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Bad Driving UK Compilation 157

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Welcome to the 157th Bad Driving UK Compilation! The main theme for this compilation seems to be road rage, why does everyone get so angry when driving? There's also Blind maneuvering, near misses, funny reactions, dangerous driving, confusion and stupidity you didn't think existed! Sorry for the lack of content, 2018 is going to be a busy year for me & this channel, come February 14th I'll finally be getting Fibre internet, which means I won't be spending all day catching up on emails and can focus on pumping more videos out! Oh and it also means no more 1am uploads! Cast your vote for twat of the week by clicking the 'i' icon in the top right hand corner of this video. At the end of the year, the twats of the week will be compiled into their own compilation, a poll for the twat of the year will be added to that video and the person who sent the clip who features the twat of the year, will be sent a nice dash-cam. Special thanks to everyone who sent in clips, I know a lot of clips aren't included, they will be included at some point in upcoming compilations. If it's been over 2 months since you sent a clip, email me and let me know! If you would like to send in a clip, I accept clips worldwide for Bonus, Bad and Nice Driving Compilations. Email me, Welshdrive@outlook.com. Please note that if files are over 25mb, then they can't be attached directly to my email, in this case please upload it somewhere and send a link to my email. Thanks! Music sourced from Epidemic sound. License paid for by MCN/UnionForGamers. Outro Track | Neural Network - Jack Elphick Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/welshdrive/ Please note that if you take anything from this video and use it in your own without permission I will contact YouTube, including the thumbnails! I've seen several YouTube channels lately re-using my thumbnail/videos and I've taken action, respect the contributors and creators. Thanks. Incidentally if you spot a video that has my content in it you can take action on my behalf! Thanks to everyone who sent in clips! Contributors: Graeme S Bartek W Bad Drivers Of Northamptonshire Anon Andy G JUN JUN Steve B Bluefox Nadeem A Dash NI William L RRM DashCam UK TheCarMadDad Ian PHLEECE Simon B James F GeorgeMC ERIC Anna S Mickey K KevyKat84 Jamie P Cheltenham DashCam Martin2K Not Another DashCammer David J Kent Drivers BigNick DashCam Richard P Andrew J Lee M Bob S M Williamson Nick S The Valleys DashCam Darren J Domenico D Grollie Loz Anon Jeroen S Ray S Queensland DashCam
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Text Comments (1292)
Richie C (3 days ago)
The guy at 9:10 was just a fucking legend
Graham Haviour (4 days ago)
Buy a dash cam and become a drama queen.
THATe36 KID (7 days ago)
The music on the first one fits perfect!😂
Chris5044 (8 days ago)
30 % of these can be avoided with both parties being curteous to one another. Many dangerous moves here for sure.
Baillie8 Roblox (9 days ago)
The first video is in woodburn
GAME OVER (9 days ago)
1:46 that's what she said
BIG T. (11 days ago)
Cum at me? Got to be a spoon
Easy Peasy (12 days ago)
Ronnie pickering. Who?
Halby G (13 days ago)
Hint: if you're not used to or not comfortable with driving in snow, go slow. Snow=slow. Don't mind the people angry at you, you're not going to get into an accident.
Alan West (13 days ago)
10:45 camera driver is an unstable moron
Rosie Duffy (15 days ago)
The one with silver people carrier and the blue merc is that in Derby?
Jim Jams (15 days ago)
11min in clip. Cum at me, cum at me. I'll fuck you up. 😂😂
Spyderhead's World (16 days ago)
They're ALL driving on the wrong side of the road. Dumbasses.
Abigail Johnson (17 days ago)
6:35 had me screaming
richard scales (18 days ago)
Feels like a lot of the cammers are angry young men.
Mateusz Gawlikowski (20 days ago)
Bluefox I rate his music 10/10
Anthony Handcock (21 days ago)
"COME AT ME! COME AT ME! COME AT ME!" That guy has serious anger management issues as well as speaking English issues. He needs to learn to calm the fuck down or get the fuck off the road. I bet he drives exactly like the wanker he is most of the time.
VeccyG74 (21 days ago)
Most of the clips are really boring and stuff you see everyday. Didn't even finnish watching this boring crap
Ariana Grande Fan xx Arinator xx (21 days ago)
‘Fucking Jesus fuck!’ 😂😂 what’s that supposed to mean 😂😂
Cryptic hd Gaming (24 days ago)
4:41 is totally legal cos its filtering?🤔
Kieran (25 days ago)
omg the first clip I feel so bad for the guy who got punched
IamCombustible (25 days ago)
Alfs Awful (25 days ago)
3 massive problems in this country, roundabout lane etiquette, not all roundabouts follow the same set of rules, drivers get confused and end up in the wrong, right lane, happens a lot. No police on the roads, and when they do see a traffic infringement they do fuck all because they cannot be arsed with the paperwork. Drivers simply don't look at where they are going, or in the mirrors EVER, and lastly, yes that's 4 points, older people should need to re sit test every year, they are fucking dangerous, mainly due to, not bad driving, but lack of hearing, slow reactions and blind as fuck.
Flavius Manu (29 days ago)
Why are all old Transit drivers such morons?
Police Fights (29 days ago)
Alex Brown (1 month ago)
7:20 what a shit car, where’s your traction
flexuntun green (1 month ago)
"Come at me, fuck you up"
flexuntun green (1 month ago)
That first song tho 😂
ForTruth NotError (1 month ago)
I love how dash cams record audio so you can see the melt down of some people or their reactions 😂😂
Charlotte Moondrop (1 month ago)
I love how in none of the Netherlands clips did anyone swear at anyone and then the English clips are just like “you fucking old cunt, I’ll fuck you up, you fucking little shitty bastard, fuck you” hahahahaha
Lewis Hunt (1 month ago)
4.42 what was wrong with that?
Jim Clarke (1 month ago)
Be funny if come at me guy got a slap of the merc driver
IoSkyBoyoI (1 month ago)
Thats Jokes. Clip at 2.20 in watford is actually the road I take to watford junction 😂😂. Double took. Never see my areas in videos!
Faheem (1 month ago)
The fact that some people think the biker isn't allowed to filter shows how much people know their highway code.. ive been on my bike with police bikers and they encourage it.
James Wagstaff (1 month ago)
Are there any dash cammers out there who aren’t absolute nonces?
msfs19941 (1 month ago)
COME ET MA!!!! 😂
Ross McGill (1 month ago)
Many genuine mistakes, much stupidity AND LOADS OF ANGRY PEOPLE...!
Andy P (1 month ago)
in the 1st video when the giants got out , the car raised by a foot 3:20 it took ages to see my 1st ultimate driving machine .
HaychGB (1 month ago)
Wtf is that music at the start
Khadin (1 month ago)
I've been driving for 7ish years, and not once have i pressed my horn. Some people just make mistakes - i know i have.
sparkzyreece (1 month ago)
Let's be real but that first biker had plenty of room
Allan Manley (1 month ago)
Even the BAD drivers own dashcams - the they go and embarrass themselves by uploading their dumb mistakes......
Drew Watkin (1 month ago)
It takes a special kind of tard to spin a 4wd turbo.
BogeyedTort0ise (1 month ago)
Bmw driver are all the same tbh so eh 😂
MarkasHD (1 month ago)
The more I watch the more o realise the ones with the cameras r cunts
MarkasHD (1 month ago)
2:32, the taxi was coming out a roundabout and you decide to overtake straight away? You're not in the right neither is he.
Oscar T Music (1 month ago)
love that red hot chilli peppers
Rob McRob (1 month ago)
Some of the dashcammers are proper crusaders though. What happened to driving defensively? Some people are erratic, some people drink a bottle of whisky a day and a few are just antisocial. They all go on the road and you can learn to spot them and not get involved, or you can go on a fucking crusade and die of a heart attack aged 45 or maybe just from having your head bounced off the kerb by some thug in a transit!
Ian James (1 month ago)
10.39. One angry driver.😂😂😂😂
Max Harrison (1 month ago)
Can self driving cars please hurry up
Adam S (1 month ago)
Ever time I watch one of these videos, it reinforces my view that a fair number of people with these cameras are impatient, aggressive and generally shit drivers. However, they obviously think their driving is amazing as they have a camera. So many of these “near misses” are just not worth the reaction. Just back off the gas, let someone in, get on with your life
Adam White (1 month ago)
Hahahaha is that the fucking your dads best friend in the first video
paul jones (2 months ago)
Come at him! 😂Helmet
M4dMiller (2 months ago)
Come at meh.... come at meh... come at meh... I fuck you... up
Ben Harris (2 months ago)
0:28 its like a clown car lol
Antifa, libtards and snowflakes are weak af (2 months ago)
I hate that, when someone is driving super slow and you go to overtake them, so they speed up. Morons!
Firstl Last (2 months ago)
4:41 that was not bad driving lol , it was fun driving
Katie Reed (2 months ago)
Some of you should slow down! Morons
Bill Chang (2 months ago)
Great video ty for the upload like n sub ☺
Waqas Mehboob (2 months ago)
i note one thing people dont have patients at all if we have little bit patients where ever will happen on road
Laz Arus (2 months ago)
I am sick of people overtaking and cutting in without indicating nobody seems to indicate anymore!
RBX_Raphael (2 months ago)
Should’ve killed the guy who damaged the Honda, lanky son of a bitches in this world.
Leon Devries (2 months ago)
Anyone know song being played at the start?
Daniel Ball (2 months ago)
Bruh, the music on the first clip 😂
John ‘Juice’ Shipper (2 months ago)
Just execute all BMW drivers tbh
AdamIsHere (2 months ago)
The first video the song matched so perfectly with what’s happening
high like a sky (2 months ago)
B.m.w usually don't have indicators
Astro Mec (2 months ago)
1:55 Actually, the driver that complains is the one that did a mistake. In left hand drive, you only ever overtake from the right and the driver was attempting to overtake from the right.
will brown (2 months ago)
Ngl that’s a nice ep3
Emzel6000 (2 months ago)
You know its UK driving compilation when they got ford fiestas everywhere
TMG (2 months ago)
jesus, I love how British swear...will never beat Polish swearing tho
magunra3k (2 months ago)
Remember folks "Think Bike" because they never think bus/car/van/pedestrian
Egg Master (2 months ago)
Idiots in the comments complaining about the horn and talking about genuine mistakes.. This are not mistakes this are assholes who can't drive and have a licence..
Yannis D. Mokkas (2 months ago)
What the Heck!!! not even one crash? learn from the Russians, don't be amateurs :p
Tim Porter (2 months ago)
5:07 is hands down the funniest moment. That voice ;)
Szilard Raduly (2 months ago)
I just love this videos, in england even a simple thing as a round about is a mystery for them. Amazing
Ellis01234567890 (2 months ago)
I'm a lorry driver and I see 1:10 happen all the time. For some reason the person always thinks they're in the right.
Jay bmx (2 months ago)
The one saying keep ur eyes on the 2 cars is 2 mins from where I live
Richard (2 months ago)
Tappits84 (2 months ago)
The Watford clip at 2mins, WTF the driver did not even give the taxi time to get up to speed he was just super impatient and went for the overtake for no resign and then blames the taxi.
Jack Ward (2 months ago)
The first few Dutch clips *really* disorientated me. Eejits on the wrong side!
Viberant (2 months ago)
The come at me guy would make a great character in south Park😂😂
Floren Daddy (2 months ago)
Dangerous two face people everywhere
Sabbah Dal (2 months ago)
Vtec just kicked in yo !
Stan Petrov (2 months ago)
To be fair I drive like an absolute cunt on the road! So i dont even get mad if someone does something
G L (2 months ago)
What’s the music at the end?
Bobby Roe (2 months ago)
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes (2 months ago)
Some of those drivers are idiots also , stop braking to zero and go round idiots , look in your mirrors at all times , never had a accident altho people have tried to fuck me over a million times because i have looked in my mirrors all the time to constantly know what is around me and knwo what my options are in case something happens
Eliot Mansfield (2 months ago)
Is this a video of people with dashcams driving badly or people with dashcams filming other people driving badly?
Scott Thomson (2 months ago)
3:13 what a tune
branchyapple (2 months ago)
Fuck i shouldn't be watching this while i have my car exam tomorrow 😂
Grey Wizard (2 months ago)
What on earth was that first piece of shit car and just how old is it to be wasting money lowering it and adding a spoiler to it?
Prubbs (3 months ago)
Lol wee bit of Rubberbandits in the first clip
Crazy Sam (3 months ago)
I disagree with a lot of comments here. Number 1 when andy overtook the taxi driver yeh he shudnt be speeding but why is the stupid prick driving at 15mph i get this every day. Dickheads doing 30 in a 60 or 40mph why?? Speed limits are there to make money. Germany have fewer incidents then us on their autobahns. If u are too scared to drive at the speed limits get the fuck off the road. People who have work and lives to get around need to be moving. Not getting stuck behind shit drivers. Number 2 the last clip.. who does the merc driver think he is?? Why should u sit in the car like a pussy and let the prick get away with it. U show people in this world u r not someone to be messrd with. Never let people walk over u
guy (3 months ago)
them lads at the begining on spice in that honda thing where mad probably knicked or somat ..or foreign ileegals look at the clothes trackis again
PalmerNico (3 months ago)
Did that guy just record a recording with his phone
Perky Bellsprout (3 months ago)
that first guy fucked up so much
Speedy Racer 4 (3 months ago)
The bike clip is perfectly acceptable, he was filtering through traffic. What's bad is the cammer appears to stay in the turning lane the whole time but I could be wrong.
Piwendorf (3 months ago)
Honda driver LIKE 0:25
TVP (3 months ago)
The second clip in many countries is correct mine included, the guy honking is the one that’s wrong