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Mortein Automatic Outdoor 2010 Ad

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Mortein Automatic Outdoor 2010 Ad
Category: Film & Animation
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Text Comments (14)
ArianaGrandeLite2006 (5 months ago)
Top 10 Recommended for making Gacha Life Remixes
leandro jouse monteza roque (2 years ago)
me gutsa mortein
Jordan G (1 year ago)
Leandro Monteza oo
Comfort Suites Key CardsFan2007 (3 years ago)
And indoor
GRÁFICA LOS ANDES (4 years ago)
More Smart.   More Safe.   Mortein.
The Meme Garden (1 year ago)
I used to think they said "Mozzie, mozzie, mozzie"
Jordan G (1 year ago)
jagbentley1 (4 years ago)
just came across this I was 8 yrs old  had to get up 3am to film it 
Jordan G (1 year ago)
Jordan G (1 year ago)
jagbentley1 s
Jordan G (1 year ago)
jagbentley1 f
slh950 (5 years ago)
"gay" ... so you are implying that this television commercial a/ is in a frivolous, happy mood or that b/ the television commercial has a gender and is attracted to television commercials of the same gender. FUCKTARD
Jordan G (1 year ago)
dotaboy888 (6 years ago)
trust me there are much gayer ads than this that makes you fucking mad as fuck