years ago)
great stuff   !
Jay G (4 years ago)
That was too awesome!
URNsane2use Realname (4 years ago)
Unreal indeed.They were definitely in tune this night.
roger briggs (4 years ago)
Forget the top 100 guitarists of all time, 3 of the best are featured on this rendition of Soulshine. Enjoy or not , according to taste.
Jordan Azar (5 years ago)
Great way to start off 2015! jam on...
LibertarianBob (5 years ago)
roger briggs (5 years ago)
NotoriousBILF (5 years ago)
brb have to mop my mind up of of the floor after Trucks' slide solo
Suni Dei (5 years ago)
awwwww yeaaaaahhhhhhh.
Psychic Relic (5 years ago)
all of them take turns melting your brain !! love it =)
Cathy McCoy (5 years ago)
Dam sure better than rain~
Rick Sell (5 years ago)
Never gets 'old' ...
69zenos1 (5 years ago)
Matt Abts is by far the BEST drummer that I personally have ever played with.
michael j. mccarthy (4 years ago)
@69zenos1  apts?
Bluesky (5 years ago)
Allman Brothers band, greatest American band ever.
blondwiththewind (5 years ago)
Great song....great line-up....great performance.  Always loved this tune.  Thanks for the upload.  ~~ RED ☮ ♥♫ 
Jeanie Hammond (5 years ago)
Memories of Macon......The Rookery and Elizabeth Reeds Music Hall....used to go downtown, park the car and walk to all the music venues.....so enjoyed getting to see such great history in music and also enjoy the complete atmosphere of that entire group. You never knew who would show up on stage by surprise, I feel we were very fortunate to have had such an experience. 
David Martin (2 years ago)
I saw the Brothers yrs ago in Gainesville, Fla & Derik was with them. Before Warren's time & Derik was probably 15 yrs old. Free show. Play 3 hours & 5 minutes break.
benyano1 (5 years ago)
;-) !!
CINDY CRUZ-FLORES (5 years ago)
Gavzer C (5 years ago)
warren and gregg always belonged together
Elke Pluntke (5 years ago)
Lina Andreas (5 years ago)
SoulShine, is better than MoonShine, is bettter than SunShine.. Damned sure better than the rain.. You Rock..
Bob (5 years ago)
One of the best Les Paul tones ever!
JigSaw Jazz (5 years ago)
Tonealicious. SchtankTone. BEST LES PAUL TONE EVER.
upstatenyphann (5 years ago)
is it me, or does Trey sound better when playing other people's tunes?
Eric Manzler (5 years ago)
Trey rarely sounds bad but he knows he's in the presence of a couple fellow monsters!!!
Philip Curtis (5 years ago)
guitar heaven!!! Warren, Derrick, and Trey.
TheMark4202010 (5 years ago)
Wow love this song
Maurílio Amaral (5 years ago)
John Doughty (5 years ago)
Couple pretty fair guitar slingers up there.  Doesn't get much better than this.
Scott Beaver (6 years ago)
Proud to see great Southern Rock live on!
george strong (2 years ago)
I agree
Martin Thomas (6 years ago)
Mary Karpenko (6 years ago)
Does it get better!
Roseanne Salyer (6 years ago)
No description available. None needed. This is amazing. Happy 2014.
1016vortex (6 years ago)
Ariovaldo P. Cruz - Neto (6 years ago)
answer  to John Lacy..just listen to this version os soulshine
Tommy Graham (6 years ago)
Mr. Warren Haynes knows how to bring tones out of a Les Paul just about better than anyone else I've ever heard play one....and that list is VERY long!
Annette Grasso (3 years ago)
Cam (6 years ago)
i was thinking the same thing
Steve Warner (6 years ago)
matty_kimes (6 years ago)
Definitely the better side of Gibson players here!
Mountain Rambler (6 years ago)
That's about as emotional as Derek ever Gets ! LOL
Karen Verity (6 years ago)
this Can make anyone shine LET IT SHINE LET IT SHINE
Jeff Butner (6 years ago)
Warren rocks!
MarkKiddGuitar (6 years ago)
Can I get a Hell Yeah for that SWEEET GIBSON TONE!
Gary Power (6 years ago)
mmm mmm mmm!